Reviews for DID You Hear The Rabbit Cry?
Apperatus chapter 65 . 11/21
I won't dare say anything other than stay safe and know that people care, even people you may not know yet.

I'm a greedy reader, so I may as well encourage you to keep writing, even if it's not this story, if rage doesn't come back.
NatNicole chapter 1 . 11/19
CLovesHarryPotter chapter 65 . 11/13
I just want to say that this in an incredible story, I cannot put into words how much I love this story, it's engaging and while I am sad that it's still a WIP, I eagerly await any updates
I cannot begin to fathom what you've been through, but I admire your courage, not only in filing those complaints(? I can't remember what you referred to them as), but also for writing this story, it has helped me to understand what MPD/DID is, and what it means to have it, and I hope that my newfound knowledge will come in useful
I also would like to wish you well in your life, I often find life hard and I don't have the added struggles that you have to face, I hope you have a happy life and that you can continue to write so wonderfully
A friend chapter 64 . 10/27
I can't believe that someone could do that to you! Who ever was that person should go rot in hell! Anyways are you alright? (I admit a stupid question) you know you did the right thing sharing...ahem anyways I wanted to say your stories are great!(just trying to cheer you up I'm sorry if I said something wrong I'm not exactly good at cheering people up so)
FesteringInsanity chapter 65 . 10/12
I like this last chapter, it shows the relationships between the system and other characters, and the developing connection between the system and Lupin. Good Job!
pikachucat chapter 65 . 10/10
awesome story
MantaCat chapter 65 . 10/9
It's past time for me to be asleep, so this isn't the most coherent review, but I really liked this chapter! It didn't feel like a filler chapter at all to me — I think the shifting dynamic with Lupin and the emergence of a mentor figure is significant both to the internal conflicts and external conflicts of this story. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter!
JJ Inugami chapter 65 . 10/9
This is a really good fic, it's very interesting and I like the interactions between the characters, especially Harry and his alters. I never knew much about DID, but reading this and the responses you left to people in your footnotes explaining it has made me very intrigued. Then again, as someone who wants to be an author, it's not unusual for things that are strange and foreign to me to catch my attention, especially when learning about them in a way that doesn't blatantly doing research on them. Anyways, in all honesty, I've always found DID interesting but now finding out how it actually works makes it even more appealing to me (sorry if that sounds weird).

Also, I'm sorry to hear about what has happened to you (though obviously I don't know much and I'm not willing to pry) and honestly hope that things get better for you.
percab8531 chapter 65 . 10/9
Good luck! Never have I been so ashamed of being named Sarah in my life! I'm so sorry you had to go threw that!
XxXIamaroleplayingfangirlXxX chapter 9 . 10/9
This it weird that the sudden personality change made me laugh?
XxXIamaroleplayingfangirlXxX chapter 7 . 10/9
This has got to be the most confusing chapter yet. I can't keep up with all these different alters and stuff.
OneLittleSheep chapter 65 . 10/9
It's so good to see Harry opening up and finding and adult to finally help him out. It still annoys me how Dumbledore treates the whole thing (ignore it until it goes away), so hopefully he will change his views sooner or later.

And it's always wonderful to see you update. I wish you all the best :) 3
XxXIamaroleplayingfangirlXxX chapter 6 . 10/8
This story is so beautiful. :)
XxXIamaroleplayingfangirlXxX chapter 4 . 10/8
I am loving this story so far. The transition between the seven, mainly three personalities is so flawless. It's incredible! :). So far, my favorite personality is a toss up between James and Potter.
XxXIamaroleplayingfangirlXxX chapter 1 . 10/8
Oh my god, this is beautiful. :) i always wanted to create a story like this. How did you get your research and inspiration?
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