Reviews for Fifty Shades in Fifty Ways
SamanthaThompson18 chapter 37 . 2/15
I just read your whole story and I love it! Hopefully there's a new chapter soon!
Anneanastasia chapter 37 . 2/15
Great chapter! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next one! :)
Krullie chapter 37 . 2/15
Ooh, I missed this story and I am so pleased with the latest update!
I have reread the whole story from the start and I am looking forward to more!
annasfriend chapter 37 . 2/13
Hopefully this is just a hiccup in their relationship, I want them back together again. Please please keep the updates coming.
Tmacone chapter 37 . 2/14
Thanks for this fabulous update! I love your story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
shan36 chapter 37 . 2/13
Awesome chapter! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
paulawer chapter 34 . 2/12
Love it!
Cynthia74 chapter 37 . 2/12
Oh please update soon. Willnthey make up or will they part ways
OWCG chapter 37 . 2/12
Fantastic to see a new chapter. Ana is certainly standing up to Christian, exactly what he needs. Relationships work best on equal footings.
I hope this update means that you are continuing with this story, you can tell by the number of reviews how much people like it.
Guest chapter 37 . 2/11
I just found this story and it is amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent. I devoured 37 chapters and now I will have to wait impatiently for the rest. Can't wait! You are very talented.
klf chapter 37 . 2/11
I really liked this chapter. Looking forward to your next update.
Carol222 chapter 37 . 2/12
Oh, good chapter. So glad you updated and kept the momentum going. I like the turn your story has taken. No need to follow the trilogy exactly. It is YOUR story. Thank you. Carol
BookHound chapter 37 . 2/11
Get him Ana! Lol! Great chapter! :)
Cascagrossa chapter 37 . 2/11
More please!
guest chapter 37 . 2/11
Just realised you have continued with this story - great news!
Please don't leave us hanging for an update so long this time.
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