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Guest chapter 11 . 1/31/2014
i like quinlan :(
Cashmere67 chapter 20 . 11/24/2013
This is so random...
But can I just say that Wild One is my favorite SYOT up to date. Literally.
Well, next to Blood Thicker Than Water, but I just loved Wild One.

I guess it's a mixture of the writing and characters. The plots, too.

The writing was the best in this one. Which is kind of odd, seeing it's in the middle of all the SYOTs and it's still recent, but the writing is so different compared to the rest. The writing is really mature in this one and is distinguished from the rest.
The word choice, the dialogue, the descriptions, etc. All of it.
I'm not saying it's gotten worse or better, but I remember this one the most from all of them. The arena definitely reflected it the best, since it played such a big part with the tributes. The writing was just good, okay, I really don't know how to explain it. But, anyway, yeah, this writing was great and definitely the best.

Then the tributes..
The Careers, the alliances, all of it. The tributes were (overall) much better in this SYOT and all of them contributed to a good story, one that kept me guessing and never being too predictable.

Thoughts on the Obituaries?
They were the best in this story too. For some reason, they seemed more in depth and reflective of each character.. yeah, just go with it. I notice small and weird things and this was just great. They were longer, covered just the right amount of detail, and really summed each character up in a way that wasn't over board or wasn't too corny/sappy/gammy.

Did you enjoy Wild One overall?
Uh, yeah. I think I did.. since I'm reviewing this like two months later..

I told you most of what I thought and whatnot.
It was really amazing, I don't know what word to use. Just saying that this was my favorite one.

Blog titles?
Fawn's, Minerva's, Percival's, Odette's, Justice's, Anubis', Serena's. Those were all great.

Even after all this time, I still remember some tributes so clearly.
Like Fawn, Minerva, Anubis..
Justice, too.
And somewhat Serena.

this is so random omg i dont know why im reviewing this gn
Necklace of Rope chapter 20 . 9/8/2013
Hi there!

Hm, so Serena is a broken victor, but an interesting one at that. She's not plainly depressed, but instead she's constantly fighting with her emotions and her wish of not feel anything, and that's interesting. At least she finds support in some of her family, which is nice. And in the end she comes out stronger.

About the questions, I really liked the obituaries. They helped me undestand the families and friends of the tributes (and the tributes themselves) a little better. I especially liked the obituaries for Laurel, Bracken, Justice, Anubis ("Anubis would forever lay on the same Earth as everyone else - and he hated it". This line is epic xD) and Nova.
And I really loved Wild One, yeah, without a single doubt, as simple as that.
About the writing and all that, it was great, we could really see the characters develop and grow and everything felt very realistic all the time. Overall, it was highly entertaining.
Finally, the blog tittles were all very fitting, in one way or another, in my opinion.

So yeah, thank you for writing this great story, I'm ver happy I could participate a little bit in it. Keep up the excellent writing in your other stories, as I'm sure you will :)
nb1998 chapter 20 . 9/8/2013
I'm sorry I only just realised I never reviewed either this chapter or the one before so I never even got to tell you how happy I was that you chose Serena to be victor. I liked Minerva but her being victor just wouldn't have felt right and as for Percival.. well I just really disliked him.
This finale was awesome and I liked that little change in Minerva towards the end, which means that I did like Minerva in the end. I think Serena was definitely the right choice for victor - she went through so much that I really think she deserved it. It was a very intense and well written finale and I'm sorry for the short and late review.

-Who you thought would win Wild One, at any point?: It changed a lot, Kit, Minerva, Terris, Theon and Serena - it varied between those.

-Your favourite character (despite your own, and no matter their final placement)?: Kit.

-Are you happy with who won (going by realism and favouritism)?: Yes, definitely.

-The most shocking death of this story, to you?: Possibly Ezra's just because of Justice's creepiness.

-The most jaw-dropping moment (or, in other words, the scene that captured you the most)?: Kit's final battle.

