Reviews for Expendable Heroes
yachiru-chan92 chapter 19 . 8/22
It is a good fanfiction !
Thanks for your work and chapters
Guest chapter 3 . 8/19
Tinier Naruto triggering their protectiveness instincts more strongly from far earlier also helps. Seeing their tiny teammate who is terrible at taking care of himself get injured? Pissed them both off and got them going "Nope! Not on my watch!"
Sasuke was just a bit more frozen in shock because he's spent so long seeing Uzumaki as terrifyingly good that seeing someone actually beating him was mind-boggling. Kakashi never fought him for the test, after all, so despite intellectually knowing the tiny blond might not outmatch a Jounin he's never actually witnessed it.
wildbeast1498 chapter 2 . 8/1
I’m really interested in learning Narutoenthusiast background and seeing how everyone’s acts towards him. Especially Hinata! I hope you decide to update this soon, you’re doing a good job!
silversnitch4765 chapter 4 . 7/11
I have two things to talk about. 1st, this story is listed as friendship but it seems to be creeping into more, now many people myself included do not like to be surprised by slash stories, call me what you want but I don't want to get mult chapters into this story and en it happens, it's a piece of s%} move to do.

2nd, where was Kakashi during this fight, he did the same in canon but didn't let his team almost get killed and not even explain what happened? Why didn't anyone ? Where he was during the whole thing?
fjr chapter 13 . 7/9
I’m sorry, I was thoroughly enjoying this up until this interdimensional shit. It’s way too goofy and out there to be taken seriously. Straight up turned into a crackfic with all the Icha Icha jokes too
Skadarken chapter 1 . 7/4
Thank you for a Non-Emo Sasuke who does not behave like a colossal prick even though he has his parents
Biblio388 chapter 2 . 6/24
Wow, this is a very good read. Only chapter two, but I like the direction you seem to be going and the interactions. They are my favorite part of any story.
PinklyNoted chapter 19 . 5/26
100 feet isn't all that tall. The tallest trees in the world are nearly 400 feet.
PinklyNoted chapter 10 . 5/25
What an excellent and entirely unanticipated development. I liked the story before. Now it's a candidate for all time favorite.
Love Faith Embers chapter 19 . 5/21
Lol. I love the story so far! :D I can't wait for more!
tati1 chapter 16 . 5/9
ANBU commentary while fighting Naruto was PERFECT. I loved it!
But at the same time, why was Naruto attempting to kill ANBU? Is he mind controlled?
Now I'm even more curious. Why would someone in canon steal that artifact nkw of all times?
ThePirateQueen367 chapter 19 . 5/8
They're so stupid so love it
tati1 chapter 19 . 5/8
Sasuke's mutter of fucking landsharks was great. Ah, trauma.
That Fucking Forest. Perfect. I could totally see that.
But you put it as Training Ground 42 instead of 44. Was that deliberate or a typo?
typo: sick in not sick on
There's no such thing as hellboars. They can't climb trees. We checked.
That has SO MANY funny implications!
tati1 chapter 18 . 5/7
Sakura is turning into a bit of a sadist, isn't she?
And Naruto seems to know Jiraiya already...I suppose that's his original source for Icha Icha?
Oh my god, we finally get Naruto's pov! Even if it is short and sad.
And I still really hate Hiruzen.
...promptly followed by some very funny implied torture. Who used the explosives? My money is on Sakura. that's terrifying. What did Kakashi DO to them?
Typo: grin not green
Kabuto worked much more believably as a spy in your fic than he did in canon.
I LOVED the 'and that's why we don't socialize with Konoha' remark!
Typo: question not qeustion
tati1 chapter 17 . 5/7
Typo: scapegoat not escapegoat
I just noticed how close I am to the end of your current chapters. Noooo! That aside, there's still so many things I want to know! Like why was Naruto stolen during the first mission? Was it Orochimaru, and if so, why him and not Sasuke? And why was he, apparently, tortured by his kidnapper before Kakashi got him back?
Why is Naruto's ROOT training incomplete, and why did he get it in the first place? Was it a nasty compromise by the Hokage, to trade Naruto for the Uchiha?
Oh wow, Hiruzen AND Jiraiya took the field? What the heck happened at Fire Temple?
And he treats Naruto like a pet. Sasuke and Sakura might find that funny, but it pisses me off, given what we know about him.
Oh. Oh wow. Oh holy shit will that mame a difference to the timeline.
Still don't know why Kakuzu and Hidan stole that artifact, or why they did it at this time point.
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