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most bestest chapter 144 . 10/12
Itsuwa is most bestest girl. This arc did not disappoint. And if we'll see more of her this next arc then consider me very satisfied.

Her 'Season 3's' amazing so far.
music chapter 144 . 10/12
faith will never know that she has an uncle whos a metal musician and is as awesome as this:

-watchvnubJjB95VdY (this is him)




-watchvT9iIxwMtBKg (check this for his quiet side)

-watchvQcg9fMEbLqw (bonus for his vocal capabilities 1)

-watchvpNTdyRzqbr0 (bonus for his vocal capabilities 2)
gleapner von bon chapter 144 . 10/7
If you have seen it i for i can't find it on the Interweb's only crappy YouTube videos and not in full screen
Guest chapter 144 . 9/21
Yep, no matter how I look at it, Othinus really is the reason why Touma is going through all this. To this day, it still bothers me that someone like that was forgiven so easily. She deserves a punishment worse than what she got.
Gleapner Von Bon chapter 144 . 9/16
Once again the realism you put to your story i felt the boy and saw his body split. I can't imagine how seeing him like that would make the girls since this was caused by the regon it would make the thor thing even more of shame for them. Next the whole thing with mercenary image thing believe it or not i have seen some of my merc comrades where some eccentric look. Also interesting how it seem mugino has yet to be won by the boy even though frenda said she has a tendency to flash her underwear to passerby. Now resently Touma boy was voted number 5 in tope ten surprisingly powerful characters in anime look like many agree that his power is stronger that it seems still lost to grand zeno and lord bearus and that boy from pshco mob 100 still got a good place. Can't wait for the next story
Formboy1 chapter 144 . 9/16
... Jesus Senpai, that ending...

But anyways, I'd say that this was a good chapter... even though Touma had to remember one of the countless hells...

Er, anyways Mugino gaining a new friend that she can trust is a great thing. Despite all the horrible stuff she did, and wishes to move on in her life to become a better person. And I can think of no one else but Touma to be the one to do so... I also liked the banter between the members of ITEM, it was funny.

And then we meet back up with Batya and Orion, and meet a new character: Faith Townsend, which I already like. Her cheery demeanor makes her feel, I dunno, more human? We see so many angry people in this series, and she is kind of a breath of fresh air... I think... also she called Orion a weeb... heh, funny. Also Batya. Girl has no goddamn idea what misfortune is. Literally. But what I mean by that would be in the next part...

Then we move onto Touma... poor bastard... kinda glad that someone was there to give him a hug, but I also understand why he wouldn't want anyone to see him like that... Yume, you do god's work along side Heaven Canceler, (is that a play on words or something?).

Well, I think I'm gonna cut it there Senpai, so until the next chapter, see ya later!

Oh before I go, there is a song that I think you should hear. Its called "On the Moon" by A-ONE. It's a Touhou doujin song. In short, it's about Reimu complaining about hows she can't have peace because there is always something interrupting. And I thought "Hey, that's like Touma!". So, yeah have a listen when you have the time!

Oh hey look, I think it's Kongo's Arc next! Sweet!
pop2ww chapter 144 . 9/16
And another arc ends. And what an arc. The Madness of Darkness vs. the One who is above the God-of-Idiocy.

On a side note, I have to admit. I actually forgot about the General being there. But that's another thing, if he's that forgettable it might work for him in a different way, don't you think?!

'What can one cooking tutor do?' Do you like to tempt fate Kinuhata-san? Especially when the tutor in question is fate's toy. You never wanna go there. Not because it's scary but because it would be reaaalllyyy addictive.

