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Formboy1 chapter 130 . 16h

Senpai, I know cliffhangers are important and all, but this? This is borderline torture? Gotta wait two weeks to find out how this will turn out!

But wow, you managed to make three minutes feel like forever! Wait, you beat that by making three days into like, what 40 parts? That's impressive in it's own right!

Back to the topic at hand. Uiharu and Touma. Those three minutes caused a lot of emotion to rise in her, just like in the previous chapter. This time, it's about her internal conflict about running away, her failures in the past, and Touma Kamijou himself. It's complex yet simple. Touma is allowing Uiharu to save herself, nothing is stopping her. But I think we both know that abandoning Touma to save yourself would make you feel like the worst person ever. It's like Touma said: "The things you've done and the things you've been made to withstand over the past few days are something you should never have had to endure". And as such, she should have the right to leave that hell. I agree with this. But at the same time, shouldn't Touma also have that right? Of course, and Uiharu knows it. Unfortunately, he is put in a position where he couldn't escape, (at least until Shirai arrives), and Uiharu is the only one who can escape. It's sad...

Staying true to oneself... that is just amazing. Touma Kamijou is and amazing, selfish, ordinary person. I feel the need to say it out loud... and yet he views Uiharu as a hero, which would be a correct view if you ask me. I mean, the stuff she's been through? But at the same time, he devalues himself, he sets aside all the unbelievable stuff he's been through to as just following what he wants to do. Touma, we love you but- but you need to see yourself in a better view dude!

The way the bomb was handled... while I was reading this I thought of the possibility of Shirai teleporting the bomb INSIDE the Windowless Building, ya know, since it's basically indestructible and all? But then I thought that Touma wouldn't like it because of the possibility of someone being inside there, (like Aleister, but I'm sure he would B.S. his way out of that). Containing the bomb inside the bus? Wasn't that going to happen whether Kuroko was there or not? I mean, I guess it would contain it a little, but... you know what forget it. Anti-matter bombs aren't my forte.

"Kamijou only had to imagine how painful his death and the way it had happened had been...". Imagine? Touma you've BEEN through it! Hell, you're reliving one of the endless hells about that in the chapter above... speaking of which... not cool Senpai. I mean, not cool. Is this a side effect of Regon? The guilt of Endo's death while focusing on the way he died accidentally unleashed one of the sealed memories? A combination of the two? Who knows, but ultimately it was something he never should have gone through again... ESPECIALLY WHEN RUNNING AWAY FROM A BOMB! Sigh... please for the love of God. Give him a break! He isn't a character from Jojo! There are no Stands that can heal... actually, the creator has made Stands in multiple parts to have healing abilities so he can put his characters through constant abuse without holding back... even if there were such a Stand, they wouldn't work on him. What? Heaven Canceler? He can only do so much, and he only appears at the end of the arc... most of the time... sigh. Yeah, he needs a break... such misfortune...

...hey so when I re-read this fanfic recently, something caught my eye... it was in the first part of the Orsola Arc... 'YES! You didn't use some kind of prototype drug that will give me diarrhea for the next week did you!? With my misfortune one of these days it's actually going to happen!' ... um... is-is that going to be one of the side effects of Regon? That's foreshadowing right? That's totally foreshadowing! the author's notes... are you implying that it's going to get DARKER?! As in, it hasn't gotten dark enough? What, with Touma being impaled, Thor's arm, the discovery of Touma's injuries of when he first entered Academy City, oh and also that time when he basically annihilated his back when he saved Shirai?! What else are you going to put this poor boy through Senpai! Next thing we know, you're going to ruin his birthday! ...actually, that's pretty much guaranteed to happen... now that I think about it, we don't know his birthday. And NO, I am not referring to the date the "past Touma died and the new Touma was born". I mean the day that Kamijou Touma was PHYSICALLY birthed into the world... now that I think about it, Touma doesn't know it either... for all we know, his Birthday could've passed and he wouldn't have known! Then again, it could've been recorded on his ID...

Hey, here's an idea for a BTL chapter, everyone in Academy City, and possibly the Magic Side, be nice to him because it's his Birthday, but Touma would just get creeped out because he doesn't know it's his Birthday! Gotta wait a while for that one if you decide to do it, am I right Senpai?

Well, onto the Fate stuff now!
1.) Acqua of the Back, Saber (duh). Alternate Costume... hmm, how about one of his earlier designs? On the wiki, it shows his white shirt was originally a dark blue... and Lancer, one of his alternate weapons is a mace... a LONG mace. (...I want a bottle opener version of his sword, Ascalon. It kinda looks like it could work as a bottle opener...)

