Reviews for Her Warrior
Cosmiccomic513 chapter 41 . 9/26
This is some of the greatest dbz fiction I’ve read in a long long time. I love this and I really can’t wait for you to continue
CamJamerson chapter 25 . 8/18
Lovin the story so far! Especially your treatment of the human characters. Skill and technique mattered a lot in early dragon ball to deal with the stronger enemies that they faced. Solar flare destruct disc and kaiyoken represented this a great deal but sadly that disappeared as the manga progressed and transformations gained the popularity they understandedly received. The cool factor trumped.
goku2134 chapter 41 . 8/11
Just reread the whole fic for the first time in a few years! Hope you decide to update soon cuz this is a legendary story! I love it :)))
Guest chapter 41 . 7/27
Lookin good so far, maybe have Gohan connect with one of the androids, either 18 or 16. Hopefully you update this soon. I am looking forward to it.
Absolute Fury chapter 41 . 6/11
It's really different then other stories and I found it really enjoyable to read. I hope you can come back to this some day and finish it at some point. Even if the main pairing is pretty much done there is still so much to do like Goku reconnecting with Gohan, Vegeta's family and pretty much the rest of this arc and the ones moving forward beyond this.

Hope this is not another one of those stories that are just dropped. Update soon!
13rini chapter 34 . 4/24
i really enjoyed this story up until cerise came in and while this story isn’t my type anymore, it was really enjoyable! i love how you changed the plot up and even your style of writing. i just couldn’t get past the change of trunks being human, bulma and vegeta not getting together, cerise, etc. i hope other people found this book worth the read
Guest chapter 41 . 4/5
Do you have any idea when you will continue?
GreenBanshee chapter 17 . 4/1
Ok so I was pretty amazed by your story and I love a good plot with a slow burn, but according to the M rating I'm a little confused about that wedding night. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a fan of all these brainless lemon fics without plot but since the violence was very moderate until this point I expected that it comes to very steamy situations between Neka and Goku. It's really frustrating that as a reader I always have to decide between good stories and steamy ones. Yours ist definitely good but like I said I'm a little bit dissatisfied. Since it's obvious that this story won't be updated I'm not sure if I will continue to read it.
Daniel93 chapter 41 . 3/13
I just finished read throuth the story. I just can say, that is one of the greatest storys out there. Really well written and e genious story. I really like Neka and how she acted at the beginning of the story. Really awsome
Zach Williams chapter 41 . 2/12
This is a good no terrific story hope you update soon
EirSnowLavellan chapter 1 . 2/6
hi! I have probably reread your stories a billion times, since there are a shit ton of kind of crappy dbz fanfictions on here. you seem to be the only one to truly capture the characters in how they actually are. thank you

i sincerely hope you will continue this story, as I absolutely love it!
Shadowstorm-Vash chapter 41 . 2/5
I really hope this story continues! I love how you worked with all the changes you made!
xSean chapter 17 . 2/4
Annnnnnd this is dropped. Don't mean to bash but Goku seems more idiotic than normal, why would Raditz go to a Power Level 8x stronger than his own and on top of that why was Goku so weak that Raditz could still kill him... He has been training with Neka, someone much stronger than him for 4 years. You were looking for an excuse to kill Goku and follow Canon, not my type of fic. If your gonna add in OCs like Neka, ESPECIALLY like Neka, you better be bringing big changes to the story. Even as early as the Saiyan Saga.

Having a Sparring Partner that powerful should have had Goku at the level were he could destroy Raditz, doesn't even need to be half as powerful as Neka but certainly more than enough to deal with Raidtz's 1000 something power...
xSean chapter 12 . 2/4
I might be thinking of the wrong tournament but where is ChiChi?
xSean chapter 8 . 2/4
So this has been real entertaining so far, one little mistake I have seen os the announcer referring to Piccolo as Piccolo in the match ups when it should be Junior. Directly after you explained why he was using that name too lol
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