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felicitea chapter 40 . 6/7/2015
this story is like two years old but whatever. im still going to review it because i finished reading recently and yet im still a mess of emotions and i need to let it all out TToTT

and 245 reviews will look nicer than just 244. ending on a 5 will make it look prettier

i usually have difficulty reading first-person syots, because everything gets really fuzzy when you have twenty-four(or this case, more) people telling you about their lives, but i genuinely enjoyed this one, because you did a good job of making every voice sound distinct, and you were really good at showing people's personalities through the way they think

that rhyme was accidental

yeah, every voice stood out, from zeno's logical thought process to glen's self-aggrandization to charcoal's need for external approval to trance's spaciness and curiosity... its hard to hate anybody when you write in such a way that makes it easy for us readers to understand and empathize with them. except linden. linden can go suck a dildo

my favourite tributes were alder, charcoal, trance, glen, and waverly.

alder, though i dislike downers like him, he had a narrative voice that was strangely fun to read. he was self-aware throughout his entire development, and i really enjoyed seeing him grow from a person who was very aware of how little he cared to a person who was aware of how he was growing to care for other people. and the way he died was just :(( :'0

charcoal's name is absolutely ridiculous but she was a really realistic character, i could relate to her to some degree lol. i liked how she at least somewhat grew out of her insecurities as she spent more time with alder. "we're team dynamite" "i didnt agree to that" "no alder stfu cant u see im trying to develop as a character by forming my own goddamn opinions... stfu." and her little obituary thing in the blog was super heartbreaking :'OOOO

i enjoyed trance because his voice was atypical and super spacey and i loved that he was super different from the rest of the careers who were all RAWR VIOLENCE and RAWR PROVING MYSELF and RAWR FUCK MY PARENTS instead he was like RAWR CUPCAKES and RAWR PAINT and thats why i found him so cute. he seemed a bit deluded for risking his life in a death match just because he wanted to make new discoveries but... idk ill suspend my disbelief because i like curious characters with strong desires to learn more about the world. their first-person voices sound poetic. and despite how detached he seemed at the beginning, i like that he was still humane and all, remembering the tributes' names and apologizing like ugh that was adorbs. its funny how everyone underestimated him, yet, he won in the end.


i loved waverly because i love careers who are self-driven and fight purely for themselves, careers with realistic reasons for throwing themselves into a death match. ugh ive always loved ambitious fiery girls who fight for what they want and she's just that, and her voice was just so fun to read ayy yeah who tf is sapphire waverly is amazing

linden can burn but his death scene was really beautifully-written like... i hated him but i cried ok. you took advantage of the limits of first person to make the scene more intense and emotional and you could just feel him slipping and i cant ok. i lvoe ur writing so much... fuck fuck fuck


a lot of these characters were ridiculously outlandish and tbh... unrealistic(linden...), but you still did a good job of making them feel real and believable. and your writing here was absolutely fantastic - its a lot simpler than your third person writing but just as powerful, and flows super nicely and like. im so impressed because i hate first person yet i read 40 chapters of this ok. ur good. super good that its actually getting difficult for me to express how good i think it is. im going to be honest rn and say that your writing is my favourite out of everyone's on this godamn site and im seriously hoping you do some original work bc damn gurl, youve got talent i will buy all of ur books if u write some. all of them.

keep doing what you do because you do it so. damn. well.

and one last thing
im laughing
because dominic's last name is monipule
and hes
Cashmere67 chapter 35 . 5/31/2014
i miss this story :(
Metallic Shadow10 chapter 40 . 1/20/2014
You are a great writer and this is a great story! I like that you would show the gamemaker's POV so we see it not just from the tributes' POV. I wanted Waverly to win and I don't think she should have died but you pulled a fast one with a nice twist. I think Trance is more victor material- he had more encounters with the other tributes and more of a backstory- Waverly would just have how Sapphire and others felt... Great idea with the hoverboards..
This is definitely one of the best SYOTs I've ever read and can't wait to read Sand Castles.
jedimaster2013 chapter 2 . 12/20/2013
ok 6 tributes I can do this.
Venera Toulley and her poniard seem very cool
Azure Henderstern looks alike like Waverly, but they have what I picture as the District 4 look
Jorah Horne his choice weapon is a dagger? kinda boring but he seems super strong
Barnabas Gringlam a pyro who has poison as him main weapon? that doesn't add up right
Sterling Loaker I was to know about his failing health a little more. I'm hoping for another BA district partner.
Ionette Exon the name is weird, and I can't really pronounce it at all... but she seems like a doctor's daughter based on human anatomy
Alice Kingsleighs chapter 40 . 12/19/2013
That was one epic conclusion, you managed to wrap everything up in one chapter
To be honest I was really sad to see Icarus die in this manner, he was the best gammemaker Ive ever read about in a syot, he was a combination of everything and releastic one at the matter, I loved him so much but he had to die in order to stick with canon I suppose, he is unforgettable, at least he is done with Snow now ...
As for Trance I was so relieved with the fact that he was the winner, for instint I thought he lost and Waverly won, to tell the truh I wasnt attached to her that much.
But actually nobody wins the Hunger Games, for Trance is still tormented, everything changes, this is just great I love it how he was all excited I still remember the scene where he rubbed his hands saying it was going to be fun, and now just... he has gone through a serious character developpement!
this was really enjoyable ! thank you!
blangreck chapter 40 . 12/18/2013
Well, Burning Stars, all I have to say is...You did a damn well job with this story. The blog, the characters, the writing, all amazing (I'm jelly of your writing skills, honestly...give them to me :p). I am honored to have been a part of this great year long journey. This final chapter was very intriguing; seeing Trance deal with his victory was almost sad because I felt so bad for him (and mostly every other tribute who fell in the arena). I'm disappointed that Icarus died, he was an interesting character. On to sand castles, i suppose...

