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Anon chapter 76 . 11/24
(to whwsms) Hey - why stop there at the possibility that A Certain Beauty-Sempai might do something "behind the scenes" so that Touma and his crew get back into Academy City (at least quietly enough for him to go see the frog-faced doctor)? If what has been posted on TV Tropes is accurate, it might turn out to be one of those rare occasions where Kumokawa Seria and Shokuhou Misaki put aside their enmity and work together - AND there is of course only one reason for them to do that.
Guest chapter 76 . 11/23
would really like to see, somehow, a dedicated Mugino/Orianna/Othinus arc
Banditz chapter 76 . 11/24
Some people may disagree, but I'm pretty sure the dragon is either the Oroboros, or it is a Leviathan, while the invisible thing is most likely satan/lucifer of the fallen, since he is technically a god, but also a demon. But true gods never die, they are just forgotten, so the demon inside him is the only exception to that rule.

Its either that, or its the Hindu god Shiva. Besides Ra of Egypt, there really isn't anything left besides it being an Eldrich god that has no origin.
Guest chapter 76 . 11/22
i really like your story men
Guest chapter 76 . 11/21 that was one long afterword. but you're right, WHAT IS THAT INVISIBLE THING!? and I really started to like noukan and nephthys too and wanted them to stay; if only there was a way for those two to come back. *sigh*

though now I wonder if otohime might come across other dragon related items, like a scale, a claw, wings, a bone, an eye(?), you know stuff like that. what do you think?
Okaidi chapter 76 . 11/21
Haha, it always turns lewd whenever Lessar is there. I still laughed though.
rei.21 chapter 76 . 11/20
Imagine breaker this in incompleteness currently ... Laura said, and that is why born WR .
so that the IB has not yet shown its original state...
You can make a serious kumokawa and maria kumokawa.
adv chapter 76 . 11/20
incredible arc! looking forward for more
Guest chapter 76 . 11/20
"Hmm?. I get the feeling I'm forgetting something as well..." Kamijou rubbed his forehead as if remembering the sensation of soft lips on his forehead.

Well played, O Author ... well played, indeed.
whwsms chapter 76 . 11/20
As my heart rate returns to normal after this installment, one could imagine the absolute PANDEMONIUM that might have broken out - not only in England, but also back in Academy City (where certain folks may have been watching the interview with Queen Elizard) - IF Her Majesty had suddenly proposed what some might consider the ultimate reward for a hero ... wait for it ... MARRIAGE TO A ROYAL PRINCESS.

And your dropping hints that Laura Stuart is (so-to-say) aware of our TouMAN's "meaningful name" ... I could just go "SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!" (in fact I just did).

Notwithstanding that after having posted this, your focus should be on your upcoming exams, one can also only imagine how the Kamijou household is going to get back into Academy City with minimal notice ... unless (possibly) it is via some (ahem) connections set up by A Certain Beauty-Sempai? And whatever happens, I'll be amazed if Touma does indeed get to Heaven Canceller for a thorough examination before more mayhem comes his way.
CD DC chapter 76 . 11/22
Great job I wonder who's next. Maybe Awaki Musujime
Agent Nine chapter 76 . 11/20
I feel as if that chat near the end between Touma and Lessar was really good. It got them to truly understand eachother, which I think was lacking before. Thanks!
Sesshoru chapter 76 . 11/20
It's "The One who purifies God and Exercises the Devil", but other wise excellent chapter.
Guest chapter 75 . 11/13
Now that one thinks about it, what will be Aleister's reaction or response if or when Otohime, with her very being altered by the Dragon's Tooth, sets foot in Academy City once more? DUN-DUN-DUNNN!
Master Knight chapter 75 . 11/13
Just a few things. I liked the original concept of people who didn't know what Touma got into find out a bit and people who did know getting a better understanding. But since the Orsola arc you've moved away from that and its become a standard ToAru story. Take it back to its original concept.

Another thing, one of the things I don't like about the actual novals its how wordy they are. Please chill out with the word lengths. I wind up skimming to get back to the actual meat of the story.

Besides that keep up the good work.
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