Reviews for Selfish For Once
Velvet Storm chapter 1 . 7/22/2014
A brutally honest shag with no expectations - nice!
Sela McGrane chapter 1 . 4/28/2013
This could be continued! (Should be)
Exceeds Expectations chapter 1 . 2/27/2013
This is one of the more interesting pairings I've seen, and you have played it rather nicely by letting them come together in such a situation - Ginny does seem the type to do something bold after a breakup! Though I myself don't see a lot of similarities between Lily and Ginny, it was a nice way to connect the two in Severus' mind, if you know what I mean. I like that you made this pairing work as best as you could, and it's not /too/ OOC, so well done!
our dancing days chapter 1 . 2/25/2013
You were right at the start, it was quite OOC, but I think it actually made me enjoy it more. It wouldn't work with the characters being their canon selves, but here it seemed to, though it was a bit forced. However, I definitely enjoyed it; well done! :)
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 2/23/2013
GinnySeverus is a really interesting pairing, I will say - it's refreshing to see him paired with someone other than Hermione or Harry, to be honest. I can kind of picture Ginny going out and finding someone to get back at Harry, the way she does here, although I don't really see Hermione as egging her on - to be honest, I think Hermione's more OOC in that respect than Ginny or Severus. I do like that you included GinnyHermione friendship, though, since it seems like there aren't enough fics about them as friends. I also thought it was intriguing that you implied that Severus and Lily had sex at one point. SPAG was okay, just a few dialogue issues - basically, you don't need to capitalize 'he' or 'she' in 'He said' 'She said' etc., if it's after dialogue. Overall, nice work, though!
lowi chapter 1 . 2/21/2013
While GinnySnape is a pairing I don't really like, I think this was a really well written story! I don't think neither of them is OOC, to be honest, not with the situation you've put them in; in fact, they're both really nicely captured here!

I also liked (wrong word maybe, since I love HarryGinny, haha!) the idea that Harry was together with Padma - that surely was unique!

Great work!
TrueBeliever831 chapter 1 . 2/21/2013
I really, really enjoyed this. I've kind of become addicted to cross-gen over the last few months. I like that they were both honest with each other... i think that prevented guilty feelings. I like that you had him compare ginny to lily, although his obsession with Lily was sad and made his character rather tragic, It can't really be ignored. This was very well written and Hermione's...bluntness.. made me laugh. Amazing job.
starlight.moon.princess chapter 1 . 2/21/2013
[It immediately reminded him of his one true love, the woman he had given his all for… his Lily.] That just broke my heart. It said everything about Snape that needed to be said - his love for Lily, and the fact that there's a part of him that will be thinking Ginny is Lily.
This is very well written one-shot, and you've brought out both their reasons for sleeping together beautifully.
Well done :)
AnneNevilleReviews chapter 1 . 2/20/2013
This is a very interesting combination, and one that I'd never have thought about. Severus is right in the first section—his thoughts are so many different kinds of wrong, as is his arousal over a former student. However, it is also conceivable. The way he always obsessed over Harry's appearance, I could easily see him doing the same with a female student.

Hermione seems OOC, which I know you know. You're right that there needs to be some kind of push to get Ginny and Severus together, though . . . I wonder if it could be achieved as effectively if you used a canon character other than Hermione? Romilda Vane, for example? Not too useful now, but perhaps it could work if there is sometime in the future that you need to have a character push for something that would be OOC normally. Now, feel free to throw this whole paragraph away. ;-)

[Ginny looked up, her eyes piercing Hermione's . "I'm not some slut." She said, crossing her arms in a huff.] You've got an extra space at the end of the first sentence, and grammatically, there shouldn't be a period after “slut,” nor a capital letter following (ie, it should read “I'm not some slut,” she said, crossing her arms in a huff.)

I really like the exchange you have regarding proper titles—that Snape is no longer professor, and Ginny no longer has to be Miss Weasley. It's both sweet and . . . gently, uncertainly flirtatious. I can read so many motives into his words, which is nice.

[But he's so old, her conscience protested. No, he's simply experienced, she mentally corrected herself.] This is golden.

[She wondered what he had been up too this past few years.] Typo? “up to”? Same question here: [Why do you want too?]

I like how you have Ginny speak Snape's name softly to herself. When I imagine her saying those syllables, I realize it is actually a rather sensual, caressing sound (even though it looks so “severe”). It also becomes poetic: “Sever us” which reminds me of his loss of Lily...

This is one of my favorite lines in your story: [Take that Harry, she thought, placing her small hand into his larger one.] – It's great to hear how Ginny justifies her action—how she sees that sleeping with Snape is a sure way to get back at Harry for his betrayal. Indeed, she is betraying him in a way (or so she would have thought earlier) by being with a man who hated HP so much . . . When we hurt, we tend to strike back in kind . . . so I find this to be believable motivation for the GW/SS matchup.

Ouch about Ginny admitting that she needs “someone, something … Anything” – that stings me as a reader! At least they are both honest that they are using each other. That is a point in their favor. I find the quick-cuts at the end, from perspective to perspective, to be effective; the hint that Severus and Lily had once had sex was a surprise to me, and I adore the way Ginny closes the story by deciding she's going to be selfish for once. An enjoyable read. I can definitely see SS/GW sooner than some other SS pairings!
MindMySimpleSoul chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
I love the concept of Snape and Ginny both "using" each other, and being perfectly okay with being used in return. I think you wrote everyone brilliantly. I enjoyed Ginny in particular, as she takes Hermione's advice on how to get over Harry. Snape was also very in-character. All in all, this fic was a joy to read and a new favorite of mine.
Ralinde chapter 1 . 2/13/2013
I don't think I've ever seen this pairing before. As you said, there was some OOC'ness, but the one that was most OOC, Hermione, can easily be made a bit more IC by having her discourage instead of encourage Ginny. As far as Severus, I can actually see him reminiscing about Lily because of Ginny's hair colour and up until a certain point I can also imagine Ginny trying to forget Harry. I still don't see them working together, but on the other hand, one-night-stands are not meant for anything else but have fun for a night and nothing else and for that you do not have to be totally compatible with one another.
Forever Siriusly Sirius chapter 1 . 2/12/2013
I wasnt really a fan of this, if im being honest. I didn't like the Snily references, because Snape and Lily were never romantically involved and well I din't ship them at all, and I am not a fan of cross gen, especially if it's a former student/teacher senairo. Also I think her name is Ginevra not Ginerva. However your writing was good, aside from the pairings this was enjoyable. I like how ginny was going to be se,fish for once. Nice job.
ProfessorSquirrell chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
This was a pairing I never considered. And yes they are all a bit OOC but you have a point about making them work. I do think using Snape's infatuation with Lily and seeing the resemblance in Ginny was perfect for this though. It definitely worked and Ginny being heartbroken and just wanting to use him is also something she would do. The wanting to be selfish for once is also a love way of looking at this situation too because it rings true for everyone once in a while I think... Nice job!
Fire The Canon chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
Considering the pairing, I actually think you did an alright job at keeping them both in character, you know. Severus thinking of Lily, Ginny just wanting to forget... it's plausible. The only thing I think was OOC was Hermione encouraging Ginny to have a one night stand. She'd be the last to encourage that, I think. She'd probably try and get Ginny and Harry back together. Maybe Luna would have been a better option for her companion :P

Other than that, you actually wrote this quite well to be honest. There were a few spelling and grammar mistakes throughout, but nothing a beta can't fix.

Well done.
alannalove1990 chapter 1 . 1/25/2013
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