Reviews for Fever
H.S.C chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
HURRAY FOR FEVERS! *crowd cheers in the background* HURRAY FOR BEING THE FIRST EVER REVIEWER! *cheering continues* HURRAY FOR BEING TOTALLY FRICKIN AWESOME! *cricket chirps* well, yeah it was a one in a million chance anyway... TTTT Forget that though! Do you friggin know how much I've been loving this pairing! The story is so awesome! So it's like 1:30 and i'm reading fanfics on my the Web app on my DSi and i see Atobe. K and Akutagawa. J and I'm like having a frickin spazz attack. Now it is 02:20 and I'm still reading. Lol. This fic is really good and I can see your potential. I'm going off to read all your other fics now, kk? Hopefully i can make it as first reviewer for them all! Challenge Accepted. I'll even read the M ones, because I've been into shounen-ai and yaoi lately, hehehe...
ACCELERATOR chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
YAY FIRST REVIEW! LOVED IT! espeacially all that talk in the limo