Reviews for I Dare You
Guest chapter 152 . 8/21
I just wanted to say I've spent forever looking for a really clintasha fanfic and this story has been so amazing and do you have any idea when your going to finish the story because I'm actually going through withdrawal...
Ninja0404 is a fanfiction geek chapter 60 . 8/18
Love this story u are my favorite author on this website no joke
Guest chapter 152 . 8/6
Please finish this story! Rarely do you find a story that is in character and has an actual plot. Your writing has an elemt to it that makes me want to keep reading. I wish you whatever help you need for your personal issues. Please keep writing this story is awesome.
Love, Thalia Grace
Sheika chapter 114 . 8/5
I WANT THIS TO BE CONTINUED. YOU CASTED A SPELL ON ALL OF US. I'm dying I swear. Just write us another writers note or something. TELL US YOURE THERE. I want to know if you're still willing to continue this. Please please pretty please? I don't even want an update. Just tell us you're here
MmeCatastrophe chapter 1 . 7/28
I just wanna say this story is great and I've read it for maybe a hundred times. All time favourite.

Thank you so much.
BlackHawk18 chapter 152 . 7/25
So it's been almost a year and a half now since you last updated, i hope everything is alright. I've been checking back here every once in a while to see if you're back, because you promised that you would finish this story. Even if you never see this, i just want to say that i will continue to check on this story to see if you've updated until the day i die, even if you never do.

All the best xx
DarkJewel55 chapter 1 . 6/24
howdy, ive reread the thing again. i probably l'never get tired of it y'know, anyway. i hope your doing well. Ciao xx
Guest chapter 1 . 6/20
One big secret within the avengers guys-they ALL have really,really dirty minds.
And oh, they might one day have something like guys night with the ladies outi n Manhattanon for a shopping spree. When Pepper gave them earphones for eavesdropping the guys conversations...well,you can guess how many countless dirty stuff they eavesdropped, from Tony laughing at Pepper'teasing him with incredibly tight skirts and kiler high heels.' to Pietro teasing Crystal for her'awesomely badass rack of curves.' and many more.
Sheika chapter 152 . 6/19
Please please please give us an update. Not about the story, I don't want a chapter (actually I do but that's not the point) I just want to know that you're there! Are u reading the reviews, are u Ok, what do u think about age of ultron. ANYTHING. Tell us ur opinion on age of fucking ultron! Because honestly after 151 chapters of amazingness. U deserve to rant. So go ahead and rant. Please.
keara.park chapter 152 . 6/11
What happens to strike team delta?
Guest chapter 1 . 6/9
Love the first chapter! Gotta continue reading.
DarkJewel55 chapter 152 . 6/5
yo, just wanted to say its ur story, no ones paying ya to write it. life's a bitch sometimes so we understand. and dont pay any attention to those who insult ya and ya story n'all theyre probably just jealous. take your time. ya know? know that ive read ur story i cant read any other story that makes natasha weak or dumb. you sorta made her beauty a natural thingish so when people say she is drop dead gorgeous and all for some reason to me its insulting to her. anyway ive gotten used to ur story i can say its my fav ever. just i like the realistic ness about it and the honesty i love this story and will never forget it ever even if you do not continue it, so take ur time we'll wait. thank you for writing this story it is up there with the best goodbye. and dont let what anyone says bother you. ive been with this story since chapter one. its sorta become canon for me and i cant believe that Natasha and Bruce are dating after all shes been through with clint oh well. bye and goodluck have a great life. i admire you , and you inspired me to become a writer .i hope ill be as good as you someday. bye
Wookie3 chapter 152 . 6/2
I'm hoping everything is okay now. Also, It's been more than a year, just wondering if you are still going to finish this story, I'm really enjoying it! I really love this story and absolutely cannot wait for the ending! Don't worry if you can finish it anytime soon, I'm still fine to wait. I also want to let you finish it when you can, I just don't like cliffhangers... Oh well, I will make myself wait! Thanks for being such an amazing writer and giving me something I enjoy reading!
brightbubblybubbles chapter 152 . 5/30
You are an amazing writer! I hope you update soon, but more importantly I hope you have been able to sort out your life a bit... I understand that writing is distracting and stressful at times... But I hope you haven't abandoned this story yet. Please update soon, but not with a chapter, but at least telling us that you are alive and breathing and still love this story. Just tell us readers that you are there. Whelp, umm, your story is amazing and I have lost many nights I could've been sleeping due to this story. I hope you continues your passion for writing because you are VERY good at it:)
purpleperson12 chapter 152 . 5/30
Please. If you are reading this, please, please, PLEASE answer me. Are you there? I'm sorry about the complications in your life and I honestly do not know you, but please if you ARE there PM me. I have lost so much sleep because of your story and I have cried and laughed and journeyed with these characters. This isn't even a "PM me so I can bug you when the next update will be" or a "PM me and I will be your internet best buddy and you can pour your heart out in your words to me". No, it's just asking if you are there. If you are still at least even interested in this fandom (not in a insulting way! Don't be offended... I have lost interest in other fandoms) I honestly just want to know if you are THERE. Please
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