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Hera de Griffon chapter 9 . 10/3/2015
OMG I loved this story! o Can't wait for the next chapter! Greetings from Brazil. :D
emma-nyaaan chapter 9 . 7/23/2015
Oh! I'm very sorry to hear your story. It must've been hard. I know that Chinese is strict (since my childhood was spend with lots of Chinese friends) but I don't know it was THAT strict. Gosh, it must feel bad too. For learning Graphic Designer then work for finance. I just can't-you know walk in your shoes. Plus that scary disease, how can you work then? Was it occuring very often? Gah just thinking of it make me feel bad for you.

Blorpblorpblorp this story makes me go HSHSHSHS that heart breaking moment when Chizuru said she was tired marrying a monster. I was like BLORPBLORP HE DA KILLA BE AFREEEDDD. Gahahaha its just that NGH moment ya know. Lol. And I was like WHERE KAZAMA-ATASHI-HUSBANDO-CHIKAGE?! His bride was stolen! I thought he will use that demon speed wateva to take her right away. Oh well but then we can't go puffy-puffy with Saito-chan ne? Ngh that iceblock-face-Saito is kinda pissing me off at first then isn't Saito like that too in game? Strict, curt, talk a little, uncaring, DAT EYES too. Oh well it would've been weird if he's starting to act like Sano-kun MAHAHA being flirty and puffypuffy. I really like the story really. Eventhough it kinda fast ;_;

And when that glorious-oh-god-spare-thy-heart Kazama Chikage comes, I was like NGH MA MEN YEAH MA MEEEEN COOOOOMMMMMEEEEEEEE! I was so overjoyed, and do silly dancing then I hit my head so bad :rolling in da floor: it so hurt ;_; then I read it again and I did the silly song again MAHAHA. And he's going to took Chizu-chan away :evil but very happy laughing: I'm sorry ne Lunar-san I'm Chizuru-Chikage shipper by heart ;hauh; I felt bad now, sowry. I overdid there hauh.

I must say I was suprised though when dat effing-evil-for-nothing Kaoru said he was the killer. LIKE DUCK! Wtf dude go away FUUUUUUUHHHH FUUUUUHHHHHH crazy onii-chan is crazy. But what with Kazama attitude though? He didn't know? So he's being tricked too by Kaoru, that masacred Yukimura family is Saito-chan? UNGH! Then the ultimate question is WHY Saito-chan in Yukimura's compound? And being knight in shining armor to save Chizuru? There is no way he just passing by then saw the fire and he like, "Oh fire. Must've been someone there. I need to help them." Like no way rite? Right.

Ngah the problem is too hard for ma silly brain. Ne Lunar-san if I may be bold a little? I was awkward when Hijikata ordered Heisuke to kill Emperor soldier(I forgot what chapter) and he's being okay with it..? Since Heisuke is Imperialist not Shogunate believer like the rest of Shinsengumi Captain. (Well if you play his route then you know at last he picked Chizuru as his reason to fight, and dat scene so sweet I might kill myself) ngah sorry if its so game related. Cause I can't/wont like the anime. Y Chizu choose Hijikata (not offense chizu-hijikata fans) when you just can choose MOAR handsome warrior around youuu. That's why I stick to the game most, cause game turn into anime just.. NGH! -_-

Eh by the way did you play Hakuouki SSL? God darn I want to play it so badly but no english version yet. I played Hakuouki in my android tho. So worth da money really. Maybe that's why lots of Otome fans so dedicated to this kinda game ne? Its just make you go RAWR by so many ikemen! Well if there is lot of Chikage-sama then... /dies with nosebleed pooling around me/ :snicker: why its snicker tho, its just like that snack bar. In my country it sounded LAPAR? Grab SNICKERS! Lol its sound like sneaker, dat shoe. So when you hungry go eat shoe.

MAAA MAAA LOOK AT THIS REVIEW! TOO LOONG TOO LOOONGG! HAKHAKHAK I'm so happy though, Hakuouki FF so small, and filled too much by HijiChizu. Oh I'm sorry for weird english/grammar. Honestly I can't write grammar. That thing just so hard just too much too. Ngh! I can't write but alas I used to read it. And must say your grammar is mamazing!

