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Guest chapter 73 . 8/31
I have very much enjoyed reading this story
I care about these characters and you are keeping theim alive for me. I cannot wait for the next chapters. Please finish the story. I NEED a happy ending
jan canup chapter 73 . 8/19
i really hope you finish this soon live real SOON. please dont do us live abc..i am 75 and not so good health would love to read the ending. all i have is tv (not so good ) and my stories. thanks for your writing just keep it up and alway complete.
Guest chapter 73 . 8/2
I am enjoying this story very much. Please. Don't stop writing it
txgal2015 chapter 73 . 5/10
This is a really great story. It took me almost a week to catch up. Can't wait for you to update again.

Thank you

enesbit70 chapter 73 . 5/6
Thank you..I'm glad you continued the story due to 2 unexpected cast members being let the story continue with the right version of CASTLE.
jiml2 chapter 73 . 5/5
A "proper" home DOES NOT heat seldom used rooms. Heat costs money.

Speedy.Mouse chapter 73 . 5/5
I just loved Rick's speech at the Hampton's Literary Luncheon on reading. We have gotten so much hooked on video as the prime communications media that we keep forgetting that much of what transpires in any scene cannot be effectively communicated via video. The written word is much more effective for that. These days I rarely find myself immersed in any TV show or even movie as corners are most always cut to play to a time schedule. Don't get me wrong, I am at awe at the successful TV writers/producers who can tell a great story in 42 minutes each week and who can tie it all together with a multitude of writers and directors (AWM is one of those) However written story writers do not generally have that limitation put upon them so they can play the scenes out as far as they care to. The only temptation is to overdo the detail... This story is a great example of a more fully implemented story and I love it.
Operaluvt chapter 73 . 5/5
I'm here till the wheels fall off. Thank you for continuing.
Guest chapter 73 . 5/4
Amazing and brilliant and beautiful

This story and it's complexity continue to amaze and delight.

Rick and Kate right now are in the own little bubble of tranquility that with what is happening in NY and DC is about to burst.

Hahaha definitely going to be enjoying having heat throughout the house , sweet .

Thank you for continuing this story after the terrible news from the show :((

Happy to know that you and other amazing authors here will keep the true story of Castle alive .
That there can be no true Castle without Kate Beckett by his side , without their love story. :))

I never thought I would say or write that I hope the show is cancelled so that the characters and we the fans receive the happy ending the show deserves.

Have not been able to watch the rest of this season and will never watch the final if Kate is killed and Caskett destroyed. Will never watch a season 9 without Kate Beckett Castle , Caskett.
Past seasons will also be tainted, they will be a lie .
Yea still angry and sad .

Remarkable story .

Thank you for sharing your stories with us

Caskett always and forever
Will head over to read The M chapter 4 :))
Guest chapter 72 . 5/4
Amazing and brilliant

I do not know how I missed it when you updated and then all hell broke loose with the atrocious decision to not bring back the character of Kate Beckett:(((
No Beckett no show .

The beginning with Bracken is chilling.
We have insight into the man and we see that he is going to put his endgame of revenge and I suspect scorched earth policy into play.

Then we get a small and happy reprieve with Kate and Rick and the antics of Martha with the wine hahaha

The introduction of Hunt and Rita into the mix , wow . Something big is soon to happen.

Esposito and Ryan getting back to their true selves partners , good

Rick saving the project putting his own business in harm , wondering why his friends, the other investors haven't stepped up and why the Fed's knowingly was happening didn't step in to stop the manipulation of the banks

The IA lieutenant killed hmm first step in Brackens end game ?

Amazing update, amazing story.
Now to the next chapter.

Caskett always

Thank you for sharing this with us
Dominic Flandry chapter 73 . 5/4
Since the beginning of this season of Castlte reading the stories of the fan writers who obviously know the characters better than the current show runners has been the more enjoyable way to enjoy the stories of Rick, Kate, their family and their friends
kramerjp chapter 73 . 5/4
Very awesome, very awesome indeed, I look forward to reading more soon and seeing what happens next. I'm also looking forward to reading the companion piece as well!
life's a mystery chapter 73 . 5/4
great update! I'm sure Rick and Kate are going to enjoy the new heating system :). I'm glad you are continuing with this story despite recent events.
phnxgrl chapter 73 . 5/4
I loved this missive on Rick's recovery with Kate in the Hampton. Please continue.
TORONTOSUN chapter 73 . 5/4
Looks like Rick is going to have fun being with Kate, who will keep him off his toes. I agree with you about season 8.
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