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sillym3 chapter 113 . 2/2
You made me googled Kale. it seems like the bitter kind of veggies. I love bitterness. Ha!

I'm glad that they "agreed" on meeting the therapist. (I don't believe in therapist, btw) At least they were trying to fix the relationship.

And her calling him Iron man. :D
sillym3 chapter 112 . 1/31
Ramon is back into the story soon? :D
And, yes, this is not only about the kidnapping.
This is too complicated just to be a kidnapping kind of fanfiction. You and your genius.
sillym3 chapter 111 . 1/26
Oh Jelly, you bring back old tears to my eyes. How I wish my memory bank works selectively too.
sillym3 chapter 110 . 1/26
This is so sad. Their fight. The thing Grissom's think as her reason to leave Paris.
Sometimes two lines meet to become one only to reach their destinations separately in the end right?
sillym3 chapter 109 . 1/25
Aaaargh, it's frustrating when they got back into that "Why you left" argument. Let's just forgive and forget and live on the fluffy rainbow cloud forever. :D
Have you realized that this had became a novel of its own? The story line and the complexity of it? You should try to sell it or something.
sillym3 chapter 107 . 1/25
You know, my co-workers often praise me for being pretty good at forging handwriting and signature. To think that I have something in common with Sylvie Martin, ewww.
And props to you for the Mad Men reference. :)
sillym3 chapter 106 . 1/25
Heather to the rescue. :)
I like this chapter so much for all the interactions between Grissom and Sara.
Thank you for sharing Jelly, I notice that there's already an epilogue to this. You did it! Yay to you and your writing skill!
sillym3 chapter 105 . 1/25
His "so be pissed at home," hmmmmm, my husband said that once to me. I'm glad Sara had Grissom to help her get through. :)
Guest chapter 58 . 1/19
I knew I was correct. Damn sound guy it was. Grissom's in for a rough road. Cannot wait to see how you deal with his mental health post room. You did a great job during the room. I cry for Grissom's car.
chris keeler chapter 162 . 1/13
I just finished reading this story. Well written and I really enjoyed reading it, thank you for your hard work.
Dissertation Procrastinator chapter 48 . 1/13
The plot thickens. So it may not be the sound guy because the antagonist previously quoted the line from Landry about taking different people. So the antagonist had to have heard that somewhere before. It is possible the sound guy is behind the ruse of the documentary and got the video when it was sent out. I"m still betting it's the sound guy from Sara and Nicks interview.

You dangle Headly because you want the reader to think it is him. It's like the magician using misdirection to do his trick. I want to skip ahead to find out, but at the same time I don't.
Dissertation Procrastinator chapter 42 . 1/13
Hahaha lying winch got caught in her own lie!

Honey bottle was significant! Still makes me think it's the sound guy from the interview. It someone associated with the interviews because the antagonist knew exactly where Sara would be to place the honey bottle/listening device.

Poor Grissom. I hope he gets out of there and has some sanity intact.

Fireballs are candy too! Not great candy, but decent candy.

Banjo music really? To each their own.
mslm90 chapter 162 . 1/13
I want to apologize for not reading the sooner. I've been putting it off just because I didn't want to except that the stories over. This was such a perfect, amazing end to an amazing story. I can't even begin to list all the things I loved in that epilogue from the characters, to the shelter idea (Found But Badly Broken is a favourite of mine too). I loved the bit with Allison and he healing as well. I am so sad that this story and journey is over but I am so happy I was able to go along with it.
I hope you plan on writing more stories because you are an amazing author. I do love pregnancy/baby stories if you're looking for ideas ;P I really don't know what else to say... Thank you so much for this truly wonderful story! :D
Dissertation Procrastinator chapter 32 . 1/12
Dark Humor Joke: Grissom should be used to dark rooms and vile comments, he survived graduate school after all.

Wow. Love this. I think you do a great job dealing with the breakdown of Grissom's mental state being in that room. Warrick twist was good too.

The bad guy is also multidimensional and not just a placeholder, which is great. I like the psychological exploration. It's a great (sadistic not in a bad way) thought experiment. What would happen if someone were completely removed from all stimuli and experienced what Grissom did? What about when the captor was a survivor of similar treatment. How would that survivor act towards his captive. Without knowing the antagonist background it's hard to evaluate, but you seem to have a solid backstory for him (i'm sure occurs much later). Because his actions are fitting a pattern. He starts experiment wanting to see what happens. But he gets angry when he thinks Grissom is recating better than he had. The antagonist has a competitive nature and not good at delaying gratification (not so much that he's impatient but he is unwilling to let Grissom naturally break down, and when it does not occur fast enough he pushes it). Then there is the empathy he feels for Grissom because he knows exactly what grissom is going through and he realizes he's become the monster. Not initially, more like that idea in the back of your mind that has not fully formed but is slowly emerging into a coherent thought. He is a rich character that is well developed. Is he the sound guy from the interview?
Guest chapter 22 . 1/12
Phnom no. Sylvie I hate and that is sexual assault. But like most men not so (good job. On that) and even if he had he'd be to embarrassed to report.

Now.I don't like what this guy has planned for grissom. He' . . . . .study. I cannot wait its 6 am and I have to go be an adult in2hrs :(

Loved everything so far. You tell a great story.
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