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nevergone4ever chapter 4 . 11/17/2015
JonnyGC chapter 4 . 6/6/2013
Omg, the host perspective awesome!, and who is this,aeandra?
Blue Eyes Arch Angel chapter 9 . 4/30/2013
Wow,I apologise SO much for the late review,been very distracted and occupied with other issue,but here I am!

Radical-OH MY GOSH! You got him right on the spot,kinda cold,emotionless and perfectly confused about Zero,awesome!
Silas-A relgious family huh? You don't see this mentioned a lot in syots (not from what I've seen),it's an interesting twist
Arianna-So very innoecnt in a way,another wonderful POV
Kyle-His interaction was so sweet!
Alacris-The explorer,just awesome! That sold her for me
Cire-This was an interesting little piece,I look forward to seeing what will become of him
Garner-This was great to read,realistic and it was something you could connect with
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 9 . 4/28/2013
Congratulations on the 100 reviews! XD

Radical: Lots of interesting dynamics shoved into the same person, have fun keeping him in character! XD I enjoy the amnesia/memory failure backstory to a certain extent, but sometimes it really messes up the character's development. Oh well, we'll see how Radical turns out! He seems blunt, fairly emotionless, and still sexually confused XD Poor dear. He and Zero seem sweet though!

Silas: Creepy outfit, well done with that :)
Another very memorable tribute with Silas, his parents' religion (and seemingly their relentless evangelism?). His bitterness to them (they tried to raise him well, he just didn't agree...) seems to be his major personality point right now, but he does hold potential as a major player in the Games. Very arrogant.

Arianne: Ooh, ouch. Prep.
Most of her character exposition was at the very beginning. An artist, creative and she sees a lot of emotion in people. She doesn't seem physically strong but she'll be resourceful. If she makes it through the bloodbath I'm eager to see what character development she gets. There are so many things you could do with her!

Kyle: A nice guy, playing up the stereotypical Ten-boy act here but that doesn't seem like who he really is, that's just the playing with the chariot costume. He's just a... nice guy. The alliance with Ayvah is adorable, not really a good strategic plan but cute nonetheless :) I suppose I have to try not to get attached now :/

Alacris: I LOVE the snark in the Career alliance. Alacris and Beau started it off, but everyone got pulled in and WOW that was actually super refreshing! Even Invidia (am I right with her name?) got her snark in and she ditched the alliance! XD Alacris didn't stand out on her own, but as a group... this is gonna be GOOD.

Vincent: What.
He hates girls unless he's seducing them, fear is a show of weakness and he hates anyone who shows strong emotions as such. and he has some bitter, tragic backstory that definitely influenced his bitter attitude.
Yeah no go away.

Siren: Tourette's does that to people, influences them to do the opposite of the command they are given? I... never have heard that before. Okay...
She seems like a major wild card in the Games, I'm interested to see what sort of development she'll receive. Not a fan right now, but that could change.

Garner: He's a big jerk. Ugh. At first, he was just rebellious, but no, he teases people harshly and acts like one of those people who wouldn't stop taunting you until you break.
Yeah he needs to go away too.

From the blog: um... I usually just use blogs for visual reference so it doesn't strike me much at all but my favorites are Beau, Naya, Grant, and Aendra.

Happy writing!
Guest chapter 9 . 4/24/2013
I think I've mentioned this about ten times but I really do love those little things at the start, it seems so well thought out and the writing in them is always really nice and relatable. And I can't believe we've met all the tributes ready.. quite a few have stood out to me while others have stayed in the shadows. I'll give a short opinion on each of the tributes in this chapter.

Radical: I definitely like him.. he's very different and you've done well to keep hidden quite a lot of things so he still becomes interesting each time you read about him. The recap of the goodbyes was a nice insight to a small bit of his life, Zero.. that was a shock but a nice little twist. Plus he's a volunteer, how cool.

Silas: He is actually one of the most unique career tributes I have ever come across and that is also one of the best reasons, and original reasons for volunteering. I just like the whole defiance of it all and the whole religion thing isn't seen much in Panem so I'm seeing him as a daring, brave lad.

Arianne: Firstly nice line - 'The bitter will always come before the sweet.' I'm seeming to like basically all of these tributes. This was a very descriptive pov and I thought the writing really excelled when describing how she was getting treated to by the prep team. I like how she seems like a nice normal girl but we have the little twist of how she thinks it must be fait.

