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Luffyash18 chapter 45 . 6/27
"These were the same people that the Will of the Misaka Network must have been talking about. Those that would be sad if he were gone. Those that would abandon a perfect world so that he would be able to maintain his smile. Those who would want to stay by his side no matter what."
When did touma meet the will of Misaka network didn't he meet her for the first time during the infinite hells of othinus that have not yet happend. According to the timeline you should be taking Misaki should remember touma and he should be still be before rhe magic God othinus arc. These are the inconsistencies I found other than that excellent writing. The best to are fic.
ZanderLMAO chapter 82 . 6/23
xellos540 chapter 171 . 6/15
Hello again.

Scary Touma is scary... :

Well, one could say level 5s are require to be insane by design. And Shiage is Shiage.

Ok, I get Mikoto and I kinda get Shiage... but I'm kinda not buying Touma being surprised at Accel resorting to torture.

Leivinia the prophet. :P

If Touma did NOT care about Kamijou Faction, he'd let it be, acknowledge it. But he CARED. In fact he yearned for it to not exist so much that he denied it (I think)

Though this is interesting... will Touma acknowledge the faction? I always like such outcomes (forming the faction, admitting harem etc.)... but fics taught me not to expect those things... people seem to like for Touma to be ignorant idiot. xD

"He would show the world exactly who he was" which is "a normal high school student you can find anywhere". Yeah... show them. That'll teach 'em! xD

Wait, people are physically following him as he runs through the hall? Or is it still a metaphor? No they're really running. o.O

Wait, are Black Crows killing people without Sequenzia's orders? o.O

I have to admit "Kamui" has balls. He stands in front of THE 3 heroes (okay, 1 hero and 2 punks) and doesn't run. That takes some courage. Or ignorance...

How about you do nothing until asked, Mikoto? Oh wow... did Touma just... sass her? xD

Not sure why Shiage would be making a face now?

Something who doesn't want to be saved... you REALLY touch on intereting topics...

Lol, just because HE made the decision doesn't mean shit. Touma has a looong history of hleping people against their will.

Yes, Touma just does what he wants, he just though that running here, you're not making any discoveries here, Kamui.

Wait, wasn't Misaki running with the group just now?

Lol, he outwitted Misaki. xD

I'm surprised Kamui's heart rate didn't go up by the very idea of someone pointing a sniper rifle at him.

...Wait... was HAYASHIDA the one who ordered Orion? Wasn't it supposed to be FAITH? I'm getting confused.

Well, they have him in custody. Maybe that therapist onee-san would want to save him? Or Kaori. Or Orsola. xD

Oh, FINALLY Index's memory is USEFUL.

Okay, that was a lot of chaos... I wonder if Touma's left hand is going to go nuts? Something was hidden in there after all, right?

I'll wait to see what happens next...
Guest chapter 171 . 6/12
I'm glad you've kinda address something that I've been wondering for awhile. If you remember, a few years ago I asked you that if Touma was ever REALLY in trouble what would the Kamijou Faction (KF) do. Could Touma harness the power of the KF to compete some task or save someone. And you brought them up alot in Chapter and seem to be leaning into answering that question. And since you're leaning into that question, and seem to be working toward bring the KF as a whole into the story, it seems that we are approaching the end of the story.
Kaze chapter 171 . 6/11
Man, I'm really conflicted with this. While I do find Touma to be a pretty ideal hero character - but his almost insane desire to save someone who's so far gone... it's like he would still try to save the Joker from the Batman series even after he killed so many people already.

That, if he just had the will to end the battle at the very first encounter, then less lives would have ended.

I had always thought of Touma to be a more human and relatable Shirou Emiya - but the way he is shown here, it's like the two aren't any different. It's like they're distorted (in a wrong way) in some way.
Multiverse Learner 101 chapter 171 . 6/12
Finally getting to type a review.

First time for everything.

Wow... This is quite the chapter.

I don't know really know what else to add other than what other reviewers have said before me. The only thing that I can say is you did quite a good job. Kamijou and Kamui moments are always welcome for me to read for inspiration.

The fact that even with one Kamui dead, another make take his place because of the Personality Swap. This reminds me of HYDRA from Marvel, only twisted to an individual with a group of people sharing the same personality as him.

I'm getting Batman v Joker vibes for this chapter.

Nevertheless, continue on with your great work.

Good tidings!

- MultiverseLearner101
D.N.Works chapter 171 . 6/12
Damn. While logically we know Touma will live, the fact is that he and the others have gone through a lot while facing a great madness. One who's just a copy of the original, with no idea what his current plans are other than it'll be madness.

The only solace one can take is that thankfully, Last Order and Hamura's girlfriend were saved while putting a stop to the current plan this Kamui had at the moment while saving lives. So nothing to miserable, with even Quotient Extreme finally stopping working with these jerks.

