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Guest chapter 4 . 12/29/2016
Melkor resumed in a single paragraph:

-I haven't given you permission to put that arm there! -Sauron withdrew his arm at once and Melkor frowned.- But I haven't commanded you to withdraw it either. Embrace me again.

Delightful chaos!
fantasychica37 chapter 1 . 2/4/2014
Okay, I'm sorry, I still think it's messed up but i guess with this you can please divine mysterious secret plans. Happy?
Guest chapter 1 . 1/17/2014
I'm re-posting the review here as well, cause why not? I'm from my phone now so I can't get logged in. If you are ever interested in finding me - I live on this site under the name of Blackheart Dracon.

Good Lord, this is perfection!
I've read it in one breath and I loved every single bit of it.
Your Melkor is so natural, as if Tolkien has come to life to study the Vala deeper. All Melkor's progress of character is so believable, that I want to bow to you for this for an eternity:)
But Sauron stunned me even more. While yours-his appereance is very rare and therefore I found it fantastic to imagine, his character left me breathless.
Because he is Pure Darkness, Darkness that opposes Light only in ways of thoughts and design. He is no Evil, because he loves, he honourably serves, he grants loyalty, he never punishes just for his own joy. He stands up for what he thinks right and he stands up for others. The lattest has struck me most. He is truithful Darkness. Darkness that knows Order, Honor and Dignity. Gosh, I'm in love with him now even more than ever. And how he loves his Master and tells him the expensive truth is realy breathtaking.
Well, his maiden-adventure was hilarious. As well as his rivalry with Gothmog. Two damn idiots:):)
And the last scene - with Melkor telling Sauron the truth and taking off his crown and the whole love act after, especially the moment when their spirits meet... Gives me an urge to go re-read it a bit later.
Yeh, the Mouth of Sauron coming out this way is damn interesting:)
Thank you for the Story.
I'll be re-reading it. It is gorgeous.
crimeson-plasma chapter 1 . 12/20/2013
¡Empecé a leer este fanfic casi por recomendación de un amigo y me ha encantado! Me da una pena enorme el haberlo termiando, tengo que releerlo pronto (muy pronto, o al menos en cuanto me haya acabado de leer Silmarillion). No puedo expresar en palabras lo mucho que me gusto este fanfic, estare encantada de seguir leyendo lo que escribas en el futuro :D
Grymas chapter 4 . 8/6/2013
At first I felt dubious about this story, but one thing I had to admit: I did not have the slightest idea, where it would lead to. And that alone was great:) So I kept reading to found it really engrossing and clever-written. Dialogs, development of the characters (especially your Sauron, who is completely unique and different from all versions of him I know from the Internets;)) But, despite of the aforementioned, your fick was also (to me) pretty depressing . Because Melkor, Sauron, the Shadow - *everyone* suffers here, just for entirely different reasons. I must confess: sometimes I stop reading things, that make me too sad. But it was not the case; your view on the characters and their individual struggles was too interesting. And eventually I did not regret, for the ending turned out to be brilliant! We all know, how this story goes later, but that conversation and its... consequences (I guess I should not spoiler here) are precisely that little spark of optimism that is needed here. It leaves the reader with such warm feelings and such sense of relief, that after all that shit they have been through, they finally found a moment of peace and almost happiness, no matter how brief.
All in all, it is an original and wonderful story. I love it!:D
Arieisit chapter 2 . 8/4/2013
Ok, so I read this because Zlu and Luff said to. Lol. I'm glad I started reading though. It's great!
Zlu and Luff chapter 4 . 6/18/2013
To be honest, when you said this would be the last chapter, I was very upset and I could not see how you could possibly finish the fic awesomely with just one more chapter. I also expected some really unhappy ending. And instead you managed to pull this off amazingly, the chapter is utterly perfect and so is the ending!

I will send the full review to you in a pm.

Zlu here.
Supreme-won chapter 4 . 6/12/2013
I love how each chapter comes from the perception Melkor and Sauron. I can just imagine the reactions Melkor would have to the Valar going around hugging him, Mandos daring to dishonor him...Manwe claiming a happy world has no monsters or darkness (say WHAT?) and Sauron's expression when Melkor does something irrationally and then blames him for it. The portrayal of Sauron's humiliation as a woman was hilarious.
Oh, and their sex was violent, as is fitting :) that threesome with Gothmog...that does sound tempting to read about now...
Jennifer chapter 3 . 3/27/2013
Hey there. :3 I was suggested to read this by a friend of mine named Luff, she speaks highly of your work, and I must say she is right! . This story is so amazing and original, and I love the fact that you added the rivalry between Gothmog and Sauron, because I always pictured it being that way xD The last part of this chapter gave me so many feelings, though, now I have to try not to cry agh, it's so beautiful and painful ;n; (It's also been brought to my attention that you have the same birthday as me, so hey a birthday brother or sister! :D)
Lux chapter 1 . 3/26/2013
...Olvidé comentar uno de mis momentos favoritos! cuando Melkor "mejoró" al orco, realmente me pareció genial y hermoso como representaste el contraste entre la naturaleza caótica, llena de energía y descontrol de Melkor, que desde esa perspectiva deja de ser algo inútil y sin sentido, versus el control lógico y ordenado de Sauron que admira una cualidad que le es totalmente ajena, supongo que en lo complementario de ambos estaría la clave de su relación.
Lux chapter 1 . 3/26/2013
Leí que eres de España, así que mejor escribir en español p

Me gustó mucho tu historia, especialmente el último capítulo, pobre Sauron supongo que por eso se perdió toda la invasión de Angband y la captura de Melkor? xDD

Lo único que tal vez cuestionaría es que a Melkor en el último capítulo le falta crueldad, después de todo es el malo más malo de Arda xD pero si creo que está muy bien que lo personifiques no sólo como un tipo sádico, sin mayor trasfondo, sino más infantil y caprichoso. De hecho me pareció perfecta la manera en que se mostraba cuando estaba en la prisión de Mandos. Sauron me parece casi inmejorable xD obsesivamente controlador, ordenado y cruel.

