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Kandros Fir chapter 32 . 11/3
I love this story. Erica is a great character, and you didn't just take all of the show's cool moments and give them to her. Each character got their moment to shine in the plot, and you managed to keep Erica from being overshadowed by them. I wasn't sure how to feel about Erica's backstory. I suppose I will have to wait for the motivations to be revealed, but I really hope there's an explanation for her lover's betrayal, or at least indication there were complicated motives involved. I did like the fairy tail Pumyra was told in chapter 31, but I hope she meets a miserable death before she can carry out anymore acts of betrayal, although that likely won't happen. The resulting angst from Liono learning Pumyra was a traitor and Erica was innocent of those charges will be delicious. And I feel so bad from WilyKit and WilyKat. A part of me hopes that their faith in Erica will be rewarded by her being unable to kill them, but then again slim hope. Also, if this series ends with Erica changing back to the Thundercat's side, I hope the redemption process isn't easy. Oh and update please.
frankannestein chapter 32 . 5/12
I think in all honest-to-goodness brutal truth, that this. Is. My. Favorite. Fa. Vor. Ite. Chapter.


Seeing the other animals trying to use Omens and knowing they were going to fail.

Meeting Cybele.

Hearing her call her people "fauns."

Hearing how much Lion-O loves Pumyra and, for once, not feeling like it's a huge mistake. Feeling the FEELS.

Favorite, WAR. Hands down.

(I LOVE Cybele! I couldn't stop squealing. She's just so . . . so . . . PERFECT. So herself. And living in El-Dara! Couldn't be any more appropriate, IMO.)

~ Anne
TheDarkestMind chapter 32 . 5/6
The calm before the storm. They all think they're safe for now, but Erica will surprise them all and bring them hell on earth. And I don't think Lion-O will kill Erica on sight. Not unless she kills him first! Can't wait for the next chapter!
alluras-castle chapter 32 . 5/5
I have so many feelings about this chapter - all of them good - and frankly, I don't know how to approach them! But I'm gonna try.

Before that though...I'm so honored for you to call me your BFF! (The feeling is mutual!) It inspires me to write so much you don't know! And yes, I'm excited! I can't wait for the epilogue :3 but you already know that ;)

So first- the Jungle. I loved the way you described its magic, and how it interacted with Cheetara (if, partially, because I have a similar jungle that does a similar thing with Cheetara and Leyra, the magic duo. It made me squeal "GREAT MINDS") (and also, it struck me as a shout out of sort to Cheetara's sixth sense back in the 80s but that may have been unintentional on your part)! And how the brush and like moved out of Cybele's way as she walked - LOVE.

Cybele, next, because obviously. I'm so glad you managed to incorporate the Summoner! You and Anne both! (I'm yet undecided as to how I'm going to, but I have SO MUCH TIME to. Now that I'm spending most of my time at my brother's, I can start transcribing the episodes and fighting with chapters more actively.) I loved her summons and how she views the world - her position as a vegetarian, viewing cutlery as disrespectful; I have a feeling there was some real life inspiration for this, and I'm dying to know. The faun lore was all around seriously beautiful. 12/10 loved it.

Pumyra - our beautiful traitor - was a gem all chapter - but there's a part where she says that it hurt for Lion-O to chose someone who wasn't [of their people] over her, and instead of saying "cat," she says "human." The ending wasn't rushed in a necessarily bad way- I think it actually fit the mood and made it somewhat more satisfying!

Tygra was also wonderful (but then again, Tygra is my favorite character, and I'll fight people about it as necessary, so we'll just move on, lol).

I knew El Dara was going to show up eventually! Chrysó Pólis. What a fun name! The accents and cats (Lion-O) being unfamiliar with then was a great touch, and fit in nicely with your earlier theme of the cats finding English to be a very bland language (though I wonder how much of that was how Echo was reading, tbh).

I really like the name Liontári? It's very appealing.

Now...Lion-O. Lion-O was - he was perfect, okay? Perfect. From start, watching all the animals try to wield Omens (Dobo was also perfect bless him), to his internal struggles (esp. regarding Pumyra and Erica), to him noting that he should have a talk with WilyKit and Kat and how he interacted with ensemble, and how he was at the end here. It was gold and jewels, okay. It was Good.

Keep up the excellent work, WAR!
The Night Whisperer chapter 32 . 5/5
Oh, my God! They found El Dara! XD Ah, I can just imagine the twins excitement when they found out. Now, it looks like somebody owes them an apology~ *pointedly looks at the gang* Anyway, please update soon :)
Heart of the Demons chapter 32 . 5/5
Thanks again for keeping "ROOTA" up to date. There's plenty of characterization to go around, especially from Pumyra. You're definitely showing many sides of these characters that the show never seemed to do. And the way you write Cybele the Summoner simply adds depth to your already-massive undertaking of a story. Shades of grey are most important when writing a story - it can't be all black and white like most stories. You, my dear WAR, seem to fully grasp what those shades of grey are about. x)
suntan140 chapter 32 . 5/5
she is playing you lion-O. I wonder if Cybele can tell them what is wrong with echo?
GJAM chapter 31 . 5/5
I love this story, it always develops really well. And this last chapter makes me wonder what will happen between Lion-O and Pumyra. Man, really hope she doesn't break his heart. Still, keep updating :)
LunaLupus16 chapter 31 . 4/20
I like the ending sequence about the story, which, I am only guessing, is possibly Erica predicting the future. Nice work. Looking forward to more chapters later.
frankannestein chapter 31 . 3/15