Kyle: The linking between his little baby sister and him allying with the young girl, Avyah, was nice. It shows he has a protective nature to him and the way the thought just came straight into his head showed that it is just part of him to maybe naturally protect those younger than him. He seems like quite a sweet, average guy and I do quite like him.

Alacris: A lot is yet to be revealed about her as this was mostly about the making of the career alliance (I wonder why the female from 2 isn't joining, her personality in her pov seemed to fit right in for a career). But the little hits about adventures and exploring and agility made me think she seems like quite a nice person, but I can't see why she would volunteer. She seems like quite a nice career overall, and I look forward to finding out more about her.

Cire: I love foreshadowing here, I just want to know more. Who's Leno? Why did he volunteer? Why is there stuff to hide? I think we'll find answers slowly but he'll be very good at hiding everything he can from the other tributes and the way he figured Lydia out so easily shows he may be the master of disguise..

Siren: I like the idea of this syndrome, it makes quite a different person and that last line was a good point. What's she going to do when people tell her to win, if she got into the top two would she just kill herself because she has to disobey them.. this makes her a very complex character and I like it.

Garner: A surprise since I don't even like this person.. he's cruel, intimidating, cocky.. why would anyone even want to be his ally if he's just continuously laughing at people. I don't know who would fall for such a trick unless he puts on a mask.. yeah he just annoys me a tad.

There's so many tributes I like it's hard to round down but when it gets closer to the games I will begin to establish favourites. Plus the blog is really great, it gave me a nice recap of each tribute.
ChiisanaSakichan chapter 9 . 4/24/2013
I really liked this chapter, I thought it was very well written, although I found a few typos.
Also, I liked the characters in it. Did we meet all the tributes now?
Anyways I really like the blog, it will be really helpful to keep in mind who is who during the Games!
So in the blog the characters who stood up the most to me were Invidia, Siren, Miyoung, Finnegan, Garner (though I can't see the picture for some reason), and Opal.
The tributes I like the best so far are Alacris, Kyle (it was so cute of him to ally with little Ayvah!), Radical, Naya and Miyoung.
Can't wait to read next chapter :D
drinkthatliquorstore chapter 9 . 4/23/2013
Radical: Love, love, love this character because of the yaoi. bRB, SHIPPING ZERO/RADICAL.

Silas: My gosh, he's so sadistic, that he actually LIKES knowing he's gonna make his parents sad. What a total dick. But so far his parents sound like dicks too so maybe it's in the genes to be a dick. idk hhahaahha. But his outfit seems pretty cool cause i love combat boots and black is one of my favorite colors. But tbh, i just love the last line, it sounds so creepy that it's sexy do i make sense omg

Arianne: Aweee, she likes art. Ew. I hate art, mostly cause I'm not good at it LOL but idk she seemed like a boring character to me.

Kyle: FINALLY. SOMEONE WITH A NORMAL NAME HAHAHA HI KYLE. But LOVE how he's a gentlemen offering help to the 12 year old. You have brownie points from me. But the fact that he's allying with a little girl? YOU ARE SIGNING A DEATH CONTRACT WHY BB WHY WHY MUST YOU WANT TO DIE I LOVE HOW YOU'RE NICE BUT THIS IS NOT PRACTICAL. but at least there isn't a monster in this game. ily bb.

Alacris: She's kind of snarky and sarcastic that I'm on the border on whether i like her or dislike her all i know is i want her to be the Career leader. Not Beau. I WANNA SEE ALACRIS BE THE BAD ARSE MUTHATRUCKA IN CHARGE YO.

Cire: The first anecdote made me wanna sing. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES BACK AROUND THAT'S MY BABY. i think thats the lyrics but idk. he didn't stand out to me.

Siren: She actually stood out the most to me this chapter because of her syndrome. It's really interesting and i just love it man. But I was sad cause Siren didn't get noticed but finne-sumn did :( i like how Siren was the one who noticed most of the tributes. aw my bb miyoung got noticed cause she wore something sluuuutttty. i kinda figured that would be her outfit hahaha but typical capitol promoting their businesses on a tribute outfit. smh. but OMG IS THE D1 GIRL THAT BEAUTIFUL CAUSE SHE'S BEEN MENTIONED A LOT THIS CHAPTER ok not really but yaknow.