Hehe. Part of me kinda hopes we see the MINUS General she can punch him while that loser is sent to jail.
ShadowBloodedge9396 chapter 171 . 6/11
Yeah I kinda wanna smack you for this cliffhanger as well, :P
Lame jokes aside, holy shit this chapter...yeah longer ones eat up my time to read but they're definitely worth it for something like this. So much happened...Touma finally confronting Kamui properly, on his terms...somewhat. That's gonna spell trouble, if Kamui targeted people with lives shitty enough they could be participants in Squid Game for his Personality Swipe...that there could be more like this one where Touma's wish to save them will only bring Kamui more to the forefront of their personality...and all because he can't trust someone else to do it.
Shokuhou and Hayashida forming a shaky alliance because Hayashida finally sees a chance to fully get out from under Kamui, and this alliance helped save Last Order and Takitsubo..and I saw her reaction to seeing Touma in person for the first time, makes me wonder how the aftermath of this will go, XD.
Speaking of aftermath...I know I might be letting a little sadism in cus of Touma's hypocrisy the last few chapters but...come on man, he JUST got his left arm back and you're gonna take it away already?! ...and something tells me it's not gonna be so simple as busting his left arm up again to undo whatever Kamui has set up in him with the nanomachines...
Lighter note...Shokuhou is getting bold, blatantly calling Touma her Prince right in front of everyone. Thought that was just a nickname for him she kept to herself? Or is the fact he can remember her enabling this newfound boldness to call him her Prince out loud? I know the seriousness of the situation, they aren't gonna act on that now, but what about later?
I know I wanted Touma to delve into the dark side...but I guess in his own way? Wanting to tear down the world as it is...something I can get behind, the world is a cruel place.
I really can't wait til the next chapter...not with this cliffhanger! I wonder if someone saved Owari then...I hope Orion can be saved too...cus dammit I feel like Touma, he went and risked his life to save Hayashida even though their contract was officially over, putting him back into the gray area!
That's all for now. Ja ne!
craytherlay chapter 171 . 6/11
Daaaaamnnn this is what im looking for. This chap is def gonna help me when I write and sequels to LoCG. I do feel the lack of Othi being with Touma is odd, but you already said these are heavily backlogged. Still feel you could have worked her in naturally as no way she'd leave his side. But it's good with the tension besides, the argument of Kamui or the person the man once was was beautiful. And the fact Touma didn't disregard that he'd technically be killing the current person was beautiful. And Kamui's insanity is lovely in the contrasted yet mirrored nature he has to Touma.

I also love how you had the confrontation go. Kamui knew he couldn't survive, so he set things up so no one wins. But also how you had Touma despite it all hold onto his ideals. And because of that, he ignited even the smallest of lights in Orion. I also love that small interaction you made between Mikoto and Touma. Yeah it was fairly pointless to the first glance, but it further sets up Mikoto's future in the story. Index getting the info at a glance was also a great usage of her perfect memory.

And hoo boy that ending, With Kamui pulling a kamekazi just to let his original see the look on Touma's face. Thats... gaaah, can't imagine what Kamui's mind is like to do that. I do find it odd Touma seemed to completely forget the existence of def not just female scientist him as a dorm manager onee-san. That lady feels like someone who'd stick to his brain like superglue. And she was one of the people who gave Touma the chance to save Kamui. So, it shows she too has the heart needed to save him.

As for who'll save Touma?... isn't there a particular saint who wouldn't want her misfortune charm dying?
whwsms chapter 171 . 6/11
Once in a while, A cliffhanger ending to a chapter is fine, too.

Not going to repeat what has already been stated in the chapter; just noting that, even through this chapter and those before it, I'm personally reminded of words credited to the apostle Paul (paraphrasing loosely): "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me." Just maybe a time is coming when even Kamijou Touma will have to make a decision as to whether his great desire to "make sure everyone goes home smiling" is the desire of a child, which may one day have to be let loose. After all, and notwithstanding what appears to be Kamachi's intent to make "Index" the longest-running light novel series of all time (details of that can be a story for another time), and for the moment speaking solely about Touma without referring to the content of NT9 and NT10, he's not going to remain a 15 (or 16)-year old young boy forever.

Nonetheless, take my APPROVAL as I sign out.
patiphat1998 chapter 171 . 6/11
This mother fucker is the worst shit Touma have ever face.

zarydy07 chapter 9 . 6/10
Chapter 9 (Magnus Part 2Ok I am just glad that there is no status quo in this series. It is really one I hate in Index franchise to be honest. Like he hurt his leg right now, and the next day is like shalalalaThank you for doing this author.
zarydy07 chapter 6 . 6/9
zarydy07 chapter 4 . 6/8
Chapter 4: Misaka Part 2 (Review):

One thing on my mind. Those pure oc of this author is way too obsessed.

But wait, it mention about hawaii. Does that mean that in this timeline, Hawaii arc is already finished? AWW I WANTED TO SEE YOUR REVISIONS IN HAWAI. Since Accelerator, Touma,Misaka interaction in the LN sucks.
zarydy07 chapter 3 . 6/8
Chapter 3 (MisakaReview: Ok ghaad I am definitely loving this whahahahhaha

There are some inconsistencies in the characters like the dorm manager (wherein there should be more lectured toward Misaka and Touma.) or like Kuroko that maybe she will start watching out to Touma and more on rumbling rumbling. As long as Misaka is the topic, Kuroko should be overreating in here.

The group "Minus" for some reason, starting to get me bored. Though, I can tell their reasoning.

But anyways, I am enjoying this.
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