-Your favourite chapter?: Blood Bank

Oh and the obutaries were awesome and I loved finding out all about what happened to Serena after the games - she is a favourite of mine.
Emerald112 chapter 20 . 8/12/2013
Finally reviewing this!

O. M. G. This. Chapter. Was. AMAZING!

Poor Serena. She’s traumatized after her Games, as one might expect, but still so hard on herself in some ways. I liked the parts where she saw Amelia as well as Ezra’s mother. Well, really I liked all of it, but I think my favorite part of this chapter would have to be the last little section where Serena has that scene with Rhona. I feel like that’s really where things start to pick up for her, and when she recognizes that she should make something out of her life now that she won the Games, despite everything she suffered. That’s when I think she realizes how strong she truly is.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd ddd now for the questions!

-Thoughts on the obituaries? So sad! Minerva’s really touched me, it was so sad how her father denied the fact that she was his, but I guess it was nice how he let Regulus back home :) Theon’s was pretty depressing, what with “his children’s life dying” and stuff. Lol, Bracken the Legend :D Justice . . . that’s actually hilarious and really fitting! I love this one! Anubis’ last sentence was hilarious as well! [Anubis would forever lay on the same Earth as everyone else - and he hated it.] Hahahaahahahahaha. Poor Ransom :( He deserves a better mother than Lienza. Awwww, Nova! Poor Quinlan :( Poor Fay as well, no one deserves to have their mother practically dancing on their grave!

-Did you enjoy Wild One overall? Yup yup yup YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything? Well, first off the second injection idea was BrIlLiAnT! It really helped with character development, especially in Serena’s case :) The tributes were also for the most part excellent and the story and plots and everything was tied together so well! :DDDD

-Thoughts on the blog titles? Love them! They are all so fitting! xD My favorites were Percival’s, Justice’s, Laurel’s, Fay’s, Ezra’s, Serena’s, and Katey’s :DDDDDD

A PERFECT ending to a FABULOUS story! xDDDDDD
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 20 . 8/7/2013
I forget to review this! STUPID ME.

Corey! Wild One was my favourite of your stories that I've read along with BTTW.
I thought the overall plot and the arena and all the other components like the animals and the injections coming into play where amazing and your focus on the inner animal in all of us and the dark instincts that we push away and that can come to the fore-front in certain situations was great.

I loved seeing Serena's transformation. She really cannot cope well at all now without being 'the monster' she has come to know. It was great for you to show that and how she now finds it hard to function as normal and with guilt. That is much more realistic than her coming out and being like YAY I am myself again and I've won. Only an idiotic or selfish tribute or maybe a hardened career would feel that way.

I also really like seeing her perspective on the re-caps and the tributes she focused on the most said a lot aout Serena and it felt right.

I also loved her 'relationship' with Sunny if you could call it that. It just seemed like a lot of arguing tbh. SUnny is so bitchy and blunt and Serena has been through so much and just snaps back at her and I love it XD I wish we could see a scene with them in Lost.

My favourite part of all of this is when she returned home! It made so much sense that she'd finally stand up to Rhona. She's done so much worse now and probably felt like, what's one more? Rhona is a lot of the reason for Serena being so messed up and broken and she finally did something about it and owned up to the fact that she did have a lot of problems and needed to sort some things out. I seriously loved seeing her back at home with her family and how her views have changed a lot.
This was an amazing end to her story, Corey.

-Thoughts on the obituaries? I like the end to Abubis's LOL and I loved Katey's! It was the most emotional to me and felt authentic.

-Did you enjoy Wild One overall? YES. and I miss it.

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything? As I said, this was so well constructed and thought-out and the themes and concepts you focused on were great.