Garner: ugh listen here gar-loser. you are pretty idiotic too if you think they're idiotic so shut up cuz i don't like you at all. who cares if ayvah is scared. SHE'S JUST A CHILD YOU HEARTLESS LOSER UGH TOTES DO NOT LIKE YOU.


From the blog, Cire, Kyle and Naya stood out to me especially Naya cuz photographic memory.
But overall, I loved Kyle, Rell and Invidia. They stop doug the most to me in the whole story, and of course my bb Miyoung cuz I'm biased like that. but you know who REALLY FORREAL FOSHEEZY I LOVED? MASTER FUCKING FODEEN I LOVE THAT BAD ARSE MOFO HE IS AWESOME MASTER FOODEEN I BOW TO YOU OK.

but ya, hi vix good job and ily. mwwaaaaa.
Burning Stars chapter 9 . 4/22/2013
Radical: Biting sarcasm, emotionless nature, vaguely explained past accident, theft of intellectual property, illicit trades with the Capitol. What's not to love?

Silas: Rebellious teenager hates religious parents, volunteers for Hunger Games to piss off said religious parents. Yup. I don't think he realizes just how brutal the Games are? His parents may be obnoxious religious types, but they do have a point when it comes to not volunteering for the Hunger Games. They tend to change a person for the worse.

Arianne: Arrogant artist? I like. But other than that, she was kind of bland.

Kyle: AWW WHAT A GENTLEMAN. He's cool, and he has something to fight for. I can understand why he would ally with someone who reminds him of his baby sister, but for some reason, that kind of freaks me out. Not entirely sure why.

Alacris: She's cool. Didn't stick out much. But I seriously dislike it when guys use the name 'Honey' in a serious way. So, Beau, you are uncool.

Cire: Sexist jerkwad. But at least he can get a good read on Lydia, that might help him in the long run.

Siren: Tourette syndrome? Interesting. Other than that, though, she doesn't stand out much.

Garner: Aww, an angry, judgmental, rude tribute. I hope he has more to him than this, because so far, I don't like him too much.

From the blog, I like Kyle, Siren, Cire, and Avyah.
Overall, I like Kyle and Grant the most so far, other than my own tribute.
Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg chapter 9 . 4/21/2013
Great chapter! I liked Silas' s reverse religious persecution, as usually it tends to be the religious using extreme measures to push their beliefs, whereas Silas and his sister are attacked for their parent's beliefs. That's pretty unique and I really like his POV. I also liked Arianne's artistic nature and ability to see beauty, even in the Capitol, as well as Kyle's protective nature. Garner seems different from most D9 tributes and I like him! Siren seems adorable, I hope Finn looks out for her!

The blog is amazing! Finn looks just as I imagined he would! The standout stars to me, besides Finn of course, are: Opal (I still think the idea of conjoined twins is INGENIOUS! ), Siren (she's too cute!), Miyoung, Beau, and Invidia.
Heart of Sunshine chapter 9 . 4/21/2013
This was amazing, and I'm so glad you updated!
Let's see, the District Eight chariot outfit was the coolest, I think. As for the tributes...You portrayed Kyle extremely well. He is so nice, and he would ally a young tribute to protect them, certainly. Garner is a meanie for being such a bully to Ayvah. Siren's weakness is really neat and funny, I wonder how she could be manipulated by it. Cire has found out Lydia's secret... :o Hope he can warn others about her. Alacris, well, Alacris didn't really stand out at all. Arianne is nice enough, who doesn't love a little artist? Silas, hmmm. He isn't quite a typical Career, but he still didn't stand out. Radical has no emotions? :O This could be dangerous!

I hope you update soon, I loved this!
District11-Olive chapter 9 . 4/21/2013
Ahh, Vix! I'm so sorry that I haven't reviewed yet but I will okay I will :)
This chapter was perfect, everything was very direct and there wasn't anything boring or rambly in this at all which was nice to read. I love how you have portrayed my little baby :3 aw yay! I honestly can't decide who I like right now, Siren definitely interest me because they seem very aware of the fact that they can't do what they're told and it's fascinating. Never heard of that syndrome btw, pretty intense stuff!
I hate Garner because he seems mean and I am very sorry to whoever ends up with him as their ally, but I am so glad he doesn't want Ayvah because she is like, too aw. Too perfectly you have written her! Hm who else.
I think that is all for now, but I am reading Vix. Don't worry I'm not like abandoning you, I just have like no time to review. I'll try and get better okay? Try.

