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Miracutor chapter 99 . 8h
Wooooooowwwww... A nice chapter. And Hamazura joined the scene! And many hacking terms that... Well I am could understand most of it. Hehehe... I hope Uiharu will learn about Touma from Hamazura too... Can't wait for the next one.
gleapner von bon chapter 99 . 2/16
First chap 13 friendship mended and returned to full strength when in battle mercenaries can only trust our fellow mercs case the soldiers call us canon fodder so big props. But the confession of saten is not yet know so can't wait or that perfect synchronized recreation of the phone call and nice work with the fan club dig but of coarse now little uiharu is being called out that is where it is good and finally she remembers his name.
Next chap 14 the next conflict has come and things are getting up and now uiharu carries touma with her to memorize his name and face that is good shot of hilarity and devotion. It is a sham that uiharu was only given an honorable mention in the top ten cut girls in anime cause you make her deserve a spot. But koonri right that little tag is like carrying the trigger to a bomb of rotten luck that touma won't want. And the intro to the skill out escorts seem like they where trying to look cool but the tension could be felt with the rifle's pointing to three big targets can this alliance work I can't wait to see. Also Conan is a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes isn't he.
Guest 13 chapter 99 . 2/15
Things always get worse before they get better. We do not live in a perfect world. If we did, well, where would the fun be ing that? Also how will Mikoto react to the fact that Hayashida likes Touma. As well as the vice versa, if that comes up at all.
MightyImpulse chapter 99 . 2/15
While I want this to turn out just like in the plan a certain line come to mind "No plan survives the first encounter with the enemy." Well, at least the Railgang as well as Hamazura's crew.
pop2ww chapter 99 . 2/17
Yaayy! Uiharumania again...Was surprised that the update was ACUL0 and not BTL, especially since I thought there would be some Valentine Mayhem in BTL. But then read the reason and...CHAPTER 100 HYPE!

Now Chapter 99 - WAR - Part II. The first thing I feel is different in this battle from the last one is the planning and the depth of it, of either side. Given the outcome of the last battle and the aftermath, its not that surprising but its one of the things that seems more obvious at first glance. Be it that they realised their mortality, the determination or power of either side, or a greater level of knowledge about their opponents, it seems that this war will be less about hide-and-seek and more about strategy, planning and execution. MINUS by itself had become a force to be reckoned with and their new 'additions' will make them even more powerful. But the opposing side got stronger as well, a Level 5, a Level 0, 3 Skillidiots, a beautiful genius. Things just got interesting...

Now this, I'm not sure if it's correct or it'll make sense or if it is the case in real life. But, District 11 is pretty much digital in its running, right. Everything is automated. And the security robots have very advanced and destructive weapons. And thus, there are security measures that regulate and protect the District's power from going out of control and destroying everything. But there's always a possibility, given that its Academy City and the intellectual capability, not to mention the powers of its residents that someone might hack into the system and control that destructive power, just like it happened in this one. So, and this is what I'm not sure about, shouldn't there be an offsite solution to this, something like an Override or something, or a master mainframe that controls and governs all of the slave mainframe hubs? It does sound a little convenient, but I think, with the power that is held in that District, it seems weird that there's nothing to fall back on in case things go awry, except for going and hacking the hacker. Or maybe, there's a solution and the BODs (or Aleister) are interfering. Or maybe, I'm wrong about all this.

Uiharu put a picture of Kamijou Touma in an ID tag and wore it around her neck. Forgetting the tension in this chapter for a moment. I want to see the reaction of Touma's class. Here's a girl, who can claim she has a piece of Touma, whatever the reason maybe for doing so; and who cares about the reason anyway. I love this Uiharu. I think the dedication that Uiharu has shown to remember his name and her curiosity about him, I think it might make even Touma question the existence of A Certain Love Disease (or maybe not...). But one thing even Touma shouldn't (which he would) deny is how he, in a matter of hours, became the guiding hope for someone, just by being who he is. Not just Uiharu but many others, even Iwahashi. Speaking of Iwahashi (You know, Mr. '?', you really are skilled at making your OCs real. I forgot for a moment that she was an OC. I thought she was part of canonverse.). I liked the conversation between her and Uiharu. And Uiharu's right, pushing forward because they have something to protect, despite knowing there's a chance they could die, everyone one on the battlefield should feel proud.

Skill-Out and Anti-Skill. Hamazura, Hanzou and Kuruwa join the fun. Now it could only get better if A Certain Level 0 or A Certain Number 1 joins the battle.

Next chapter - 100. You just can't not have Touma rocking in this one. Flashback, dream, miracle, advanced technology, dinosaurs, big bang. There has to be some way to bring Touma back for the next one, pleaasseee. Don't even need to say we're waiting for the next one...

P.S.: Just a random thought, but I realised that, wasn't this arc the one that made Aleister acknowledge MINUS as a useable pawn!?
Ore chapter 99 . 2/15
It'd be funny if Uiharu saw Touma's selfie with the 3 royal Highness's, since she's an Ojou fanatic, tho later she's going to be a huge TouMan fan luls
Agent Nine chapter 99 . 2/15
Lol Hamazura. I did not expect him to show up. I certainly did not expect him to have such an interesting introduction. I'm curious
malandy chapter 99 . 2/15
"After all, if she kept on forgetting his name, he was hardly going to be calling her his friend anytime soon."

