Reviews for The Practicum
Cesium Spring chapter 5 . 5h
I really like this story !
Cesium Spring chapter 2 . 12h
I love it !
Cesium Spring chapter 1 . 14h
OMG OMG my eyes my eyes ! I'm as shocked as Edward by that rainbow thing, uhg...(shudder)
I look forward to read more of this story though !
winterhorses chapter 1 . 2/10
Love this fic and blushing Edward! It’s also great to have a non-shy, non-insecure Bella. Would love to see a part two or even a future take! PhysEdward would be the cutest new dad!
AstridCullen chapter 15 . 1/11
i love how this fic took me back to high school.
thanks so much for sharing
Boston Blondie chapter 15 . 7/22/2021
Just did a re read and I loved it more this time than the 1st time around. Thank you for sharing your words with us.
SanguineTaurean chapter 15 . 5/30/2021
I love this sweet fluffy story! Thank you for sharing your imagination with us.
SanguineTaurean chapter 14 . 5/30/2021 adorkable!
SanguineTaurean chapter 13 . 5/30/2021
*sigh* :)
SanguineTaurean chapter 11 . 5/30/2021
I figured they would finally go all the way since they were in her bed and basically naked and all ramped up. Coach scored a gooooooaaaaaalllll! ;)
SanguineTaurean chapter 10 . 5/30/2021
Dayum! She’s good. The man is a goner, and finally someone put him first. I loved it in the last chapter when he kissed her on the field after the game, basically letting everyone know that they’re dating and stopped the rumors. Mrs. Cope be damned. :)
SanguineTaurean chapter 9 . 5/29/2021
Edward is just so darned sweet and caring.
SanguineTaurean chapter 8 . 5/29/2021
Busted! Lol! Who was more embarrassed or uncomfortable?
SanguineTaurean chapter 6 . 5/29/2021
Lol! Bless his embarrassed little heart!
SanguineTaurean chapter 5 . 5/29/2021
These two are just so danged cute!
I LOL’d a few chapters ago when they were listing the Master Bates slang terms! (I had to rephrase that term so it would pass)
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