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IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 141 . 4h
Hey, doofus..."last fateful evening in Parish" - you drunk?
Loved this chapter - Grissom and Amalia was very touching.
It is good Grissom and Sara are talking about the baby and what ifs.
As for Stanton Davis - I have my suspicions - but truthfully utterly confused.
Plot rattled along nicely.
Guest chapter 141 . 8h
Dragonfly pendant and its meaning, really? Nothing like being blatant about taking from others.
SylvieT chapter 141 . 9h
As I said already, two beautiful scenes. First, when Grissom gave Amalia the dragonfly, and then at the end when Grissom and Sara finally opened up to each other about what their child would have meant to them. You wrote that very well.

Still puzzled about you know what, but I'll figure it out! ;-)
SevernSound chapter 141 . 10h
Well Landry certainly got what he deserved, but where does this leave Grissom? Will he come after him again to tie up loose ends?
Torcan chapter 141 . 16h
What a great twist! Having that little Aloisio served as an unexpected catalyst to bring acceptance and healing to this remarkable couple. I do believe finally they can move on and focus on the future and not being held back by the past.

As for that odious Landry, his death brought even more questions to my mind; but it's a relief to know he wouldn't be able to cause more mischiefs from behind bars any more.

The dragonfly pendant was a befitting present for a faithful and loyal friend. Perhaps he will hand one out to Catherine, and Heather Kessler when the case is settled.

We haven't heard the last of Sylvie Martin, have we?
Kalsan chapter 141 . 16h
I am so going to miss Amalia and Aloisio; you've created two fantastic, beautifully rounded out characters there. Oh, and btw, all kids know the nap word and it makes absolutely no difference which language it's said in either. ;)

Still can't gather even a scrap of sympathy for Landry - not that he deserves it, mind, but we've known him so long a part of me feels like I should - and I actually get the feeling that, even if they didn't have their carefully crafted shower shoe earplugs in, his felonious neighbors probably wouldn't have admitted to hearing anything anyway; he was just that kind of scumbag, I guess. :)
aninom chapter 141 . 21h
Oh so, Laundry really knew who was killing him? or it was the overdose talking ? the other psycho contracted the lawyer? hmm... whatever, I loved the chapter! sentimental was the right word, the gift and what he told Amalia was lovely (loved his scene with Aloisio, I really love his kid and find his fascination with Griss cute) and then his talk with Sara was so good and nostalgic, gosh I could feel Griss pain:/ and I'll be still hoping a baby miracle;) thanks for sharing!
suns and stars chapter 141 . 22h
this is very interesting great work so landery didn't kill Davis or who ever but who sent the note
Guest chapter 141 . 22h
Amazing chapter! Your talent pulls me in and I love it. They are in such a great place and the communication is exactly what they need. Still hoping for a baby ;). Landry got what he deserved, that was so well done! The last part with them talking about their baby made me cry, so bravo! More ASAP!
Guest chapter 141 . 22h
this was a great chapter... there was closure and understanding for GSR and their relationship.
csiKathy chapter 140 . 7/3
Ahh, very enlightening. How did I miss this? I'll echo Kalsan in that you write well from the top of a mountain. Nice to finally see that wretch, Sylvie Martin, going to jail. Yay!
csiKathy chapter 141 . 7/3
Well, that was very interesting. You did a great job with the gift giving. I learned facts about dragonflies that reinforce my like of them. You did kill Landry though I am not sure I know what is out in the open. That is OK with me. I'll know eventually as the story ties up but I'll think about the last few chapters. Sad but uplifting section on Gil and Sara's continued growth which was very well written. Good work and thanks to Sylvie for input.
RosePetal7 chapter 140 . 6/30
Ooo did not see that coming with Landry...Sylvie let out a tear. Poor baby *eye roll, snicker* lol
run4cover chapter 140 . 6/30
I think the words fit and that you're doing a wonderful job putting everything together.
Kalsan chapter 140 . 6/29
Very nicely done, perhaps you should park yourself on top of a mountain more often; oh, and I'm glad to see you survived the flight.

As far as Vincent's choice of language goes, I'm really not sure that anything is too offensive when it comes to the French whore. Hey, since she's now locked away, is there any chance we can slip her some of the same stuff Landry got? ;)
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