Reviews for A Certain Unknown Level 0
richards chapter 7 . 3/13
cause you wrote it that way...XD
Guest chapter 62 . 3/13
Is it normal, even for someone like Touma, to have someone's ankle hurt so badly they can barely move it, and then have it heal completely in less than 5 minutes? And then, said person tries to beat someone up? Still, great story and I can't wait for the next update.
Guest chapter 63 . 3/11
I like it
Doomedsoul74 chapter 63 . 3/6
Thanks for posting. I look forward to the rest.
adk chapter 63 . 2/28
what a great ending
Guest chapter 63 . 2/28
yeah i know what you mean with NT 12; remind me i should start reading the side stories shouldn't i? say are we going to see the dragon anytime soon?
whwsms chapter 63 . 2/28
Lord Have Mercy - this chapter felt at times like an installment of the "Die Hard" movie franchise. TouMAN could probably be considered the "John McClane" of the To Aru Universe - with all that stuff blowing up and hell breaking loose.

Perhaps while the Kamijou household is stuck in England, they'll have an encounter with Queen Elizard and the Royal Family. Staying tuned to find out what's next.
Agent Nine chapter 63 . 3/1
Nearing the end of this chapter, I was getting scared for Touma that his misfortune might have reached max, and that somehow he would have to pay for all the airport damages. I'm glad that he didn't But, even so, no one can be THAT unlucky...right?
And, with Touma stuck on London for 3 days, things should be getting amusing. :P
ralf07 chapter 63 . 2/28
while continuing the plot is important i think that now is the perfect chance to do an SS about the magic side that your talking before.
Agent Nine chapter 62 . 2/22
I totally thought for a minute that Touma's arm was going to be ripped off when Innocentius grabbed him by his arm, and the dragon was going to come out. But this is fine too. XD In any case, I'm definitely ready for the final battle!
ArcherShirou chapter 62 . 2/22
very good.
Mr. Self-Deprecation chapter 62 . 2/21
I'm slightly confused between the difference between what touma did and what harmonia's cradle is trying to do.
Destroy the world they're in because they can't accept it or adapt to it.
Guest chapter 61 . 2/15
(In reply to Agent Nine) "Imagine Breaker" and the so-called "Invisible Thing" both like being in the TouMAN's Right Hand - so much so, that no matter how much misfortune, abuse, injury, etc. he is subjected to, they will (indirectly yet surely) bring him back for more.
whwsms chapter 61 . 2/14
Concerning that ankh symbol attached to Otohime, I predict Othi-chan coming to do a timely intervention before something tragic occurs. Staying tune to see if I'm right.
adv chapter 61 . 2/13
excellent !
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