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ThePunnerLeJoueurdeMots081201 chapter 28 . 4/9
One of the best written, greatest NaruHina story I've read. All the angst, suspense and quiproquos were killing me! But that just made it all the better. I'm just slightly disappointed about Naruto and Hinata not getting together sooner, but it made me keep reading the story until the end. I also loved GaaraxHanabi, they make a much better couple than I expected. I think Hanabi is a riny bit OOC, but that's fine. There's just one thing I completely disagree with: saying that Hinata is weak as a kunoichi and doesn't want to do it. I personally think that even though she's not as strong as Neji, she's still kickass, and likes this life. But of course, that's just my personal opinion. I'll read the next story soon!
Polaruspax chapter 17 . 12/5/2016
Literally every chapter has a flash back... it is getting annoying.
SalDalia chapter 28 . 10/28/2016
The story was beautiful. I would have loved less of the other couples and more of Naruto and Hinata and was disappointed that you did not add a lemon.
SalDalia chapter 22 . 10/28/2016
this is the most beautiful NaruHina moment I have ever read.
SalDalia chapter 1 . 10/28/2016
I absolutely agree with you, a day aren't you glad they are canon now.
Stacey Phan chapter 1 . 7/28/2016
I absolutely agree with you
In the naruto the last movie Sakura mentioned that "remeber when you told me you love me...but it wasn't that, it was because I was in love with Sasuke" it's like saying Naruto loved Sakura in a different way (non romanticly) and he just misinterpreted how he felt for her
His reaction when he was "rejected" by Hinata (by going off to mary Toneri) was on a different level compared to when Sakura rejects him
Sakura also says "this time it's real" (his feelings)
Brandon chapter 8 . 7/28/2016
This story is amazing so far. I thought it was only a romance until the sasuke and orochimaru scene came up. Nonetheless, it's still a good fanfic.
Reality check chapter 1 . 5/31/2016
And one other thing you forgot about the hyuga clan if they keep it in the clan that's why every Hyuga looks like each other they practice incest in the hyuga clan even if Naruto did love her he would never be allowed to marry her because of her clan would never with Neji hyuga dead after the 4th Shinobi War she would have to marry into the second Branch house Jiraiya probably told Naruto that they Hugo's would never allow her to marry Naruto so oh and I'm top of that there was no milk you guys that she has to marry someone from a clan with neji's death in the 4th Shinobi War no those last movie done by this movie company is the same company got the second season of Korra almost cancelled that's why I came out so late Mari Studios I worked on the second season but they gotta back out so this company came involved pierrot Studios and he did something that really got the second season of Korra cancelled that if we do it and Mari Studios had to come back I think they were trying to operate Asami and Korra in the second season of The Legend of Korra someone saw that said no you can't do that Mara Studios wanted no part of her at those fanfic based ideas and they were going to get blamed for some of the stuff that the other company probably did but because we work on some of the artwork for the opening show I need it want this company to take the blame for someone else's fanfic fantasies do you know on Korra and Asami at the most popular lesbian couple List It if that doesn't tell you what kind of company is running then I don't know what does do you know I also need the name of the company also means puppet orange Japanese clown a puppy to someone and it's been a belated by someone else who plays tricks on people and few other people I know about you but I wouldn't trust a company like that was something and I think anyone else would either just keep that in mind when you think of Naruto the last movie because they're the ones who initiated the Naruto when and on top of that Naruto never saved her from the bullies I quote know those exact words I hate everyone I wouldn't go there anyone I should hell wouldn't help anyone out those were the exact ones an animated self he was never in the park when he had that was bullied but one of Hugo's were he hinged into the Naruto and stop the bullies or try to get them to stop the bullies it would have been obvious it wasn't Naruto and that is what happened despite what everyone else will tell you think about Naruto growing up in the anime his exact words as I hated everyone he didn't come up with that name though about precious people and to after the mission in waves so anything else is just complete crap thank you and this that's why I'm just everytime I read it here at the store I will leave you the count of the statement and it was last movie and I'm not the only thing that know his last movie is a fanfic based movie like Mortal Kombat Annihilation a very bad Final Fantasy Spirits Within Double Dragon movie Dragon Ball Z Mortal Kombat Annihilation was a fan based movie is well I won't deny that that is what Naruto last movies based on demand fact the author who wrote Naruto also said what Naruto movies come out there a separate units from the anime with people had asked why the diamond pieces had crossed over into Naruto's anime and those were his exact words so now it was last movies not part of the anime continuum unless the author who wrote that there's no longer doing that and it doesn't make Naruto Canon anymore because it's not him writing it it's someone else putting a Twist on it so I can got so many ways I could point out how many how much fanfiction is that I'm not the only one who sees it everyone out there says now Naruto's last movie is a fanfic based movie but I miss you fanfic does have potential and great creativity but you might want to take a look at all those last movie cuz I think you might have ripped off when you're fanfic for this I'm not sure you might want I have a nice evening
