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lolipop142 chapter 62 . 4/15
noooo io don't give up! well i guess he doesn't really hv a choice when he isn't being appreciated... it would be stupid n self abusive to cling on to someone like dat but plssss let them end up together! i can't wait for d nxt one. this chap is full of suspense , i thought i was going to hv a heart attack at d rate of my heartbeat xP i wanna noe what happens nxt!
Hanako-chan chapter 62 . 4/13
Heeeey the last review was mine... I wrote the "hanako-chan" dont know why this thing didnt save it. Anyway you're still the best!
Guest chapter 62 . 4/10
Nooooooo Io don't give up on ijuuin... I was expecting the "Kyo-san" from Io since ages, and he says it for a goodbye? Life is just too cruel (it's you actually).
It's a long fic, but totally worth reading. And when a book entices me, I wish it would be longer.
I was really sleepy but when I found you updated it was like yay! :3
Keep writing you-are-the-best! (L)
skadalex chapter 62 . 4/10
From the start I was wondering why the chapter is called Goodbye, it felt like some bad premonition. Ahhh, I’m sucker for the guys who didn’t get a chance in mangas ol BL novels (they are not happies like Aki and Misaki).
So I believe now is the time for Injuuin to “Say something…”, I didn’t read your notes because it was after midnight and don’t know if the chapter has something with that, but there is a very sad song that just make me cry (whenever I see its video) with the same title and refrain. The end of the chapter had the same effect on me… “…, I’m giving upon you”
And where is MIsaki? In some accursed building; God, you should start a poll with this question! My first guess is back in the Sonate building, because it’s accursed for Io. Or Injuuin office building?
ARequiemForADream chapter 62 . 4/9
My heart! DX It pains me so!
I love that you can make me feel so much for the characters. It's always been difficult for me to find a story that has me feeling what the character(s) feel. I had started to read your story, and as I kept reading it, I just knew I would keep coming back. You've had me smiling, laughing, getting mad, or near/in tears. You are such a great author, and I thank you for sharing your talent.
chachikiu chapter 50 . 4/9
Alright I was re-reading this fic (because I'm just that in love with it). WHAT THE HELL I JUST REMEMBERED "The phone was still bright on Ijuuin's table. Amidst the clutter, the vivid image of the wallpaper was attention grabbing. Showing a brunette with a funny face as if the teen was giving Ijuuin a kiss on the tip of Ijuuin's nose. It was that kind of innocent picture that served as the composer's background for sometime now." When I read this chapter back then, I thought this was a hint that Ijuuin liked Io, but now that he's so cold to Io, it's making me wonder why the hell he put it on his wallpaper before? He's just in denial right. I mean, if he puts Io on his wallpaper, surely there is a part of him that treasures him. Maybe he just wants to love Misaki, because he does and he's more in control of his emotions because Misaki's purity is something everyone loves. He doesn't want to try loving Io, because clearly Io coming along and confessing to him, is messing him up and he's less in control. I don't know. I JUST WANT IJUUIN x IO SO BAD T_T Trying to convince myself something's there.
Me-Anne chapter 62 . 4/9
For your sake, I hope it's enough to appease Usagi-san... It might depend on what state Misaki is in when Usagi-san finds him.

ooohh poor Io/Ishi but then this twist is sort of expected as Io was not as emotionally strong as Misaki. And besides I think you might have to work really hard to make a turn-around in Ijuuin side convincing. Afterall, throughout the story, Ijuuin never really gave up on Misaki, no?
Life 4 Love chapter 62 . 4/9
*Sigh...* Io given up in the end...
Tiredness from chasing a man that he loved must be really drained his body, soul & heart...

Well hope after this Ijuuin realize something after Io confessed to give up (even Io told it when Ijuuin sleep). My heart rippes apart when I see the hopeles Io... TTT-TTT

Huaaaa...can you make it better to them (Io & Ijuuin). Make it lovey dovey once... even if I know you'll not let it happen to Io. Cause you love to torture Io...*pout*
HeartxSoul chapter 62 . 4/8
I'm not really sad that Io has given up on Ijuuin but I know that it's painful for him. I just want Io to be happy and I do like for him to be with Ijuuin :( Also, I hope Uruha will be alright. For me, it felt like Uruha's going to die. I don't want him to die, maybe just injured but alive. I still want Ijuuin to regret and feel guilty :) Please take care and I'll be waiting for the next chapter like always! :D
pinky5907 chapter 62 . 4/8
-flips table-
That would make this a really sad story. DX
Go find Misaki and be a badass!
Raiza chapter 62 . 4/8
Omg, thats so sad! Poor Io, its true, hes only human and hes capable of getting tired of being hurt. I wonder if he'll try to go get Misaki himself, not for Ijuuin or Usagi-san but because he wants everything to end. In reality the only person who was really sincere to him was his grandfather. It makes me sad for Io when I think that Ijuuin says "I want to help him construct his own palace" but then threatens to destroy what little is there to begin with :( Dude seriously, this is an awesome story. Be safe with your work ahead
Reader chapter 61 . 4/8
I love you so much, shuusetsu. But why are you making my stomach twist so painfully? Causing my brain to ache too much? Torturing my heart til it bleed? Gahhh /.\ can't wait for your next update.
Fai's Kay chapter 62 . 4/8
Jeez... my heart really goes out to Io. To receive that kind of treatment from Ijuuin isn't worth it. I'm glad Io is giving up. He deserves so much better, especially if Ijuuin is so quick to believe he had anything to do with Misaki's disappearance. I'm rooting for you Io! I hope some good finally comes your way.
kitty tokyo uzumaki chapter 62 . 4/8
TTTT Man this story just fills me with tears! .
Abeham chapter 62 . 4/8
Hey. Amazing as always. I love it. I can just feel Io breaking inside. And I would love for Ijuuin wo feel guilty later on. :D
i cant wait for more. Thank you so much for this amazing story and the quick update.
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