-Thoughts on the blog titles? I liked Percival's despite hating him and Bracken's was my favourite just ahhhh and I like Serena's and Katey's too.
dark clouds on a winter night chapter 20 . 7/26/2013
I actually came close to crying while reading this chapter, and this is coming from a person who has been called "soulless." I can really see Serena acting this way, who wants to be on the emotional rollercoaster after the games when you can remain numb and not experience the full extent of the turmoil? It's just so realistic, and extremely powerful. Poor Serena has a rough life ahead of her, having to deal with the guilt and seeing other children go through it just as she did.
Now "Wild One" has ended, and I enjoyed every minute of it. You know just how to combine interesting plots and characters into a story that isn't some a boring game of hunter and hunted like almost every SYOT on this site.

-Thoughts on the obituaries? Please don't get me started, I almost started crying again. Theon's in particular really struck me since his children are so young, and like you said, they won't have a father figure anymore to look up to. But you did brilliantly on them all, each obituary was different and still powerful.

-Did you enjoy Wild One overall? Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything? I know you said that you thought the plots were weak, but I think you did an amazing job. You were able to make each voice different yet still weave them together into one story, that takes real talent. Also the arena was really unique; sometimes it's difficult to think of an outdoor arena that hasn't already been done, but I don't believe anybody except for you has done a wildlife preserve. Not to mention that the injections brought a really interesting factor into the story.

-Thoughts on the blog titles? They all really fit the tributes! Fawn, Percival, Theon, Justice, Fay, and Serena's are probably my favorites.

I looked at the map you made, and it looks like I don't live in Panem at all (apparently I'm living underwater), though if I did it looks like I would live in District 9. I really love your reason for where you placed them and thinking out all the connections they have with each other.

Thanks for writing such a wonderful story!
Deadly Animals Are Cute chapter 20 . 7/26/2013
And here we have the end of Wild One. It's pretty sad now that I don't need to follow this anymore but there's CA and Lost :D

I'm so glad Serena isn't depress or wants to kill herself like Cordelia (poor Cordelia). I was pretty worried for her since she already doesn't think much of herself before the Games and being a Victor obviously magnifies those thoughts and beliefs. I'm very glad to know that she has learned something from the Arena and that she's trying to get her life back together again. Yay Serena! :) Callum is adorable and Amelia is so sweet and understanding to stand by and encourage Serena when the rest of her family wouldn't even see her.

Now for the questions...

Obituaries: Minerva's was very bittersweet and I'm glad her dad realized in the end even if her body was lost to him forever. Theon's wasn't surprising, it was very sad but I kinda expected it to turn out that way. I can't believe Laurel took the tesserae because she was dared to -_- I also liked what you did with Fawn being buried among the chrysanthemums, not sure if you did that on purpose but it was a nice touch ;) The last line in Anubis' made me laugh a little, typical Anubis, lol. My favs gotta be Justice and Bracken's though. Even if Bracken isn't my own, there's no way I would ever forget that kind of ending. Justice's was awesome with the people treating her like a ghost.

Didja enjoy Wild One: Yep, definitely. I'm so happy I submitted to your SYOT, you didn't abandon, the story was amazing, and you wrote Bracken soooo well :D Oh, and the plots were not weak.

Thoughts on the writing, plots etc: Well the part that I love the most is the second injection idea, that was ingenious! The characters were also amazing, kudos to everyone who submitted. And that's all that I can think of at the moment.

Blog titles: Yay! You brought them back! :D My favs were Fawn's, Percival's, Laurel's Anubis' (I thought it was scared at first until I looked it over and it said sacred), Ezra's, Serena's, Bracken's, and Katey's.

And this is the last time I'll ever review WO...
truces chapter 20 . 7/25/2013
WOW. That's all I can say. Your writing was chilling and Wild One was one haunting story and just, wow.

Minerva's obituary was so sad! I'm happy that her father realized. All of them were pretty fantastic, just like this whole story. Beautiful.
Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg chapter 20 . 7/25/2013
Of all the stories that have come and gone, (with the except of Glasshouse, which I find FLAWLESS!) this is my favorite epilogue. Serena was a perfect tribute; she had an interesting back story that slowly revealed itself, her personality was flawed, yet real, and she was willing to do whatever it took to go home, even if she didn't really WANT to go home, if that makes sense to anyone else. True, I kind of didn't want her to win at the end, but that was for my own selfish reasons. (I knew Piper wouldn't make it much longer had a victor came from D10 the story before it) However, Serena was the tribute that grew on me overtime and I fell for her broken life, hook, line, and sinker! To her creator, I tip my hat!