Reality check chapter 1 . 4/10/2016
Let me ask you a question ignore those last movie who invented the technology that exist in that movie the technology they have that listed in Naruto's last movie should not exist cannot exist in the time frame that Naruto existing think about our own technology Evolution this is why I think Naruto's last movie is nothing more than a glorified fanfic based movie Crosley automobiles internet handheld video game systems iPads telephones cell phones who invented the rock at the put up internet in Naruto's universe satellite technology internet I'm telling you this is all based on fanfic based technology for my world and that's what he stole the idea that's why when you guys see Naruto's last movie and your story but he had that may be correct but she's from the hyuga clan and they're not allowed to married not outside even if none of the does love her even if he did she could never love him back because of her family Rules Clan rules that is why it would never happen I personally thought it was last movie or even for Shinobi war no it was was a diet and the last four for Shinobi War when you think about it he's got every time they referred to not so sometimes they refer to refer to him and compare him to Obito Uchiha the way he died at the end of the third Shinobi War I think there was supposed to be the same thing and then afterwards before his death he gave Sasuke his dream just as Obito gave Kakashi his Sharingan eye that is what I think was supposed to happen and therefore Shinobi War people caught wind of it and made a big stink of Naruto's death one suggestion for people complained about it the needs of the many outweigh the few or the one another sacrifice would have brought the piece everyone wanted he was supposed to be a prophecy child isn't that how most prophecy child's the sacrifice brings the Eternal peace that's how it was supposed to go and he changed the ending credits of the puppet company I like to call them or the tricks this but this is the real name and also by the way this is the same company that brought you the season finale of The Legend of Korra Pierrot movie company thank you and your story is good don't get me wrong but if you actually not too bad you should see what's wrong with you I forgot enjoy
magicofantasy chapter 1 . 9/12/2015
Answer to your first question why i love NaruHina more cuz sakura never loved Naruto in that way and Hinata did ...cuz sakura wold never sacrifice her life for Naruto. ..but Hinata yes ...
Naruto hade an intrest in sakura yes but it was revaly intrest ..he wanted to win against Sasuke for ones making Sakura love him ..but eventually he realised that Sakura love Sasuke and he give up ...Hinata really loved Naruto and she never gived up on him ...and Naruto call Hinata weard not plane bit he say he like people like her ...Hinata really deserve Naruto like Naruto deserve someone to love h not use him
Jessie Brown chapter 28 . 5/24/2015
So good!
Random Chick's Pen chapter 1 . 4/22/2015
YES! YES, THANK YOU FOR THIS! I love NaruHina, and this is pretty much the reasons why!
There are many things I find issue with in Naruto; Haku's status as a dude (would it be so hard to call him a "her?" Like seriously, what would change?), Shino, Kakashi's Team training during the Chunin Exams (aka: lack-there-of), Kakashi's training in general, Hinata, Sakura, and I can't remember anything else. Now don't get me wrong; I DO like Kakashi, but the way he is presented as a Jounin and Team leader leaves much to be desired and makes me understand why so many bash his training "style."
Now on Shino, it's Naruto's behavior TOWARDS Shino, which bothers me more than his own with Hinata, for more or less the same reasons. Now we all know Naruto was desperate for acceptance and that fueled his actions and desires as a genin to even his days as Hokage (though he had hopefully found peace with them by then). Here is a boy, you're age and a loner that is avoided by his status as a vessel for undesirable being(s). His clan is constantly neglected and forgotten; it's a running gag. Does this not sound familiar? Sure he hosts bugs and NO ONE likes bugs, but it's hard to have been fond of a rampaging demon fox, too, am I right? And yet people looked passed that and befriended the host for who he was and not what he carried. Yet Shino's speech patterns consist of him talking formally and scientifically with inserts of "why?" in the middle of it to explain things no one would give him the chance to otherwise. Sometimes he throws in a few facts of himself, like hobbies, likes and dislikes. How is that not sad? And yet Naruto finds him creepy and can't even look at him neutrally - he FORGETS him, even? This is one of the few people Naruto can truly relate to in the village and even HE shuns him? I find that so hypocritical and therefore out of character for him and it makes me mad. Seriously, being friends with Shino can't be all that terrible. If nothing else, you learn things and new vocabulary every day, while you teach him to have fun.
