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Laura chapter 9 . 12/10/2013
Loved it!
T'Lu chapter 3 . 6/7/2013
Well, this chapter certainly confirms the opinion that I've always had of Laura. Dragon-lady, indeed! And it's not because she loves Perry. It's just that she loves power and knows that hooking herself to his shirt tails will give her that. The fact that Della has his heart - and by extension all of him, really rankles her. Great chapter!
T'Lu chapter 1 . 6/6/2013
I was looking for something good to read tonight, and came back to read this one again. The pain in that phone call is palpable. It's tragic that they've ended up in this place. Poor Della. Poor Perry. I'm looking forward to re-reading the rest of the story!
T'Lu chapter 9 . 5/8/2013
Nice story! I like the way it fills in what happened to make them spend those 8 years apart. Now I'm going to go find another of your stories to read. :)
murphycat chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
This is a response to "Laura" who flamed your story after only a few chapters. Try doing what my grandmother used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything." I'm not that sweet, however, I'd say play somewhere else if you don't like the story. I think it's damn fantastic. Where are your stories? I'd like to take a look at them...
Guest chapter 7 . 2/16/2013
I know I have reviewed this before, but this is one of the most emotionally painful scenes I have ever read. When Perry breaks Della's heart, it nearly breaks mine. It is so awful, the way he treats her. You've done a fanstastic job with this scene. Murph
pamela ryan chapter 9 . 1/30/2013
KUDOS TO YOU! This is a great story, true to life. The feelings feel true and right. I felt in the books there were broad hints to a deeper relationship but the show was rather sterile. After hearing the interview with Barbara in the 50th Anniversary edition and ESG's participation it makes more sense. I find it funny that DS is supposedly based on Jean (his ex-secretary whom he married). Of course the series was in a different more (supposedly)puritanical time.

Anyway this a marvelous story and I could not stop reading
DNPLC chapter 2 . 1/27/2013
Murphycat I am honored! Thanks so much for your kind words! As for your suggestion, if you look at my note at the beginning of chapter one, you will see that that is exactly what I am doing! I have decided, though, two close this story after two more ending chapters and start anew with Paul's murder. I want to do it up right and give our wondering boy the send off he deserves. I've always loved him.
startwriting...thanks again for the advice and kind you know am a big fan! :)
StartWriting chapter 7 . 1/27/2013
chelsea PM me so I can tell you
murphycat chapter 9 . 1/26/2013
Great story! Now, a request: how about a follow up where they find Paul's killer? I'd love that. You've done a fantastic job. I have to admit this was not sappy, cheesy or any of those other horrible adjectives that I hate! YOu made Laura the true bitch she is (LOL) and put her well into her place. Really, this is one of the best I've read, in any fanfiction fandom. Huzzah!
murphycat chapter 7 . 1/26/2013
God! I could feel her poor heart breaking. What pricks men can be-especially when they are deciding for us! Oh, dear.
murphycat chapter 6 . 1/26/2013
I must say, a lot of fanfiction is so awful, but this story is magnificient! The characters are fabulously done. The plot is extraordinarily creative and I LOVE it. It would explain so much! I like how her relationship with Paul, Jr., developed and explains so much. Fantastic so far!
Chelsea chapter 9 . 1/26/2013
Sorry if this doubled posted but I think the first one posted before I was done writing.

startwriting wrote: "Off topic:There is another site you can post the 'steamier stories' on. I have two stories waiting to be posted there, I just want to know how people review them and how they think about it. There are some more stories of P and D there, some too much (too explicit) for me, but hey, I can chose whether or not to read them?"

Can you point me in the direction of this other site...I would love to read more stories about P & D. Thanks much!
Chelsea chapter 9 . 1/26/2013
startwriting wrote: "Off topic:There is another site you can post the 'steamier stories' on. I have two stories waiting to be posted there, I just want to know how people review them and how they think about it. There are some more stories of P and D there, some too much (too explicit) for me, but hey, I can chose whether or not to read them?"

Can you point me in the directi
Laura chapter 8 . 1/26/2013
Mad Men, srsly?! OK, that explains a lot. Our taste buds are wired completely different. Too much drama, too depressing. LoL. But nice job wardrobe department! The rest raises some serious issues like all those other shows set in the past. Too 2000s with their characters & storytelling, drives me bonkers, esp when it comes to women. But that explains why I disagree with you on your image of D and BH. I only know peops that age (Greatest Gen) who never cussed but rather resisted the growing aggression as the 60s and 70s rolled on and ran us over. Ladies of a style and grace that doesn't exist anymore. So I still give you the clappy hands for aptly describing the changing times but I disagree that D & P have to change to the negative along the way. Drama does not equal realism. It's just a way to entertain which is fine if you're into that but it's not a necessity and all too easily jumps the shark.

Granted, the characters changed on the show but they didn't warp into the 60s. They actually remained quite true to themselves. The TV movies did raise some issues but it depends on how you wanna see 'em. The Lost Love kiss?! Not so deep IMO, rather sweet like allysonbirch said. The Parrish stuff, yeah, sorry. Leaves everything open for personal mind games. Mine doesn't reduce P to a SOAB and D to a victim of his frolicking with other women. For me, cheating will never just be a peccadillo. Also, in Desperate Daughter D said she “wasn't very truthful” with that lady she squeezed for info. So were D/P schmusing all the time or not?! I adore RB but apart from the hanky-panky quote he also said they “finally” kissed (ref to Telltale Talk Show Host) on Vicki's in the early 90s. That's PR at its finest. He was a pro. So, you're interpreting a lot into what may or may not have been insinuated in the movies which surprises me after all the info you've volunteered about yourself.

Personally, I don't think P/D were modern Rock'n Roll and ahead of their time as you've raved for example. D/P were born as characters in the 30s, a high time for sassy women, yes. Their dynamic though was still mighty old school & reputable despite their schmusing in the books. These are not Boomers we're talking about here but a different, more discreet and humble generation who was raised with a different understanding of a lot of things. Thus looking at D/P through a modern microscope just doesn't work, esp as OAPs. Our pc'ed lives and post-feminism really are another world.

But yeah, this is your party, knock yourself out. I'm still digging it w/out agreeing with your like (and some others around here) for twisting and hurting characters who “are so dear to your heart”. I'll never get why writers love to do that (no offense) coz you're not writing about yourselves but about well-known characters instead. That's also my issue with the graphic sex. It pornifies which is currently all the rage and def a Gen Xer/Millenial thing but, IMO, ill-fitting with the given time frame and rather diminishing.
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