Reviews for A Certain Unknown Level 0
cloud666 chapter 70 . 7/28
Amazing work as always though it seems like you love torturing Touma.
whwsms chapter 70 . 7/28
OOOOH ... THIS Should be interesting. Will have to re-read this again for clarity.
adv chapter 70 . 7/27
excellent chapter, poor touma he cant get a rest
Guest777 chapter 70 . 7/27
I have to ask then, do you think that the Kamikito ship really has sunk or is there still something there and also this might be a little random but I have to ask do you think there is a chance you can do something about 4th dimensional beings for the science side or something; that's a subject that I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't have a grasp on. One more thing I want to here your opinion more on our new anti-Imagine Breaker friend "World Rejector"; if he literally is an anti-Imagine Breaker than does that mean that he might be the one person that Touma won't be able to save like he does for both ally and enemy. Also there was something about alternate worlds in there so I wonder if he's just an anti-Touma Kamijou.
Jupper chapter 70 . 7/29
Glad to see that Touma's adventures in London are continuing. I'm glad to see that Birdway is sticking around. Her interactions with Touma are great and the NT8 throwback scene with her in the bathtub sleeping with Touma was great as well. I'm also excited to see Laura Stuart in the story.
Agent Nine chapter 70 . 7/28
YAY, a Lessar arc. This is gonna be good! I thought that part where Touma decided to go to the Cathedral was hilarious! Maybe you can decrease Touma's misfortune a little for this arc? I think he deserves a little break. I'm ok with everyday misfortunes like food spilling on him and him falling into a river, but it's the girls that don't listen to his reasoning and start torturing him that really annoys me.
Dragonmaster870 chapter 70 . 7/28
Lessar. Oh, sweet, sweet Lessar. Leivinia too. May the chaos resume. Looking forward to seeing just what the hell those two have planned by leading Touma there. And possibly Laura Stuart.
Also, where do you read the light novels? Do you buy the books or do you have some way to read them online? I've been meaning to read the LNs but I could never find them.
Spiarmf chapter 70 . 7/27
Wait...So does this mean there could potentially be a Nephthys Arc?! Though that's probably a load of over eagerness on my part... ' - '
Dragonmaster870 chapter 69 . 7/24
Just wow. I don't know what else to say here other than that was intense.
Out of all the possible arcs that can come next, there are two that I really want to see: on the science side I'd like to see a Komoe, Yomikawa, or Musujime arc, and on the magic side a Lessar arc. Just thought I'd put those ideas out there.
Dragonmaster870 chapter 64 . 7/14
Truly, the way you depict Touma's misfortune affects me to the point that I'm getting agitated in his stead. I truly fear the day he snaps and releases all of that pent up stress that built up since that Kamijou was born. For some reason I would like to see that happen, maybe just letting the IT loose and letting it rampage, and (time for some really crazy, improbable, and impossible stuff) maybe finding a way to release the Imagine Breaker from his control for a while and rampaging along with the IT with an OP esper power that was sealed because of the Imagine Breaker.
But anyway, nice chapter. Leivinia is one of my favorite characters tbh.
cloud666 chapter 69 . 7/6
It has been over a month and I'm hoping for a good long story or weekly updates of but then again waiting for Touma to be possible yelled at and taken in by judgement for questioning sounds hilarious.
Guest777 chapter 69 . 6/19
In a way I'm hoping that Seiri and Aisa were hanging out with the Railgun girls including Mii and Kongou Mitsuko and here friends during the call at the dorm; oh the pain that is to follow Touma.
cloud666 chapter 69 . 6/12
where is the next chapter
Dragonmaster870 chapter 15 . 6/11
Finally it's revealed to someone that he's the rumoured Level 0.
Dragonmaster870 chapter 14 . 6/11
It's truly a wonder that Touma hasn't just broken down by this point. I surely would have.
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