Reviews for Lucky Day
1NightReader chapter 10 . 6/13
What a story! Wow! I would be over the moon if you would consider finishing this story! I love your brain! xx
annestreeper chapter 10 . 10/7/2020
Hiii I love this story sooo much please continue this please
Guest chapter 10 . 6/23/2020
hey please continue please
CkOlivia321 chapter 10 . 4/7/2020
Yoooooow! Please do an update I'm begging you
teenybirdy chapter 10 . 2/11/2020
I found this after it was listed as a recommendation. I wish it was finished, but thank you
sarahstreep chapter 10 . 10/23/2019
Pleeeaaassseeee tell me there’s more?! This is amazing! I’ve never read anything like it and I LOVE it!
Libre et perdue chapter 10 . 6/9/2019
Guest chapter 1 . 3/30/2019
Please come back
NovaKeepsKeys chapter 8 . 12/4/2018
Just swung back by for a reread.
Still here.
Still missing you
Guest chapter 10 . 8/25/2018
Please. Come back to this omg
eelojnil chapter 10 . 7/27/2018
I just found your story. It is amazing. Never seen this AU before. It is original and engrossing.

I think this could be the start of her daytime “awakening”. No regression, losing what she has gained. Building on it day by day. Some aspects could be slow...others not so much so.

I know it has been a long time, but...I implore you to return to this and see it through to its conclusion.
NovaKeepsKeys chapter 9 . 4/8/2018
Still here. Missing you.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/9/2017
Updates please
NovaKeepsKeys chapter 10 . 2/13/2017
Just reread your story because it's magnificent. Miss you.
VLo chapter 10 . 1/31/2017
Are you kidding me? This is a great story. I want the rest of it please.
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