Reviews for Fangs and Swords
roseofalltrades chapter 13 . 7/11
couldn't put it down! now I'm off to read the sequel!
MythologyStar chapter 13 . 1/23
I've just finished this! Wonderfully satisfying! I like the fact that Uther is no longer sane, he deserves it!
east231 chapter 13 . 1/7
Just wanted to say that i enjoyed this story! Haven't really enjoyed a vampire one before so this was great!
Identicality chapter 13 . 5/27/2016
This story is so good! I've read it at least twice now.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/30/2014
Love the "no slash, no sparkling" part of the summary, it's hilarious and the story's great
guardianofdragonlore chapter 13 . 9/28/2014
I. Love. This. Story. And that's an understament
aRangersHorseLovesApples chapter 13 . 7/14/2014
I liked it :)
MugetsuPipefox chapter 13 . 1/31/2014
I've seen this story floating around for a while but never actually looked at it until now. I'm glad I did. Beautifully written, and the plot was really good. I look forward to reading the sequel (but not tonight, I think it's time for bed XD) Great job!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/10/2013
Cant deny its a bit weird... But eh its well written and cool. I imagined gwaine would be with lance and the vampires, but whatever your story :)
kakita101 chapter 13 . 9/1/2013
This is very good.
kirallie chapter 13 . 6/11/2013
Poor Merlin!
ILuvWatchingTV chapter 13 . 3/1/2013
This is an awesome story can't wait to read the sequel : )
1983Sarah chapter 13 . 2/25/2013
Sorry I was unable to keep up with this story, but I have finally finished it and I really love it! Merlin as a vampire is great and Arthur was wonderful for taking his side and protecting him from Uther. I can't wait to start reading the sequel as well.
Peaceful Dragon Rose chapter 13 . 2/5/2013
good story
JelloGirl323 chapter 13 . 2/4/2013
Awws, soo cute.
I liked it. Good job!
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