Excited for another update and now I'm gonna follow this story so I don't miss out on reading it first :D!
Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg chapter 8 . 3/13/2013
I love the whole idea of the extraction process and how they are using the tributes themselves to create the Arena itself. Brilliant, I say Brilliant! Super amazing idea!

Cameron came off as a selfish prat at first, until I thought more about. Her reactions are real and what should be expected from a fifteen year old girl. She might have had to grow up quickly due to her mother's actions and father's abandonment, but she's still a kid.

Amor, like Beau, is a different type of Career and I dig her. Usually I'm not a Career fan, but she just strikes me. The poor girl is just helping her mother re-live her glory days and doesn't even want to be there. I also loved her crack about ugly people making her feel grouchy.

My darling, Finnegan. He came out better than I ever could imagine. You perfectly captured his upbeat spirit and subtle awesomeness. ;) The thought of spider-mutts made me twitch in fear; just like Finn, I, too, am afraid of spiders.

Ayvah broke my heart, the poor dear. She seems like a bloodbath waiting to happen.

Invidia, another Career that I have fallen for. Like I said before, I usually HATE Careers, yet I think I have loved all of yours thus far. Invidia is sadistic and cruel, like a good Career SHOULD be, yet it crumbles at the thought of losing Avaritia, despite knowing the scene is false.

Mason, another great Career and a departure from the usual Finnick-like D4 males. I like his backstory, his love for his sister, as well as his smarts.

Your story is coming along brilliantly, keep up the amazing work!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 8 . 3/13/2013
Cameron: Maternal, cynical, and detached. Nothing outstanding, but she's realistic. Afraid, bitter, homesick. She's probably fade into the background but she's all right for me currently. There's potential for development, but she doesn't seem that strong so she probably won't last long. Oh well. Be pessimistic, and if they do well, you can extra happy! XD

Amor: Teddy, no surprise here. A seemingly classic D1 female with much more to her than you'd think. :) Still I enjoyed her. The individual traits aren't especially unique- the pressure from the family members, the desire to be pretty and the judgment of appearances, etc. but brought together they have made a vivid and complex tribute who I am eager to see more of.
The extraction process is great, the arena will surely be fantastic. I'm loving this twist more and more, Vixxy!

Finnegan: Normal but opinionated. I like his more upright thought process a lot, although it won't get him far. He's got actual strong morals and his extraction process was really vivid, good job there. Not one of my favorites, not even close, but he seems pretty normal. Always important to have those.

Ayvah: Scared, and upset, and broken. Yeah, fairly average here as well, not actually that much characterization besides thoughts about Maeve. Oh well. A background character. It was sad and all when she started crying during the extraction (they'll have plenty of arena material from her) but I don't relate to her and it didn't strike me deeply.

Invidia: classic, almost stereotypical district Two sadistic career girl right now. She has a soft spot for Av (there were a buttload of 'ia' names XD ) but she's not the type to spare someone because she's got a 'secret kind side'. I think she'll be a good strong character but she'll need some good development before I decide to love her.

Mason: Arrogant much? XD I tend to enjoy the smart Careers, though, and he's strong as well. He's got drive as well, thanks to his father making him volunteer for his sister, so I think he could easily go far. He does get angry quickly though, and I could see him getting too attached to one of his allies. He has potential though, and I prefer his character to most of the others so far. There was a lot about his past so I hope we get more personality later on. :)

From this chapter I definitely liked Fleur and Mason the best. I am waiting to meet all the characters to make a final call on favorite characters!

Good writing and style, the extraction is definitely a good idea :) Happy writing!
drinkthatliquorstore chapter 8 . 3/13/2013
honestly, cameron was bland to me. i didn't really like her. no offense to the creator. ily.

on the other hand i like amor. she does seem like the superficial D1 girl because she thinks looks matter a lot but at the same time she's different. it's odd. this line:
"Now who wants to kill someone as pretty as me?"
just cracked me up. hahahahhahha, superficial twaaaat. ugh, i love the word twat.

finnegan, your heart is golden since you feel empathy and sympathy but in the games, that will hinder you. ugh don't die on me pl0x.

and ayvah! like jake said, you're so bloodbath material.. it's sad cause i think you're so cute too! but if you win. oOoh qurrrl, you proved us wrong. but then you'll probably commit suicide or be like annie form the trauma.