2.) Frenda Seivelun [RIP], I'm thinking Archer.
Alternate Costume, hmm... Either the swimsuit she wore for the 10th Anniversary Crossover PV, some school uniform (I know she kinda wears one, but make it and actual one), or some stuffed animal costume. I'm thinking Berserker or... Assassin... she is-err was effectively one... I think.

I REALLY want the next chapter to come out next Sunday, but you've set yourself a schedule on release dates so I GUESS I'll have to wait... still sucks though... oh also I wanna correct something I said a few reviews ago. It's about the release date on the new Fate anime, "Fate/EXTRA Last Encore". You know, the one where the JP VA for Touma is going to VA the Main Character? Well screwed up the date of release. I THOUGHT it was going to be released this September. But I was WRONG! It's this Saturday! January 27th, 2018 is when it's going to air in Japan! And according to the wiki, it's going to start streaming on Netflix on January 31st, 2018! I am REALLY glad I got that wrong! Don't you agree Senpai?

Well, gotta wait for the next chapter to release... so until next time... see ya Senpai!

Mr. Self-Deprecation chapter 130 . 1/22
Thank you for this well done chapter. Trauma came back with a vengeance. Though him cutting himself out of people's lives for their happiness seems kind of strange to me because of his experience in the omega world, but it may be that the difference is him dying. Either way I liked this chapter, and especially the flashback.
vietnamese guy chapter 130 . 1/22
The whole thing with Othinus at the end is completely unecessary, and you still have problem with repeating word, like seriously man, do you have to repeat the fact that Uiharu has failed multiple times? I hope you end this in the next chapter, this arc has been dragging on for too long, its like reading Bleach and Naruto all over again. And lastly, why Gardevoir? What aspect of Gardevoir that Touma has in common anyway? Also, can you tell me about the others pokemon that you think is suitable for Touma and the reason for that please? I would like to know what is in your head.
Tobias97 chapter 130 . 1/22
R.I.P. Touma.
I know he's probably not dead, but let's take a minute to remember the greatest hero in the world
Kami chapter 129 . 1/20
Hang on a sec, this (and last chapter) kinda reminds me of a film called Speed, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.
Kami chapter 128 . 1/20
Seriously, making Touma cry because of the death of 11 people because of MINUS (the group he indirectly created) is too much melodramatic.
ArmoredCoreNineBall chapter 130 . 1/21
...Well; wasn't expecting that.

The tough decision was made and Uiharu made it to safety... but Touma was left behind, with some rather horrific flashbacks to a few of the 10,000 deaths... but in the end, the bomb exploded anyway... but I wonder what will happen here? CLIFFHANGERRRSSSS!

Great Chapter; waiting patiently for more!

ArmoredCoreNineBall, your friendly (not)robotic (not)overlord (possibly)person who occasionally writes things.
ShadowBloodedge9396 chapter 130 . 1/21
*facedesk* Should I stop being surprised at you always throwing my guesses out the window? Here I was thinking it would be a couple more chapters then bam! The moment we've been waiting for is here! XD
So...of all the things that Uiharu has gone through these past few days...and what finally broke her was not anything related to MINUS(and no I am not counting Touma, he can blame himself all he wants, that doesn't make it his fault), but instead she broke by Touma being Touma...thankfully there were events such as Shirai showing up to save them to pick her pieces back up immediately, XD. But damn Touma your misfortune works in weird ways sometimes, now he can say he broke a girl by being himself!

And speaking of Shirai saving them...don't worry Uiharu, you will soon learn that Touma's Imagine Breaker is actually a bit of an OP ability despite the Bank scanners calling it a true Level 0...after all, there's a reason the Board of Directors' file on him is locked tighter than a Level 5, to the point merely searching his public file too deeply will earn you an assassin from's an ability that lets him fight Misaka on even grounds, it's why Shirai is unable to teleport him, and most importantly for you it's what saved you from the Graviton Bomb! ...ok that's my "Imagine Breaker spokesperson for fun" quota met, XD.

And damn, another surprise, you bringing in something you only just had in BTL to be a main point here: Touma having "Nam flashbacks"(sorry not sorry) of the infinite hell...I wouldn't be surprised if that was canon actually. But come on, just that is dark enough on its own, are you really planning on making the path thats on even darker? Give Touma a break would ya? XD

And finally, so now the bomb explodes...wait, does antimatter fall under the list of things Imagine Breaker can negate? Cus unless I'm missing something, Touka's only hope of survival that I can see right now is that OP right arm of his.

Also I finally figured out what you mean when you start your responses to me with "Okaeri..."do I need to start having my reviews start with "Tadaima?" XD

That's all for now. Ja ne!
iZuikaku chapter 130 . 1/21
It would be funny if all this is but a knightmare of Crowley, seeing all of his careful planning went to "BOOM" as the entirety of Academy City is destroyed his dreams ruined, leaving all this to bad karma, nothing remained of his precious experiment. Only to wake up, caked in sweat as everything retured to normal just before Touma boarded the plane to London with Index and his cousin
Kami chapter 129 . 1/19
You know what this fic needs?

