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SylvieT chapter 80 . 12h ago
Did I call him Philip Chapman? I wonder if I know a Philip Chapman in real life...but anyway, you're just muddying the waters. ;-)
As I said, lovely bit of GSR at the end, very hopeful, Grissom's subconscious working overtime at fixing his confidence issues. Looking forward to when he comes round.

Keep writing.
RosePetal7 chapter 80 . 17h ago
Aww. Gil's drug induced conversation had me squealing! Incredibly cute. Definitely gave a boost of confidence to Sara. Wonderful update.
csiKathy chapter 79 . 22h ago
I enjoyed both of the last two chapters but think I have been delinquent in reviewing. You have things going along nicely with a good use of all the characters at your command. I am wondering though, who is Philip and why does Connor Headly want to speak with him? Guess we will find out soon enough.
IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 80 . 23h ago
Great chapter - it is good their friends are rallying around and Grissom starting to move forward with his recovery. I loved the San Francisco reminiscences.
Getting Grissom to see a psychotherapist is going to be interesting.
SevernSound chapter 80 . 23h ago
maybe Heather can pull some info from Gill about the way he feels about Sara treating him the way she did.
Moonstarer chapter 79 . 4/19
I still think Nick needs a muzzle and harness or at least some training in people skills. Even if his suspicions may look as though they are right after all, he's never going to win friends and influence people with that kind of aggression.
The twist at the end is very interesting, I'd almost forgotten about the mysterious Philip Beck and now there's a woman involved too - I wonder if she's someone we've met before, perhaps in another country?
As usual I am intrigued.
Kalsan chapter 79 . 4/18
Now how do you expect me to ever lose my extraordinarily deep-seated distrust of Connor Headley? He's still a little too obsequious for my liking and his display of frustration over the missing webpage seemed a bit melodramatic to me. I do try to give the man a fair hearing each time he crops up in a chapter but, honestly, he's beginning to creep me out and I'd trust him about as far as I could throw him.

Nice to see Greg taking point in the interview and Sara's to be commended for her restraint and composure - if I was in her shoes I'd probably have started ripping heads off a good half dozen chapters or so ago. ;)
NANCY1 chapter 79 . 4/16
As usual, another fantastic chapter! Somehow you manage to cram so much interesting detail into each chapter - you put us right in the middle of all the action.

Nick has it in for Headley, but at least Sara and Greg are calmer and have cooler heads prevailing as they try to glean more info from him.

Even though this is already a very long fic, you've managed to keep up the suspense and the interest - great job. Hope to see another update soon.
anne chapter 79 . 4/15
I have been reading along and not reviewing. Embarrassed by my lack of computer skills. I love this story. Thankyou so much for writing it.
SevernSound chapter 79 . 4/14
I'm missing something here.
IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 79 . 4/14
Well Sara has clearly worked out what the initial plan was. Interesting chapter.
You caught each of their character traits here, especially Greg - who has taken on the role of peacemaker/voice of reason (Was that Warrick originally?). Nick full of (self-righteous) bluster and Sara who continues to see the good in people despite how many times she is wrong (or right). I still can't make mind up about Headley.
I suppose the question is - is our kidnapper just in the wind or leading a split life.
SylvieT chapter 79 . 4/14
Just like a bad penny...Headley made a convincing plea and then...Philip? Philip Chapman? I don't know what to think anymore.
I like how you write Greg here. He took the lead and did it very well. He has grown as a CSI, hasn't he?

I hope they catch a break soon. Keep writing.
RosePetal7 chapter 79 . 4/13
Wonderful update! Have more confidence in yourself! I could feel Sara's pain and Nick's frustration. More sh** is about to hit the fan ;)
TORCAN chapter 79 . 4/13
Another layer of mystery just added to the tangled web. Who is going to unravel all of these? Gosh,
such an entertaining, tantalizing and fascinating tale. Are we going to hear from Mitchell Robertson again? Would he be satisfied with just one experiment? Also, what is that French hoochie up to now? Gosh, now I am dying for the next chapter...
mscsifangsr chapter 79 . 4/13
you are rapidly approaching the 1000 mark on reviews...
and your welcome.
and write on jellybean, write on
:) chauncey
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