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100thundercat chapter 35 . 8/9
omgomgomgomgomg,the end is near I can see it but I don't want it ti end! tank you with all my heart for writing this story I love it soo much I cannot say how much I love it it is beyond words ! I will always hold this story and you in my heart.
DawnInk chapter 38 . 7/15
Why can't they see she's a bloody victim of circumstance. She's like one girl in the grand scheme of things, what could she have done to help anything back then? It was killed of be killed and they are judging her for that? I mean come on!
Still, love the story! Love the drama! Can't wait for the next chapter. :D
frankannestein chapter 38 . 7/12
Wow. So many words. Two chapters at once might have been a bit of an overdose because of the subject matter, but I was out of town when the first one posted and I could not stop reading.

The answers have me reeling. This is so utterly fascinating. I can see why you've been dying to get this written. It's positively mind-blowing, WAR. I'm not even sure that I could pick anything out specifically. I'll have to let it sink in.

I just wanted to say ...

DUDE. Stuff is Messed Up.
TheDarkestMind chapter 38 . 7/11
Insert meme of Patrick with his mouth wide open
This chapter! They finally get to know her past, and so do we. I'd never expected Soul Sever to be the mysterious figure. It makes more sense now that he's there.
I sort of understand why Lion-O and the other Cats (except the Wily Twins, bless their hearts) aren't fond of Erica now that they know her past, but she's only one person. A girl trapped in a war of blood and death. They could at least sympathize with her a little. But since you ended on such a cliffhanger, I know things won't go too well once they see Markata and Erica in action together.
Can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 38 . 7/11
I knew I wasn't the only one! Since I first saw the 2011 show I always thought the animal species had some sort of connection with humans. They came from space and named the planet THIRD Earth. Not to mention Mummra looks like a mummy as his name implies. I just always figured the humans had somehow managed to splice their DNA with animals somewhere along the line and created the new species before eventually dying out. The animals continued on developing while Mummra became the last human alive, if you can actually call him that. ( Sort of off topic but if Mummra is normal sized then would that make animals tinier than us humans?)

To be honest I've sort of been thinking the animals revolted and killed off the humans from all Erica's memories which would have explained a few things. I'd never actually thought about the humans and animals working alongside one another like you've shown and it makes my heart ache knowing that, despite the prejudice shoved down her throat, she still felt they were her family. She did what she did to protect them the only way she knew how. Poor Erica was just one little girl born into a war and conditioned to view it as normal. Even if she tried to fight she wouldn't have gotten far, people like Markata would have viewed her as useless and had her put down without a care. It's like everything you reveal makes me feel more and more sorry for the girl. Poor thing never once had a choice in the matter, to fight would have got her killed and then there wouldn't have been anyone to take care of the cats she called family. I know she's done wrong and she's hurt a lot of people but I really hope she can have at least a semi good ending because frankly the cats are being hypocritical. Tygra is condemning her for viewing the animals as a lesser species when the cat themselves did the same thing with the lizards. They call her out for killing when they have killed multiple animals in the war. In fact LionO killed Sunny but you don't see anyone calling for his blood. It isn't fair. I know life isn't fair but it's still upsetting.
Guest chapter 38 . 7/11
So the soul stone must be tieing all of those people and maybe animals to Erica. Wow she is carrying so much no wonder she is going insane, and Masai has been protecting her this whole time, man I'm about to cry.
They keep saying she stood by and did nothing, but what could she have done? She was just one girl, it's not fair to put all the blame on her.
I'm scared of how this is going to end. Because in the beginning she was seeing Masai again. Is she going to die? The only ones right now who even care for her are Kit and Kat, I'm glad you explained why Lion-o is acting crazy, but now i still want to slap him and say you played right into mum-ra's hands. You gave him Erica and now for all you know you are retreving the stone for him. All because you refuse to see the truth.
Also the Cats need to stop comdeming people and see Erica for what she is, a poor girl who had to carry so many burdens her whole life, a victim of Mum-ra as well. Hopefully in part 3 they will see and accept the truth.
Guest chapter 38 . 7/11
I hope Lion-o and the Cats see how they are hypocrites. His people treated the other Animals like dirt. Erica was born into a War with no choice but to fight and once again she's been put in that position. After all their people have done do they deserve death,? why does Erica have to die, and Soul Server is crazy, no one needs to trust that guy.

