Reviews for A Day in Science Class
open eyes chapter 1 . 11/26/2003
O_O all the long names made me confused...
Tigress of the Moon chapter 1 . 8/21/2002
LMAO! That was great...If only that could happen in my Biology class...Then again, I am insane enough...Say, what will happen next class? This has potential for a multi-chapter fic! Please write more! Ja!
Digi-riven DragonGoddess chapter 1 . 8/11/2002
D-r: I know who I'm bringing to classes... *big grin*

DG: Does he have blue hair?

D-r: Da! 0

DG: Then you must mean Kouji! _

D-r: ...daaaa...

DG: Well Kouji has blue hair... and a scar on his face like Chichiri who must NOT mean.

D-r: ... *sulks and then brightens at Chichiri's name* Na no da! .

DG: Oh i see you want CHichiri. Well i don't have the real Chichiri but i do have this very good impersonater *Holds out Tama-neko dressed up as a monk with his fur dyed blue*

D-r: *goes in a corner sulking* ...daaaa...

DG: o.O umm hold on a moment *goes over to her magic closet* err.. where is he? *rummages around some more throwing varios articles out. AH! here we are! *pull out kawaii SD Chichiri*

D-r: *is suddenly SD* 0 Yay! *glomps* DA!

DG: Hey you sure you don't want Kouji? I found him in my closet while looking for Chichiri *holds up a disgruntaled looking Kouji*

D-r: *is off in happy Chichiri land* Daaa... *snuggle*

DG: Oh well what does one do with a disgruntaled bandit who is not Tasuki? *A light bulb appear over her head* A bandit bloodhound! OK Kouji you're going to find Tasuki now!

D-r: I'll help! _ *still glomped to a SD Chichiri*

DG: Thankies! oh yeah by the way we liked you story (I can't remember if anyone acctually said that yet.)

D-r: yup yup! Liked it alot! _ *goes bandit hunting while not letting a certian monk get too far away...*
Keimei chapter 1 . 8/4/2002
*laughs uncontrolably* I wish MY science class was like this. Or any class really... Good random ficcie! _
TA Maxwell chapter 1 . 8/4/2002
*sigh* I least the FY characters...ehehe...SUNUKAKE BABAAAAAA!*cracks up*

Nuriko: Careful. you don't want an atmospheric trip.

Ehehe...I could use something like that with classes starting again tomorrow...*sigh*