So, onto the chapter.

Serena's outcome mirrors how I expect most outer-district wins to be. For some reason, I can never feel sorry for Careers that win and become broken, you signed up for it, silly! The disenfranchised poor kids in the games were chosen to die and thus, have the right to feel broken and alone in the world. I loved seeing her interactions with Sunny, the two are so much a like that they can't be within five feet of each other. I loved that keeping the second injection in her system was keeping her together, a constant reminder of the arena itself. Her post-victory interview was a thing of beauty, in its own twisted, warped way. For so long I've wanted to despise Hermes, but I love that he is everything Caesar was not; callus, uncaring, and, to be frank, a real prick! But he is almost a mirror of Esmeralda herself, whom I adore for some reason. I love that her sister is there for her, no matter what, and she has Callum to remind her of the bright side of life. That she has to go on, even when she feels that she can not.

Like I said before, with the exception of Cameron from Glasshouse's finale and post-victor life, Serena's is my favorite. Sorry, but even if a tribute I submit wins, I don't think even their victory or story can not beat Glasshouse. ;)


-Thoughts on the obituaries?
Dude, they made me cry! I read them before I read the epilogue while on break at work and, the feels that I was feelin'! Theon's nearly killed me, as a parent that just hurt! Ezra's made me smile, especially the tombstone! Even Ransom's got to me, as now I want to know if his mommy did any kiddie-shopping for new children to have die on her! You never fail with these things, Sir!

-Did you enjoy Wild One overall?
At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this one as much as the others, but in the end, I fell for it, just as I did its victor. Amazing job! Bravo!

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything? your own, personal fangirl, I feel as though I should not have to answer this. You know by now that I find your writing as awesome as FInnick distracting me with his...distractions.

-Thoughts on the blog titles?
PERFECT! They fit the characters so well. I'm glad the titles are back. I thought Nova's would've been Curious, but Sweet fits her. Terrorists fit him as well. Well done! :D
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 20 . 7/25/2013
Status: Complete
that is /so/ weird to see

Anyway! The chapter: Serena's traumatized, as is to be expected. Poor girl.
I love the idea that she'll be stuck with drugs the rest of her life to stave off the second injection. And then, she doesn't know if she wants to feel again. That's powerful, if you'd rather be a monster than feel the pain. And Serena accepts her newfound monstrosity. She's still a strong person.

She also decided that she was going to deal with the recap and that she needed, even wanted to see it. True, it was very difficult for her, but it was a nice change from 'please don't make me relive the horror' that's commonplace in this scene.

The fact that Bracken, Katey, Minerva, etc. stood out to Serena more than her district partner Ezra- that they had more of an effect on her during the recap- was a really good point made. Her connections to home have weakened so much.

It was really good to see her interact with Ezra's family at his funeral. She decided things needed to be done, and she did them rather than wallow in her own feelings.

Very powerful last line. Gave me chills, a perfect way to end the story.

On to the questions:
The obituaries were very emotional, even for the characters I didn't like these last mentions were well done and they all made sense. Bracken's and Justice's stood out, but I think I actually liked Anubis's the best. "Anubis would forever lay on the same Earth as everyone else- and he hated it." That was terrific. I never even liked Anubis Cotton.
Katey's was beautiful, thank you.

I loved Wild One overall. This was one of the most complex stories I've read on FFN in a long time. I'm proud to say that I had a tribute in it, and wow, I'm going to miss WO a lot. The details in this story made it great, and the writer made it deep. Corey, say what you want about weak plots, but I never noticed a thing weak about them.

I like to focus on character development, and you did a great job of that with not only normal Games trauma but the second injection. Emotions ran high throughout the story, and interactions were great. Even the loners had character arcs and storylines.
If anything, the Careers made me roll my eyes because they were so dysfunctional. But even they had a good subplot.

