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purplangel chapter 66 . 2/1
Your disclaimer had me smiling from the get go... 'Naturally I don't own Castle, Beckett does.'
Wow. Luv your sappy / romantic side coming through while Rick watches Kate sleep.
So dang good: A lot in awe and more than a little in love. Totally. Besotted. Entranced.
And I'm positive RC today (during season 7) is worried he might fuck it up and lose his amazing relationship / rightness / oneness with Kate.
And I just *sighed* over his 'creepy staring' monologue... Spot on. So RC.
Fantastic insight: Both of them choosing to cling to that friendship least romance drive us apart.
Thank you for mentioning Rebecca again.
So sweet to think of Alexis as Rick's banisher of lonliness.
Adore how you describe Caskett's relationship as a dance.
Of course, I love every aspect about Suzanne (handling Alexis' portfolio, mediator of Meredith, lol) Thank you again for the honor of naming one of your characters after me.
Serena Kyle should be Serena Kaye. :)
LOL: Kate finds she misses Rick's good natured whining.
Yesszz, a sweaty Kate is more than a little sexy.
I happen to like Martha's mollycoddling, lol.
I wholeheartedly agree with you about the way Beckett sees sex. First Rebel Becks and then relationship Becks and then the be-all-and-end-all-of-relationships, Caskett. **Together, the two of them are almost freakishly great at having sex.** My new fav term for 'them' is "lust googles," lol.
LOL over: Nothing like a good political perp-walk to put the final nail in a politician's career.
Agree with Rachel's assessment that it's best to play it as a game if you want to come out the other side relatively unscathed.
Kudos for having Paula getting Megan Trailor's story killed.
Jeesh, I certainly didn't expect Rick's reinforced respect for Kate to bring tears to my eyes.
Such a touching confession: "He's worth it, Paula. You're worth it, Rick."
Yeah, I can just envision Rick's filthy sideways look at Kate as she divests her wet layers. Damn. She's smokin on sooo many levels.
Really enjoy Kate's part in helping Alexis.
I like the little personal touch of the Senator helping Matthew's brother, Peter, even though we all know it's due to his own personal agenda.
The way you talk about Kate and sparring, her martial arts classes and her tight workout gear. Hmm, definitely has me going, Aaron, :0... Yeah, I can envision the pulled-up hair, glistening face, rippling arm muscles and rock hard ass on full display. (biting knuckles) She is simply divine.
Two thumbs up for: He envies her natural grace, reinforced by excellent reflexes and a never-say-die-attitude.
It worries me a bit that Kate brought her sig to bed with her, and combined with Rick's sleepless nights / nightmares, I'm getting an ominous feeling.
Fuck Aaron, this is some brilliant writing with Rick allowing his demons to win, hurting Kate, coming back drenched. You haven't even written any dialogue and yet us readers are drowning in angst, sorrow and raw emotion. Magnificent.
Beautiful: She burrows all the way in. As close to his heart as she can make it.
I think you are the only writer on FF who has had Kate 'tell the whole world' that Rick is it for her, her 'forever'. Looove.
You've addressed the PTSD so delicately and respectfully.
Wow. Their conversation where Kate says her wall is down and damned if he'll ever get one, is just so moving... Actually had to wipe a tear away.
Robert's concern for them is sweet.
Oh My Gosh. I'm holding my side in laughter over your: Seriously, what was Roy thinking? The place was like a soap opera sometimes.
I smiled when you mentioned that tomorrow is November 17th because of course, that's Kate's Birthday (which also happens to be my first daughter's birthday as well)
Adore the red velvet cupcake with the silver candle touch and I'm SupeR excited to read what Rick has in store for the love-of-his-life's Birthday.
BTW, perfect title for this chapter!
operaluvr chapter 66 . 1/29
You make me smile and this story makes me happy. No hurry to finish on my end.
PeterGunn chapter 66 . 1/28
OK, I will now grudgingly concede your right to be sick to death of such a long story. At the same time, I most happily confirm that this is one of the very best of 's stories. Frankly, I despise reading stories that peter out just as they have gotten my interest up somewhere around chapter 7. "One of Us" has been a bright spot in my life, if I may be so... What is the word people misuse so thoroughly? Ah yes, cheesy. Being pleasant at any point is "officially" cheesy. I just never could buy the notion of manufacturing trouble in a story merely to fill some kind of "professional" quota. Such rote is not professional in my opinion.

Reality is fine. But essentially using a wheel barrow to haul in some manure to dump on the characters periodically is not realistic at all. Going after it like going to the grocery store to buy what the recipe book ordered? Gag.

Fine, fine piece you've got here. Book quality. I do hope I'm right that you will start turn "One of Us" onto an upward slope (even if slowly)

If you ever decide to put it all together (I have it all in a chaptered document on my laptop) and publish it some way, I'd offer editing help. I've done that with a couple others. Personally I'm no good at writing fiction, because I was raised as a stickler for telling it like it is and just can't start making something out of nothing. But I'm good at picking up other people's stories and coaxing in flow, grammar and spelling.

I think with you that would be polishing. I haven't seen gross error in "One of Us". LOL

TORONTOSUN chapter 66 . 1/28
So much to talk about. I hope Rick will survive all of this, with Kate there by his side. I like the fact Kate is there and he is not alone. I like how you brought all other characters to the chapter. I like how Robert is telling Rick and Kate the truth as to where they are. And still, Kate is there for him. I like how Rick will share with Kate.
Larry Holmes chapter 66 . 1/27
Nice...really nice. You write heart-felt emotions with such sensitivity and gracefulness. Your words flow so smoothly while never simply wandering. Everything has a subtle purpose which makes this story so fascinating. Thanks.
momandwife33 chapter 66 . 1/27
Yep still with you for as long as it takes.
12precinct42344 chapter 66 . 1/26
Enjoying this very much. Love the way you have interwoven alternate story line and
have kept the characters true. Also enjoy the details that aren't ''Castle canon", and
how they are giving insight to the characters. Will be waiting expectantly for next chapters.
theputz913 chapter 66 . 1/26
I hope we get to see how he decided to mark her birthday since they were together and especially after his less than stellar behavior a couple days ago.
uofmcowgirl chapter 66 . 1/26
OMG! Two years? Really!? Wow! Where does the time go? I can't believe that it has been that long. This has been the most fantastic journey of a story that I have read on fanfic! So much for 5 or 6 chapters and 8000 words (Hell, this chapter alone was 12,000) Thanks!
ZingerCaskett chapter 66 . 1/26
Happy Belated Australia Day.

Wow! I've been following this story for two years? It's been a hell of a great ride so far, and I'm looking forward to see how you are going to wrap this up.
I've been loving how you've done vignettes of other people's POV's...Alexis, Demming, Bracken...etc.. When the day of reckoning comes for Bracken, it will be all the more satisfying.
It's been good to see Rick's recovery done in a realistic way...not pretty, but not too maudlin or dramatic.
life's a mystery chapter 66 . 1/26
great chapter! I love all the different characters you have working in this :)
phnxgrl chapter 66 . 1/26
I loved this in depth look at Kate's and Rick's relationship during the start of Rick's rehabilitation. Please continue.
KB4RC chapter 66 . 1/26
Excellent chapter. Glad to see you are still writing.
kramerjp chapter 66 . 1/26
wicked awesome indeed, very awesome indeed and I cannot wait to read more soon and see what happens next!
teazer chapter 66 . 1/26
Welcome back! Great chapter. Waiting to see if bracken goes down in a blaze of glory...what does ex wife one want... Does josh get back with that sister... And more. Thank you for the chapter.
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