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Guest chapter 134 . 20h
Great job!. Keep going. GSR ALWAYS!.
Kalsan chapter 134 . 5/28
Yay, victory at last! I, personally, would go after them for all they're worth but, as I'm sure I've proven time and time again, I have neither the morals nor graciousness of Gil Grissom. ;)

Creepy French teachers must be a worldwide phenomena; god knows mine, had the ability to make your skin crawl the moment he walked into the room - probably explains why I only took the damned subject for one year.
csiKathy chapter 134 . 5/28
That was a trifecta! Geek sex, name cleared, and the sound of a can of whup ass being opened on that harlot! Well done, JBCC. I love the shout out to the GSR writers too. Looking forward to the next chapter.
IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 134 . 5/28
So Grissom is off the hook and Maximilian is going to make the Sorbonne pay (within reason).
Sylvie is going down, big time along with a few members of the senior staff (I hope).
Aloisio is in for even bigger shock at bedtime when his sibling drops. He will be lucky if he gets a page read to him.
I loved Sara's mind meandering. Mine does that in meetings too even when they are in English.
Do you think CSIGeekFan, SeattleCSIFaan and MSCSIFANGSR will be dusting off their pens for the finale?
Looking forward to that b *!h being taken out...
SylvieT chapter 134 . 5/28
This was indeed a long time coming.
I was wondering...will you have them stay in Paris for a little while before they return to Vegas? A second honeymoon? What about Amalia's baby? Will it be born before they go back? Will she call it Gilbert, with a soft Gee at the start and a silent T at the end?
Looking forward to more.
SevernSound chapter 134 . 5/28
Oh I just can't wait to see the hysterics that deal old Sylvie goes into. Hope Grissom gets a good chunk of change from the Sorbonne for they way they treated him.
MLN chapter 134 . 5/28
I wonder if the board will now begin to look into Martin. If she did this to Grissom it stands to reason she might have done it to others. Maybe now others will come forward. Or better, whatever dirty laundry she has gets leaked to the board and press. I don't see Lady Heather and Grissom's friends in Paris stopping just at this hearing
Ziver69 chapter 134 . 5/27
That was terrific! The love scene was tasteful and so sexy. People take for granted, so many things in life, and it's only when simple things are taken away that we come to appreciate their worth and value to us and you conveyed that beautifully. And I may have squealed and clasped my hands together when that ruling came in. Oh my gosh, yes, it has felt like forever but so worth it!
And your reward shall be red trunks. :)
Guest chapter 134 . 5/27
Sweet - he has been down with Sylvie and the captors
Torcan chapter 134 . 5/27
What?! That's it? I've been hoping to see Ramon again, and you just let him sneak in like that? It's not Ramon, girl. It's Ramon by proxy. We want the real thing. Let Finn fall for him. He might be an excellent candidate for being her Husband No. 8; but I'd rather see him go back to L.A. without a backward glance. Now you should repeat after me: We want Ramon. We want Ramon. We really, really want Ramon.
aninom chapter 134 . 5/27
Yay! As you say it's obvious but it's good to hear/read it! And yes, I need to see Silvie's reaction, although I would love they could seen her to jail or something but I know it's not possible (could she lose her job at least?)... not just yet anyway, because I'm hoping Vincent finds what's need to prove she and Germaine are who really took that money... and Eberstark's right the university has to pay Griss!... oh, I loved the GSR scene, it seems Griss is getting better really;) and Aloisio wanting only him to read him a story?! Love him, too. But I would love more if they could have a baby. A geekbaby is possible?... I'll be wanting the next chap! Thanks for sharing:)
was spratlurid quimby chapter 134 . 5/27
That was great
suns and stars chapter 134 . 5/27
wonderful chapter one case closed another still open I still can't wait for them to get the creep who kidnapped gil
TORCAN chapter 134 . 5/27
This chapter is another proof of your excellent story-telling skill on top of the meticulous notes-and- references keeping you have been maintaining throughout the story. It's a shame the CSI honchos don't come down to your glorious state and go door to door to seek you out. I'd rather read your works any day of the week than sit down to read the CSI writers' scripts. (His Royal Highness Prince Pudge just doesn't know what he's been missing. What he got from Sara? Only an almost-kiss through the beekeeper's hat. Your Grissom beat him by the mile should the two compare their scoring cards.)

I really, really enjoyed how you put the characters together and my God, the dynamic of their interactions, the setting and pacing of the events, every thing and all things made me feel I was there right in the room with them. Also you never lose your sight of the characters you write. It's such a generous act that you share them all with us.

Thank you, too, for giving us another beautiful GSR moment: Sara tracing "I love you, Gil" in sign language across Grissom's chest. Definitely it'll go into my GSR scrapbook.

P.S. Shouldn't we FedEx some Timbits to our precious Prince Pudge? Yeah, Timbits are not donut holes, and the things you get out of the Cheerios box are not donut seeds. I trust you, no need to repeat after me.
NANCY1 chapter 134 . 5/27
Finally - this one aspect has come full circle. And now Grissom has been cleared publicly, which is really all he ever wanted. He's got a great Attorney too!

I especially enjoyed that he was finally able to initiate love-making with Sara and that he could be on top - again, a long time coming.

Grissom met some great people at the Sorbonne who have stuck by him - that says so much about his character. Now, I'll have to go and read the reviews to see what stlouiegal wants to do to Sylvie - I'm sure we all share her desire for Sylvie's final comeuppence.
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