The blog titles are great- they're simple and all of them fit very well (I admit, I was sort of hoping Kit's would be 'flying squirrel', but that was pretty much out of the question). My favorites were Fawn's 'silver-tongued' and Colton's 'dependable', but Bracken's 'devilish' and Percival's 'nightmarish' were really good as well.
I find it ironic that Serena and Katey had the blog titles of 'damaged' and 'marred', respectively, and they were allies. That fits so well.

Happy writing, Corey!
jakey121 chapter 20 . 7/25/2013
IT IS HERE. THE END OF WILD ONE! :O I've been looking forward to this chapter for so long and it really didn't disappoint. Usually I review pov by pov, for this I might just review it section by section since you split it up :D

Sunny does of course have a point about how 23 others died so that she survived and she could at least try to live that life to the best she could because at least she did survive. But then Serena of course wants the numbness back so the emotions do not take over. It must be really difficult to decide which way to go, but I understand Serena's choice.

For other tributes this little scene would be much more emotional because they'd have family flying into their arms and hugging and stuff like that so it's actually nice to see a different sort of reaction where at the moment Serena doesn't have anyone on her first arrival back except for those cheering because they'll have a better life for a bit because of her victory.

Awww to see Serena break down in her sister's arms shows us that she is a human and the emotions are still there despite how much she wants to push them down so they can't hurt her. With Amelia's help I'm sure she can at least put her life back together bit by bit.

She doesn't have the greatest family then I guess xD Her choices in life made sense for survival but yes I understand why certain relatives and other people would push her away and want nothing to do with her. It must be hard for Serena knowing that people are only happy to see her because her victory is bringing food for them but they still don't like her.

This scene was really moving. I'm glad that Ezra's mother didn't attack or insult Serena, it was much better this way because Serena can now help her but also she can help Serena which Serena mentions in the last sentence about how helping someone innocent can maybe make things better for her.

Okay honestly this was the bit I was most excited for. I love the recaps so much because yes I know what happened but it's good to see what it looked like from another perspective and of course Serena gets to see other stuff she wasn't a witness to for the first time. That fourth place over Theon :3 Aw I'm so happy he made it that far but of course only first place means you survive so it's still sad that he's gone and all the others. I love that he had the most gruesome death haha, gore for the win! XD There's a constant battle in Serena during this part, some sections she's showing that numbness to everything but as it goes by especially the bits where she sees what she looked like from outside the arena she is starting to let the emotions get the better of her. I'm glad she doesn't feel regret over killing Percival though... no one should feel regret over doing any harm to that thing :)

GO SERENA! She's putting her life back together by first of all targeting this Rhona bitch. It's good she's asserting herself over her and saying she cannot control her anymore. It's good to see tough Serena but also vulnerable Serena as well. There are many sides to her and that's what I love about her character so much.

Now for the questions :D

-Thoughts on the obituaries?- Brilliant, sad, moving... each and every one was amazing and reading them made me really happy because I love the obituaries you create but they were also sad. Okay so the stand out ones. Theon's... yes I'm biased but it legit made me want to cry. Thinking about all the steps in his children's lives and how he's not there to see them. And poor Savannah. Oh my god I just thought what if Keane or Robyn was reaped :'( I know we'll never know obvs lol but that would break my heart. Other obituaries... Laurel's, she was a good character but still seriously you took out tesserae cause you were dared too? At least you aren't as stupid as Kilea ;) Bracken and Lena's I liked. I always liked Lena despite no one else ever liking her and it's nice the orphanage will remember her. And Bracken's death has helped district eleven in a much larger way. JUSTICE LMFAO! They have horror stories over her... that is just amazing! I feel really bad for Quinlan despite his annoying personality, his family never really cared for him at all. Fay's mother sounds the most lovely human being on the entire planet, dancing on her grave... lovely...