This keys in to his "relationship" with Hinata or lack-thereof. Sure, they didn't have to be close, but you'd think after how he opened up and supported her at the Chunin Exams that he would at least spend some time with her? This leading to becoming friends? After all, you don't just open up your heart to somebody, someone you're not all that close to and have them witness your vulnerable side when you already struggle to gain people's approval when STRONG, and NOT form a kinship. It doesn't make sense; Naruto isn't one to use someone, and when you have a heart-to-heart with someone, when they were able to show such great understanding and give you exactly what you needed and ever wanted on one of your first in not the first true discussion they had ever held and NOT want to form at least a friendship with them, I do believe something is painfully wrong. I find this out of character for him, as this should have told him that he should befriend her, if for the only reason of "she understands." Isn't that what the whole Gaara-thing was all about?
And then her confession. Lesser men would have at least RESPONDED to it by now. It is clear that Naruto at least respects her as a person and for her morals, and he certainly doesn't hate her company, so why can't he at least talk to her about what he said? I don't believe he loves Sakura the way he thinks he does, more out of ignorance of a better understanding of the word, so after her confession, would he not be curious as to HOW she had come to love him? More on the why, maybe? Would he not be curious? After all, it's not like he holds a great, narcissistic opinion of himself in the eyes of others. It's why he does so much they way he does for others and for himself - to prove his worth. He had never done anything truly spectacular for her, things which normally turned people to his side, from the bitter-Tsunade to mopy-Inari. How come this doesn't spark his curiosity?
On the Sakura thing, while I can see your reasoning, I don't stand by it. Naruto had to have essentially raised himself, and had only learned of "true-love" in the form of the love parents have with their children on a personal level by meeting his parents in Kurama's Seal. Romantic love is beyond him, as Hinata was too shy to approach him and Filler/Movie girls hardly count. He's too dense to notice, anyway.
I think Naruto may LIKE Sakura, have a crush on her and stuff, but not feel romantic love for her. His reasoning for his love for her and his actions are more like a boy with his first crush rather than a man in love. I think he loves her as a sister, with the bonds of friendship and those who have shed blood, sweat, and tears together, but not love. He may have realized it's not romantic love somewhere near her "confession," but may have not known what to do about it anymore. For now, it could just be how he shows his affection.
Hinata, I think, would be great for him, and I wished they had had a good opportunity to become friends, as I think they would have held a sweet, supportive friendship, leading up to a slow, but powerful love.
On Hinata's "career" as a ninja, where I can see where you come from, I think she would just be a better ninja had she the better mindset. You're stance, I read as "I'm a lover, not a fighter, but I'll fight for what I love," but I think she holds such great potential as a fighter that it can't be ignored. Her shattered confidence lead her to do things for others and find comfort in Naruto to cope, gaining genuine respects and feelings for him, all the same, but still latching onto him more than she should. A shattered confidence can really screw up with one's potential to do things, and sadly, it made her look like a weak ninja. The way, how, and why she fights says she'll be a great ninja, so I DO think she should be a ninja. However, had she had confidence in herself, she no doubt would have seemed to have held the title better. She can still be the sweet kind girl that you can go to when there's a problem, but she won't be so scared to stand up for herself or approach others.
And YES! NEJI LIVES! Neji dying was just stupid in my opinion, and just a move to try to bring tragedy to the main-ish characters, the Konoha "11 (12)." Had Hiashi died, it would have served as a redemption-death, improving his standing in the overall eyes of the viewers and providing character developments to both Neji and Hinata, having been a symbol/cause/association of their emotional turmoil by giving them the opportunity to mourn and come to terms with all he represented in their lives; to let their demons truly go. The fact that Tenten didn't say anything worthwhile, much less shed a tear is shoddy as they were displayed to be comfortable with each other, presumably spending a lot of time together as the sensible members of Team Guy. That ALONE should have had her crying, as they are not STRANGERS as the manga makes them out to be like from her reaction, let alone what all us coupling fangirls hope and fantasize between the two. My only explanation was that at that time, she was just standing strong for Lee.

...Sorry for this rant. I just got so excited by what you shared here that I just had to share. Anyway, thank you for writing this and feel free to debate or talk to me about anything. I would love it!
Random Chick.
satomika chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
I love your opinion/theory/perspective about NaruHina

I think it absolutely hit the mark!

I'm amazed by your observation!
pervyysage chapter 9 . 12/7/2014
LOL. this one was funny
The Fox Sage chapter 3 . 5/25/2014
How much free time due you have to think about this
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