Fast-paced (probably not-so-fast-paced, considering Touma's fighting style), brutal, and grounded hands-on combat between Touma, and a bigger/stronger/much more skilled opponent. That'll be one fight I'd want to see. He struggled against the strongest espers and magicians, and even faced a literal God, and always come out on top, and yet we never see how he fares much against a normal human without powers.
wildarms13 chapter 130 . 1/21
that was the longest 3 mins i have encountered! damn! uiharu really got it hard. But at last, touman finally manage to get through uiharu and let her show what she really feels on all of these events. Her illusion was finally shattered. Amazing build up there author-san, Loved her inner turmoil, realization and acceptance of the whole ordeal hahaha, you have come a long way in developing the characters from chapter 1 hahaha.

What the hell was that last part?! it's like reading a shorter chapter of the new testament vol.9! that was one hell sick of a description you got there. Made me tingly inside.. but i LOVED IT! wo0o0o0o! the details rules! the pain was real! the was one hell of a flashback.

Wait, is this a foreshadowing of the next arc?! would we be having othinus arc next?! this is getting me hyped up. Like a foreshadowing for the future kaleidoscope were the world died hahaha Like, making othinus relieve what she did to touma but now she feels full of regret.. mwahahahaha the dark time is upon us once again! I can feel it...

and also, you that you had given us this flashback.. does this mean that, theoretically, touma already experience every death possible? since he was remembering what caused endo's death, his self consciousness automatically recalled how he died.. does seeing how people die would make him refresh a part of his memory in that infinite hell? this is one hell of a curse you gave him othi-chan. But if the next arc would give us a huge guilt trip of othi-chan, ahhhh that would be super awesome! hahahaha touma witnessing someone's death would make him remember how he died in the same way killing him not only emotionally but psychologically as well and all of this being witness by othinus.. so unintentionally, she would be breaking her understander whether she likes it or not mwahahaha i'm getting more and more evil and this goes on so i'll be cutting it out here.

Many thanks for the chapter author-san! awesome as always, can't wait for more!
Bluejack222 chapter 130 . 1/21
touma exploded
Dragonmaster870 chapter 130 . 1/21
As far as cliffhangers go, I think this is the cruelest one you've left us with. Words can't describe how genuinely upset I am that you left us with that massive open end.

But disregarding that, this chapter was absolutely great. The big things I want to say are:
1) Touma saying Uiharu was his hero made me legitimately cheer. At the same time, his denial at being one when Uiharu turned it around made me almost throw a fit even if I already knew he was going to say it. Geez, man, anyone can be a hero if they have the desire to take action for what they believe in (at least to me, and yes I know the flaws to that idea of heroism), and he definitely fits the bill.

2) Whatever the hell Uiharu was going to say, I wish she had the chance to say it. I'm betting you'll have a follow up to what she was going to say at the conclusion of the arc, but knowing you it will be bittersweet for us to read because it won't be what we expect, yet will still be incredibly fulfilling on a different level.

3) I don't know if you know this, but you're very good at portraying a character's emotional pain and making us feel their pain as well. Just like with Endo (albeit from another's perspective), Kamijou's pain, suffering, despair, and hopelessness was portrayed in such a way that the image of his situation was shoved into my mind for me to live through as well. For as much implied suffering that was left to our imagination during his fight with Othinus, it doesn't get explored too much in the main series, so this expansion is something I appreciate very much.
What a time for that trauma to show up, though. ACUL0 subjects Touma to so much pain and misfortune outside of what the main series already hounds him with that I have to wonder when you'll let up on him. He needs a break. Even a small one will do. Though I guess his ability to stay himself even through all of the trouble he goes through is part of why he shines so much to us and his peers in the story, haha.

All of that being said, I sure do hope we get to see the next chapter soon, with the cliffhanger and all. The wait until next update is going to feel like an eternity.
Bluejack222 chapter 130 . 1/21
where those 27 minutes go I thought you were going stretch the time for 2 more chapters
whwsms chapter 130 . 1/21
That was probably the longest three minutes ever ... actually, it felt more like the twenty or so minutes it took me personally to read this chapter.

And at the end, the first thing that comes to my mind is some familiar words uttered before in a previous review: "YOU BASTARD ... YOU VICIOUS, HEARTLESS BASTARD! etc., etc., etc."

... but of course unless I "join the choir invisible", I'll be around to see Chapter 131, whenever it comes out.

Believe it or not, ... APPROVED!
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