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Guest chapter 93 . 4/24
Your story is so amazing I can't wait to see what happens for everyone.
Guest chapter 93 . 4/14
Please update I love Poppy Gamgee and her relationship with the company especially her love with fili, her kinda father daughter with Bifur and her relationship with Thorin. Plus Dain is hilarious so please update
Pocus777 chapter 93 . 4/6
My Goooood I'm so glad that you didnt kill them all ! I loved the battle scene and I was so nervous reading it, you did a really good job. I also really liked Poppy' role during the battle; very badass.
This last chapter when they all woke up was nice and fluffy, just what is needed after a terrible batle
I know the story is coming closer to its end but I wish it wasnt ... you could just write how everybody gets along with life as the royal Family Under the Mountain, couldnt you ?
Anyway, looking forward to read you as always,
WhatsGoingOn chapter 93 . 3/14
Gross happy sobbing
biddle29 chapter 93 . 3/13
This chapter was absolutely wonderful :) I literally had multiple heart attacks in the last couple of chapters because I was terrified someone was going to die (it didn't help that I was listening to if I die young) but they didn't so now I'm really happy :)
And by the way, I know it was kind of a solemn part, but I literally died laughing at the mental image I got of Thorin hammering his crown flat XD
Thea chapter 93 . 3/11
Love this Fic! Apart from the characters and plot: I am so happy with the kissing and the cousins finally finding each other - so great! Anticipating the next update!
The EarthSong chapter 93 . 3/11
Oh yes, I forgot about her worry over the age thing. Oh Poppy. Such a good chappie. There is no way she could leave now. Fíli would never get over it and would be alone forever. Even if she did age and die before him, it would still be better than her leaving him.
Hesperis chapter 93 . 3/11
I like happy reunions! :D Thank you for it!
beccy26o9 chapter 93 . 3/11
It was really a sweet chapter! So happy :) And it was funny how Poppy replied to Dain in Khuzdul ;)
kaia chapter 93 . 3/11
just imagine if tilda was there and saw that poppy was awake.. ha i can see her dashing passed bilbo making him spin around becoming dizzy. great job!
Athena Silverwolf chapter 93 . 3/10
I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am that Fili is alive. But where's Kili?

There's a fair chance I was laughing as hard as Anna when she woke up and Fili was alive and there and Thorin was okay and yeah. I'm tired, so it should be happy tears, but you got giggles instead. Nice touch with Thorin and Anna too. I love Dain's interaction with Poppy. It's so funny but so believe able, because yes, we all pictured Dain carrying Poppy around as soon as you said it. It was quite funny in my head.

I really don't want this story to end but I guess all good things have an ending, so I must accept that you will wrap this up. Until then, however, I'm going to look forward to the next update!
LittleFlatts chapter 93 . 3/10
Oh, gosh, you write Dáin so well! I love it!
Don't.Know.Myself chapter 93 . 3/10
Yay! They all lived!
tessastarchild chapter 93 . 3/10
I shall give it a watch, you can never go wrong with some blood and guts haha and this was such a heartwarming chapter. I really enjoyed it.
An Echo In Time chapter 93 . 3/10
I can't get this stupid grin off my face! I think this is the happiest chapter you've ever written! And it only took 92 of em to get to this point huh? I'm so darn happy with this chapter because it's everything I wanted to happen! I know we've still got some hardships to go through but I feel like everything will work out. I'M MORE EXCITED THAN SCARED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER NOW! Though I'm devastated that it's almost done. It always feels like I'm losing a loved one when I finish a series. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE WHEN YOU'RE DONE?! NOTHING!
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