Reviews for A Day's Faith
Yuki Suou chapter 1 . 2/1/2013
I agree with i thought there will be a love triangle...
MisticLight chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
Oh my word, MistroStings! I don’t even know where to begin! First of all, I am so flattered and excited that you actually did this. Second of all, OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO CUTE AND LOVELY AND PERFECT AND EVERYTHING! I don’t even know where to begin.

Nia was perfectly in character. I know I told you quite a bit about her, but there was still so much you additionally added that I did not tell and was still in character. The reaction to horses, her inability to admit her opinion is wrong, her sassy and fierce comebacks, her love of trees, her portrayal of emotions in general, her abilities with the bow, and the influences of her parents. I basically only told you two of those. The rest you accurately figured out. You even got her values on pride accurate: how she takes pride in representing her sex and craves to make others proud of her. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! I don’t even know. It’s almost creepy how much you picked up, but entirely awesome all the same x_x

And don’t even get me started on Haldir. For having such a small role in the movies and books, you took his character and expanded him into someone, I feel, should never have been looked over. Goodness gracious. I was able to perfectly envision every word and action he did. My favorite was his confused yet adorable contemplation. I felt like it stretched that character even more and it was so exciting to be able to delve into his mind. You made Haldir come alive, my dear friend. And it was magically mind-blowing.

I have so many quotes I’d just like to put here, but I don’t want to spoil this lovely story. So perhaps I’ll only pick a few…. (Although it is SO DIFFICULT to do that! Your writing is just so amazing.)

—“‘She can fight better than those men.’ Naturally, one might have thought that the gentleman was complimenting the lady, but it was not so. Their relationship did not work in that way.” I’m so glad you added the uniqueness of their awesome relationship. It’s almost like compliments mixed into a fight that challenges their mind to find humor in the situation. I don’t even think that’s a proper description of what occurs in my mind when I type their conversations.
—“‘You believe that I am strong… And yet, I fear I cannot make you proud.’" This is just a perfect example of how much in character Nia was. She knows she’s strong, but feels as though Haldir may not feel the same. Rather than admit she wasn’t strong, Nia turned to the pride she strives for. That’s exactly what Nia would do!
—“‘Watch the face of your inner struggle appear on the tip of your bow.’" O_O This sentence! I just wanted to mention its awesomeness.
—“‘Nia, that…’ He turned to finish his compliment, but she was no longer there. ‘… was fantastic.’” HAHA! She just disappeared xD
—So as not to give much away, I’ve picked only two of the cute lines that I flipped out with cuteness: “She impressed him, shook him, and all together made him question the emotions coursing through his veins. Though he was a fighter, he was a calm sort of man. That didn't stop Niaril from having an effect on him that was unparalleled.” AND “Beautiful on the outside, as all elves were claimed to be, and yet with something extra. She had strength that even he lacked. Strength in the body, the soul, and in the mind.” I can’t handle the cuteness. I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO EVEN! How did you come up with this?!
—“She had heard stories of such an emotion before, and perhaps she had felt it long ago, but most said it was enjoyable. That was not so. /Why must we believe that the dropping of our hearts is pleasurable?/” This was just funny and I loved it!
—“When he actually did, Niaril did not follow, nor did he wait for her. She watched him disperse back into the wood, the forest green of his velvet cloth twisting with nature until they were one.” OMG HALDIR NO COME BACK! And that was a beautiful description T_T

Ah! The ending! It’s prefect! It’s almost like a somewhat cliffhanger to where my story beings! Just genius.

DON’T STRESS ABOUT THE ELVISH! It was fine, as I’ve already assured you :)

OH MY! No! NO! Thank you so much for the fantastic comment (I'm blushing, you don't even know) but YOU ARE BASICALLY THE GREATEST AUTHOR ON THIS WEBSITE! And don't you EVER tell yourself otherwise ;D

MistroStrings, you NEED to write a Haldir story when you become less busy. I know you’ve had ideas stirring in your brain as of late, lingering there no matter how much you try to fight them off. Believe me when I say you can easily transition those ideas into words. If you’re hesitant about getting Middle-Earth things correct, you know you’ll always have me ;) You just write so beautifully that you’d be a perfect addition to the LOTR section on this website. Whether the story involves Haldir or our dear Pippin, I will definitely read it if you ever post something. SO KEEP ME UPDATED!

I can’t stop smiling. I feel so honored to have such an amazing friend and author write something based off of my thoughts. You’re the greatest x3

.: MisticLight :.