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Guest chapter 11 . 8/30
OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ENDED IT LIKE THAT! Thank you so much for updating, this was well worth the wait I'm so excited for what happens next! I'm still so conflicted with how I feel about Sasuke. What did Itatchi mean by "Ours"? So many questions so many things I need to know! Your writing is amazing! Thanks again!
Guest chapter 11 . 8/30
Ugh I really want Sasuke to know about Sasame and I just find it a bit mean that he's been cut off his sons life leaving his brother to raise it while he didn't even know about their existence because of his relationship with their mother which is unfair he has every right to know and I think Sasame should know the truth as well it's about time Ino and Itatchi can't keep putting up this secret forever. Also since whoever produces an heir first gets Uchiha Enterprise, well Sasame is Sasukes kid and he's older so wouldn't that entail that Sasuke should be given Uchiha Enterprises. It just annoys me how Ino and Itatchi kept this, yes Itatchi might have raised Sasame but Sasuke never got the chance to anyway let alone know about them. It's clear Ino still loves Sasuke and one could only think what would happen if Sami Haruno hadn't got involved well I guess it is fate. Tragic...
alessandra98 chapter 1 . 8/30
This is me... Again. I couldn't stop thinking about this, your fic is so good!
Here are some things I forgot to mention yesterday: This is probably the best au I've ever read. You incorporate all the characters into your world so well, it's a delight to read when you introduce a new one because they always contribute to the story!
The other thing I wanted to say is that the family scenes are BEAUTIFUL. I just love how domestic they are and how much love there's between them, and it has me imagining about their time in tea country. I wonder if they got married?
I started reading this fic hoping for a sasuino. Ino is my favorite character. And right before this I was shipping sasuino hard. Even when she found out that she was pregnant I thought maybe their relationship could be saved. But after the late chapters and by seeing how amazing itachi is to her and the boys and how much of an ass sasuke is to her my mindset changed. I'm really really pulling for an itaino final! It aches me bc I know sasuke still misses her, and omg when itachi said ino was theirs I knew who he meant. And that was sad to, in a perfect world they would all live happily ever after. But I know she'll have to take a decision.
Also, sasame seems pretty smart so I wonder if he will start to wonder who sasuke is after the last scene. Or if sasuke will figure it out, mikoto could see that sasame looked more like him than itachi. So maybe he'll be doubtful too?
So many questions! I know I'll be checking my email everyday hoping for a new chapter alert. It seems like it takes you a few months to update, but I don't care! The important thing is that you have not abandoned it, and I thank you so much for it.
Ok now I should stop! these are definitely the longest reviews I've posted in FF, but I'm literally obsessed with your work.

Un beso,
alessandra98 chapter 11 . 8/29
Ok so now I can't go to bed because of this chapter. I've reread the last scene at least seven times and I keep going back to it. I had to bit my tongue not to scream, omg! It was amazing. But it has me wondering did mikoto send him there on purpose? She does know about the tension between them, but I don't see her betraying itachi like that, and losing her grandsons. Unless she did it in an attempt to recongcile them?

Anyways, my mind is running wild with theories of what sasuke is going to do now! The first thing that popped up was that he promised ino he would hurt her, so now I'm thinking he might go against the children?! Oh dear lord... The possibilities! No matter the outcome I know you will do a GREAT job!

As I was beginning chapter 11 I was afraid to look at the updated date. Because I wouldn't be able to stand it being abandoned, and then I saw published on 2013 and my heart broke. But then I saw you just updated it last week and that made this story just more perfect. I don't care when you update it, if it's tomorrow or a year from today, as long as you update it. This is an awesome fic. It's art! And you can count I will read and review every chapter after this. Keep on the good work! I will be waiting for the continuation.

A big hug,
alessandra98 chapter 9 . 8/29
I absoluty loved Mikoto here!
alessandra98 chapter 6 . 8/29
I am at loss of words to describe how incredibly good your work is! It caught me since the begging. I read it all in one sitting. I praise your imagination, this is a piece of art. Oh my god, and this chapter! It's definitely my favorite. The love making scene was beautiful. Itachis perspective was so perfect, so possessive. I'm in love with your work. I really am! Thank you for making my night wonderful!
inuzukarei15 chapter 5 . 8/29
idk why now i'm being shisuixanko shipper haha i guess it's bcs ur great fic (?)
oh yess actually sasuke should have listened to ino and itachi but yeah i really know how he's feelings
kyaaaa itachi what a great man!
great friend,great brother kyaaa!
inuzukarei15 chapter 5 . 8/29
idk why now i'm being shisui
inuzukarei15 chapter 4 . 8/29
oh god sami is really annoying as fuck i hate her zzzzz poor ino poor the uchihas too :')
can't believe it will be the worst gift for sasuke's birthday aah :(
inuzukarei15 chapter 3 . 8/28
so sakura is got a feeling for sai?
yeah i think it doesn't matter too since they have no blood related from the first place and hihi sakura is so cute and innocent when she said she held hands with sai gah i thought they were doing something more haha
aww poor ino for seeing her own mom
Girl-luvs-manga chapter 11 . 8/28
Ooh I wonder if he'll confront Itachi about this first.
inuzukarei15 chapter 2 . 8/28
yeaaay finally sasuke tells ino about his feelings kyaaa he's kinda cute though :3

but why oh why i smell sasusaku moments here :')
i mean i really need and want to see it sasuino from the first place :')
and i don't hate sakura either :')
i love her and ship her with naruto :')

but yeah sometimes we need another flavour for our story :')
so yeah i'll continue read chap 3 hehe
inuzukarei15 chapter 1 . 8/28
hello there! thanks so much for making this fic of sasuino huhu very hard to find them on ffn nowadays,right?
glad you made one hehe they are my otp and i really feel blessed when someone wrote a story of them so once again,thanks so much!
uhm well first of all poor ino huhu but yeah she is so lucky to have the uchihas as her savior even she got sasuke to often walk her home and itachi on the phone gosh they are too sweet
and really haha naruto is da best!
he is right looks like sasuke is starting to like ino as well mumumu
let me fav ur story,gonna see the next chap for more asdfghjkl feelings :3
CrescentMoon10 chapter 1 . 8/27
Wow I love everyone's characters, Naruto and Shisui r great they are hilarious the idea of a love triangle made me laugh so much and who she will choose. I really want her to choose Sasuke though it seems to me Itatchi gets everything because of his father's biased love s o it would be nice if Sasuke had something for a change plus I'm a hardcore SasuIno fan and this fanfiction seems brilliant so I hope her and Sasuke get together but then again Itatchi loves Sasuke too much to hurt him like that so yh.
OrihimeKurosakiInoue chapter 11 . 8/26
AMAZINGGGG ! You Do Know That You Are My FAVORITE Author On Fanfic ? I Swear None Of Your Stories Or Chaps Disappoint Me :) This Was A Great Chap Like Probably The Best So Far To Me . I Was Hoping Sasuke Would Find Out Aboug Sesame But Then I Realized Although His Last Name Is Uchiha Sasuke Won't Piece It Together The Right Way D; Soooo Much Just Happened Lol
Amazing Chap :)
Update Soon !
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