Reviews for Kiramir
Soraye chapter 27 . 5/24
Oh dear oh dear I love thise story. Love it.
Rayna17 chapter 27 . 5/17
Please continue this fanfiction. Its great, and I want to know what happens next
archergreen4 chapter 1 . 5/11
Really loving your story. Hope you can update soon! Can't wait to see what happens next :D
Dissolved Starr chapter 17 . 5/5
This story is amazing
jshaw0624 chapter 27 . 5/1
This is such an amazing story and Sakhra is an absolutely remarkable OC. I love your portrayal of the characters we know and the ones we don't.

Please continue this spellbinding writing of best kind!
ChilliLemons chapter 27 . 4/25
So. Um. I finished this. And then I checked the date of the last update.
Freaking November 2014.
This is awesome.
I don't care about Legolas, shockingly. I just want Sakhra. She's awesome, and you're awesome, and I want to read more of her.
And you will not deny me, mortal.
Argh. I submit to your control over your pen.
Therefore, I beg.
Write more. Give me more.
"I beg thee!"
Cheers, and hope for updates,
Kmartz95 chapter 27 . 4/15
I have read this a couple times through to what you have written, and this is my first time to review this story. Its amazing so far, and its the first of its kind that I have read and enjoyed. Please continue with it. I'm waiting for more :)
If The Stars Should Fall chapter 26 . 4/14
Please don't stop updating! I've read too many stories of this level of excellence that have been forgotten or discontinued and it breaks my heart every time. Please spare me another broken heart and update soon!
matyre chapter 27 . 4/14
An intense chapter! We really got to see Sakhra's demons come out to play here, and Legolas's internal musings were heart wrenching. An excellent fight-scene that flowed without a hitch, the whole thing really set my pulse racing! And this recurring age thing really has my brain working...

Anyhow, I'm saddened to see that you haven't updated in quite sometime? Of course you must have your reasons, but even still, it'd be nice to see the next instalment of this beaut soon.
matyre chapter 26 . 4/14
Mumford and Sons, nice touch ;) This chapter really did kick my fangirl feels around in the dirt for a bit, but when Sakhra and Legolas started dancing, man they were summersaulting around in my gut. Honestly, the stress here! Oh and that pesky cliff hanger! Incredibly glad the next chapter was there waiting, totally unsure of how I would have handled it otherwise. Brilliant work.
matyre chapter 25 . 4/14
As always, beautifully done. I feel I can provide no criticism because I admire every aspect of this story and the way you've written it. Honestly, this is my favourite lotr fanfiction and I don't see that changing ever, really.
Marakiri chapter 23 . 3/31
Hi there,

I've read quite a bit of Tolkien-inspired fanfiction here and I just want to say I think you've managed to convey the best 'legomance' tension scene on in this chapter. It's elegantly written and deeply expressive. The way Sakhra and Legolas interact in general, dancing around their emotions, makes for quite the entertaining read. Thanks and keep the story unfolding and the tension coming until it snaps ;)!

aqua-empress chapter 27 . 3/28
Well. F*cking awesome!

Finally another tenth walker fanfiction whose 10th walker isn't some whiny bitch or outrageously overpowered female! Kudos and cookies for you :)
Anyway, Sahkra is goddamn amazing, I love her grit, her attitude, everything! Even more cookies for you for developing (and putting into words) such a cool character! What's also really nice is, other than the fact that this is a Legomance *squeeeeee*, the relationships between Sahkra and the rest of the fellowship are well thought out and deep. Plus, your way of writing kinda... flows. Like water. It's incredibly easy to read and get completely immersed, I've read all 27 chapters in one day. :D

So many conflicting feelings about the frustrating progress between Sak (let me just call her that please XD) and our resident elvish Prince charming! I'm annoyed that they're so... wise and considerate, I'm freakishly lovestruck by their romance-type interaction gems, sad because they both think they can't belong together, and so on and so on. But, most of all, I'm happy that this is a tumultuous and long-in-the-make relationship, not some "they saw each other, fell in love and started making out while gracefully fighting battles" type of crapfiction.

Anyways, looking forward to more! Especially the part about Minas Tirith *.*

Keep up the good work,
Reviewer chapter 27 . 3/26
Sorry, I mean *based on* your allusions.
You know, I have mixed feelings about that, if it's true, since I can't see how it will contribute to her characterization or the story as a whole, that she probably gets a longer lifespan (and how convenient that would be given the pairing), or that the fact could be used to "upgrade" her position (implicitly or explicitly). I don't know, maybe it's just my point of view, but i find Sakra to be special enough by herself (her personality) that for me, the often used plotpoint in fanfiction of surprisingly discovered 'noble roots' etc. tastes a bit stale. But what do i know, maybe you ( given that my guess is correct) will subvert that trope or surprise me how it will play out, we will see. The capability to write a believable and inherently conclusive story you seem to own, taking in conclusion what I already have read by you up until now :).
Reviewer chapter 27 . 3/26
So she most likely will be discovered to be a descendent of the Black NĂºmenĂ³reans, as i see it, placed by you allusions.
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