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suns and stars chapter 160 . 11h
great work
SylvieT chapter 160 . 20h
Don't doubt yourself. This is a great chapter, which shows how far Grissom as come. It also shows how strong he is, both as a man and husband. Think about the journey you took him on; from the depth of despair to looking forward to a happy and fulfilled future, personally and professionally too.

You broke him, mentally and physically, and then you slowly you put him back together. Is he stronger now than he was at he start? Is his marriage? Definitely.

Looking forward to reading what Grissom makes of it all.
SevernSound chapter 160 . 21h
So patient 5664 is just a red herring? Though you were going to bring Sara's kidnaper into the story?
ninthwardgurl05 chapter 160 . 11/25
Happy Thanksgiving! And, I am so happy that Grissom and Sara have come so far in his recovery. and Sara, and friends have been an immense support system and distraction for Grissom to get his head back in the game.

I'm so happy that Gil has come so far in his mental and physical recovery, and agreed with Cyril that they would continue to meet and discuss his progress and any issues he may have in the future. Now, he has another project that he can focus on.

Thank you so much for writers like yourself! More Please!
NANCY1 chapter 160 . 11/25
Hi J - it does seem like the time is approaching to put the finishing touches on this immensely interesting and intense fic. And being privy to Dr. Aitkin's assessment of Grissom and his progress is an excellent place to begin the wrap up. He clearly sees just how far Grissom has come and it's interesting that he wants to keep their relationship going a bit longer. And Grissom does too, so that really shows how far he has come relative to his mental health.

We still need some closure on the whole Paris fiasco so that Grissom's reputation is fully restored in the Academic community. I think that's more important to him than any financial remuneration, although he should be compensated in some manner for everything that he's been put through.

And, we need to hear from Sara too, as well as Grissom. Clearly we can see that the end is in sight - it's been an amazing trip so far!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too. N
Ziver69 chapter 160 . 11/25
Outstanding update. Having Headley help Grissom with the research was a really good idea and I really enjoyed the interaction between Sara and Grissom. That little piece about the baseball game was terrific; a great memory. I adored the part with Cyril and how you wrote the scene with him relaying that session through his casenotes. A great tie in and I can't wait to see Grissom's piece. have a terrific Thanksgiving.
TORCAN chapter 160 . 11/25
An absolutely magnificent chapter. All characters were given the right voices and sentiments. It was the right thing to do by placing Grissom on the road of acceptance and reconciliation. Now he can finally make peace with himself and with what he had to go through. By letting Headley get rid of the unnecessary load of guilt, he himself was able to let go as well. And you picked just the right spot to bring in the famous 'since I met you' reference. Congratulating also for letting Dr. Aitken close off this chapter. It worked extremely well. Through his precise, detached, professional and yet, empathetic voice, we were able to see how far Grissom has travelled, and how much he has conquered and achieved. Well done.

No, you haven't lost any of your magic touch. It's your story to tell and it's very wise of you to stay the course you mapped out long ago. I enjoyed this story as is. No twist or tweak is needed. We are lucky to not only have a writer in you but also an entertaining storyteller as well. What more can we possibly ask? Whatever 'stuff' you have to deal with, I wish you well. All the best in everything you do in the workplace or on the homefront.
aninom chapter 160 . 11/25
Oh, we're close to the end! That always make me sad when a great story is ending, sigh... so, this was the penultimate? It's a another great chapter! I loved Griss and Sara's scene a lot, her 'since I met you' line was lovely, sweet! I wasn't expecting Headley appearance but it's perfect, he'd be the best to help them with that research. We'll he to know about their project become a reality? We'll hear about Paris one more time? I'll be waiting for it. Thanks for sharing:)

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the Americans!
Guest chapter 160 . 11/25
Loved it! Never felt disappointed or cheated with any of the chapters. I'm actually sad it's ending, hope you write more!
sillym3 chapter 104 . 11/2
"For you? I can't help but fall."
Awwwwwwwwwww, cheeeeeeeeeese. Jelly you're such a fluffy writer sometimes.
And a portable walker with tennis ball feet? It reminds me of UP. Son and I have watched the movie so many times.
I'm doing good btw, just splitting amoeba-wise between work and household chores.
IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 159 . 11/2
Sorry for the very late review.

Read this one twice and my initial opinion remains - the lead-in to the conversation in bed is too perfunctory.
The talking and discussion and plans for the future are all good. And I loved the dancing in the bathroom (even if I can't stand John Lennon - if he had played Imagine, mind you, the laptop would have gone out the window).
An animal shelter is a idea though I can see them gong all CSI for the abused animals. Nailing the offenders. Would it be enough for both of them?
saraday chapter 159 . 10/31
First off, I want to extend my sincerest apologies since I haven't reviewed your story till now. I started it, but then dropped it soon after Grissom was found. Tbh, the story got a little long, and I had difficulty maintaining interest in most things GSR after FMN. The finale renewed my enthusiasm, and I have been catching up on fanfiction that I had previously abandoned. I'm just so happy that you and other writers have stayed the course.
Specifically, I have enjoyed your story and the various plot twists that have occurred. While it has deviated at times, I find myself now having the patience to appreciate it. You've done a great job of showing their enduring love, even when things seemed hopeless for them. Thanks so much for sticking with this story. I'm looking forward to seeing where you ultimately take them.
RosePetal7 chapter 159 . 10/28
I enjoyed the first song. The second one might have been pushing it lol. All in good fun. They deserve some corny fun after what they've been through.
Guest chapter 159 . 10/28
sillym3 chapter 103 . 10/28
The argument Sara and Grissom had? You wrote it so good it came to life in my mind. Especially the part where he said "Said the pot to the kettle." It made me cheer inwardly for some sort of cat fight.
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