Reviews for A fresh start
ashir chapter 28 . 10/2
Thank you.
suziq968 chapter 28 . 8/30
Okay if Wanted was your favorite up till this I guess I'll read it next. This was great. Love your work. Also, Bradley Cooper was such a great choice for Bo, I could see it so clearly. You have a gift and thanks for sharing.
suziq968 chapter 20 . 8/30
Peter is an ancestor of Bo's, not a descendant. Love your work, by the way. You almost make me miss Texas, then I remembered that I hated it there. My son lives in Chandler, by Tyler though and it doesn't seem too bad. Maybe because I lived in Kermit and Odessa, seriously I died laughing when they had the church and football conversation because that is Sooooo true. Eighty year old women sitting on the porch discussing the cowboys and the high school team like it's global event important, weird. Anyway, I thought you'd want to fix the ancestor oops and it was a chance to say that I've loved everything so far, Venom, Growing Up, Atonement etc. just awesome.
milagglad chapter 28 . 8/14
cute story
Jane chapter 28 . 8/1
Wow. I just loved this story. Loved the characters, the plot, the fun. Thanks for a great read.
20.BOOK.ADDICT.16 chapter 25 . 7/5
Tilty.bbb chapter 28 . 7/5
This was a great read well done
Ihatechoosinganame chapter 28 . 7/4
Oh my god, this story, when I started it I couldn't imagine where you were going to take it but it was amazing. Brilliantly written. Amazing and unique idea. one of the absolute best fanfictions of any genre I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I've been reading Fanfiction for around eight years and this story was absolutely brilliant.
Maiya20 chapter 7 . 6/26
.o...OK...,,,,,,,,,,,,kl.k., MN s ybyswyusaswgcfds
Kazza18 chapter 28 . 6/23
That was beautiful. I loved every minute of it.
Kazza18 chapter 27 . 6/23
Oh wow. Just wow. I truly didn't expect that little twist. I have tears. I think I will definately have more next chapter, because I really don't want it to end!
Kazza18 chapter 9 . 6/21
Still blubbering...
Kazza18 chapter 7 . 6/21
I'm crying! Real tears!
Guest chapter 28 . 6/13
Loved it
lola-cullen-salvatore chapter 23 . 6/13
This was a great story
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