Reviews for in the letters we never send
drippinghoney chapter 1 . 8/11/2013
Q_Q This was painful, like slow-growing cancer painful. I thought the ending was perfect. Your characters speak more when they don't say anything.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/22/2013
Wow I really enjoyed reading this. I absolutely love your writing style and I really enjoyed this plot ;A; I'll defiantly check out your other works! Keep up the good work!
hj-dm-sk chapter 1 . 1/23/2013
You have no idea how excited I was to wake up to this notification in my inbox! Glad to hear that RL is looking up for you :)

I have to say, I love this kind of angsty/drama future Atoryo fic. Because, let's face it: while it's possible for their high school relationship to alternate between fluff and snark, there's no way for an adult Atobe and Ryoma to have such smooth sailing. Atobe's position as the only child and heir to a huge company means that a) he's probably gonna be too busy to pay much attention to his personal life, b) there's gonna be huge pressure to marry/produce an heir, and c) a controversial relationship negatively affecting the company's image/stocks would be a serious concern. This, coupled with my headcanon of a "not impressed by your business/political bs" Ryoma, would naturally lead to loads to tension and conflict (which Atobe would be very slow to pick up on, because, again, he's too busy to pay attention to his personal life).

Then again, the entire previous paragraph could just be an overreaching attempt to justify my inner teenage-drama-fangirlish desire to see more jealous!apologetic!Atobe lol

As usual, great writing; there are just a couple of tiny errors:

"It's Christmas today. Had dear Keigo planted anything up his sleeve?" - "planted" might be better as "planned"

"The illness did not conceive to Keigo at first" - "did not conceive to Keigo" should be "was not conceivable to Keigo" (if you mean that it was unimaginable for Atobe), or it could be "Keigo did not perceive the illness at first" if you mean that Atobe did not *notice* it

"But he refrains, swallowing the vile with another sip of water" - "vile" should be "bile"

"It doesn't matter; he has it remembered, and his mind will imprint it until it is naturally forgotten of abandon" - "remembered" might be better as "memorized"; it should be "forgotten or abandoned"

Sorry to be so nitpicky; just let me know if you want me to stop :) I'm never certain if writers like it or are annoyed by it when reviewers catch typos?

One last thing, and I am probably just really slow - what exactly was the deal with Lauren? Atobe seems to imply that Ryoma only "got a whiff of Lauren" because Atobe *wanted* him to, but why did Atobe want him to?