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Guest chapter 103 . 3/22
Another place and time, when Gakusha realized that 'the hacker had been hacked', he just might have channeled his inner Havia by screaming ... wait for it ... "FUUUUUUUUUCK!" (those who recall the Heavy Object reference will understand).

... I'll leave this behind as I exit.
pop2ww chapter 103 . 3/23
Finally! Uiharu on her cleaning robot. Does a damn good job of cleaning too. Clearing out every last speck of dust in its path, along with everything.

Something was definitely wrong with this situation. Hanzou and Hamazura were perfectly spot-on with their analysis of the situation. Blunt and harsh but, very true. Uiharu IS their 'King' - the Leader of their Army Force. Every move, every decision, every win depends heavily on her. And the rest were, in blunt terms, nothing more than 'meat shields', as you said. Their priority is to protect their king or the war would be lost. Uiharu is the one put on the spot, as she herself knows that the outcome depends on her and she needs to be alive to reach that outcome and thus needs to be protected. Everything is right but still something is wrong. The thing I feel is wrong, something Hanzou and Hamazura didn't consider, something that Mikoto, Shirai and Saten forgot is that Uiharu is NO king, she's NO General of some Army. She's just a young girl trying her best to go back to her peaceful days even though she indeed is definitely the most important factor in this war. They think they are expendable, and true in a certain sense, they are. But do they think, that Uiharu can continue if they died, for sure? Sure, war's always bigger than a few and even if they fall, Uiharu should continue doing her part. But there's a huge difference between 'if Uiharu SHOULD continue' and 'if Uiharu COULD continue'. She's not some battle-hardened General. She's not someone who won't shatter when she learns of her friends' death knowing what or who they died for. Sure, she might strengthen and resolve herself but that moment of weakness is what her opponent needs, and literally so because of this being a digital war and not a war dependent on actual guns or swords. While the argument H&H put up is sound, they forgot one thing. Their weakness, her strength and her weakness, their strengths. They balance each other. Expendable, I think not. Remove 'their strength' and all is left is 'her weakness' - vulnerable and alone.

Saten and Uiharu - The normal people - changed by death and war, and afraid of it. It is one thing to hold someone's neck and entirely another thing to snap it. As you said, they are truly unsuited for this type of conflict, unsuited for war. Uiharu knows that controlling a destructive weapon (ahem-Princess and Baby Magnum-ahem, had to say it) to its full potential could've easily tipped the balance in their favour but yet she hesitated in pulling the trigger because she didn't want to kill. And Saten is starting to understand just what the insanity of a war brings. And because of this I'm waiting to see the moment after the battle, when they are alone and when they can let out the cries and screams that they are holding in their hearts.

The Level 5 are all crazy powerhouses. (Strangely, it seems that the ones that use their power the most are the L5s.) But crazy as hell they might be, they do know how to fight in style. Almost makes me wish that A Certain Number 1 joins in, almost!

MINUS has some espers with some crazy powers as well. That floor-and-concrete esper must be a real hit in haunted houses.

Six Wings vs Ten Legs. Sounds like the name of a chapter from Heavy Object or some weird alien creature movie. About this battle, I have to say this once more - EXPLOSIONNNN! (Had to say this in memory of Konosoba 2 - I hope it doesn't join my list of 'When the f #$ will we get another season?' like a certain series)

This chapter was pretty heavy. A different mental pressure than the one in Seria's chapters. I have a weird feeling that a certain Kihara is watching and smiling.

MINUS has the upper hand (and a hand in the floor too). Looks like more crazy ideas inbound. Great chapter and as always waiting for the next one.

P.S.: A little off topic, but I feel a new respect for H&H (and similarly, Quenser and Heivia) and how they took care of those big monsters with the little equipment they had, after having my ass kicked, repeatedly, in a recent game with some large ass monsters (Horizon : Zero Dawn, if anybody's interested). Thank god for 'Games with infinite continues'.
Purifies Miracles chapter 72 . 3/23
"What firefighters and people in our military and cops do is separate from what the rest of us do; basically these people say,

"I'm going to protect all these strangers." _Denis Lear

Source: firemanjim
Anon Guest chapter 103 . 3/20
Isn't That Cute? ... Uiharu genuinely wants everyone (even their opponents in MINUS) to come through this at least alive. Seems like, even before they actually meet face-to-face, Kazari-san has begun to embrace, in part if not yet in full, what might be best called ... wait for it ... The Way Of The Tou-MAN.

Well, some might theorize that, so long as she doesn't also adopt unto herself Touma's extreme penchant for misfortune, or his (to-date) inexplicable attractiveness to the opposite sex, she should be just fine.

Uiharu Faction ... APPROVED! (and the rest of the chapter, too)
MightyImpulse chapter 103 . 3/19
Reason why not to ride on top of a giant war machine: snipers.
Guest chapter 103 . 3/19
you're welcome i'm just happy to have been of help
Agent Nine chapter 103 . 3/20
Heh, I should have realised sooner, but there probably gonna be a lot of hack battles. Uiharu and Bakin hacking machines to fight eachother. Kinda sounds like battle bots. What'll be funny is if they both hacked a robot and controlled them with videogame controllers and 1v1ed eachother. Haha
ArmoredCoreNineBall chapter 103 . 3/19
FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! I felt like that needed to be said cause of... well, fire-causing bullets and all.