Lol! Mikoto keeps calling him Idiot, and Kuroko keeps calling him Ape...

The Protagonist ideas and what it means! And insight into the Esper mindset!

Those new people... And callback to the Yesod investigation... Do any of them know about Magic?
Tobias97 chapter 99 . 2/15
Great chapter.
Are you telling me this arc will continue for 30 chapters?! Or just Uiharu and Touma won't meet in this arc?
seiker chapter 99 . 2/15
Uiharu never fails to amazed me when it come to her hacking skill. I mean hacking the whole automated distric with armed robot and even six-wing? That was no joke id say

Shit finally gone serious. And Hamazura and Hanzou entrance at the end was unexpected. Tbh,at first i thought Hanzou was Accelerator. Like who need that unlucky hero when you have 2 other heroes to join the fray? Then again, having 2 lvl 5 for an operation might be a bit overkill, even if Accelerator actually agreed to take part in it. And having Skill-out members when it comes to fighting in their own (former) turf was reasonable.

And sure, i honestly thing nothing gonna happen to the ID tag with Kamijou face and name on it. Uiharu will not lose it, so that someone will not pick it up, which turns out to be a major detail of a future arc. Theres no way something like that would happen, right ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Looking forward to your next chapter~
P.S: no Valentine omake, and its Toaru were talking about, with an idiot of a main character and his ridiculously huge harem. Like really sir?
vietnamese guy chapter 99 . 2/14
So Skill-out is having a conflict with Minus huh, interesting. But isnt that their goal are the same, to protect the weak from high lv espers?
whwsms chapter 99 . 2/14
(Now that pulse rate and breathing rate has somewhat returned to normal ...) DAYUM to the nth power; that was a wild ride, complete with "Jaws" shark music thumping in the background. And as the pilot might say (hopefully no-one should experience this for real): "we about to encounter SOME turbulence". At least "five Six Wings" ... wait, what? - This is SOME Turbulence? And not even counting the as-yet unconfirmed number of armed security robots mentioned earlier in the chapter? And even with all that to face, if I read things right, it's still apparently the will of the higher-ups to put Judgement as opposed to Anti-Skill in the primary firing line. Even in the midst of this proverbial can ... no, barrel of whoop-ass slowly but steadily being opened, there's still time for some high-jinks - Uiharu taking somewhat extreme measures to get Kamijou's name right * Konori's apparently having to deal with what might amount to an urban legend being circulated throughout Judgement - namely, the issue of her connection/relationship with A Certain Level 0 * the introduction of O.C.'s in the persons of Yume, Iwahashi Rina (I'm divided as to whether she should become the newest one to somehow get infected by Kami-yan Disease) and two males going only by the pseudonyms: "Logic" and "Deduction" * Uiharu being advised by Konori that there's some connection (as-yet unexplained) between Kamijou and MINUS * And HOW THE {insert appropriate expletive} did Hamazura Shiage (plus Hanzou and Kurawa, too) get added to the mix (aside from momentary raising of weapons, one or more persons might have face-palmed)?

Well, there's probably not much else to do except to follow the advice of the renowned TV personality and announcer, famous for the following declaration: "Ladies and Gentlemen ... LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!"

Signing off with my APPROVAL!
WiliamZ0 chapter 99 . 2/14
Hamazura and Skill-Out gonna take the battlefield ! Finally some action from our Level 0 and his friends.

Anyway, will Hamazura mention 'boss' when he saw Uiharu 'nametag'? It gonna ruined Kamijou's reputation in Uiharu eyes. After all the Level 0 (former Skill-Out) who defeat level 4 (maybe not quite mentioned to the public), It gonna make a bad image to Kamijou Touma (delinquent image)

Seriously, Skill-Out and MINUS should realized already that Kamijou Touma is 'The Certain Level 0' XD
wildarms13 chapter 99 . 2/14
oooohh an update! wo00o, pee valentines mate :D :D

ok, first of.. yes! that's the reason why uiharu should call kamihou, "Touma"! The turmoil would be so huge, i can already imagine a mini-boss rush arc (all the girls) event happening! hahahaha..

hmmmm... i'm really liking this idea, as mentioned on "A certain virtual world conquest - chapter 11", st germain mentioned that "your friend died because touma wasn't there". With touma saving people left and right, this really puts him on a pedestal. Like when you mentioned in this chapter, IF he was there, then there could be a change on the outcome. They are already started giving him a role of a "savior" of some sort unconsciously... in the extremes, people would also start blaming him for not being there to "save" them. The very idea that touma is omnipotent is ridiculous but his actions are just making things worst for him... i'd really like an arc where it somewhat resembles something like the NT vol.11 where they should've been "save" but wasn't because touma wasn't there. I'll leave it to you author-san :D :D

woah woah woah, didn't expect skill-out to assist on this one especially hamazura! great twist there author-san! you never forget this characters which quite amazing really.. Now i'm really excited when hamazura talks about the "boss" to uiharu.. i can already imagine her suprise when she hears hamazuras stories of the escapades of touma bwahahahaha..

now who is the mystery date of mii? hmmm and how the hell can you keep me entranced with the story for so long? amazing work as always author-san!

hope we do get another chapter soon
Kami chapter 98 . 2/12
I really love a certain unknown level 0! Keep up the good work! And i pray good health for you and your family.
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