Mugino and Touma - Forgiveness, if given freely, even when you think you don't deserve it; the weight of it can crush you. The Mugino who has left her past behind wants nothing more than forgiveness and she wants to attain it by her own hands and forging her own path. And yet even though she knows she has found it already in Hamazura and ITEM , she refuses to accept it so readily because she feels her suffering isn't over yet. What she had done, who she was, knowing all that, redemption shouldn't be so 'easy' for her. And so, wants to deny it and wants to deny 'his' face that is saying that it is okay to accept. Touma might not know just what sins she committed but he did see the peace she fought hard to achieve, the peace she loves. He isn't 'negating' her sins but wishes to enable the acceptance of her sins and her peace. He saw it. It is somewhat like Fukiyose trying to hope for a 'better' Touma not because he'd be less irritating that way but because she has seen that in him, that there was already a better Touma. And so even though Mugino thinks she might not deserve it, Touma knows she deserves the peace. In her despair, she might not remember but she has walked the path, she has fought for her peace while accepting her past. Her journey might not have ended, but she is already far ahead on that path than she thinks she is.
Normally, I'd see characters placing Touma on a 'pedestal' because of 'his greatness' that in actuality, reflects their lamenting on their own weakness. But in Mugino's case, it might be mere confusion. That pedestal she thinks he's on, the path he's walked, hasn't she reached it already (cough-Mikoto's-falling-behind-cough)?! She's only, maybe rejecting is not the right word, more like not looking at what she has achieved. And once again she couldn't be more wrong about Touma. He's had everything figured out? While yes he achieves what he sets out to do in the end, he has no idea as to where to put his foot next. He stumbles, 'improvises' and stumbles again. He's a guy who can be honest to the world but misfortunately is something he is never able to be to himself, at least not till now. Who knows what the future holds for him? But the truth is, he needs people to smile to make him move forward. At times, it can certainly be the hardest think to ask of a person, but Touma is selfish. He would ask them that for his sake, and for ultimately their own sake. 'A Certain Unknown Level 0' was a mystery that could be unfolded. But Kamijou Touma? Far too less people are aware that there's even a mystery to begin with that lurks around the person known as Kamijou Touma, forget about unfolding it. And that Mugino Shizuri is going to be part of that journey, it makes me happier than you could ever know.
You know, what happened, it makes me think that the non-existant 'Kamijou Faction' is growing. It might be easier to relate the growth of the faction due to Kami-yan disease but instead, it is actually acts like this that grow the faction. A desire to save. The Kami-yan disease is just a side-effect. Speaking of which, why do you think the disease failed? The disease's main reason for existing is
to make the girls smile, even if the tiniest bit, when they think of Touma. And there was that tiny curls on the edges of her lips. And that's what the disease does. Where it goes from there, is the desire of the girl. It might not have taken that route (who knows what the future holds though?), but it doesn't mean there couldn't be more MuginoxTouma moments, does it?. After all, friendship is a kind of love. That and fanfics exist. :D

A Suzushina Yuriko arc? Of course, YES! Esepcially, if Accelerator is the one who finds her!

I don't think you need to rouse the sleeping army of Delta Force Yaoi lovers.

Certainly, the world would be a better place with a lot more Teehee moments. Well, if not better, then at least a LOT cuter. As always, waiting for the next one...

Is the Chunni-cenary a 'good' guy? Does that word apply to a mercenary? And why do I have so much 'Faith' in this new OC? And Batya - stalker obsessed powerful yandere confirmed.

Touma being able to cry is one of the best and nicest things you have done to him. There is nothing more emotionally stronger than facing and accepting to yourself that you can cry. Being selfish for yourself, for your heart is just as important as being selfish for others. Maybe the most powerful words of the 'past' Touma were said to his parents 'Because I love you. I don't want to go...' But the most powerful words of this Touma are certainly 'I want to smile again' It's heart-breaking. For us and for Touma. But maybe he can 'Dream' again and live again. Yume-sensei to the rescue...

P.S: Mugino seems to be a greater Tsundere than someone I know. Or maybe I'm the only who thinks that...
A certain guest chapter 144 . 9/13
"Why do I have to experience those things again!?"

Yeah Touma,why do you have to experience those things again,if there is someone up there making you suffer such events is truly an evil sadistic entity.
I wonder if there is such magic god or any higher being creating such events just for his amusement ?

Well other than guessing who is such such a cruel god doing this to the misfortunate boy,I gotta say really intrigued of how Yume is going to know the Touma suffering or the London or the fact that he is the boy is in the tv getting beat up and thrown as if it were a comedy show if it weren't so gruesome,let see how she thought of this as either this is Kamui doing or know this is entirely different thing from either him or the doctor about the Regon and his supposed trauma.