Please continue your story! I can't force you to update tho. I'm not a creep of a reader that force author to satisfy ma need. That's why there is a lot other fanfiction to read when waiting for update ne? MEAHAHA. I'm just creepy I know, its almost 2 in da morning, I'm crazy I know YIPPIEEEEE

I swear I'll fav and follow you and your story if I can log in to ff. Stupid internet is stupid! So I just review laik dis kay?

Meheheh :3
I laik slang forgave meeeehhh
I hope your very beautiful and virgin eyes did not wounded by thy words. I sincerely ask for being forgiven m'lady. /LOL/ meuheheheh
SasumeUchiha chapter 9 . 7/12/2015
ok, I spend all this Sunday's night reading this awasome fanfic. Let me tell you that you're such a badass writter and I need you to continue soon, because Saito and Chizuru are absolutly my favourite couple of Hakuouki.
Reaper chapter 9 . 5/13/2015
Hi again! So where have I been? I've been in the Edo period fighting rasetsus with the Shinsengumi and battling Titans with Levi. Hahahaha nah I've been in school making all kinds of pastries, they got me super busy and when I get home I'm just napping. But I'm super excited to be reading your latest chapter. Anyway let's start the review! So starting this chapter I was really excited. Like oh my god Kaoru is in it! Then reading along where Saito is goaded into confessing about killing Chizuru's parents then ACTUALLY confirming it...what? WHAT? EXCUSE ME WHAT? hahahaha nope nope nope nope just all the nope. I'm gonna pretend that ain't true and find the actual truth...but whhyyyy? They didn't do anything wrong! Just WHYYY? Then later finding out it was Kaoru and telling Saito hey thanks for covering it up for me. Just urrgghhhh. And poor Chizuru how many times can the poor girl go into shock? Plus once she find out about the truth with Kaoru well...Jesus Christ. I'm afraid she might break. Then thennnn Kaoru gives Saito the vial of the ochimizu...again nope NOPE NOPE HAHAHA we all know what happens if he uses it too much...dust in the wind~ please for the love of god don't let him turn to dust Jesus Christ. But buttttt if he does is he still going to suck Chizuru's blood below her ear? Cause you know that's his spot. Haha I haven't seen the movies yet, I shall start watching those this weekend! I'm just gonna prepare a box of tissues on the side and get all the feels. But I can't wait for the next chapter! How is Chizuru gonna process this information? Will she ever trust Saito again?! I just wahhhh my heart. Please update the next chapter soon!
ShadowX-Over.Writer chapter 9 . 5/5/2015
NOOOOOOOOO! OAO How could you end it on such a crucial cliff hanger! Ugh! Best way to keep people's attention and to make sure they come back, right? XD I have to say that this is one of my favorite Chizuru x Saitou fics on the site and you're doing a great job writing it. Still rooting for a happy end for my Hakuouki OTP. Keep up the good work and hope to see more from you soon. :)
Abby chapter 9 . 5/5/2015
Shoot! It ended! on a cliff hanger too! *cries* You evil but amazing writer! Why!?
Anyway, great story, and the chapters are long too! *smiles blissfully* Update soon!
emerald scarlet chapter 9 . 5/4/2015
I can't wait for the next chapter..
misao97 chapter 9 . 5/4/2015
Yassss we want to know! I will shower you with reviews to figure out! Lol PLS I beg you, update soon!
Soul Empress chapter 9 . 5/4/2015

SAITOU WOULD can't have children with Chizuru!

Arghh and please don't tell me he gets tuberculosis...please don't make the ending sad!

