Reviews for rid your bones
fitz's aria chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
i love this! :)
BlackLyr chapter 1 . 6/20/2013
Nicely done.
ForeverAlone21 Tina Tran chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
Really good...but u wish their we're some spencerxJason and spencerxNoel...I rally like this tho
Laynabuggie chapter 1 . 2/23/2013
SOOO good! Loved all of it.
toomuchchampagne chapter 1 . 2/13/2013
Great story, I love Spencer and Jason's relationship and I think you explored it in a very compelling way.
fheiu chapter 1 . 2/1/2013
Amazing! I wish there were more Spencer/Jason stories like this :)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/29/2013
can't wait for you to update...
elliereadshere chapter 1 . 1/24/2013
I'm confused by the end of this. So Jason is part of the A Team? Helped kill Ali? Really? I'm skeptical.

This was quite well-written though and I loved your Spencer.
sindea.d chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
Loved it!
Desiqtie chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
*sigh* I was so sad when they made Spencer and Jason half-sibs...the actor & actress have such amazing chemistry. But, I gotta say I looove how you managed to imply so much in this one-shot just using the undercurrents from within the show itself. Excellent writing - and you really capture all the characters so beautifully. :)
Emme019 chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
This is seriously good. Good story, good writing... Really well done.
squeakyswings chapter 1 . 1/14/2013
Reviewing as I go so prepare for some incoherence okay go!:

THAT FIRST SCENE does such a good job of setting up this fic, I just adore how you introduce the conflict. And the way the girls all come together to comfort her (I love how this show is about friendship above all else (well and fashion and boys who look good with their shirts off and bitchiness too but whatever) and you always do such a good job of demonstrating the closeness of the girls while keeping the realness of the tension between them and this is no exception). The line: "She doesn't know whether to pity or envy Aria and Hanna and Emily for it, so she begins to cry and they hold her and it doesn't fix anything, not a single thing, and all her inner turmoils go untouched" is perfect; I love how you end that section on "untouched," because although she has her friends there, they aren't actually able to reach to the heart of her troubles, and that comes across perfectly.

"Toby apparently being her one true everything" just gonna sit here and weep. Oh, and also, nice hinting at the -a theory with "aria lying" just slipped in there. PerfECT.

"She wants to be rid of hollowness forever, make it a victim of her rather than the other way around." (Apparently I'm just gonna sit here and quote your own writing at you sorry.) But the reason I am quoting this is that it is just such a perfect description of all the emotions Spencer must be dealing with, and it is so well-put. Particularly the "make it a victim of her" because that is Spencer down to her bones.

"Please don't look at me like that." Break my poor fragile heart.

Aw Jason sweetheart oh Spencer honey THE PAIN OF THIS HOPE YOU HAVE GUTTED ME.

Oh Spencer's interaction with Mona is PRICELESS good what a badass bitch. She's the utter best and you portray her perfectly. And obviously she's been through a shit ton AT MONA'S SNEAKY LITTLE HANDS (directed as they were by the -a team) and she's finally getting her back. (Also Jason holding her back? Hits me right in the heart.)

Mona's parting shot is also perfect. Like, very in character and cutting and really getting to the center of the thing.

TOBY YOU ASSHOLE. You portray Spencer's conflicting emotions regarding Toby just as perfectly as you do her conflicting emotions regarding Jason and I am being torn to pieces here, Hope. Your writing is tearing me apart and it is totally not fairr. And then Jason is there and awww protective Jason oh God. And the -a Text. I am upset.

"...and yet their fingers are intertwined and he hasn't made any objection to the topic of /us/..." WEEPING

(side note: i just closed the tab in which I'm writing this review and almost had a heart attack but praise Google because Chrome saved it. I just don't know if the genius of this could have been replicated. (ha).)

"Please just trust me" oh babe you should know better. You don't ask a Hastings to trust.

THE LAST LINE I AM SCREAMING. This is the most perfect ending of anything ever written holy goodness.

This was truly gorgeous and painful and wonderful and thank you for writing it I'm dying a lot inside right now but it is totally worth it.
anon chapter 1 . 1/13/2013
This is beautiful but so heart-wrenching as well!
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 1/13/2013





i'm so upset right now oh my god your writing is gorgeous spencer and jason are gorgeous but why just why WAS ANY OF THIS NECESSARY (the answer is yes) BUT JFC WOW I CAN'T BREATHE HELPPP

okay okay let's start from the beginning aka that quote from fun oh my GOD i actually didn't even notice it when i started because i was so excited to get to the story and then i scrolled back up to reread and it just JUMPED OUT AT ME LIKE WOW WHY WOULD YOU HOW ABOUT NO god i love that song and i just WOW it fits so perfectly i'm so sad? because SPENCER AND HOW MUCH JASON CARES ABOUT HER JESUS CHRIST THIS IS NOT OKAY ! and wow now i'm just thinking of jason in this past episode and how he could see spencer was still in love with toby and now my heart is breaking again oh god my precious little darling i love him so much i love spencer i love jason I JUST WANT EVERYTHING TO BE OKAY FOR THEM

now i'm just gonna ramble about your writing even though i do that often enough but just WOW HOPE HOW DO YOU DO IT LIKE THAT FIRST LINE JFC IT WAS JUST SO QUIETLY BEAUTIFUL I DON'T UNDERSTAND "now more than ever, the world is unraveling around spencer" and how do you imagery how do you perfect attention grabber how do you EVERYTHING? and of course the "deceits and cheats" I JUST REALLY LOVE HOW POETIC YOUR PROSE CAN GET IT'S JUST REALLY FUN TO READ AND IT ALWAYS LOOKS AND SOUNDS SO PRETTY siiiigh and then the "she officially becomes a tragedy" like i don't even know why but that line just really spoke to me i mean i feel bad enough for spencer already but that line just whacked me over the head with the reminder that she has gone through SO MUCH and has dealt with so much crap between A and her family and just oh god THANKS FOR THE FEELINGS

