Reviews for Bat Family Mayhem
Shiary chapter 73 . 3/24
lol Nice one
Chiorikizunai88 chapter 72 . 3/22
That. Was. Plain. AWESOME! I loved it! Oooooh, awesome!
Chiorikizunai88 chapter 73 . 3/22
sqqqqeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Oh gosh this is sooo CUTE! More. MORE! Brotherly FLUFF I NEED It to survive! I loved it!
greensword101 chapter 73 . 3/14
Thank you for the update (FINALLY!). I don't want to sound rude, but could you make one more chapter to this storyline. Your explanation was pretty good, by the way. I just want to know if Bruce is still skating on thin ice with Dick because of his behavior. Once again, thank you very much for the update, I'm glad you made true on your word.
Rockin' Robin02 chapter 73 . 3/12
This was pretty angsty and cute. I can't wait to see what you update next!
Magykal-guest chapter 73 . 3/11
*sweatdrop* I should have known XD Awesome ending to this ark (no! Dami, you need to smile! D:) (daddy bats!) ( ... I've got nothing else!) Anyway, great job as always!
StoryFinder1 chapter 73 . 3/11
Hi there! Great stories, I have really loved reading all of them and seeing all the different situations that you put the Bat family through! I must say that I am pretty lucky. I came in late and got to read all the way up through #73 before I had to wait (So, technically that means that you were never late on updating, kind of :) Poor, poor Dick (not that I don't enjoy a little Nightwing wompage), but he really had it bad this time. Though, I do think that the Bat family needed to re-learn how much they should appreciate him. Looking forward to more!
Laude Dei chapter 73 . 3/9
All good :) Can't wait for the sequel! So super excited! Loved the chapter as per usual, is this the last installment or will you make another one of 'Not That Easy'? I like them quite a bit, but it doesn't bother be either way :)
kikigraysonwest chapter 73 . 3/9
Aww, hope he gets better
steelec1 chapter 73 . 3/9
Bruce should be planning how to patch things up with Dick and the rest of his family. There should be groveling involved. .lots of it. Nice enfing to this story. I'm sure Dick was relieved that you finally decided to end his torment.
TheImaginativeFox chapter 73 . 3/9
I loved the ending, it was so sweet!
Sticks and Steam chapter 73 . 3/9
You know, I just keep rereading this when I have nothing to read. Still amazes me, everytime.
Kayllis chapter 72 . 3/9
Sorry for sending you two notes (I only came across your story yesterday and I'm loving it!) but I just wanted to let you know this really bugged me: in your Amnesia chapters I'm not understanding why Bruce telling Dick he was his father was so wrong. If he adopted the boy then he is, by definition, the child's father. So I guess my confusion is this: what would you have considered to have been the 'correct' response? I'm curious to know. :) Kayllis
Kayllis chapter 72 . 3/9
This is my first time putting any sort of note together for any fanfics. Just to start with, you're writing is really amazing and super fun to read. There is just one thing that bugs me. It's something that a lot of Batman fanfic writers seem to do: put an incredibly large amount of emphasis on Damian being the only biological child and the other three as adopted children of Batman / Bruce Wayne. I'm giving you the benefit of doubt here as I truly don't think that you intend it to come off this way but constantly referring to them as adopted/biological children or referring to Bruce as an adoptive father nearly every time makes it sound like you think the other three sons are somehow inferior to Damian. Please don't think I'm sitting here typing this all angry or anything! I love your work! It's just that as someone who is adopted it seemed like your fanfic was overly populated with mentions of the reason for familial connection. So I felt obligated to let you know about that connection from the perspective of an adopted person and that it might benefit you and your writing. The first thing to say is that I don't think of my own adoptive parent as my adoptive parent, they are my parent first, the fact they they are adoptive is normally not part of my thoughts and when it is it's severely low on the list of things I think of with that parent. Also I have two biologically half siblings I share with that adoptive parent; being their biological fact of them being biologically half also almost never comes into my thoughts. The are my siblings end of story. I see my step-siblings with the same view: we are siblings, not step-siblings. With the way you write these characters, especially your reverse ages characters (which I find hysterically entertaining by the way! :-) ), it seems that they shouldn't be considering the fact that anyone of them is adopted almost ever. I realize that each of them has families they lived with before being adopted so those families will always be there and be incredibly important but honestly that won't diminish the fact that Bruce/Batman is now their Dad. In fact it makes it more important to them, because of that previous family. So next time you're writing and you add "adopted /adoptive /biological" to your storytelling my one big suggestion would be to re-read the sentence asking yourself if there would even be a difference to their reactions if they were biologically related. If not, then leave out the reason they are family and just see them as family.
The darkness within007 chapter 48 . 3/6
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