Reviews for no universe like that which bleeds
Sepsis chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
God, this is just beautiful! How Ra's sees Melisandre and describes her, that was just perfect.
And she really knows how to talk with Ra's, haha. I just love how you portray her her. . :) of course, she only knows of the world she lives in and knows there's a man under her nose that knows other sides of the world, who wouldn't be curious?

"Like some mythological beast in thrall to an enchantress' touch, Bane was sitting quiet and sedate before his daughter, the sleeve of his shirt rolled back so that Talia could attend to the rather long gash that the strongman bore on his forearm."
I don't really know why but I love this part. Ra's is noticing everything between him and her, of course, but.. I don't know, I just really liked this sentence.
It's no wonder he is reminded of the scene between himself and Melisandre...

"Talia's laugh in return was soft, musical almost. For that moment alone she sounded like a girl of her tender years. Gone was the gleam of naked steel in her eyes, of an imperishable flame in her veins – and Ra's was not the only one to hear it as so. The masked man was looking on the daughter of the Demonhead as if she were air and breath and life itself, and Ra's felt that old uneasiness – like warning, multiply a hundredfold."
God, and this part.. Amazing! :) How talia sounds like a normal and happy girl when she laughs like that and how he notices the way Bane looks at her.. Aw!
I didn't see it coming that he would imagine what Melisandre would say about this, but I think she would react exactly like that. ;)

And you can understand Ra's here even more... How it had to feel to hear what happened from Melisandre's father, how he was surprised about the news to have a daughter and then to see that Talia has only eyes for Bane...
"Someday, perhaps, he would meet Melisande beyond the circles of the world, and he would beg her forgiveness. But that time was far off from the days he lived out now, his blood old and tired in his veins."
That was wonderful.
Just like the end when he was reminded of his wife again and can't fight Talia this time.. But he also sees the difference between her and her mother..
Seriously, that was perfect, I loved it! :) You're so great at writing these characters and to explain so much in such a beautiful way!
Lola chapter 1 . 1/18/2013
This was so good. I like how you went back to Ra's and Henri's time together and then incorporated Bane and Talia's scene in. Please do another part to this!
Shanynde chapter 1 . 1/18/2013