Reviews for No Gods, Only Guns
DocHoliday0316 chapter 13 . 10/25
Alright, thus has been one of the most awesome fanfics that I have read on this site. You've combined the universes of Mass Effect and Borderlands brilliantly, and managed to perfectly capture the latter's humor. I honestly can't wait until Roland and Lilith's group and Shepard and Maya's group meet up with each other.

And Saren and Sovereign are now our Krieg equivalents. That's freakin' scary.

Anyway, I hope this fic gets updated some day, because it is awesome.
Axcel chapter 3 . 9/25
Badassery. Badassery Everywhere.
Axcel chapter 2 . 8/23
Lol the Codex is suitably biased in favor of eezo tech since it is written from Citadel perspective. Their egos won't allow them to accept the fact the thousands of years of Citadel civilization has been a complete waste.
Sebine chapter 1 . 8/18
aww man i wanted Krieg in this, but it's BL1
Guest chapter 5 . 7/13
Actually, the name of Tali's combat drone in the game is Chikkita not Chitikka, though props for knowing her drone even has a name
Raegia chapter 13 . 6/29
I must say this is the funniest fic I've ever read ever.
Thanks to tvtropes I found this jewel.
Feeling like actually finishing watching Mass Effect and start watching Borderlands. Or playing. Still not sure which one.

Insane humanity S2 best humanity

Would be a shitty world to live tho.
TheLastGarou chapter 13 . 4/13

Wow. That's... impressive. O_O
TheLastGarou chapter 3 . 4/12

You GLORIOUS bastard. _
reluctantuser chapter 13 . 3/21
There is no logical explanation as to why this works, but oh boy, IT DOES!

This is awesome! You've combined the two worlds in a way that makes a lot of sense (like the neat explanation of the SDU issue, or Torgue-Urdnot) and keeps true to both franchises.

Also, it is sooo much fun!

Not sure if you will continue this, since this is a few years old now, but pleeeeease do. I want to know how a Tanis/Liara works!
The-White-Spiral chapter 13 . 3/18
*Then he heard a faint chime as Sovereign subscribed to her ECHO channel*

This is the most entertaining and hilarious fanfic I've read in YEARS. Please, please continue it someday!
Cerjek chapter 13 . 3/17
Please, please, for the love of all that is bad ass, continue this. This is a glorious piece of work.
Seraphim209 chapter 5 . 3/6
holy shit you actually, an aged to a key Idina a baddass.
TheBronzeLine chapter 1 . 3/1
Oh boy

AnthonyR89 chapter 6 . 12/20/2016
interesting story so far, though i think you kind of had the alliance low-balling Roland and his people. from what you've said, i'd expect that beacon to be worth at least ten times what they got paid for it.
WillItWork chapter 12 . 7/28/2016
Wow, I didn't even connect Jack! That's… supremely cool, and very apropos. Also: GAIGE! My very own favourite mad scientist Punky Brewster. Thank you. Thank you SO MUCH.

I'm noticing she seems to be focusing on the BFF tree (fancy math, indeed!). Do you have any plans for Anarchy, or would that be too difficult to mechanise in this system? I'm thinking maybe biotic aimbotting or something?

OMG. I wrote that comment before I got to the section and… called it. PLS! LOOOOVE IT! GOTTA HAVE IT! Gaige is my favourite mechromancer on the Citadel and the Traverse.

And maybe she's going to get there. You've made me so happy. Thank you. I gotta implant a third arm just for high fives.
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