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Agent Nine chapter 87 . 9h
That sound amplifying ability is terribly cruel. I can't imagine what it feels to have your ear drums rupture. And, so many people in this chapter experienced it. The thought of blood spilling out of your ears is really disturbing in my mind. I seriously feel bad for anyone who got hit by that attack. Hopefully, Academy City has the technology to get their hearing back. Btw, is having your eardrums ruptured any worse than that one scene in a To Aru Majutsu no Index episode where the nuns stabbed their own ears so that they were not able to hear Index's Sheol Fear?
pop2ww chapter 87 . 12h
MINUS has sure grown a lot. Before, they were only about protecting 'A Certain Unknown Level 0' but now, while still working for their main objective, they themselves and their goals have evolved and grown. Even the weakest member is becoming a great threat now and not just the top-shots. MINUS's ability to attract people with a wide range of skills and co-ordinating them properly, in such a short time, is both amazing and scary. This is just the beginning, and you introduced a guy with a powerful power 'Decibeffect' already...Makes me really interested to see what you have in store for the later parts...

I think Uiharu is underestimating herself quite a bit. In a battle with uncertain surroundings and unknown enemies, it is always that extra bit of information that can make the difference between a win or loss. In a battle like that, knowledge is the greatest power. And she is the only one right now, who can spread that knowledge. She might be just acting the role of a support but in a real battle, support is just as important as the offense. And I think she's starting to realize that.

Even though the fight's begun. I feel the main focus of this one was surely Shirai. Her confusion, her feelings. She loves Mikoto, that can't be denied. But now with Touma in the mix, having realized that she feels something for him, she is filled with doubt about her self and her orientation. Like I said before, it's great that you're making it gradual. She is questioning herself first of all and is not simply jumping from Mikoto to Touma. I like this Shirai a lot.

You know every time you introduce a new OC, I feel wary of him/her. I half-expected Tsutsumi to turn her rifle towards Uiharu.

Waiting for the next one...

P.S: Just out of curiosity, the countdown timestamps in the beginning and end, are they random hours, minute and seconds or do they have some specific meaning?
Geust's Account chapter 87 . 14h
I think we don't need an American here. After all, we have Tsuchimikado. He's like the Jack Bauer of Index. NT 7 pretty much sums it all up! Tsuchimikado's forte is also what Jack does best: torture. I'll admit, I haven't got a chance of watching the series, but my dad has some magazine regarding to ten of those moments. By the way, in an unrelated and nonsensical case about Jack I saw from some website, Jack is the fifth horseman of the apocalypse who rides a black GMC truck, wears aviator sunglasses, kevlar, and a pristine Armani suit. In that case, what do you think if that was Tsuchimikado?

Ramblings and rants aside, it's time for the review:

Pretty good chapter, and Kuroko too got infected by the Kami-yan disease! I'm waiting for Uiharu to be affected quite soon. But my favorite from the Railgun girls (in the disease's case) is Saten. I have a feeling that Kamijou's injuries might exceed to that from Kuroko's arc.

Now after I've read this, I had some sort of sudden idea that Uiharu gains some sort of popularity after stopping a major catastrophe. Will that happen here too?
toumakamijou298 chapter 87 . 7/22
I have to say this is a great chapter like how kuroko is trying to sort out what she is feeling like to see what you write so hope to read what happens next like always great story
Dragon Rider 66 chapter 87 . 7/22
...well that was a little different than usual; mostly with the whole kuroko stuff here. now that you mention it, I've never really thought of it like that with the kami-yan disease, you've technically opened my eyes with that. but now I hope that we get to see even more of "kuroko's trial's"(if you can call it that, it's the best that came to mind right now) later on in the story; along with the other "victims" of course, like zapper...I think, does mikoto count as a "victim" or no?
Master Knight chapter 87 . 7/22
I enjoyed this chapter. I loved how you develed more into why girls are attrached to Touma versus "They just are". I was wondering when we'd get to Uihara meeting and being saved by Touma or at least investigating him. I know she is going to ask Saten and Mikoto about him but is she going to do an in-depth investigation? I.e. asking other girls around Academy City about him or anything?

