Reviews for In The Dark
sillym3 chapter 123 . 5/24
Oh. Jelly, so sad. The pain of losing. I feel for Sara. Her hatred. Everything.
Guest chapter 162 . 4/16
Great story...the next one you should write is about the adventures in Hanks Place starring Andy and Grissom.
sillym3 chapter 122 . 4/12
Jelly. I swear in the name of my son and his favorite Lego Superheroes series that I already dropped reviews for chapter 120 & 121 yesterday but they somehow didn't show up. I wrote something fun about smut and about your b'day but they went missing, not even there in my review history.
I'm so sad, Jelly.

This chapter makes me happy though. The fact that they are starting to stand up against Sylvie makes me happy. And Grissom did have the copy of the documents right?
As for Sara stepping back into her abduction case, hmmmm, do you really think it's a good idea?
And about her not remembering things tow days prior? I'm so curious.
sillym3 chapter 121 . 4/12
I have several questions too, being the ever forgetful I am. About the phone call they talk about with Tamboia and about the date. Clear things up for me, Jelly.

Btw, do people really talk about their sex life with therapist? (Please picture me throwing the question with an unhinged jaw because it shocks me so much here)

And btw, since you mentioned your birthday in last chapter. Happy birthday! A day late or a year early, I still love you my favorite writer.
sillym3 chapter 120 . 4/12
What picture, Jelly? What Picture!
I really wish the rest 30 or so chapters will be like this too but that won't do me good since my teeth aren't really that strong.
But yeah, Jelly, yeah yeah yeah. Thank you for the sweet fix.
Let's go to Paris, Mr. & Mrs. Grissom.
sillym3 chapter 119 . 4/12
Yes, it wouldn't be a bad ending. :)
Dare I say, I kind of missing Heather. (Ewwwwwww)
You wrote her brilliantly and I'm not being biased here.
And the sexy time between Sara and Grissom, daaaaaamn. I think I miss reading a good smut too.
limere chapter 162 . 4/2
it was an amazing story, and i loved the way you portrayed the characters :) i hope you'll write many more and i promise i'll every single one :)
Guest chapter 162 . 3/24
You are a great story is to hoping you write more GSR stories
sillym3 chapter 118 . 3/17
Hmmmm. Grissom's next job after Paris resolved, please let it be a fisherman. :D
So, Grissom meet two therapists simultaneously, Michele and Aitken. How though.
I can't wait for the case to be solved, btw.
sillym3 chapter 117 . 3/6
Damnedest? New word for me.
And It came back to square one again. Natalie and her cruelty that affect the couple for life. Do you think if Natalie didn't happen in the show? We would have had our happy ending way before?

PS : I have to be honest with you, I skipped a few part of the therapy session. I'm sorry Jelly. Don't send me a virtual spank all the way across the pond.
sillym3 chapter 116 . 2/10
$100 per 50 minutes? See? See!
$100 can buy my son this killer Kamen Rider Kuuga's belt he's been wanting for age. :D

I really like how both Sara and Grissom opened up to Tamboia though. And all those talk they had seemed so real. The communication exercise/word play seemed to be fun too. You must have done so much research to pull through this story, Jelly.
sillym3 chapter 115 . 2/10
See. I don't like this Tamboia woman at all. Therapist is annoying. :D
sillym3 chapter 114 . 2/10
An error right at the start of the chapter, Jelly. Oh how we can't live without beta-reader.
I laughed hard because I keep reading it as "Whale male" instead of "While male."
My apology to the great Gil Grissom. He's definitely not a whale to my eyes.

On a less-silly note, my favorite part of this chapter is this :
"..., stripped of functionary distractions that both of them had held on as baggage."
Kick-ass description there. Jelly-style!
sillym3 chapter 113 . 2/2
You made me googled Kale. it seems like the bitter kind of veggies. I love bitterness. Ha!

I'm glad that they "agreed" on meeting the therapist. (I don't believe in therapist, btw) At least they were trying to fix the relationship.

And her calling him Iron man. :D
sillym3 chapter 112 . 1/31
Ramon is back into the story soon? :D
And, yes, this is not only about the kidnapping.
This is too complicated just to be a kidnapping kind of fanfiction. You and your genius.
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