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quiet-raindrop chapter 152 . 22h
Yeah, you better finish this-or else we will all have to come to wherever you live so you can tell us. Hope you life gets less crazy!
Celine chapter 152 . 5/23
Hi I think I finished reading all these chapters within one week...


I know it's been probably a year and a half since Chapter 151 but it's such an amazing story I really wish to know the end of it. It's so close!

And I feel like saying I understand those family problems...? Writing sometimes makes one feel better though! Wish you a nice day and muse anyway..?
Sheika chapter 152 . 5/22
I remember I used to read this story before I went to school, after school, at 3 at night, at 6 in the morning. I read the whole thing 3 times now and you honestly ruined me for all the other clintasha fanfictions because I can't read any other story. I'm too obsessed with your characters and your story. If u ever publish a book, be certain that I will support you till the end. you're an amazing writers who has an amazing gift. I'm still waiting for that love scene because after the the things they went through. I think we are all waiting for natasha to finally be willing to give her self fully to clint. Thank you for the amazing journey. I hope things work out.

-llove sheika.
hrhleia chapter 151 . 5/19
The last review was me, I didn't realize I wasn't logged in. I really hope you finish this soon!
Guest chapter 152 . 5/19
I have lost 3 nights of sleep over this story and am now DEEPLY regretting the fact that I didn't notice it wasn't complete until the end. While the writing could use some polishing and editing you have a very intricate and emotional story that is intriguing and suspenseful enough to keep me up until all hours. It's been long enough that it seems unlikely, but I really hope you finish it - if nothing else, with a plot outline to tell us how the story ends.
snappedhydra chapter 152 . 5/17
You are the best writer whose work I've ever read! This includes FAMOUS ones, and I don't want to name some of them because it will shame them into seclusion. Probably. You are better than most New York Times Bestselling Authors. Heck, at times you're better than Joss Whedon himself. And I love that as a writer, you understand you'll have to wait to write good stuff, and that really pleases me, as a fellow writer. I am absolutely in love with your writing and how you shape each and every one of your characters. Reading your work has transformed me. Reading your work has inspired me to write. Reading your work has given me a standard to work towards. (And that last ended with a preposition, I know.) So if anyone ever gives you a hard time, just remember that there are hundreds of people whose lives you've touched without even knowing their name, and they do hear you. We're here for you!
CAP CAmn G chapter 152 . 5/16
Please update the next chapter soon it has been OVER A YEAR since the last I'm begging you please update soon please please please pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee!
I love this story and I'm going though withdrawals! I will bow down and worship your writing ability if you update soon
pujalysfelton chapter 152 . 5/15
The best Clintasha I ever read, such a shame you never updated :( But fantastic work and loved how you portrayed them as individuals and their relationship! And putting James in the story is great. AWESOME STORY !'
loved every bit
Guest chapter 30 . 5/14
I'm still waiting for an update. I'm in love with this story and I hope you decide to finish it
36478-9658 chapter 67 . 5/14
Hey so I love this story, but could you please change the slur Jap to something else? I'm sure it wasn't intended but that term can be very offensive. As a Japanese girl whose grandparents were interned during WW2 and was insulted at school today with this slur, I'd appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
Guest chapter 152 . 5/5
Hello! just wanna say that you did a freaking awesome job on I dare you :) its wonderfully well-written and i hope you can update soon!

carterman1313 chapter 46 . 5/4
The song Secret Dance by Milky Chance is perfect for this chapter (46)
Guest chapter 152 . 5/1
When you said little while I didn't think it would be at least a year and you're still not here. I cannot say that I know what problems you have and just tell you to start writing again, but it's what I'm going to do. Please I'm begging you, don't leave this story hanging! :'( :'( It's too good to just leave it like this. I really hope you're alright though, come back soon :)
Sad and lonely chapter 152 . 4/29
Please come back :(((((
Guest chapter 1 . 4/29
Is this guy the most OCD internet troll that ever lived?






State your opinion: well if he's not, then he's the most stuck-up a-hole to exist in gods green earth. Or he has a lot of free time and likes hating people. At least whoever that person was got what he deserved. Shouldn't have given the heads up warning though. Now his disqus profile became private. The turtle back in his shell. In a way that's a victory because before that he's walking around like he owns the internet.

Internet Troll Awareness. Share your troll when you find one.n
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