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Guest chapter 145 . 5h
Great job!. Keep going. GSR ALWAYS!.
RosePetal7 chapter 145 . 7/27
Questions have been answered! Let's hope there's no round two and Gil isn't sought after...I liked Brass and Gil's talk; reminder of the good old days.
RosePetal7 chapter 144 . 7/27
I miss Cath and Gil's friendly banter :/ OMG the hideous pornstache! Was not a fan of
Kalsan chapter 145 . 7/24
Oh god, not another apocalyptic series; aren't there enough of those damned things on television already?

I think you've filled in, tied up and explained pretty damn thoroughly with this chapter. The only complaint I can possibly make is the completely unnecessary use of the term 'that Grissom' because, as you well aware, the term 'that Grissom' drives me NUTS! ;)
suns and stars chapter 145 . 7/24
oh this was awsome let the hunt begin the huter has become the hunted
aninom chapter 145 . 7/24
Great chapter! I hate that psycho is so smart, ugh!... but maybe he's done a mistake killing laundry that way? maybe they can get his face from the cameras in prison or something? I hope they can find something to help them to catch him, hmm...and again, I don't find the story confusing, intricate yes, but it's what makes it more interesting and you're doing such a great job that I can't wait to read next and next chapter;) and then nothing like re-reading it if one gets a bit lost, huh?;) oh, I'm a bit sad seeing Griss feeling that way but glad Brass kinda understands him and made him smile if just for a little moment... I'll be waiting for more!
stlouiegal chapter 145 . 7/24
This inquiring mind, wants to know, what is his real name. What's his background story? Where is he from? Since his name isn't Mitchell, Albert, or Kyle? What do I call him? I got it, I will call him Skippy, and skip for short. Because he's very good at skipping out on law enforcement, and skip is such a non masculine sounding name. Since he prefers to play with men. Give him a name, that isn't manly or butch. A name that an interior decorator would have, that lives in Malibu and wears sweaters( like pink, lilac, fushia), tied around his neck. A name that he would despise. A name that would have people laughing in his face and behind his back. You did clear up alot about skip. But I still want skip caught and tortured. It seems that it will be a showdown between gil and skip. Gil will be the one to track and catch skip. Gil is inside his skin. The one that woudn't give up. The man that kept on fighting. I guess its scary to skip that there's a person that is stronger than him out in the world. A man that is a real red blooded man. Who is respected and loved by many. A man that isn't a freak. Still hooked, still reading, still loving your story. I enjoyed this chapter.
SevernSound chapter 145 . 7/24
I'm glad you did this chapter. Helps keep things in proportion.
TORCAN chapter 145 . 7/24
Thank you for giving us this chapter and it did help to clear up some queries I used to have. But dear Lord! I do need to go back to the very beginning and try to piece all the names/clues together.

I hope Grissom was right about the fellow was done with him. Somehow I doubt it. Landry's dead, will he come back to Grissom to have a second crack on the man he couldn't break the first time around? I say you should give this fellow a dragonfly pendant for his brilliant mind -no matter how twisted it may be!

Thank you so much for bringing Brass back to the action. I do miss him a great deal. Just don't send
him back to the East Coast. Please let him go LA where Annie Kramer is waiting for him. (If CSI doesn't bring Donna Murphy back for the final curtain call, I hope as least they would have the decency to give Brass the happiness he is so richly deserved. All Brass wanted was to be the DPC; but they gave the post to Sofia for no good reason or purpose. Let Brass at least have Kramer by his side when he does find his time.)

I was so glad you let Grissom voice his thoughts on leaving the lab not only to be with Sara, but also it was time for him to go. (This is precisely where FF writers beat those professional writing weasels by ten-thousand miles.) Thanks for not making a demi-god out of Grissom. I love your Grissom for being a regular Joe Bloke having his up-and-down moments just like the next one. More Grissom and Sara, please.
SylvieT chapter 145 . 7/24
Another great chapter, Jean. The first section with your baddie was beautifully written and very clearly too.

There are still areas you need to shed more light on, but I know it's coming. I'm sure you can sneak in another chapter before I leave, and then another one after that while I'm on my way South. I can't wait!
IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 145 . 7/24
Well I am pleased I reviewed the previous chapter before i read this one. I am still confused about Landry's death and the evidence he left.
Seems Brass understands Grissom's dilemma about retirement - wanting to stop his day job but not knowing what else to do?
You mention of an endgame (WP reference?) does it mean Robertson is going to go after Grissom again?
IKnowWhatToDOAboutThis chapter 144 . 7/24
Well I am lost. Unless Ribertson has done an Al Johson or has an accomplice? But he always works alone unless he is manipulating someone?
I did wonder if Davis and Landry were one but ...
Grissom's insight from both sides of the case will be interesting- that is if Cyril and Sara let him.
Loved the party and Nick's pornstache reference. As much as Grissom got anxious at the applause it was all part of his recovery. He is coping with situations and people which I suspect will help him with any confrontations to come. Also if you compare him to one of Landry's initial victims - it shows how far he has come
NANCY1 chapter 145 . 7/23
Wow- nicely done! So much wrapped up in one smallish (for you anyway) chapter.

I'm still not sure that Davis is done with Grissom - is something with Grissom his new endgame? Gosh - there's not much more that Grissom and Sara can take.

Davis doesn't realize that Grissom solved the Vidas anagram, and that the LVPD is on to him. So, while he's been extremely clever so far, methinks the good guys are making a lot of headway now.

I also like that you've written Ecklie more favorably than he's sometimes portrayed. He sincerely appears interested in seeing Grissom's case solved. Thanks for explaining so much.
Ziver69 chapter 145 . 7/23
Okay, so now it makes so much more sense about, dang! I will confess, I can't remember if you actually told us earlier who this guy really is or not. I have that list of who he's not very clearly though. So, Landry wanted to kidnap Davis but ended up grabbing a look alike instead? Did I get that right? So much intricate detail involved. I am so impressed with that, honestly. You are a rockstar with case detail! Jim and Grissom, gosh I love the visual with those two; sitting outside, shootin' the breeze. I will admit, when I first read the appearance of OJ and alcohol, I thought it was Cath coming out to have Grissom mix her favorite morning cocktail. Excellent update!
mslm90 chapter 145 . 7/23
Thank you! Not only was it a great recap of what happened but it cleared everything up for me. I really appreciate you writing this and it fit in well so we know what the team will eventually figure out. Thanks and I look forward to your next update! :D
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