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TheAnnoyingTallThing chapter 25 . 9/8
Well this story is totally amazing. Im looking forward to the next few chapters, although I honestly think that either you aren't using Fanfiction anymore or you've discontinued the story. I honestly hope Im wrong it's more like not getting time, because after reading something this good, with an actual shot at plot, I will be devastated if it does end.
I love almost everything about the story, the few things o don't being the constant hufflepuff bashing, because even though I'm a slytherin and also believe that hufflepuff is pretty useless, I don't think its too appropriate to always be making fun of it, not to mention it gets old after a while. Also, you mention everyone's surprise at Al being in Slytherin way too much. But other than that, love it. Great plot, superb characters, and a totally fabulous read. I wish to reward you with an Internet cookie. So here
Also, I really do hope you aren't dead or something, and I hope you're well and all. To find out whether I'm crazy or not, if really appreciate it if you sent a reply, even if it's just a line saying That you aren't gonna finish it. So bye, and keep writing and stuff.
AliceCullen3 chapter 25 . 6/9
Sofia chapter 25 . 5/20
This is so brililiant! I appreciate your work and can't wait for the next chapters.
LexyD Danielle chapter 25 . 3/23
Loving the story so far. Took me 3 days to read all the chapters :)
GeminiWolff chapter 25 . 12/14/2014
I really hope you start updating more recent coz I really like it plus I think I know who Harrys mystery contact is
GeminiWolff chapter 24 . 12/14/2014
Few shall we say political errors. Punk is a type of rock music called obviously Punk Rock. also THE GREAT CULL is a rock band not a song according to my sources namely my emo, screamo, heavy metal, punk loving brother.
GeminiWolff chapter 21 . 12/13/2014
Just a couple typos in this one I spotted 1). We "shalln't" worry about it until our second year begins. Its meant to be shan't not shalln't due to contraction of shall not. 2) "good olde days" I think you meant "good ol' days" as it is used in description of well the past. And yes I know I'm crazy for find your typos
GeminiWolff chapter 6 . 12/12/2014
Ok my OCD just kicked in and sorry but you keep getting mixed up with Effect and Affect. Effect is a noun. Affect is a verb. Effect means outcome, consequence, or appearance. Affect is the transformation of the noun to a verb. Again I am trully sorry
GeminiWolff chapter 5 . 12/12/2014
I just noticed a pun in the note it said you're not a huge fan of hagrid. I like it coz hagrid is big. Don't worry I'm not a fan hagrid. I prefer the Malfoy's especially Scorpius
1ma100kin4814sh chapter 25 . 11/27/2014
I have really enjoyed this so far but started following this story just over a week ago and I noticed it had been a while since before than that you had updated and once I start to read something I can't wait overly long I between reads personally I find it makes it harder to follow the story so I thought I'd ask you to please update soon.
seerblood2036 chapter 24 . 9/28/2014
Seeing the adults is always a comedic relief , Astoria still craps me up the most even tho she os not in here , but that part when she started crying was too classic. What was she doing for a week anyway? IT nice to see scorpious act like a real person once in a while and not being possesive or blushing every two seconds. I always thought Daphne and Theo would end up together but okay
Good job keep it up
Was amazing
Guest chapter 21 . 9/14/2014
I love it!
Guest chapter 21 . 9/13/2014
Greaaatttt! Love it!
Guest chapter 21 . 9/13/2014
You so made my day when I saw the update. 3 new chapters! I absolutely love this story and the twins ;)
It would be cool to see how George reacts to meeting people who are kind of like him and Fred when they were younger. (hint hint). Great story!
el33ri chapter 21 . 9/11/2014
Loved the update!
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