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Guest chapter 151 . 7h
its all this chapter
IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 151 . 12h
I quite agree - the show should have pursued that relationship. Greg was at his best (and so was Eric) when he played alongside Grissom. As Greg grew up the interaction did change, but WP left...Here you have them maturing into friends and equals. I don't think it was out of character, Greg has always been very open to the psychic world as Grissom discovered in Spellbound and even if Greg had not felt Warrick's presence he would have accepted Grissom's story as real. Grissom, the scientist, will always struggle to understand things he cannot explain. But at least he can take comfort in that he is not alone in this experience.
I loved this chapter, you could feel the initial awkwardness between the two. Grissom's embarrassment, Greg's realisation that this was going to be heavy. I read this the first time on the train and felt myself filling up!
RosePetal7 chapter 151 . 8/26
Phenomenal chapter! I too wish they had a more-established relationship in the show. Hopefully they share a lot of air-time in the finale. Oh, and definitely not too long :)
NANCY1 chapter 151 . 8/26
What a revealing chapter this was - for both Grissom and Greg. I can't remember what Grissom told Nick (unknowingly) when he came out of the anesthesia - what chapter is that part in so I can re-read it?

We know that Greg has always had a connection to the more spiritual world (and experience)s, and now finally Grissom at least knows that what he experienced was similarly shared by Greg too, although under different circumstances. Let's hope this brings Grissom some peace of mind - he's not losing it.

This was a really special chapter that brought Grissom and Greg together with a uniquely shared way. Bravo - well cone!
Ziver69 chapter 151 . 8/26
I was wrong, I wasn't halfway though, I just hadn't gotten the review written yet. I am SO glad Gil talked to Greg about what happened with Warrick and Greg turned out to be the perfect person to talk to it about! I'm sorry, I can't remember if you divulged that Warrick was leading Greg that day or not back when it was happening. I really liked the conversation between these two and you can see the growth between them both individually and in terms of their personal relationship. Really great chapter. So glad Gil isn't bottling that up about Warrick anymore and he doesn't have to feel alone and hopefully not feeling crazy anymore now that he knows Greg's experience.
SylvieT chapter 151 . 8/26
You did well with this chapter. Both men came across well. It is very heartfelt and honest on both parts. Grissom's ordeal has changed him and maybe made him more in tune with his spirirual self if you like. I think in the end he'll be a stronger, more rounded and more sympathetic man.

Only a 'few' chapters left? :-(
Kalsan chapter 151 . 8/26
There is nothing even remotely out of character about this chapter; in fact, I think it was perfect. Greg was the ideal person for Grissom to turn to and kudos to him for knowing that too. Brilliant, I loved it!
ninthwardgurl05 chapter 151 . 8/25
Awwww, why couldn't we get something like this on the show? I'm glad Grissom and Greg talked, and explored the fact that they are similar in a way. Great chapter!

More please!
wobbear chapter 151 . 8/25
JBCC, I am a TERRIBLE reader. I hardly ever leave you comments or thanks for sticking with this amazing, complex and fascinating story. What's worse is that I know from my little foray into the writing world how much I appreciated getting reviews. There's no excuse for me, but I am sorry for my apparent indifference.

So, abject apologies for my silence.

Now the good part: this chapter was so fantastic it moved even a slacker like me to leave a note and tell you so. Despite the fact they're talking about hearing a dead person's voice - something which normally I'd be very skeptical about - I could so see Grissom and Greg having that conversation. It seemed very real, very realistic. Definitely not too long.

And I've now been inspired to re-read the chapters where Grissom is in that terrible room, just so I can revisit him experiencing Warwick's spirit/words/presence, whatever it may be. Trouble is, we're now up to 150! chapters so it may take may a while to find them.

Lastly, you always left fantastic reviews that made me laugh. I can't do that, but luckily this chapter doesn't lend itself to jokiness, and so I'll stick with stolid sincerity. Fantastic chapter, and an amazing story. Thank you so much for writing and sharing it, JellyBean.
suns and stars chapter 151 . 8/25
awsome chapter
aninom chapter 151 . 8/25
Oh, it's not too long. It was very good and I enjoyed it so very much. I'm glad you made they both talk, hope it helps Griss and he wouldn't have those nightmares about Warrick. Loved that he told Greg about Nick and Catch story too. Great job! Thanks for sharing:)
stlouiegal chapter 151 . 8/25
What a sweet chapter. I loved you had gil and greg one on one. I liked that they both were brutally honest with each other. Their talk was good for greg. But I feel that gil benefited more. Gil had many unanswered questions and shocking to gil, greg could fill in the blanks for him. Greg has always admired and respected gil. There might have been a period when greg was mad at gil; for what happen between gil and sara. Greg was able to give gil some reassuring that he really needed. Gil now knew that he wasn't alone, that greg had experienced the same thing. That warrick spoke to both of them. I'm so proud of greg. He stepped up, he ran in the house, he was there for gil. Greg focused on gil. Saying and doing what warrick had told him. Greg at the moment didn't have time to question any of it. Greg saw gil about to lose it. I'm surprised that greg didn't mention his papa olaf. Greg did mention that this has happen to him before. I see this as the beginning of a special bond between gil and greg. Maybe this experience will help gil to stop having the bad nightmares with warrick blaming him for not saving him. I think that is gil feeling guilty over Warrick's death. Like greg said, warrick knew that gil always looked out for warrick. Greg pointed out that gil was with warrick when died. Warrick was surrounded by gil's love. I was surprised that gil didn't have a moment with warrick, at his grave. Maybe after talking with greg. Gil was ok. He left there with an clearer understanding than he had when they first got there.
TORCAN chapter 151 . 8/25
No, it's not out of character at all for these two to talk. I believe Greg is the most well-developed character of the entire crew. We watched him grow from a young, not-touched-by-the-world lab tech into a grown man, yet still managed to hold onto this essence of what he really was. You did both men justice in this chapter. Yes. Grissom has changed since going through his ordeal in that awful room and what that spiteful Martin woman did to him in Paris. I think you wrote him with great compassion and empathy; it's a heartfelt chapter to see this mighty Grissom struggle to grasp what he experienced. I was glad he could confine his sentiment in Greg. (And you can throw the Maxims of Papa Olaf at us anytime you want.)

One question here, though. Who did he want to talk to at five in the morning?
was spratlurid quimby chapter 151 . 8/25
SevernSound chapter 151 . 8/25
I think it was a wonderful chapter that shows the human side of both of them. I still have visions of Greg with the show girls head dress on. Miss those times.
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