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Sparkly Shinigami chapter 2 . 2/2
Io pisses me off beyond comprehension
ili777 chapter 70 . 1/4
Ah, finally finished reading it. It took me a long while 'cause there are seventy bloody chapter, seventy! And every one of them were wonderful.

In the beginning it was sometimes agonizing watching You, as a jerk, taking Misaki's place in Akihiko's life, but the way Akihiko started caring about him, even though he 'wasn't the one' and how he decided to stop thinking of the past and chose Misaki in the end was amazing. But then you went and destroyed that by having him know the truth and it was heartbreaking watching Misaki try to explain and Akihiko not listening.
I love your OC Arisaka, his character is just what Misaki needed back then as a friend and I was so freaking satisfied by the way he explained Akihiko why Misaki worked as a shadow singer. He couldn't have done it in a better way if you as me. You are awesome.
I was so happy when they got together though and that Misaki didn't want to talk to Akihiko at first, he kind of deserved that at that point. But yeah, their little moments together at that point and letter on until they lived together were adorable and so, so sweet, yet realistic at the same time (Misaki wanting to be independent).
The whole arc of training for the Sonate competition, having Akihiko breaking up with Misaki was excruciating. I wanted to cry for Misaki's sake at those chapters, you were beyond cruel. Well for Akihiko too, but we didn't see that much of his thoughts at that point and he had to be 'the tough one' which did make me angry with him.
The Sonate completion itself had my heart racing the whole time, seriously. Though I kind of read it through a blear since I simply couldn't stop at those chapters, I was purely happy with its outcome and the way it happened. It was spectacular. And finally Misaki and Akihiko could just be happy together. I loved the way they were holding hands later in public, they were so cute.

The whole Ijuuin-Ishi arc was another roller-coaster like the above. I laughed many times at the beginning (especially when they met at the compt.) and I liked the way Ishi changed slowly but not completely, it was realistic and nice to watch.
I have to say the cave-scream-thing was hilarious, it was one of my most favorite moments with the two.
Ijuuin was really an idiot about his feelings and a jerk at Io if you ask me, but he was plainly stupid so I'm not angry... anymore. Though I loved how he realized it, it was just so fitting at that moment.
Io's word game at the hospital was hilarious, I laughed to the point my stomach hurt, especially because even Misaki though of that and the way Akihiko 'wasn't paying attention'.
The part where Ijuuin 'delivered' Misaki to Akihiko and how he told Io was just... so hear-warming I was moved by his way of showing that to him. Though Io was completely not at fault for not getting it at once. Ah, I so like the two of them together.
It was a very long journey and I love the whole of it without leaving a moment out, but I don't want it to end yet! I don't mean that I want another heart-breaking-hospital-kidnapping-whatever-your-cruel-head-might-come-up-with, but some fluff for both couples after all this time wouldn't be bad. We also haven't seen a lot of AkihikoxMisaki lately (obviously since it was time for the second couple to take the stage) but I've missed them and we still haven't seen that surprise of Akihiko's that got cancelled twise already. I'm curious of what it is! Plus we have to see what will happen to the other two now that they got together.
Please update soon. I can't wait for the next chapter. And I join you at your request for 50/7, there's seriously not enough time per day anymore and having to deprive of sleep to have some extra isn't the smartest thing...
Anyway, have a happy new year, wish you the best for everything :)
1TrueOtaku chapter 70 . 12/8/2014
I had this feeling of finality with this fic for the longest time and so when i saw the update for chapter 70 i avoided it like the plague. But i decided that i couldn't live in suspence forever and now I've read it and am in even more suspence (like where do they go from here?) but am so very happy that this finally happened. Like seriously, this fic has come a long way...i never expected any of this when reading the first chapters. Oh man, i just can't describe how perfect everything is! (Now Io needs to learn to believe in his voice and then go off in to the sunset to live out his days in happiness and rainbows!)
P.S. Totally forgot to tell you a long time ago, but it was you that got me into Simon Curtis
Myread88 chapter 70 . 12/4/2014
good chapter.
usamisaftw chapter 70 . 12/2/2014
Sorry, just needed to get this out. Thank youu very much for the new chapter 8-)
Loved the sex scene! Io is such a big cutie, haahhhh.
HeartxSoul chapter 70 . 11/30/2014
I have no words to say. I'm really happy that Ijuuin and Ishi finally did it :D This story is really awesome! Please update soon! :D
ARequiemForADream chapter 70 . 11/30/2014
I'm blushing like mad right now for how adorable you portrayed Io at the end. HOW DO I STOP BLUSHING!? (*ノノ)
This story though... You've brought me on such a rollercoaster of emotions throughout this story with all the characters that I never want this story to end! I'm excited to see how you will bring this ride to an end, but I hope to not be disappointed (Me? Disappointed in this? Never).
I'm eager for the next update!
bystander chapter 70 . 11/29/2014
I've been waiting for this! Seriously one of the best lemons, plus the great development added to this awesome smex scene! I am getting high myself with Io's aggressiveness! Both so sexy!

But I'm a little scared. What trouble could it be that Io is fearing?

I wanna see more of them! Grrr!
akemi chapter 70 . 11/29/2014
u're totally my favourite author...all of ur stories r beautiful...please keep updating n soon, please? tq 4 the hardwork n keep up the wonderful work :D
HikariUsagi99 chapter 70 . 11/29/2014
XDDDD That lemon man! Sooo good! I'm so happy that Ijuuin and Io are officially together and love each other now. That was sure worth the wait! Once again, your writing never fails to mesmerize me. This was by far the most AWESOME junjou fanfic I've ever read on . This fic literally made me cry, laugh and smile all at the same time! And the emotions... ahh... never has a fic affected in a way like yours did! Too bad Shadow Singer's coming to an end... I'll truly miss waiting for updates and reading this story... :D I know I must sound like a total creep at this moment but I can't help it :') This story means soo much to me!

Keep on staying awesome shuusetsu! I'll continue to keep reading all your other heart wrenching stories!
Sarabear2275 chapter 70 . 11/28/2014
Sooooooo goooooooood. I am going to sleep so well today! I have been waiting so long for this, it feels like a dream! I love how you brought "Flesh" back into this chapter! I love these two people! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY! WRITE MORE! I want Io to be more aggressive next time :)
raiza chapter 70 . 11/28/2014
So whats going to happen now with Io's singing? PLease dont end this soon.
I love your stories, so well written

Hearts8999 chapter 68 . 11/28/2014
Oops that guest comment was me haha. I forgot to sign in.
Guest chapter 70 . 11/28/2014
Holy fucking shit... I have no words... I think that might be my new favorite lemon ever. And I've read some good lemons. Aaahhh! Thank you so so so much for gracing my eyes with Lo and Ijuuin's lovely story! I can't wait to see what happens next and I'm curious as to how Ishi's past will come into play in the future. I'd love to see Kyou get all protective of Ishi over things related to his difficult past. :3 anyway you're just the best.
Hearts8999 chapter 69 . 11/20/2014
You liar you said the next chapter would be posted within the week and it's way past that! I'm dying please revive me with smexyness pleeeaaasseee I've been achingly waiting for this moment for so long! *sobs into pillow* but seriously girl this story, and your writing are just so fabulous I can't even. I LOVE YOU! Lol XP
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