-Did you enjoy Wild One overall?- YES. I know you struggled with it but honestly it's probably my favourite of the stories of yours that I've read so that's out of GH, BTTW this and CA. I love them all but WO just holds a very special place in ma heart :3

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?- The tributes were just excellent despite some tributes... you know who I'm talking about... the plots were really clever with the injections and the different mutts and the storm and stuff. My top five tributes were probably (and I'll be biased :)) Theon, Serena, Laurel, Kit and Bracken. I loved nearly everyone but those were my top 5. The writing was fantastic as usual Corey and the arena was so unique, yes I just loved every second of this story.

-Thoughts on the blog titles?- I'm still really happy you brought them back. I loved all of them, I think you made the best decision for each tribute. Stand out ones: Fawn's, Percival's (I just think the word is brilliant XD), I'm gonna say Theon for everything cause I'm the most biased human ever, Justice's, Laurel's, Serena's, Bracken's and Katey's only because I have no idea what that word is XD

I can't believe this story is now finally over :( It goes so quick even despite the long gap between this chapter and the previous one. From the tributes to the arena to everything just good job on it all! Looking forward to some more CA and Lost updates!

Great final chapter :D
Sweetheart chapter 1 . 7/24/2013
Well, it's been forever since I've been on this site. But I just wanted to check out your stories and I love them, Corey-Bear. But then again, I love you. 3 I love how you have written this. Omg! I can't help but remember how far you've come since BTR. Well, I'm heading back to my tumblr. But have a lovely day, Sweetie.
Necklace of Rope chapter 19 . 6/25/2013
Hi there!

What an intense and perfect end to the Games! All of the fighting was very well described and I could really feel what was happening. The whole story has been great, by the way :) Congratulations to Serena (and her creator, of course) on winning! She is a very interesting character, with a past that defined her in a believable way, she is a tough girl but still very human, and I can't wait to know a little more abut how she'll handle being the victor.

Now for the questions:
-Who you thought would win Wild One, at any point? At first I thought it would be Theon, then I thought about Minerva, but when it came to the final three I believed it would be Serena. It's curious because I never thought she would win until the very end, although I'm happy she did.

-Your favourite character (despite your own, and no matter their final placement)? This one is hard to answer, because I can't really decide between Laurel, Bracken, and Terris. They were all very differente, but they were all great and interesting characters.

-Are you happy with who won (going by realism and favouritism)? Yes, I am. It felt realistic, and as you said Serena was the best choice among the three. Plus, I've come to appreciate the character, so yeah, great :)

-The most shocking death of this story, to you? Nova's probably, that's an awful way to die.

-The most jaw-dropping moment (or, in other words, the scene that captured you the most)? Bracken's suicide is the moment I remember more vividly, although there were some other brilliant moments too.

-Your favourite chapter? Another hard question xD 'Fix you' was great, although I liked very much 'Stop and Stare' too.

So yeah, congratulations on a great story! Emotive, brilliantly written, it kept my interest constantly and it had a great character development. I can't wait to read that epilogue! So I hope you update soon :)
Dracones chapter 19 . 6/25/2013
Well, I said I'd review! Wild Ones has been just about the best SYOT I've read on the site!

It's a really interesting and well-executed concept. The animals and so on add another dimension to the normal Games in that they're not in the gamemakers' control, and what you've done with the characters is great. The father in the games in particular is a strong memory, as someone so conflicted and simultaneously decisive. The one that killed himself, too, is a great demonstration of defiance and mental strength.

But I have to say that Terris was my favourite. Scared and lonely after his district partner died, clinging onto what he could, and his and Nova's little "terrorist" nicknames. True District 3 style weaponry, I think Inspector Gadget was from that district!

Kip was another one. A genuinely nice Career that didn't rely on weaponry when he had a choice not to, and a good friend to his allies at the same time. I was sad to see him go.

Serena deserved to win. She'd had it hard, fought back, and earnt her place. Great result, accurate too. Loved the end, too; dramatic, strong, and wild to the bitter end.

Great story overall, will be looking out for more!
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