Reviews for In The Dark
RosePetal7 chapter 126 . 4h ago
Unkie Gil. Oh boy, did I burst out laughing! Seems like Toulson's in trouble...
was spratlurid quimby chapter 126 . 8h ago
Great. moving forward.
Ziver69 chapter 126 . 14h ago
Unkie Gil, I LOVE IT! More healing, yay! Could it really be this simple? I would think they would send someone right over, but with that obvious crooked cop from last chapter and the fact that our psycho seems to be inviting everyone to the same crack house, makes me more inclined to think he'll get away again and no one will see his co-worker alive again. Another great chapter! Keep up te great work!
Ziver69 chapter 125 . 14h ago
So much progress for both of them. I can't tell you enough how much I like Cyril and the way you've written him. I love it when he says, "my friend". Great chapter!
SylvieT chapter 126 . 19h ago
Poor Nicky. You cut all his lines!

Keep going! It's all coming together.
suns and stars chapter 126 . 3/25
nice chapter hard to follow for some reason
Guest chapter 126 . 3/25
so happy to see this...I am ready for some justice and some sweet romance
csimaniac chapter 123 . 3/11
I am sticking with the story and loving it!
Moonstarer chapter 125 . 3/11
Poor Grissom, I can really empathise with his insomnia. It probably isn't made any better by all the years he spent on night shift either. I hope his trip to France gives him some relief. In the mean time maybe he could make use of the time he's awake and do some stargazing? The seeing wouldn't be great from his back yard but he should be able to see something and it might help him put things in perspective for a little while.

Of course finding Grissom's captor would help a lot too, but it looks like it's going to be another case of one step forward, two steps back for the investigating team.

Still loving all the twists and turns and, please, never assume that an absence of reviews from me is a judgement on your story, it's always down to my own issues, another reason why I'm so impressed that you're still heroically moving on with this story after so long, I know I couldn't do it.
csiKathy chapter 125 . 3/8
Nice chapter with evidence of real progress. You have done a good job in writing about the progress Gil and Sara are making. Also dropping that last paragraph with the dirty cop was interesting. Next chapter in Paris. Oh, time for an ass kicking! Madame Martin is really in for it.
SevernSound chapter 125 . 3/8
Forgot all about that scumbag in prison and his sleazy lawyer.
SylvieT chapter 125 . 3/7
Can't wait for them to be in Paris!

And about me being dirty...What you failed to tell your dear readers is that the eyes/eye confusion came just know...when 'everything' was kind of exposed. So, the jump was a small one...anyway...

Have a great weekend. We got temperatures in the two digits for the first time this year so we're outdoors! It's lovely.
IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 125 . 3/7
Eyes? Eye? - long think - Ohhhh! Took me a good 5 minutes to work that one out.
What is a "One for the Gipper" speech?

That was a productive chapter. I like the fact that although you have sorted out Grissom and Sara, you do not "miraculously" cure Gil of all his other emotional problems. Weaknesses I am sure Sylvie will try and exploit - given the chance.
What I find very natural is the way you have Grissom drop in and out of sign language when he finds topics to hard to talk about out loud.
Loved the scene with the Mum and the video tapes. I was already thinking, nobody uses videos anymore before I even read the next line. Then it was a wave of recognition as I have the same conversations with my mother - though with the added complication of explaining over the phone.
The twist at the end with the cop calling Vidas, nasty. You don't let a thing drop do you. Or do you? What am I missing...
Kalsan chapter 125 . 3/6
Goddamned greedy cops; the bastards are everywhere! :)

A little dollop (oh all right, a whole heaping lot then) of GSR, a little therapy and even a little (well, fingers crossed Brass actually gets to hear about it) addition to the casefile; I think you've covered pretty much you possibly can in this chapter. Nicely done
RosePetal7 chapter 125 . 3/6
Wonderful session. I can't wait for Gil to kick a** in Paris :)
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