The2ndMockingjay chapter 39 . 12/12/2013
I'm just a little disappointed, but I loved Trance too so even though he wasn't who I wanted to win, I like him still but I'm sad that this great story is ending.
PyroKwarius chapter 39 . 12/10/2013
Woah... My tribute won... Awesome.

I thought for a second that Trance wasn't going to be saved because of what Icarus said, and I myself didn't really expect him to win. So really, I wasn't expecting Trance to be the one to be resuscitated.

Either way, this was an amazing SYOT story and I can't wait to read the epilogue.
jacob1106 chapter 38 . 12/10/2013
damn. there goes Birch, he was great though everything about him I loved, and how you wrote him was great. thank you for that.
and of course Charcoal is gone too also great girl!

I think Waverly won, simply for the fact that Trance has too many injuries. Birch hit him a few times with the knife punched him a few times and she ripped her trident out of his stomach, he's lucky he didn't die on impact...

finale- great, action, intense, suspense, marvelous

over all, haha you know I loved it xD despite you killing Birch :P great story!
jacob1106 chapter 37 . 12/10/2013
HOLY CRAP! I was not expecting Birch to go at Zeno like that! haha I guess he would make a move before the others though, he's always been willing to fight, no to kill, but for the fact he wants to go home

this is intense.
blangreck chapter 38 . 12/9/2013
Why the cliffhanger?! I want to know who won! I think it was Trance..but i'm not completely sure. RIP Birch, he was one of my top three favorite tributes in these games; he'll be missed. Please update soon, I can't wait for all to be revealed!

Croconaw chapter 38 . 12/9/2013 :)

I think Trance won, but that's might just be because it was from Waverly's point of view.
TallTalesInk chapter 38 . 12/8/2013
I missed reviewing the last chapter, so I'll just include that in the following highly disconjointed review)


Okay, first of all, I'm incredibly happy with the way Zeno died. Fifth isn't so bad for a thirteen year old nerd from Three. The bomb didn't really work in his favor huh. You could really tell how out of his league he was when he died. Birch and everyone else (save maybe Charcoal) were all the picture of calmness and then there he was waving a bomb around like nobody's business. It was great.

This chapter:

So Charcoal died, which was completely understandable being that she was defenseless against two careers and a convict. Waverly and Trance sort of seemed to have some lasting comeraderie there as each of them went to take care of seperate enemies.

I knew the second Zeno's bomb didn't kill anyone but himself that one of the careers had to win. Just doing the numbers, it was two careers against Birch (because Charcoal doesn't really count in that equation). I suppose Birch could have killed Trance, but he would've never gotten past Waverly afterwards. So when he died, I can say I was sad, he was such an interesting character, but I expected it.


They started fighting and I was sure that Trance had it, because Trance is awesome (and that's sound logic) and I wanted Trance to win. But then Waverly's POV started and I just didn't know anymore. Waverly makes sense as a Victor. And I've always loved her too. Trance was so original though. So I'm torn and they're both freaking bleeding out and I have no idea who won!

Okay, I'm collecting myself here. This has been a great story. I can't wait for the next chapter. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be submitting to your next SYOT because of time constraints I have right now. But you can be sure I'll be reading it. So yeah, update soon!
The2ndMockingjay chapter 38 . 12/8/2013
This. That was awesome.

I love both of them so much but I really want Waverly to win. She entered and got this far so she could become her own person and she really feels the weight of the lives she took.

I loved them both but if I had to pick a winner, It'd be Waverly.
Cashmere67 chapter 38 . 12/8/2013
shut the fuck up lmfao i hate you so much gn

Okay well. I've been so concentrated on that he'll win I was so shrouded by everything else. Well, surprise, he didn't.. but okay. Okay. His POV was mostly about the fight. I loved it; it was so fast-paced, action full, and all over the place (in a good way.) Birch is so prepared to fight and will never go down with a fight, and even after all of that (he had like no energy left, he was all beat up, and mentally screwed) he still went at it. He really never gave up once, so he was a respectable character but once I saw Trance's POV next I knew he was dead.

Well.. there was a mixture of fighting and emotion. It was nice, especially for a character like him. He doesn't consider himself a murderer, really? Not until Birch, anyway. The way he was so egged on by Birch, who just egged Birch on return, was so funny. Trance is so childish, immature, naive, and so many other things.. that he really isn't? He's so prepared for the Games but his emotional and internal narrative it what makes him. Then, he killed Birch, and then it turns into Waverly.

Well, we haven't gotten a POV from her in a while, so here she is. It was great; you mixed in her history, personality, character, development, and the fight all into the POV. She brought up her history with Sapphire and all, and then she got some sudden surge. It was a great fight, seriously (especially with the trident and Trance's 'meat' on it, ahaha...) As I wanted, you brought her closer with death and killing and she came to a few conclusions on it and made an opinion on everything and struggled with her mind and conscious in this. Then, it all came to an end.
I mean, technically no one won, but someone had to, eh?
I like how they just laid their together, talking and looking at each other. It was so nice and it really showed the kinds of character both of them are. They're both so dead rn and their bodies/mind are not working and functioning properly.

So who won?
As much as I want Waverly to, I think Trance did.
I mean, both of the characters have their own thing they're fighting for and have worked for, but I think Trance still has so much more development.
So, yeah, I think Trance did.
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