Reviews for Fifty Shades in Fifty Ways
StaciSarcastic chapter 13 . 5/28
Oh no...Ana what did Jack do to you?
StaciSarcastic chapter 11 . 5/28
Please tell me that Christian is going to do something about Jack Hyde.
StaciSarcastic chapter 10 . 5/28
I love how you have Carrick and Grace adopting another child. I've never read a fan fic story where they had more children besides Eliot, Christian and Mia. Love it! It would nice to see how she interacts with her older siblings.
StaciSarcastic chapter 4 . 5/28
"Just because I couldn't fuck me and dump me like all the other girls..." What does that mean?
StaciSarcastic chapter 3 . 5/28
I am loving this story so far. I'm a little confused about something though. "His head dipped lower as he bit at my nipples thought the fabric of Kate's dress..." Is Kate's dress thinking about something? I'm assuming that's a typo. Did you mean THROUGH the fabric?
StaciSarcastic chapter 1 . 5/28
Just read this chapter and I'm hooked but I have question. I read that this story was PUBLISHED in 2013 and was recently updated LAST WEEK? Has it really been over a year since you've updated? Wow! That's got to be annoying for the readers who were reading this and it just stopped.
Guest chapter 38 . 5/25
Liked the story but Ana would never kiss Jose!
tiguesbunnies chapter 38 . 5/27
I have only found this story of yours just a day ago and love it so I will be waiting for the r an update to it.
Rosiekin chapter 38 . 5/24
First of all, A big big welcome back, and thank you!
Secondly, awesome continuation of your story.

"I chose you Christian"...that was so powerful and touching.

5yrs is a long time and I hope Olivia's presence will have a positive impacted on Christian's growth in his personal life by then. Kids just have a way of changing ones outlook on life!
Thanks for posting!
Guest chapter 38 . 5/21
More pls , pls update soon I think tht Ana and CG need a break and he needs to see how much he needs her not the other way around maybe then he will be willing I have a child with her cause it can't just be all about him pls update soon thanks
MDF1026 chapter 38 . 5/22
Can't wait for updates! Love your story!
Guest chapter 38 . 5/20
I have just read this story from start to now in one sitting. Totally hooked. Totally addicted! Can't wait for the ne t chapter!
samanthasmaltz chapter 38 . 5/22
Please update soon! I think Ana should leave Christian for awhile, he's being such an ass. It might be fun to see how he reacts to her dating someone else too ;)
robyn odei-ntiri chapter 38 . 5/22
New reader to your story...well done..can't wait for next chapter
Ellie Aluinn chapter 38 . 5/22
Hey. Sorry it's taken a while to respond. I retread the whole story to make sure I had the right stuff in my head.
I'm conflicted with your characters - a good thing from a writer's POV! :-)
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