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sillym3 chapter 97 . 4/16
I just realized that because Grissom is old, the fracture healing will take time. The frame won't be taken off that soon. Poor Grissom. Maybe later, much later, when all is done and everything goes well, you can reward Grissom with some action with Sara. A sexy epilogue maybe.

Jelly, I would like to reread this story from the first chapters, but I'd rather doing it slowly while resting. Would you mind if I ask for the file of this so I can have it printed? Just from chapter 1 to 70 maybe. I promise I won't copy or pass it as my own story. I won't sell it as a manuscript to local publisher or read it as a bedtime story to my son either. Promise. :)
sillym3 chapter 96 . 4/13
She couldn't crumble.
How sad and lonely that single sentence seems?
You played with our emotion too much sometimes.

Now that you accept review in different languages : Kerja keras yang mengagumkan Jellyku sayang.
sillym3 chapter 95 . 4/13
Boooo! Jelly I'm back.
How much research you've done for this? Do you even sleep?
After 95 chapters, is it save to say there's a probability that the 2006 crime was done by two different persons? Landry was one of them? or am I drifting too far?
gsr maniac chapter 127 . 4/12
Great chapter,great writing,great story!
Kalsan chapter 127 . 4/9
Kind and matronly woman, my bloody ass! Right well, while it may seem that everything under the sun is conspiring against him at the moment, I'm pretty damned sure that Grissom is a much better chess player than Sylvie Martin will ever be and I guess we now know what all that 'getting into cars with strangers' business was all about. ;)
suns and stars chapter 127 . 4/9
wonderful work
run4cover chapter 127 . 4/9
Time for the big showdown. Looking forward to that. Good introduction (127 chapters ;-)) so far.
RosePetal7 chapter 127 . 4/8
Her antics didn't bring Gil down! Kick the bi***es a**!
aninom chapter 127 . 4/8
Why did they call Vegas immediately?! Well, they couldn't have done too much probably since the psycho had already took the real Toulson but still maybe they could have gotten something, ugh! Idiots!... and the inquiry in an hour? And the elevators? Poor Grissom had to get till four floor in this own... matronly outfit, huh? well, as they say in here, aunque la mona se vista de seda mona se queda, bitch! Hope things work well for Griss and his team. As Sara said, his attitude is the right one, I'm very glad for it and hope he can keep it that way... I'll be waiting for more:)
Ziver69 chapter 127 . 4/8
Where to begin? I'll start with a "hooray" for an excellent update! I have a feeling that the crazy pants the police encountered was not Toulsan. When they started talking about checking the guy out first and confirming his identity before alerting Vegas, I just kept thinking, "Your gonna tip him off and he's gonna be in the wind!"
Oooo, Sylvie Martin, you cantankerous bitch! So proud of Grissom for meeting all the challenges head on. Oh I cannot wait to see her go down! Wonderful chapter!
SylvieT chapter 127 . 4/8
This is a great chapter, showing Grissom cool, strong and in control, which he's going to have to be. I can't wait to see/read what you've come up with next. Sylvie is clever, or she thinks she is, and hits below the belt, literally and figuratively, as we've seen many times, and Grissom and his team are going to have to be at their best to beat her.

Can't wait for it all to unravel!
NANCY1 chapter 127 . 4/8
As Grissom would say, Sylvie Martin "plays way out ahead" (his quote to Catherine about Paul Milander). She's dressed frumpily and she did what she could to insure that the first image of Grissom that the people in the hearing room saw would be ruinous to his reputation. After all, looks do count.

But, Grissom has come this far, and he's clearly determined, and Sara feels that the real Grissom has returned. If that turns out to be true, then he'll be a formidable match to Sylvie Martin. Let's hope it turns out that way.

And, what's with Toulson - is it Toulson? Seems as though the garage sale lady provided some very helpful clues - she was quite observant. Progress is being made!
TORCAN chapter 127 . 4/8
Oh boy! That Robertson guy is ever clever; but you can't go on knitting lies without skipping or overlooking a stitch. Errors and mistakes do happen, and they do happen even to the best of us. His trail of destruction and deceit gotta catch up with him at some point. You are going to knock the baddies down one a time, right? But those officers in Kingman really deserve more than a slap on wrists for their sloppiness. Take away their donut-coffee privilege for a week will be a good start.

The elevator was out of service on the very day they called for hearing into grievance filed against Grisssom? That witch sure knows how to play dirty. Guess the bloody she-devil has set every tricks she could have envisioned in place. (Why do I think Dr. Heather Kessler will make her way to the hearing as well?)

Stop being such a tease. Kindly elaborate what exactly Grissom and Sara have done in his office while they were dating.

Yes. It's such a comfort to know that Sara thought her Grissom's back. What a strong, powerful and positive sentiment. I felt really good about this chapter. Thanks for the update.
Moonstarer chapter 127 . 4/8
I'm sure that Grissom will turn out to be the better chess player in the end, Sylvie Martin doesn't realise what she actually took on, especially when Grissom has his full backup team on side. Grissom's abductor, however, has managed to avoid facing the full force of Team Grissom and now I suspect that he's pulled the wool over the eyes of another police force.

All these strands and you're still keeping them all moving without getting tied in knots, at least by the time I get to see it anyway.

Keep going, just like Grissom on the stairs, you too will get there in the end.
SevernSound chapter 127 . 4/8
I really want to kill the bitch.
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