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JollyBigSis chapter 6 . 10/20/2015
YAY, WELCOME BACK! Cloud's denial and turnabout attitude is interesting. It feels like he is trying to deny or hide his sexual orientation despite his attraction Sephiroth and all that the man entails. I am curious what he wanted to say to Tifa. It felt like he was about to confess something.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what will happens in the next chapter, though I have a feeling naughty Sephiroth is gonna confront Cloud in the shower.
Zetran chapter 6 . 10/1/2015
I'm so, so, so, so happy you updated this story. Really, it's brightened up my day! You're so mean, though, leaving such an evil cliffhanger on us! Personally, I'm glad Genesis is gone 'cause I find him really annoying and cheesy (I'm sure the latter was your intention, though), but leaving Sephiroth to carry out his...plans is a huge bonus. Needless to say, I can't wait until the next update. I'm already dying to know what happens next.
GlitzandDiamonds chapter 6 . 10/1/2015
Wow, it's been a while since you have updated! I'm glad you did, because I enjoy reading this story! Chapter 6 was fun to read, Genesis is back from his mission, but little does he know, sephiroth has his mind on a certain blond. Poor Cloud, he seems really tense and uncertain of himself after that night with Sephiroth. He's at odd with himself. Must be a really confusing time for him. I wonder if Tifa is going to find out about him and Sephiroth. Hmmm. I hope you update again soon! You left off at a cliff-hanger and I want more! Lol :D
Mistress Moitie chapter 5 . 1/26/2014
oh sweet heaven above please continue writing this story.

Dammit I am so horny now!
Mistress Moitie chapter 4 . 1/26/2014

The momentum of this chapter is unparalleled. The conflict and tension was layered like a fine piece of tiramisu. I loved how Tifa and Cloud's sex scene early on held significance in a multitude of ways and really was a catalyst for how the end of this chapter played out. I've really gotta hand it to you - you make scenes that most would find difficult or awkward to convey properly come out like butter.

One of my favorite things were your descriptions of Sephiroth during the final scene. Him being pleased at the size of Cloud and gagging on it - his enthusiasm - really was a turn on and it made him seem human despite what many would think about him. One of my favorite lines, "The big and powerful General remained planted in between his legs..." so hot because this super clear image popped in my head.. and yeah..

Mistress Moitie chapter 3 . 1/26/2014
I have to say that your characterizations are like you've been inside my daydreaming head. I love how you just write it how it is - there's no fluff but you aren't trying too hard either. It's all very natural to you and I love the realness of the situations and conversations. It's all very brave and sexy and confident. Your Sephiroth is easily the best I've read. He's manipulative, brilliant, and deliciously determined.

I'm starting to get nervous now that I'm almost to the end for now! :(
Mistress Moitie chapter 2 . 1/26/2014
I'm so glad there are still 3 more chapters to go. Your story has me hanging off every word. It's so exciting!
Mistress Moitie chapter 1 . 1/26/2014
THIS IS SO GOOD! hnnnng.
LazyLamia chapter 5 . 1/19/2014
You left me drooling for more...
Poor Alice chapter 1 . 11/20/2013
I just finished reading all the chapters of this story that you have so far, & I have to say I am deeply impressed. One inquiry I have is if you intended on this story to have psychological as one of its themes? If not, I'm just informing you that I saw it like that as I was reading. Another comment I would like to make is that I love the way you write! I don't mean to offend you, but I feel that your summary does not do this story justice! I was expecting some overdramatic & mindlessly smutty story, not this fantastic jewel I fortunately came across! I thoroughly enjoyed what you have on display at the moment & am waiting for more. Keep updating!
Zetran chapter 5 . 11/12/2013
Dear gawd, Sephiroth is so persuasive! He always gets want he wants, and it was made very obvious that he wanted Cloud. He's strange, wanting Cloud to stray, yet wanting to usher him along in marrying Tifa. It makes me wonder... Would he still want to see Cloud more than just that one time? Does he want something more from Cloud?

And poor Cloud... As much as I like a caring Cloud (he's just so adorable), the way he just threw all thought away and lost himself with Sephiroth, the way he easily portrayed it as a world of fantasy where it was only the two of them... It's making me melt! With Sephiroth, he doesn't want to worry, doesn't want to do anything other than lose himself...