I'm really enjoying this story, it's very well written. I just hope somehow the Cats realize they are wrong and atone for what they have done. I also hope somehow Lion-o and Erica/Echo can be together.
The Night Whisperer chapter 38 . 7/10
*sniffles* I knew Erica and Masai had a thing together, but seeing how they acted back then just breaks my heart. ;_; And what makes it even worse is that we know Markata/Mumm-Ra is going to ruin all of that. Since, I'm almost positive that he had feelings for her, and felt threatened by Masai. So, of course, he would fuck everything up for them. Anyway, please update soon :)
Heart of the Demons chapter 38 . 7/10
Well, it looks like your story just got a whole lot bigger. This second part of "Legacy: Redux" is where we get to learn more about Erica, and why the Soul Sever has a part in all this madness. If I thought Erica's past was tough, then the third part should absolutely tug at my heartstrings. Good luck with that. :)
suntan140 chapter 38 . 7/10
So erica fall in love with masai. I wonder at the first battle with mumm-ra, did masai save erica?
Guest chapter 37 . 7/9
I don't know what to think. I really dislike Lion-O and at the same time feel sorry for him. He's such a mess it's not even funny. I'm actually upset with him and the other cats, except the twins they were perfect, because they all had a hand in making a monster out of Echo yet continue to conveniently overlook their own faults. They were the ones who pushed her away when she was confused and scared, they were the ones who insisted she was a spy and a traitor, Lion-O straight out attacked and skewered her when she was only trying to help, they've done so much shit to her yet the second they end up in a bad spot they suddenly start with the 'this isn't you' or 'there's some good in you' type bullshit. Why is it they only ever have nice things to say when she has them beaten and is about to win? They're basically screaming Monster right up until she gets the upper hand and then do a one eighty and start going on about all the good she can do before going right back to casting her the villain the first second they can. Not to mention they've never really treated her right to begin with, the part from the Drifter episode speaks for itself, so really if this is how they act I can't blame her for fighting them this is some major mind games and manipulation and frankly it can be considered abuse. I get it, they are hurt, they're upset, Lion-O just lost someone he thought he could trust and cared about dearly but these stupidly xenophobic cats are all pointing fingers because they want someone to blame and it's easier to condemn Echo since they can't do anything about Mummra.
DawnInk chapter 37 . 7/8
Damn, Can I like hate lion-o? like I understand where he's coming from and why he's angry, but he keeps pissing me off. Echo has been through hell and like he's partially to blame for that. Then getting mad about pumra, like she was playing him and he knows that now. He shouldn't be this upset about her! They all pushed Echo into darkness. Except the kittens. They know what's up. Kit is perf.
However I just can't see how Erica is going to be redeemed from all this. She's dont a lot of bad stuff now. Unforgivable things! Like if you don't, that's cool, but I'm always a sucker for a happy ending. (Or bittersweet as least)
As always, I love this story and can't wait for you to continue it. :)
TheDarkestMind chapter 37 . 7/6
You can't do this to me, leaving us with that cliffhanger! Holy crap Erica is going crazy. Whatever those chips or Markata or Leviathan or who knows what did that to her must've realy affected her mind.

And Lion-O beating her only proved he's acting like a fool and not even thinking straight.

That mysterious person! Who is that?!
Heart of the Demons chapter 37 . 7/6
You're definitely right to split "Legacy: Redux" into two parts, because this first part captures all the craziness it can when Lion-O and the ThunderCats deal with Erica. She certainly has gone off the deep end after Mumm-Ra cast her aside. I believe the beginning of this chapter aludes to the second part of "Legacy: Redux," and I can't wait to see how that part unfolds.
The Night Whisperer chapter 37 . 7/6
I'm so proud of the twins right now. Seriously, they derserve a freaking medal for what they did! XD I mean, not only were they loyal and faithful to Erica to the very end, but they managed to save her from the greatest threat of all. Herself. Something that no Cat has been able to do. Anyway, please update soon :)
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