Kit2000 chapter 9 . 5/4/2015
A new chapter! Haaaaayaaa!
that's a true gift for the readers. Thanks for updating!
About the chapter. It was cool! Unexpected turns were waiting for us haha. You know we really thought that Saito-san was the murderer. You made everyone think that way, but how revieled we were to know that he is actually not to blame. Phew, that was close.
Ah, so Chika-san is as evil as always. We really want to see how he is going to court Chizuru hahaha. Violence is not in his style when it comes to dancing with a girl's heart, ne?
BUT! Saito-san is a rasetsu now. Oh no! He will lose his violet hair and change it to white colour T.T Ah, sorry, that was random. We are looking forward to see how he rescues Chizuru and wins her trust back! Please, Saito-san, be strong and show more romance! yeah! And give a huge kick to Kaoru for making you the one guilty. What a low creature that Kaoru is...Grrrr...
Dear author-chan! Kiss you in gratitude! Update soon! We are sure that EVERYONE wants that too, hehe. Catch a wave of inspiration!
AzureArchxngel chapter 9 . 5/3/2015
NUUUUUUUUUUU BAD SAITO DX He loves Chizuru so much ;;-;; Dang it Kaoru 3 I shall wait patiently for the next wonderful and exciting chapter :3
SapphireNova24 chapter 9 . 5/3/2015
I need to know what happens next! Damnit! And Kaoru, you jerk you murdered your own parents too! I can't wait for the next chapter to come and I'll be waiting patiently for it too!
Guest chapter 8 . 4/21/2015
Please continue writing your story. It has been my favorite fanfiction for a long time. I have always been checking up to see if you would update and when I saw that you did I just had to read it. Your story is still good but I wonder, did Saito murder Chizuru's parents or was he unable to stop the true murderer? Is there a plot twist ? I dom't have a Fanfiction account so as a fan I ask that you don't give up on this story, you still have someone waiting for you to upload a new chapter.

Reaper chapter 8 . 4/20/2015
First off, *cries all the tears* finally! A freaking new chapter holy crap. My prayers were answered! As I meant to say in my last review uhhh not two months but almost two years...haha. I was half-asleep... Your writing since coming back is really good, you haven't lost your touch. But anyway, so much things in this chapter! Ahhhhh freaking Kaoru appears officially! Though I do remember in Petals of Time he was mentioned, but yay he's here! Which uh I mean huh oh...I sense bad things. Sooo we do know that Saito was involved with the murder and that Kaoru was also there too...soooo I or we can't really say that Saito REALLY murdered Chizuru's parents. I mean all Chizuru saw was a person holding his sword in their left hand...soo we are informed that Saito is the only one who wields it in his left hand. But but! She didn't really see him kill them. So its possible that maybe its Koaru orrr ughhhh dare I must say our lovely Saito? But please excuse my detective intuition. Ugh my heart clenches in agony! However on the bright side FREAKING SAITO AND CHIZURU FINALLY KISSS AAAHHHHHH! I would have jumped up and down if I wasn't out in public and being all 'ahhhh oh my god!' Not where previously the first kiss is when mostly Saito is unconscious at the first kiss but both parties are conscious. But it still made my kokoro go doki doki. Haha. Ohhhh my senses were tingling during that scene like 'are they gonna do it?' Its SO early in the story' but I held back. ...wait before I forget...Saito is NOT thinking of taking the ochimizu... Is he? Hahhahahahahaa nope nope nope noppppeee. I don't think my heart could take it. Cause we both know what could happen if used too often...merrrhhhh

Dude, dudddeeee you gotta write or maybe in the future, hopefully, Chizuru as a freaking geisha! Or well I'm sure or maybe you saw the oav of Hakuoki (cause honestly those were the best...or something) where Chizuru was undercover as a geisha and well I just thought well you know there was an episode with Saito and well yeahhh. Just have a freaking situation with Chizuru in geisha get up...that is all I have to say on that matter. Butttt ughhhhh I totally can't wait for the next chapter! Like I said I expect more tears to be flooding out! And a buttload of romance! As always please update the next chapter soon! I'm so damn sorry for this extra long review! See you soon!
AzureArchxngel chapter 8 . 4/16/2015
OH MY GOD YOU'RE BACK! ()I was SO SO ecstatic when I saw that you had updated! I really missed you :3 It's weird, because a few days ago I was re-reading this story and wondered if you were going to update soon. And, here we are! XD I didn't really care how long it would take for you to update, just as long as you eventually did. Better late than never right? Anyway, to make sure I don't continue rambling, I'm so glad you came back! _ Keep up the good work!
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