Reviews for A Certain Unknown Level 0
Minders chapter 20 . 5h
Great story. Really enjoying it. Wasn't going to review until I had read it all, however I feel I have to mention that it really bothers me that Shokuhou Misaki doesn't know Touma when they meet. In the real story they knew each other before he lost his memory.
dragon rider chapter 72 . 9/29
nice. and believe it or not, when i read what shoes hector wore, i figured it was him; if you're getting work experience with something like construction or the like, it's usually required to wear boots, not old sneakers.
whwsms chapter 72 . 9/28
Ooooooh ... be interesting to see just how Tou-MAN gets out of THIS.
Agent Nine chapter 72 . 9/29
Wow, they haven't even entered the cathedral yet and they're already fighting a magician. I'm thinking that this arc could potentially be quite long if a lot of action ocurrs inside the cathedral as well.
Itherael chapter 72 . 9/29
Really nice! Looking Forward how Touma fights back.
blaster522 chapter 72 . 9/28
I've really liked your story the entire time and thanks for the new chapter! If you have a reddit account, I'd really like it if you went to the /toarumajutsunoindex subreddit because we're doing a series reread with a volume per week and I'd want to see you there as you are obviously a great fan.
dragon rider chapter 71 . 9/18
hm, nice. well, not much to comment on so see you. and again thanks for using that suggestion of mine in BTL. as for the cathedral and stuart, that's up to you
whwsms chapter 71 . 9/17
The combo of misfortune and madness never ever stops for the TouMAN ... doesn't it? and to the author's last comment that St George's Cathedral hasn't been destroyed and Laura Stuart hasn't made an appearance, please don't leave out the important word: "YET".
whwsms chapter 70 . 9/17
Later on (perhaps) the occupants of Necessarius start placing bets regarding how long before St. George's Cathedral is reduced to a smoking pile of rubble.
Agent Nine chapter 71 . 9/18
What... The heck... Is happening?! I can't even comprehend it right now.
unoriginal stories chapter 71 . 9/18
Fluffy needs make a appearance and as a dragon he needs to must straight up destroy the saint George cathedral as saint dragon well once killed a dragon
Deep Sea Diver Man chapter 71 . 9/17
Lessar a pretty fun character so this should be quite the arc to read can't wait for more.
CD DC chapter 70 . 8/18
You know I wasn't sure when I started reading this if I liked it or not but thank god I did because this is great can't wait for more.
zernio chapter 70 . 8/3
When is the next coming coming
animelove22 chapter 22 . 8/5
first 'to aru' fic in months and i'm glad its this one really liking it though i'm only on chapter 22 though but so far loving it
also can I ask where u read the light novel I keep looking for it but cant find it anywhere, did you find it online or did you find an actual copy and pay I really want to find out about ww3 and Italy and Hawaii where I heard misaka found out about his memory loss and I really REALLY want to know about it all
pleaassseee and thank you
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