i also really love how you threw in that the girls are trying their best to be there for her but they just CAN'T because this is actually so out of their area of expertise like they've all suffered bad breakups and they were there for hanna when mona was revealed obvs but hanna and mona hadn't been super close in a while because hanna spent all her time with the liars but spencer and toby were like true love or whatever and it hit so close to home for spencer and obviously it's the final straw in the mess that her life has become and the other girls can't even comprehend it because not only do they still have their significant others, they don't put as much pressure on themselves as spencer does and just yeah i love how you included that and i really hope the show has kind of the same dynamic when the truth comes out like even though i love the ot4 friendship this is just SO HUGE and it's not gonna be fixed with a sleepover

and okay so i could ramble about your writing in the next scene forever especially the whole "alison dying, aria lying, toby apparently being her one true everything" because wow gorgeous much and also ARIA LYING THAT WAS PERFECT JUST PERFECT and also how she wants to make hollowness a victim of her rather than the other way around okay that was brilliant writing BUT MY POINT WAS THAT IF I KEEP RANTING ABOUT YOUR WRITING I MIGHT RUN OUT OF ROOM TO RANT ABOUT HOW PAINFULLY PERFECT AND OTP SPENCER AND JASON WERE HERE AND WE CAN'T HAVE THAT !

god spencer avoiding jason just makes my heart break for the both of them because HELLO YOU LOVE EACH OTHER CAN YOU JUST GET IT RIGHT FOR ONCE and i don't want spencer to be mean to jason my ANGEL but at the same time i just want to smack him like GET IT TOGETHER THIS IS YOUR SISTER YOU LOVE HER JUST TELL HER and wow you did such a good job making me feel SO MUCH for both of them like i just can't even think right now (lol there goes my studying whoops) because I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THESE TWO AND YOUR WRITING JUST WOW

AND THEN THE CONFRONTATION WITH MONA OH MAN I WAS SO CHEERING ON SPENCER BECAUSE YES PLEASE wow i did not know until i read this how much i want spencer to smack mona like that just YES PLEASE MONA NEEDS TO GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM JASON LIKE YESTERDAY and then jason just goes "i care, i care too much" and well i think that was my heart breaking because WIRED THE SAME NOPE LET'S NOT DO THIS AGAIN adkfjlgdsfkdskg hope was this even necessary I MEAN JUST THE HUG OMFG WHY and oh god how she wanted it to be similar to the girls' friendship hug BUT IT WASN'T AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE HE'S NOT A FRIEND HE'S YOUR BROTHER AND YOU LOVE HIM SPENCER YOU LOVE HIM /please/

and jfc toby's out on bail oh wow i really want to slap him too I REALLY WANTED SPENCER TO USE THAT KNIFE but then he didn't even matter at all because jason was there and jason was SHIRTLESS and jason HAD SLEPT WITH SPENCER LAST NIGHT? IN YOUR FACE CAVANAUGH yeah i was basically dancing with glee when jason stared him down ALL WITHOUT A SHIRT (!) and JASON GAVE TOBY A BLACK EYE YES PLEASE I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN SO BADLY oh man stop raising my expectations for this show hope it's only going to lead to disappointment!

plus the A-text after OH MY GOD TOBY CAN YOU JUST STOP JUST STAY AWAY FROM MY BABIES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD but also i kind of love that jason got to him /that much/ that he stooped that low and had to taunt spencer about it like LOL TOBY SUCKS FOR YOU

and then she goes straight to jason when she's feeling sick like oh my god what's wrong with you two that you can't see how much you're in love? and "who'll look after you when i'm gone" I'M GONNA CRY JASON MY DARLING YOU ARE PERFECT AND SPENCER PLEASE HE'S SO IN LOVE WITH YOU COME /ON/ and they're holding hands and he wants her to relax and be happy and she wants /him/ to be happy oh my god perfect perfect perfect HOPE HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THIS STUFF?

and then oh god then she realizes he knew about toby BUT HE WAS JUST TRYING TO PROTECT HER but then of course she freaks out and just ughhh my babies don't do this to yourselves PLEASE and then she starting running and OH GOD NO NO PLEASE STOP and she's trying to run from him but then but then "but you can never outrun yourself" GOD OKAY THAT WAS VERY UNFAIR I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT

god but as much as i wanted a happy ending for these two (but let's be real they're never gonna get it wow i'm upset) THIS WAS JUST TOTALLY AND UTTERLY GORGEOUS HOPE HOW? WHY? just the way you portrayed these two, how much of a mess spencer had become and just how HORRIBLE the toby reveal was for her, and then also how jason was just so caring and sweet but he also has his own secrets and demons (THIS LINE THOUGH "features worn down by age and grief and anger over unnecessary messes he's gotten himself into." i'm gonna scream it was perfect just perfect writing and jason my darling i love you so much) and just UGH they were both brilliant you nailed them spot-on

ALSO I ADORED YOUR TOBY HE WAS PERFECT I HATED HIM SO MUCH I WANT TO PUNCH HIM AND HIS STUPID FACE BUT GOOD THING JASON ALREADY DID and also that note of melissa letting him in lmao she soo would I REALLY DISLIKE HER TOO and just yes okay this was absolutely gorgeous and haunting and heartbreaking and about a million other adjectives i can't think of right now but just wow your writing never fails to astound me okay it's just so /beautiful/ ugh I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND THIS FIC WAS FANTASTIC OKAY!