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Anon chapter 80 . 2/8
Somehow I get a feeling that, when the dust has all settled, A Certain Eccentric (i.e., outright crazy) British Monarch, in a move to establish and cement good and cordial relations with the Kamijou Faction, might do something that could very well start World War Four - first on list: propose a royal marriage between Touma and one of the Royal Princesses.

Scary - but has potential for good laughs and much misfortune.
whwsms chapter 80 . 2/7
Another time and place, upon that utterance: "We are the Kamijou Faction" - lightning and thunder split the skies, supposedly extinct volcanoes across the globe spontaneously erupt, and earthquakes and landslides broke forth in remote parts of the globe. And who's to say if, upon that declaration, a not-to-small numbers of Academy city's espers, A Certain General Superintendent and A Certain Archbishop each have a momentary pause as a strange feeling flashed across their minds, as if it were the dawn of a new age.

On the other hand, as the British might say to those who made the declaration (and one can picture Touma's massive jaw drop when he finds out about it himself): "Well, now you've bloody well done it."

I have no idea where I'm going with this - it's all spontaneous.
Red Glasses chapter 80 . 2/7
Hey look at that. A new chapter! I didn't expect it to be released on my birthday.
Perplexing Perplexity chapter 80 . 2/9
Heheh. Excellent chapter. A question though, are you going to make an 'Elizard' arc? Things might get interesting if you somehow inserted this after the Thor arc.
Agent Nine chapter 80 . 2/8
Thor obviously saw how much Touma was struggling to endure the pain of the wound on his side. Couldn't he have used his godly powers to heal him? Can't he just avoid Touma's right hand and just heal the area where the wound is?
FreakFactor chapter 80 . 2/7
Knight Leader !
For England joins the Fight!
Yeah I've been playing SSB4 a bit too much.
I also thought that Otohime and the girls were badass in this chapter, specially Otohime as she's an amateur. I don't need to be a seer to predict Great misfortune in Touma's future due to their declaration. Is it wrong for me to expect something more dragon-like from Otohime ever since she received the dragon's tooth like breathing fire or launching lightning, which could be hilarious in hindsight,? I know she's still an amateur and that flying alone answer is outstanding enough, but when someone says dragon what comes to mind is Fire-breathing flying reptiles with sharp teeth and claws. And now that the Royal Family is getting involved and Knight Leader entering the battle things are going to heat up to an explosive ending. Hopefully not because of the ship the fight is going on.

I feel guilty for thinking of tentacles monsters when I read the part where Index got tied up by the plant. I feel I'm straying from the right path. Though I can't help but think that Touma is more likely to get attacked by one than any other character.
dragonrider66 chapter 80 . 2/7
oh the "punishment's" probably going to be really bad, although it will also make everyone who made that declaration owe him big time, especially kanzaki, her "dept.'s" going to skyrocket after this.
Master Knight chapter 80 . 2/7
Only real problem I have with this chapter is the trope Bad communication kills. It makes no sense that they wouldn't just tell the Knights the issue with Touma. Instead of asking them if they plan to kill all the enemies, it would make more sense if they explained and asked the knights to at least keep the one with the hood alive.
pop2ww chapter 80 . 2/7
Of course I read it again. The story's amazing. I said this before that your story seems canon to me. It fills the blanks that are in the canon ToAru.

And thanks for answering my question. So, the fights will indeed be getting tougher. Poor Touma! Awaiting your devious plots for Touma. After seeing your response, I'm even more excited to see the return of MINUS (especially Hayashida Mari, Touma needs another female enemy in his harem).

Inner conflict in the Knights... How do you do it? How do you come up with these ideas? Amazing. Loved the contradicting emotions of Knight Leader.

KAMIJOU FACTION IS BORN! OFFICIALLY! It took nearly a million words (Have you noticed your amazing feat, MrQuestionMark '?') and over thousand reviews to reach this point. At this point, even I also want to thank PokeRescue18, the readers and you, MrQuestionMark for this amazing story.

Now, the showdown begins. Touma/Othinus/Thor vs Harmonia's Cradle. The harem worried about Touma and his whereabouts. The Knight Leader wants to regain his pride and honor. The problems that Touma will face, being the leader of the strongest faction. And of course, the most dangerous weapon in the world - an army of children. Oh man! The excitement is building up.
Lord-Sylph chapter 15 . 2/3
"A Certain Unknown Level 0"
So, I like the idea of an Esper ability that allows you to manipulate metal, reshaping a coin into a bullet would be pretty cool, but the way modern firearm projectiles work would require her to form the coins into both a shell casing, the bullet itself, and the percussion cap at the base of the round (which contains a Mercury compound) then she'd need to fill the casing with just the right amount of powder,and then fit the bullet into the casing (which requires specialized machinery). It's far more believable that she'd have a spare clip on her, or loose rounds in a pocket, that she could manually load into the old clip. Even if firearms are banned in Academy City, all you have to do is look at Washington D.C to know that firearms bans don't keep the criminals from obtaining guns, it just keeps them out of the hands of the good guys.
So while I like the premise of her ability, as a Firearms aficionado, I felt the need to respectfully point out this minor flaw in the chapter
Guest chapter 79 . 1/28
so it been 3 years already
Red Glasses chapter 1 . 1/28
It's called having the same ideas and the majority of fandom to actually plead Mr. Guest. Be it that you wanted a spotlight or not, at least it's already answered for all of us.
Guest chapter 79 . 1/27
Kamijou luck can not be that bad
Red Glasses chapter 1 . 1/27
The first time Othinus appeared was when it was related to Magic side. Even though it's concidence but I want to ask, will she still also involve in the Science side and not drift away by some taxi or Sphinx?
Guest chapter 1 . 1/26
Next chapter please
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