Reviews for Messing With Valentine
Lilly chapter 68 . 5/28
I hope you're much better now. Do not forget that you'll never be alone. I believe you'll get out of this. Good luck, and see you next time.
Lilly chapter 67 . 5/28
This was one of the best. I love them
Erilin-chan chapter 68 . 4/7
I like your stories, they're fun rollercoasters of happy and sad (and appropriate warnings for all, top marks!) I hope your health improves real soon!
Erilin-chan chapter 67 . 4/7
Welcome back!
Well that was an escalation from chapter 42! Your endings are pitch perfect as always, and a tastefully written lemon.
p.s. if you ever pick up inspiration to continue Across the Ocean that would be magical!
esobb chapter 68 . 3/19
I hope you are better and continue. You are one of the few who write divinely
TOWTWUKER chapter 68 . 2/21
The best way I can think of to help those whom are depressed, is to go out and meet someone. Be it a friend or someone more...

This comes from a guy who is depressed and a few awards that help make up for it.
kyaval chapter 68 . 2/20
I think I'll also talk privately. It is most recommendable.
Pallazo chapter 68 . 2/20
I also left a message on the private.
Rosettast chapter 68 . 2/20
I'll talk in private
Miss Axolem chapter 68 . 2/20
I've been reading your things for years ( I'm the same person you wrote "Difficult(38)" for xd ) and I think you need to know that you are a great and a talented person and if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always open and always up to it! I'm not joking! Hold on to the things and people you love, they are always the source of the strength you need to fight this through.
I'm here for you too, if you need me.
Guest chapter 68 . 2/20
I'm terribly sorry for what you're experiencing, depression is a fucking SHITTY thing and it just gets along so well with EDs, doesn't it? :( It's definitely not something you can control when it pulls you in but I just want you to know that though depression is absolutely not a choice, you CAN make it a choice to get better. You said so yourself that you're trying to work through this and you know what? That desire to get better and the effort you take to getting better, no matter how small, will be enough :) If you push yourself a little everyday and start doing little things that are good for you, and you try your hardest to find joy in the things/people you already do have and plant your mind with good, loving thoughts...someday you'll find yourself in a better place, darkness won't a stand chance in the new light and new energy that you emit from within you :) I had severe depression for 7 years and bulimia/binge eating for half of those years, which took away so much from me, outings with friends, experiences and opportunities etc but when I took the first step to get better, god... I never looked back. I wish you nothing but the best in your recovery - you will get better! - and of course you'll come back, what are you saying? What am I gonna do when I want my yuffentine fix, reread your stories for the umpteenth time? We'll be waiting for you! STAY STRONG :)
Ledde chapter 67 . 2/19
That's why I like SirenMist. She is so attentive to her readers.
It was a wonderful job.
EdenXIII chapter 67 . 2/19
Thanks again for writing our requests. You were great at writing and I can not wait to see your next episodes.
EdenXIII chapter 66 . 2/19
Thank you so much for writing for us.
kyaval chapter 67 . 2/15
It was amazing. Thank you for writing for us. Do not leave us.
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