Reviews for Hogwarts And Detention
dreamzspark chapter 1 . 1/22/2013
YAYYYY :D i love HP for a period of time i was SO obsessed haha :] i agree with all the sotrtings, though i kinda hoped tori would be hufflepuff :PP i'm just a jade girl sorry not sorry :] the bade and cade and cabbie was cute awww :] and i was so happy jade wasn't slytherin bc one again I AM A JADE GIRL :D have you finished the story, cause the ending is a bit open ... FIrst review btw :] okay byeeee xxxxx
Mr. RedEd chapter 1 . 1/22/2013
Now this what I think a Victorious FanFic should be like. The characters talked and acted like themselves and didn't go all super dramatic and beyond the parameters of the show. Seriously, too many of these other FanFics read like 90210/Gossip Girl stories with the Victorious names stuck on them!
Although I would have added one thing after the final line. 'Later on in the evening, they would all smile.'

'Except for Robbie, who spent the night trying to calm down a raging Rex.
Rex: Whachu mean I'm a Slytherin! Ain't no snakes in this boy! You know I'm down with Hermione-Honey!
Robbie: I'm sorry but Jade and the others...
Rex: Jade! She's not just Slytherin and Ganky, she's freakin' Bella Witch LeStrange!