But of course, how long can Cloud keep it up, assuming that he continues to see Sephiroth? How long before Tifa finds out? I'd read this the day it was uploaded, and it made my entire night! Those questions kept plaguing me, and you have no idea how badly I can't wait for the next chapter. My only regret is not being able to gain access to a computer earlier to type out a review. I don't like reviewing on mobile since whatever I say is usually short, and I really wanted to make it count. You don't deserve anything less. :)
JollyBigSis chapter 5 . 11/3/2013
You never cease to astound me with the way you make the characters and the situation so /real/! I can never suss out what will happen next simply because you ALWAYS manage to throw us off with the unexpected. The rather unromantic interruption in Sephiroth and Cloud's tryst had me thinking: WFT! I had to read it twice to ensure I got it right the first time. I didn't know whether I should laugh or be repulsed by it. It was, by all means, different and unexpected and I applaud you for not holding back when it comes to the good, the bad and the ugly! The nitty, gritty details add realism into the story.

For some bizarre reason, Sephiroth reminds of the snake in the garden of Eden, hovering close to Cloud and tempting him with the forbidden fruit. Now I understand why he is infatuated with Cloud - it was through Tifa! Lol, I bet she wished she wasn't so forth-coming with her gossip now! Again, the devious Sephiroth drawing out information from Tifa about her boyfriend - making him curious and obsessed with Cloud. I wonder what the man has up his sleeves. Is he really happy for Tifa and Cloud or has he got a hidden agenda? I am dying to know! You certainly know how to keep your readers hooked and guessing.

Poor Cloud is clueless as to why the General is so smitten with him. Makes me wonder if it'll lessen his guilt if he finds out his fiancee is part blame for his predicament. It's ironic, really.

As always, a brilliant chapter and a fantastic read! Needless to say, I hunger for more…
Soluzek chapter 5 . 11/3/2013
Yooney, your stories always seem to stray where men fear to tread, or write as the case may be, and you do it well, wrapping it all into the emotions and craziness of these characters. Well done.
God of Insanity chapter 5 . 11/2/2013
I was actually thinking about you from time to time. And just recently, too! I was happy to see you send me this chapter to edit and it made me feel kinda like Sephiroth. A greedy, gobbling little whore. xD Anywho, the chapter wasn't too long in my opinion. It was just right. If you had split it, it would have seemed too short and yeah, I see what you meant by splitting it.

I think I agree with Cloud, too. I like Sephiroth as this submissive, I'm your bitch to break and take kind of guy while still maintaining some control. I like that he gives all of himself to Cloud because he CAN and not because he has to. During the day, and at his job, he continues to be his powerful General self, yet at night, with Cloud, he gets freedom away from all that. Cloud spoke several times of freedom, of freedom by being able to do whatever he wants to the General. I think in a way, Sephiroth feels the same way. With Cloud, he can free himself and be who he longs to be, what he desires to be. I know what it's like to walk around having to be in control, yet handing it over can be such an incredibly freeing thing. I may be wrong here, but I think that may be one of the reasons why he's so obsessed with his best friend's fiancé. And yes, the man is obviously OBSESSED, but I'm sure he has his stalker reasons why. xD

Which reminds me. I like how much this Sephiroth seems to contrast with the other one you have in SOLDIER, Interrupted. In that story, Cloud is the one obsessed with Sephiroth whereas in A Coming Out story, Sephiroth is the one obsessed with Cloud. Nice little trade up you did there. xD

Ah, Genesis. I was wondering when that little firecrotch would show up. I felt something similar to what Sephiroth felt when I read the message Genesis left, haha. I'm guessing he's Sephiroth's lover, fuck buddy, or someone that WANTS to be with Sephiroth. Or maybe he's a creepy stalker guy (which wouldn't surprise me because even in the actual FF7 story, Genesis was obsessed with Sephiroth). Either way, it seems to me Sephiroth was happy to forget him and focus on Cloud. Mayhap the reason Genesis has been on so many missions is because Sephiroth persuaded his higher ups. I'm pretty sure he has the power to suggest how many missions and what missions his men should go on.

I still wonder what exactly it is that's going on in Seph's mind, but in time, you'll tell. I think he does want to help Tifa, but I think he's thinking more of himself and what he really wants. In a way, he's right, though. It's better for Tifa to find out her boyfriend is bisexual NOW then to come home years later to find Cloud having sex with a guy. It's also better for him to get it out of his system too, but I don't think that's going to happen. Cloud's already addicted to what he has with Sephiroth, so he's obviously going to continue cheating on Tifa. And eventually she will find out. Ah, what a mess. I love it already.

I also love that you made Sephiroth into the bath and body works type of scents. xD Big points for that and man, Cloud is getting good and fast at lying.

I don't know if I remember everything I wanted to say, but this was definitely another good one on your part. I enjoyed every bit of it, even the awkward toilet stuff. xD Good job!

Tseng: *In the closet with a camera furiously fapping off as he watches Cloud with Sephiroth* XD
FireFox Vixen chapter 4 . 8/25/2013
a very well written story.

I can't wait to read more stories form you in the future!
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