invidia reminds me of india and vida. indiaviiida! not a really nice name but oks. i really like d2 girls for some reason. even if they're the cliche bloodthirsty type. i REALLY like them! so i like her, but it got a little TOOOOO cliche when there was that bit with her sister. uh dude. yoU ARE NAWT KEWL. oks. ugh why do i keep saying oks. oJJKS. i liked how she showed her humanity for her bf though!

he seems cocky to me, that mason. ahahhahah, just cause he thinks or knows he's smart. idk, i don't like cocky people. but he's not really cocky because he cares about his sister and all. his dad is cuhraysee if he was really gonna sell his daughter. you insolent ungrateful irresponsible father, you.


tannnnnnnnnnnnnnner the tantantantantan.
but no really, i love your story so far.
it's really good.
update soon.
three x's again.
oh i'm a perv.
drinkthatliquorstore chapter 7 . 3/13/2013
Hihi, I'm back! Again. I usually check the reviews first before the chapter. I don't know why, so when I saw the name 'Miyoung' I kinda freaked! It's my chappie, it's my baby's chappie! Eeeeeek! Okay off to the meat...erm. Tributes (;
gosh, i hate winky faces.

Opal (and Ruby, I guess): Conjoined twins! This is really new. Even more unique than darling Rell. Wow, first an assassin and now conjoined twins? These users are really imaginative, hm? I wonder how Opal is gonna do it.. It seems really hard. I guess Ruby has to be strong for the both of them because it seems really hard for Opal to stay strong. Their deaths will really sadden me..

August: Don't get too big-headed now just because Vakle chose you. But I do have to admit it does seem like he has a chance. He can get sponsors, he can use a pickaxe, he worked in the mines so he's fit, and that mentality that "Better you die than I" is gonna go far. Okay August. I'll watch for you.

Beau: Very different from Marvel in the original Hunger Games. Marvel was air headed and had this big arse ego while Beau volunteered drunk.. Okay Beau, okay. Hahahaha, but I'm still giving him a chance. After all his past is like, woah. It's really sad. He really loved his mother and for him to lose his mom, then this dad? It's tragic. I guess he feels responsible too. He felt like he was too weak and couldn't protect his mom. It's understandable why he drinks his problems away. My friends do that and I'm not gonna judge them. What makes them cope, makes them cope. I'm not gonna take that away from them. But question. Why does he drink? Wouldn't the alcohol just remind him of those guys? I like Beau, but I wouldn't want him to win. I want him to reunite with his mother. But if he wins, I'm not complaining. With his money, he can see a psychiatrist or something.

Lydia: Her section's really short. o: but yeah, I've created a character like her before. Innocent Primrose-like little girl but really psychotic inside? It's not original, but we always need one like that. Hahaha. Little girl, sit down. This is not your league. The arena will be your castle? You need to be learned a lesson. And you will. *insert evil cackle*
OKAY, I AM CREEPY, but she isn't gonna survive. You may have killed your dad but some of these people are even worse than that, you sadistic twat.

Miyoung: MY BAYBEEEEEE. You are so pitiful. All you want is to be loved, but you sink that low to just have sec with your escort? I did not expect that from you...okay, I did. It seems like you. OKAY VIX, YOU ARE AWEEEEESOME. You portrayed her so perfectly! Booooootipuuuul. It was really on spot. She was the hopeless, depressed girl I created and you made her come alive from her helplessness and her desperateness ugh awesome. But Jula, you are would sleep with a 17 year old? Sick. Even if you're 21. While I was reading, I was expecting her to hurt herself while dressing, haha. But I really liked it. (:

Grant: Hi bbyboy. I like you. I'm so sorry that your baby sister died. :( But your reactions on Jula and Miyoung are so hilarious. You find it so disgusting. oh brother, you are not alone. You seem a little like Gale though. Hm. You and Aendra might get along. But LOOOOOOL at this line. "Something makes me think she was high or something. Or something is seriously wrong with her." Yes, you are right she was probably high. AND, there is something seriously wrong with her too. Ah, it's so nice to see others reaction on your own character. Even if its a fictional character... But hey, it's the fictional character that has a shot. Yes, Grant. You have a shot in my eyes. Your mentors even think so. So good job! Win for D6.

Good chapter, Vix! Can't wait til the Capitol!
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