When I saw Cogito Ergo Sum my first thought was it was a Ergo Proxy reference to the Cogito Virus. Lol.
Kuroppy chapter 51 . 7/20
are you gonna make an othinus arc?
Geust chapter 86 . 7/13
What is this, 24? But with a hint of Railgun? If yes, then I'll pretty much expect this arc to have lots of action!

Would Miss Yuiitsu ever appear? I know that she appeared in the previous novels and the absence of Kamisato isn't gonna make her roles more prominent, but if you had the chance, would you do it?

And lastly, I'm very eager of Touma's once he comes back to this city. All I know that he will be greeted by misfortune and action upon his return, but let's see soon enough!
Geust's Account chapter 86 . 7/14
I had another review posted from my anonymous account, but if it didn't ever appear, I might as well put this here.


What is this, 24? With a little hint of Railgun?

Now with the long arc of the magic side finally over, it's now time for the science side! Now that I mention it, are we also gonna have a flurry of characters like the one you did previously?

I'm very more eager (read concerned) about Touma's "misfortune" once he comes back to his beloved city. If that happens, are we going to have some Baggage City-esque moment?

Will miss Yuiitsu ever appear or have an arc? I know that she was in the previous novels and her role isn't going to broaden up considering the absence of Kakeru (thank goodness). If you ever did have the chance and idea, will you do it?
whwsms chapter 86 . 7/9
Eh-heh-heh ... a "Konori x Kamijou" shipping moment - APPROVED! Need More (with due respect, Touma needs more {ahem} mature ladies in his unknown harem).

Personally think it's too soon to say that Uiharu should join the Kamijou Harem ... that may change depending on how the succeeding chapters unfold.

I'll say no more until the next installment comes along.
LL chapter 86 . 7/9
Posting review in case the first one fails because I was in an area where not really good reception.

If you think the wait for August is so bad then allow me to shatter those illusions you have as I and many others have to wait for the long admited Dragon Quest 7 3ds game in the middle of freaking September!

Kami Yan Disease is stil somehow spreading even with the host being in London, what next, It evolve to break through the time space barriers for every anime and manga worlds?!

Amusing enough the only genre of girls that the Kami Yan Disease haven't infect yet is Vampire girls, Demon Girls and Robot girls which is odd for the last one given how Science Side have all kind of crazy future tech but somehow don't have robot girls unless Aeister is somehow aware of Kami Yan Disease then it all make sense why they don't exist...

A kissing booth?! Darn you are truly a sadist as not even Othinus was that bad.
Guest chapter 86 . 7/8
Genuinely excited for this arc. As much as I love the magic side, the science side needs some love too. You mentioned that you wanted to capture that Railgun essence for this arc, well I am definitely getting that Railgun vibe. I am wondering, how do you feel about the Railgun cast? Misaka included considering she is the namesake.
LL chapter 86 . 7/8
Kami Yan disease still working even when the host is in London... Is it airborne? What next? It evolve to infect men too and change them into girls? Well the only targets it didn't manage to infect is vampire girls or robot girls which am surprised we still haven't seen robot girls with all the crazy high tech future stuff that the Science Side do.

Look like some of Kamijou's luck rub off on Uiharu... Hope that don't trigger any death flags.

A kissing booth? And here I thought my idea was evil enough for Touma's misfortune but I got nothing on you sadistic author, not even Othinus at her worst was anywhere close.
Guest chapter 86 . 7/8
By 20 parts, do you mean 20 chapters, 20 pages, or just 20 nice ending points? The spilt parfait was a nice touch!
Guest chapter 86 . 7/8
Nope, losing shows no such 'important' in Touma's part, and as for Thor; you made him too powerful (the spell included) it's no wonder I didn't like that fight.
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