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KuriKashi chapter 13 . 12h
Hmmm.I like this Sakura but given how many years she's already a missing nin she should be more mature, more cautious and she should be more mature when she communicates. Sometimes she sounds more like a kid than a old teenager.
The interactions are cute. Seeing Itachi act like an awkward teen is kinda hilarious.
Well done!
KuriKashi chapter 8 . 2/21
This Sakura is too innocent and dumb for this situation and hasn't really matured considering her experience as a missing-nin BUT IT IS QUITE HILARIOUS.
Well done!
silmaril chapter 21 . 2/10
How on earth didn't I read this fic before? xD I've read them all! Hahah yey, I'm so glad I looked around your profile some more to find some good read :D
This was awesome to read, Sakura is so tough here and also her caring and emphatic self, I loved her relation with all the akatsukis and with Itachi of course. He was perfect, by the way ;)
Thanks so much for keeping with the fic and sharing with us, dear, you rock!
ckncreme chapter 21 . 1/31
There definitely should be more reviews for this story. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you for writing it.
chidoroppu chapter 21 . 1/13
I really enjoyed this, and I do hope you'll have time to do a sequel!
Scarlette Winter chapter 16 . 1/7
Holy moly. I knew that was Karin the moment you mentioned glasses.
Scarlette Winter chapter 3 . 1/7
Ohmygod I love Sora with such a passion already, I'm cracking up how Sakura managed to get dragged into this.
Key chapter 21 . 1/3
What a convoluted “revenge.” Mad eyed child, indeed.

That speech about bonds sounded straight from the Naruto anime.

Chekhov’s gun strikes again! I had wondered why Sakura saved Manda’s venom and I’m so happy to see it being used here. :D

I HATE SASUKE. What he made her do to Itachi was so difficult to read.

Oh and Itachi might have been right about cutting her hair as Sasuke has already grabbed her by the hair twice.

Wait, wait, wait a minute. How can Itachi tell SAKURA to cut her hair when his hair is just as long? I remembered when Sasuke just yanked Itachi by the hair, too!

Yay, Ino to the rescue!

Good riddance to Sasuke.

Poor Konohamaru. :/

Tsunade is back! Sakura’s crazy scheme worked at last.

I love that Sakura kept Tsunade’s ninjatou.

That goodbye was heartbreaking.

"How about 'Naruto the Ramen-Hungry'?" Hehehe.

Itachi considered her. "Paradise...I never imagined there was room for me in such a place." I’m tearing up. T_T

Previous chapter's review.

As for the epilogue. I don't think it could be more perfect.

That this was your first longfic just proves what a talented writer you are. What an amazing story. I know I’ll remember a lot of scenes from this fic for years. I loved how organically their love story developed. And how neatly you tied all the threads. I think one or two more sexy scenes would have been perfect but maybe save that writing energy and include them in Spaces Between Stars. :D Thanks for everything and have a great day.
Key chapter 19 . 1/3
"Okay then. All bound, unconscious 'house guests' go in the basement too, yeah." Hehe.

Wow, a month with Ino restrained and not any further to trusting Sakura.

I hope Sakura can still see the rest of Akatsuki.

Aww, Sakura and Itachi are so cute together.

So Sasuke is the “mastermind” behind the virus. Go figure.
Key chapter 18 . 1/3
I love the relationship between Itachi and Kisame.

Sakura doesn’t even have a good retort for Kisame this time.

"I'm sure there was." LOL

Tobi is so sly.

That’s so sad that Sakura thinks he’s incurable. After giving Itachi hope.

Aww, as much as I loved the previous chapter there’s so much affection between them and kind gestures. I love this chapter maybe even a little more.

“Mad-eyed child” that must be Sasuke.

Sakura smacking Itachi’s ass gave me a good laugh.

Kabuto has been working hard. I love how you plotted this fic. You must have worked really hard on it and now it’s paying off. Kabuto always seemed a little more intimidating than Orochimaru to me.

Casting genjutsu on a ninjutsu technique… Was that in the manga? I can’t recall. But I love it regardless.

Poor Itachi. He has to bleed to cast any sharingan jutsu it seems.

Oh, and for my chapter 3 review: I love seeing Sakura KICK ass, not kiss ass. -_-;
Key chapter 17 . 1/2
Needless to say this is my favorite chapter so far. They're finally together! But it was ruined by Karin and Sasuke. But Kisame found them! Itachi was right to believe in him.
Key chapter 16 . 1/2
Beautifully plotted. I’m so happy Han gets to escape (even unknowingly).

Aww, I loved his story. And that both he and Sakura got away with their skin intact.

Yay, Sakura handled the meeting with Pain well.

Sakura has some nerve using genjutsu against ITACHI of all people. And for a less than noble cause.

"Your bloodline limit is cheating!" Haha, Sakura sounds so childish here.

And there’s another falling out. Well I guess it was inevitable if he’s resisting treatment.

Hmm, did Kisame deliberately leave them together to “get over it?”

No wonder she didn’t ask for ID. She just wanted to entrap them asap.

You didn't end up writing another ItaSaku multichaptered fic, did you? You know what I would have voted for.
Key chapter 15 . 1/2
Hmm. Yay for Sakura being accepted into Akatsuki?

Figures Sakura’s findings got her more questions than answers.

Again I love how Kisame gets under Sakura’s skin.

Perfect infiltration from Sakura.

She made the mistake of befriending Han.

It's unfortunate for me that when you said you'd finish the story in 5 more chapters or so you actually finished it in those terms. Usually fanfic authors take a lot longer when they say this! ;
Key chapter 14 . 1/2
Yay, Sakura doesn’t have to persuade him to stop by the place.

Itachi insisting on an inn is weird. And I don’t think there was any innuendo in what Sakura said?

Oof. Itachi crushed Sakura by turning away.

Loved that fight! Fantastic like all the other fights in this fic.

They barely made it with their lives. But at long last Sakura can resume her research.
Key chapter 13 . 1/2
“except a block of cheese so fuzzy with mold she was sure it was at least partially sentient.” I love your sense of humor.

Hehe. "On second thought...maybe he was offering for his own sake? Perhaps it would have been politer to accept..."

It’s cute they’re cooking together - or at least Itachi is showing her how.

ACK. Not only did she take his mystery novel she spoiled it for him, too! -_-

“to her, spoilers were a mortal sin, deserving of nothing less than tarring, feathering, and public humiliation” MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY.

Love the sexual tension here while they’re fighting. Naturally it had to be interrupted.

For a moment I thought Itachi had killed her. Good thing Itachi and Sakura have an understanding.

Um, wow. Kisame is into some kinky stuff.

Kisame teasing her is so fun.

Yay, Sakura advocating for herself to get to go on the mission. Only it kind of backfired when it’s only Itachi and her. Itachi is being hot and cold and confusing.

“And all you have to do is convince Itachi you need to make a pit stop at Orochimaru's lab.
Sakura frowned up at the ceiling through the darkness. That might be easier said than done.”

Itachi is a thorn in her side even when things seem to go her way.
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