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thetransitsofar chapter 99 . 9/30
Beautiful, wonderful, and fantastically crafted story. It was a sight for sore eyes, and I had been hooked on it since the first chapter. I've never read such a refreshingly long journey in such a short amount of time. I wanted to read this more than I wanted to go to school or work, haha, and I appreciate every loving detail you engraved. You and other authors such as yourself change my life, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you, and Mahal and the Valar bless you. I look forward to the sub series continuing.
Wynter Phoenix chapter 100 . 9/19
I'm so happy (and sad) this story is complete! I seriously loved every minute reading it...wonderful job!
My Beautiful Ending chapter 99 . 8/31
so I stopped reading for a while and let the chapters build back up, and now i'm so glad they did because i could read it ALL AT ONCE and get all THE CUTENESS AND THE BEAUTIFUL IN ONE FELL SWOOP AND IT'S GREAT! seriously amazing stuff, I love it so much. SUCH a great job, congratulations!
QuayJaquelinXeomaraZendaya chapter 99 . 8/14
This story is stunning. Honestly, truly, magnificent.

I love how you portrayed the characters and how despite adding Poppy (and her being the main character of the story) it didn't feel like it was suddenly her show. They were still the Company lead by Thorin, not Poppy and friends. I think it was realistic and inventive and wonderful. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm gushing, but I just want to make sure you know how much I enjoyed this story and regret that I did not discover it until recently.

I was intimidated by its length at first, but I decided to give it a go anyway, and I'm so glad I did. You managed to pull my heart strings in so many ways. Fili and Poppy are one of my most favorite pairings ever created between a character and OC. I loved the epilogue, it is a very sweet and perfect ending to the story. I'm so glad you wrote it.

Thank you so much. You've brightened my days, the good and the bad, with your story. It is a tale I will read over and over again.
biddle29 chapter 99 . 7/30
Okay I'm crying so much right now cause this was just so beautiful and I can't believe it's over and it was just so wonderful and amazing and literally every other synonym for beautiful and wonderful :) thank you so much for this story. You are truly such a amazing writer and I can't wait to read more of your stories :) I can't wait to hear more about Fili and Anna!
biddle29 chapter 98 . 7/28
I'm crying right now. Seriously. I'm crying right now because that was just so beautiful and wonderful and I'm so happy I'm gonna burst. Is that even possible? I dunno but I'm probably about to prove its possible cause I'm so happy :')
The EarthSong chapter 99 . 7/28
So good! And, yay, it ended happily! Maybe some one shots on life in the Mountain and little Dwobbits?
The EarthSong chapter 98 . 7/28
Po-ta-toes chapter 99 . 7/27
I'm not crying, there's just something in both of my eyes...many somethings...yeah that's it.

Words cannot express the extent of my love for this flawlessly brilliant story, but for your sake, dear author or authoress, allow me to attempt to count the ways:

1.) One of the most well-written stories I have come across in a very long time.
2.) It's been so long since I've seen a happy ending that I very nearly burst into tears of joy.
3.) Neither an OOC character nor a single predictable sub-plot in sight.
4.) Fili. That is all.
5.) Thranduil's goddess of a wife and her amusing ability to return him to his proper place whenever she sees fit.
6.) Troll-Crusher, Dragon-Rider... *Smaug voice* "Lovely go on..."
7.) Poppy's ability to turn even the most stubborn - or insane, as it were - of dwarves into something resembling a bearded, blade-wielding teddy bear.
8.) All the languages! The effort that went into every aspect of this story...amazes me.
9.) Fili. Yes, again. Where can I get one? *waves arms* Sign me up for the next adventure, please!
10.) Night-watches, hidden blades, braids, baths, barrels of fish, irises, and Dwobbits... all elements of one of the finest love stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

I could go on, but that might keep you from composing that lovely companion piece we're all anxiously awaiting...

Thank you for the adventure; I eagerly await the next one.
Just a Little Wish chapter 99 . 7/26
This is the sweetest, bestest story! I've been trying to convince my sister to read it! Maybe I'll just have to read it again with her, to make sure she gets sucked in ;). Thank you for thinking up this story, then writing it so well, and finishing it, but most importantly, for sharing it with all of us! You're wonderful!
Blushing Green Apple chapter 99 . 7/24
I am so glad I only found this story when there was only the epilogue left to be written. I would have torn myself bald at the waiting I would have had to do if I found this when you first started writing this.

Great story! I always love a great Fili story since there isn't much of them, so thank you!
beccy26o9 chapter 99 . 7/24
Bilbo is just so lovely :)
It was a nice epilogue and I liked that it was from Bilbo's pov.
I also read the new scene in the last chapter and I loved the "thing" part ;D
Dei chapter 99 . 7/24
Thank you ! I have been reading this story for a very very long time now and I'm going to feel quite empty without it but thank you so much for writing it. You are absolutely brilliant
S.H.E.I.K chapter 99 . 7/24
Oh my gosh I want to cry it's over! It's not computing! Though that was a lovely ending and I LOVE THAT COUPLE SO MUCH THIS IS MY HOBBIT OTP I SHIP IT SO HARD AND I CAN'T EVEN. I do hope you continue to write more after this as I will continue to read your work because I think you write fabulously. It was a glorious trip my friend and I hope to meet you again in future reviews in future stories :)
Appello chapter 99 . 7/23
Congratulations on finishing your story. You should be very proud, it's a brilliant accomplishment and I've thoroughly enjoyed following you on this adventure. I will really miss getting updates in my inbox and seeing what new scrap Poppy has got herself into this time.

All the best with your future and please never stop writing :)
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