Reviews for From the Beginning
LilyBolt chapter 1 . 10/15/2013
I am going to give a little response below this to each section as I read it because I will lose myself in the amazingness if I don't, I can already tell. lol Here goes:

"I loved Sam's feelings regarding Jessica. You really gave insight into his emotions after the fire and the way his feelings toward his father changed, and Dean, and UGH! So good! But I will also mention the part about Sam imagining the "what might have beens", and picturing Dean trying to teach his kid how to shoot a gun at a picnic with Jessica and his Dad too... It was great because it felt like a real thought process. Sure, we all know that would likely have never happened, but Sam thinking about it anyway is very believable. ;)

"I remembered that line from Mom's favorite song "Hey Jude": /take a sad song and make it better/. I remember thinking that this was my chance to make it better".

That was perhaps the best integration of "Hey Jude" into a story I've ever read on here. It was so natural and I could completely imagine Dean taking something like that from his childhood, once a comfort, and twisting it into a form of motivation to do something scary like selling his soul. Because Sammy needed him. So touching!

"As a man, my brother, he sacrificed his life, his very soul, to save me. /I can't return the favor/." That line made me tear up. I could feel all of Sam's pain so clearly with those two sentences and it broke my heart. Such great writing!

"Would Sam be reckless, be on a suicide mission, thinking his brother hated him?"

That is so like Dean to think, even after everything Sam had done to deserve being yelled at and called names, that he was in the wrong for having done it. That he needed to go after Sam if only so his little brother wouldn't die thinking he hated him. You know Dean so well it always amazes me!

I loved that Castiel finds faith in humanity and the Winchesters, even after he loses his faith in God. The scene with the homeless man and child was perfect to inspire that in him too. Great job with that! :)

The Bobby part made me want to cry. Poor Bobby, doing what he thought was best to keep Dean safe from another agonizing death. But of course he felt guilty when he realized what he put Dean through by not telling hi, because Bobby knows losing Sam is worse than death for Dean. You got in Bobby's head perfectly and I loved it!

Reading the scene with Dean as ghost-Bobby tries to contact him by helping with the book... I loved the way you captured Dean's grief by illustrating how much loss he has endured in his life. And the little tag on the end from Bobby's POV was so saddening yet great!

OMG reading that last part from Sam's POV when he hit the dog! You've got my crying. I'm dead serious. I absolutely LOVE that you made Sam relate the dog to Dean. That line:

"He's gone, just like Dean."

I believed that Sam felt that way. The whole internal speech beforehand about trying to deny his belief that Dean was gone, but inevitably failing and hating himself for it... Oh my goodness, do you have a clue how much you tortured my feels? I'm a mess right now. Thanks. lol

Basically I absolutely loved this whole story. It was so amazingly well written, and you had such deep insight into all of the characters' thoughts and feelings. I especially loved the way you took little moments/quirks/lines from the show and expanded on them to make beautiful touching moments. (Hence the "Family don't end with blood." part, or the way Sam reacted to hitting the dog...) You are a truly fantastic writer and I think you deserve some kind of award for this piece here. :D
deanstheman chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
That was awesome. I think in every single section you managed to nail exactly what the character was thinking, feeling, and experiencing at that given time. Great job not only on Sam and Dean, but also Bobby and Cas. This was like an angst-filled refresher for every season! Perfect.