Reviews for Fifty Shades in Fifty Ways
juliana alicia miller chapter 14 . 4/19
oh wow... my heart hurts... i hate it when people are so talented with their writing that they reduce me to tears! keep it up tough... :)
juliana alicia miller chapter 8 . 4/19
why the condom?
ravyneyes chapter 37 . 4/10
Love the last few chapters! I really like where you are taking the story and giving the characters so much more depth. Cheers to you :)
kjshdrider1 chapter 35 . 4/10
So I am hoping I can find the rest of this story some where else online ? One more chapter and it's over? You have way to much left to tie together than just one chapter!
Guest chapter 7 . 4/2
ok this is definitely one of my favorite stories and I have read A LOT of them. It's fifty shades, yet funny and different at the same time. I love it!
keygraduate chapter 37 . 4/2
This is getting good...please update soon...
Guest chapter 37 . 3/29
Love your story please finish!
SeaweedGirl1607 chapter 37 . 3/23
Please please review! I love ur story, don't leave me hanging here!:)
ana chapter 37 . 3/10
love the story...please update soon
guest chapter 37 . 3/7
This was so good, please keep writing! Need more of this story!
Guest chapter 37 . 3/4
I need more of this story! Aahh! It can't end like that! :)
bttrflybelle chapter 37 . 3/5
Can't wait for your next chapter!
MadMonster25 chapter 37 . 3/5
Wow! Just, wow!
This was such an awesome read! Can't wait to read your others!
Thank you!
Guest chapter 37 . 2/24
Looooveee this story please update ASAP!
Court3 chapter 27 . 2/25
I've just read the few chapters where ana kissed Jose and I think she with out a doubt cheated i don't think it matter that they have been friends for a long time and that he is leaving she has a boyfriend whih means ah shouldn't be kissing anyone but him if it was the other way round and ana would be devistated. I've never been in ana or Christians situation so I wouldn't know can someone please please please explain this thing to me I'm really confused :)
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