The chaos of combat and the heavy emotions that would come from characters involved in a war-like setting like this is on full display, and I think it's done well. Uiharu not wanting everyone to think of themselves as expendable, Saten getting a taste up-front of the combat and hating it, and just the general emotional issues being brought up here are well done. The combat isn't lacking either, although I do think that Mikoto should be able to make quick work of that Six Wings, evening the playing field rather nicely, unless they intend to hack the Six Wings next.

All in all, It's a good chapter. It's a lot darker than i was expecting but I still enjoyed it. Looking forward for more!

ArmoredCoreNineBall, your friendly (not)robotic (not)overlord (possibly)person who occasionally writes things. (I think I'm just gonna make this my tag for the ever rare occasions in which i review stories, watcha think?)
wildarms13 chapter 103 . 3/19
ahhhH! amazing chapter as usual author-san! you're right, "how in the world did me miss this?!" the conflict in the science side is just as destructive on the magic side during touma's stay in england hahaha

ACUL0 for saten! wo0o0, loved that she's learning a piece of what touma' s experiencing during his battles with minus or his adventures in AC as a whole. That firepower is just a tip of the iceberg as i cannot even imagine how destructive the five_over model case: railgun is hahaha. Still staying true to the core of the whole story, i can't wait for the reaction of the railgang when they learn that touma ended WW3! wo0o0o0, This is just a small scale "war" but the idea that touma was a center in an all out "world" war and actually ended it... ahhh.. can't wait for that moment :D :D

also, some may not notice this since you only mentioned it once, the "uiharu faction". While touma would deny that he has a faction, the idea he has one is already well known through out the entire magic side (if i'm not mistaken since more and more powerful characters had been linking themselves with touma). You mentioned that they are putting uiharu at a higher pedestal while lowering themselves in their value, i could see some point in this as some acquaintance of touma would like to do this (accelerator as an example). What are you're thoughts in this? Also, on the thor arc, they would do anything for the well being their leader, is this the core of a so called "faction"? i'd to know your view on this word as i think this word would be a significant meaning to the core of your story..

sorry if my message is all over the place, (people are watching me so i need to do this quickly) bwahahaha Thanks for your hard work author-san!
whwsms chapter 103 . 3/19
Eh-heh-heh ... personally wasn't initially thinking so much of Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Lancelot, but another time and place, the initial encounter with the Ten Legs might have gone like this:

Hanzou (on seeing the Ten Legs bearing down on them): "JESUS CHRIST!"

Ten Legs opens fire.

Hamazura: "RUN AWAY!" (repeat ad infinitum) as he and Hanzou scramble to get the {bleep} out of the way.

And having got past that hurdle, cue an almighty "Oh, Crap!" (or some stronger expletive) moment as Hamazura, Hanzou and the Railgun gang are being fired upon by weapons usually associated with a Six Wings vehicle.

Excellent touch showing both Uiharu's and Saten's feelings and fears of being literally on the firing line in a real combat situation, where there is equal possibility of either their being killed or injured, as well as inflicting the same upon the members of MINUS (even inadvertently). In contrast, Mikoto's almost immediate response to Saten that "this is war" just might point to a little spark of psychosis that may be perpetually lurking within the psyche of supposedly the most mentally and emotionally stable of Academy City's Level Five espers, awaiting some trigger to ignite into full-out madness.

Well, the "whoop-ass" stew is being hurled from both sides at their respective opponents - only time and our author will tell how it will eventually work out.

Signing off with my APPROVAL.
vietnamese guy chapter 103 . 3/19
Leeroy Jenkinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Tobias97 chapter 103 . 3/19
Who know wether Mikoto will continue using the anti art attachment. I would wait with inserting it, maybe you won't need to after all
gleapner von bon chapter 102 . 3/15
I must say do you study injuries case you got it right on the money speaking form personal experience when you feel the shockwave form tank fire even when protected it feels like being hit by a car of course the recoil also feels bug when you pushed to a wall. Also we'll thought out plan the minus boy was very much short sited if he feel for the obvious distraction and now he lost his control I can't wait to see how this battle will end and nice upgrad from security bots to a tank. Also have you ever had a moment whe you suddenly watch one thing and saw a change in it. I have you see I recently was watching the movie superman all star and then my mind suddenly changed the characters to one form the a certain series touma as Superman misaka as Lois lane and so on I laughed like crazy at the thought. Ever happen to you
Guest13 chapter 102 . 3/14
My hope of some idiot riding a Ten Legs into battle didn't come true yet. Ah well, always next chapter.
Poynton Outaname chapter 102 . 3/14
How to make Aneri (jealous) best (AI) grill:
1. Hamazura mounting Ten Legs
2. Let Aneri access Ten Legs (assist in hacking the system?)
3. Fremea?; Takitsubo? comic relief
4. ?
5. Profit

Is Outaname kanji-able or just katakana?

You made a Sakura out of Kuruwa! I wish she made it before reaching the hideout THEN she goes first base. I mean Sakura'd.
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