Well either way,Kamui can't really break him since you can't break what its already Kihara,the crossdressing blond magician has done it first,and he wasn't even trying.(feels like he is a personification of a certain someone considering how much joy he is beating the boy).

"Honestly speaking,I wasn't really than scared or worried of all,""The things he could come up it is nothing compare to what I was subjugated through,his has limit."" " Would what I think he said to Yume of how broken his mind is due to this

P.S:Yes alter ego is a real class,go figure. now for a little extra.

Alternate class:Assassin,Caster.
True Name:Shirai Kuroko
Alignment:Lawful Good


Class skills:
-Mad enhancement: EX
"Berserker is very obsess towards her "Onee-sama",upon summoned Berserker will considered her master as "Onee-sama" and will always stalk her master and takes pictures during bathing or any other moments,can also think of others even an enemy as her Onee-sama if they are similar to the original or used by command spell."
Personal skills:
-Esper abiliry:Teleporter: B
"Able to teleport an object in a certain location and position,including its momentum through the 11-dimensional space,it also dislocate the material that the object is set limit of distance is 81.5 meters and the mass able to teleport is 130.7 kilograms,at B rank Caster is able to teleport herself.

Noble Phantasm:
ONEEEESAMAAAAA-The cry of a crazy teleporter and her beloved onee-sama: D-l-
'A noble phantasm based on the rumor of a crazy teleporter and an electromaster that she is crazy allows Berserker to teleport near to what she considers her "Onee-sama" regardless of distance,Berserker always know the situation of her "Onee-sama" or what is near "Onee-sama". Berserker can also teleports objects near "Onee-sama" vicinity with person in question as a starting cordinate,with the same limit distance as her teleport. Berserker will always knows what her Onee-sama is doing.

This Kuroko is mostly based on her rumor,while she might still have this noble phantasm with other class but just act as a simple instant recall without command seals,but her master won't act as a second range and no ultimate stalker still has some form of justice but considering the rumor of her destroying the mind and body of those she catches.
DeltaWing13 chapter 102 . 9/12
I've been reading this for forever, but I've still got so much more to read! TT
But, your story is great, Author-san! please continue!
Behind you chapter 1 . 9/10
Come at me bro...
Anon chapter 144 . 9/9
Pain. Loss. Suffering.
All these things he thought he could forget.
But because of a series of unfortunate events, he was able to remember them. Everything. One by one. Little by little. PIECE BY PIECE.
Yet he fights. He fights for a better tomorrow. Even if it will never come. He fights never for his sake, but for others. Even if he suffers, he pushes on. He won't give up until he attains that seemingly unattainable dream.

But at the end, will it be worth it?
Chroma chapter 144 . 9/9
I wanna give the little guy a hug. He's been through so much fucked-up shit, he needs a rest.
Also October is right around the corner. SEASON 3 IS COMING TO TOWN BABY! FUCK YEAH!
Kami chapter 144 . 9/9
He protecc...
He attracc...
But right now...
He needs a hug.

(I know I butchered it, just shut it guys. But this is probably what I think about Touma right now.)

P. S, he does attracc. Attracc (attract) pretty women by his side.
Aquadude chapter 144 . 9/9
Touma's greatest battle lies within him. I wonder how he'll deal with the upcoming storm ahead.
Also I wanna see what is happening with the Saint Lola Stuart sent to capture Otohime. It's been a while.
Also I found that there are some similarities between Touma and Jessica Jones, like with how they're dealing with the traumatic experiences, only difference being Jessica's a bitch about it, and Touma is hiding it through his humor. Also Jessica's is much more believable unlike Touma's (raped by Kilgrave, Jessica; killed over and over again by a sadistic god, Touma.)
Also if Accelerator shows up again in the story, it'd be funny if he was much more sarcastic than before, because I always imagined him to be like that. I'd really love it if that was the case.
Guest chapter 144 . 9/6
Kongou Mitsuko next chapter? :-D
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