This was such a fantastic chapter, WAR! I think the better part of it happened once we switched to Pumyra's POV, simply because Lion-O is so darn near catatonic by this point. He's almost unrecognizable. It was nice to see that Tygra and Panthro are doing their best to call him back in their own ways (and also nice to see that it's impossible - he's going to have to do it himself).

But Pumyra. At last, questions answered. And a whole lot more raised! But somehow, you gave her to us, all gift-wrapped in traitor-paper, and it's impossible to hate her. My mind, it is boggled. I feel darn /sorry/ for her because she's so warped and broken. She's just got a slice of real awareness left, just enough to be able to say she's been changed, but Mumm-Ra has her . . . and Erica knows it. *dies*

My very favorite part was this, though: [They were ancient, as well, as though he'd spent several lifetimes chained in the Plains.] What an extremely evocative thought!

Looking forward to more, as always!
alluras-castle chapter 31 . 3/14
Ohhhhh. Omg. I'm going to need a minute to try and process this chapter. It's a wonderful chapter. I can't even point at one spot and say it was my favorite (that's a lie, I have two favorites. The Lion-O and Tygra quick scene, because exploring their relationship as brothers in all dimensions and in different ways too, is my goddamn fucking jam. The second was definitely Erica's room and everything following, it's just so beautiful eerie and dark I Cannot Even) it was just too gooood!

keep up the good work, WAR!
Guest chapter 31 . 3/14
Every time i finish reading a chapter i'll left wanting more. Pumyra seems so jealous that mumm-ra favors Erica and deep down Lion-o really cares for her, also because Mumm-ra wants Erica for a reason (besides their past connection ) i mean her powers and connection with the sword of omens to say the least.

That story Erica told pumyra was pretty much summing up what's going to happen. There's no way mumm-ra will let her be happy.

Man every time i read this, i hurt for Echo/Erica. i keep hoping that the truth will come out, the Cats will apologize for not believeing Echo, and the Lion-o will confess his love for her and Echo will be the queen of new thundara or whatever the new kingdom will be called. After all that's happened to her, Erica deserves some happiness.

Thanks for updating, i look forward to the next chapter.
Shasaria chapter 31 . 3/13
An amazing chapter! Lion'O is still struggling with himself and Tygra seems more understanding in a subtle way. Echo keeping him company and caring for him is an amazing touch. Cursed or blessed by her ghost? I wonder... On the other side Pumyra. Oh! I simply loved her her scene with Erica. And mind you, I do not like her, never will! But I appreciate the juicy POV and small answers you provided. I knew she was a traitor in the end with her own reasons good of course. The similarities between her and Erica are there, the shocking ups and downs of their conversation was crude and satisfying. I loved how Erica slowly showed her how lowly and deep in shit she is. That she is nothing but a pawn who is ignorant of the price she'll pay because of her vengeance or desires. Both serve and deal with MUm-Ra, but there is slight difference between them. Erica has nothing to lose... She shows Pumyra that unlike her, she is well aware of her service and consequences of making deals with the devil. She's not fooling herself. And she doesn't want to save her neck and she couldn't careless about being happy. She simply wants vengeance and a piece of mind before she dies(taking Lion'O with her of course). Or at least that's my take on it. Kudos hon! Loved it! *clapping in glee*
TheDarkestMind chapter 31 . 3/13
I always knew that Pumyra would live. Mainly because of what Mumm-Ra can do. I just never expected to hear her point of view in this chapter. And I have to say, it's really interesting knowing more a bit about her. It sounded a lot like she doesn't have fate in the Cats anymore. She does sound right when it comes to that conclusion.
It was also surprising to see Pumyra and Erica chat. Obviously Erica still doesn't like her and vice-versa with Pumyra. It was funny how Erica blamed Pumyra for something she did herself. Classic Erica.
The story Erica told seemed to resonate with them both. They have ties with Mumm-Ra. They made a deal with him. Now they can't back out.
So good! Need more!
Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the next chapter!
Heart of the Demons chapter 31 . 3/13
This is an outstanding chapter you've posted. While Lion-O berates himself for the ThunderCats' latest defeat, including what Erica did to Pumyra, the two ladies have some "bonding" time through Pumyra's astral projection. A little bit of Grune and Sunny adds plenty to the Erica/Pumyra encounter. Actually, Erica and Pumyra's bit is my favorite part about this chapter. And the way you write them both is just so invigorating. They're both mysteries. You're doing a great job of illustrating how fragile life really is in this story, aside from the whole "Who can you trust?" or "When does right become wrong?" angle. Keep up the good work. ;-)
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