Espero que sigas escribiendo y estaré atenta al próximo capítulo )
Guest chapter 3 . 3/24/2013
This fic.
This fic. THIS FIC.
I seriously tried not to review this glittering piece of awesome while I was still overwhelmed by tons of feels, but I just couldn't resist.
You write the most interesting, crazy, well-thought Melkor I have ever seen (well, read), the story is deliciously unpredictable and Sauron. Oh Sauron. Come here you sweet little sadistic baby and let me hug you, you little furry ball of malice and doom.
I'm sorry this review doesn't make any sense. I will try to write another one that contains something more than just my crazy ramblings and nonsensical screaming of joy.
Until that day, I worship your awesome, and wait for an update to this masterpiece.
Zlu chapter 3 . 3/18/2013
Hey, Ash's link did not work out, so I decided to repeat it here, replace DOT and SLASH with you know what.
It may look weird, but that's it. Seriously ffnet and its need to destroy links.
Ash chapter 3 . 3/17/2013
Hello! I am so bad at leaving reviews, but I wanted to say that I LOVED your first two chapters, and that I am DYING OF HAPPINESS over chapter 3. I would itemize all the things I loved about it for you, and it would take five paragraphs, but since I have not the time today, I shall save it for some other day, and instead give you this token of my gratitude for writing such an amazing fanfiction, that has absolutely everything good in it. art/The-Elf-Slayer-360096973 Fanart of your Sauron, who is marvelous in every way!
flying carpets chapter 3 . 3/10/2013
ha so it cut my review in half XDD lets paste the second half (maybe there will be third if it cuts it again XDDD)

Ok, so now I sobbed and begged for more and I can continue XDDD:

"How could he trust someone that wore on his face the two heaven lights that caused him so much pain: the pale orb of the Moon, and the fiery globe of the Sun?" Epic paralell between Sauron's eyes and the celestial bodies! By the way once again let me say that I love the "Eye of Sauron" and not the "eyes of sauron" concept. Really fitting, well

justified, interesting, it spices things up, gives him an even more vivid image!

"The look of his Lord pierced him painfully, and all the Balrogs around, that could still see him," Oh my god so this is why he will later yield to Luthien when she threatens to strip him of his form and have him endure melkor's eyes on his naked spirit... alsjdklasdjkljlkj

"When all the stones were placed, Melkor sealed the wall with a curse,and Sauron was left in total darkness." FEEELINGS ;u;

and the perfect way it's phrased "sealed the wall with a curse"! O_O aksdhjas

"And in the midst of darkness, pressed inside the narrow space, he recalled again the song of Melkor,the one he had sung in the beginning of he murmured it to himself, trembling with grief and love." Noooo Sauron! You're such a bastard

Sauron and at the same time such a poor thing striving to get at least a shred of your master's attention and affection and interest or anything. This contrast is so perfect ;u; (another word i keep overusing but IT. IS. PERFECT!) Sauron murmuring Melkor's song, trembling with grief and love... this just makes me shiver and feel so sad for him even if he's a jerk, oh i love all this so much, I need more, I want this story to never stop ;u; And I want to see what becomes of Sauron and Melkor and Mandos and everything! ;u;

So yes, MORE! :3

And now a question because I am really interested; what has even inspired you to write this? What sparked the Melkor and Mandos idea and the portrayal of Sauron's attitude towards Melkor? Share some of your secrets with us *u*!

And oh, now that I typed some of my vast feelings out, I'll go more on technical side; there were some mistakes, especially in the first half (because then there is suddenly no mistakes, you probably got more focused and entranced by translating) so

I will send you corrections somewhere around thursday-friday maybe. Some mistakes are real fun, you'll be amused XDDDDDDD I

can already tell you one hilarious one, there are sounds of "flagellation". Flagellation is whipping... but whipping YOURSELF and not others! XDDD (in self-punishment) So I had this image of Sauron going between the orcs and whipping HIMSELF DRAMATICALLY AMONG THEM to punish them XDDD
and them being terrified XDDDDD IMAGINE that dramatic scene! If they loved him they would be suffering to see him hurting himself, that would be punishment enough for them! XDDDDD And other fun mistakes like that, also quite some probably spanish order of words in a sentence XDDDD But once again,s trangely only in first half. You're generally on that level of english where you write better, more beautiful and correct than even native speakers and then sometimes you all of a sudden make a very silly basic mistake so I am amused XDDDD But then sometimes the same sentence is written correctly few paragraphs lower, I think its just about how focused / attentive you are on a given day XDDD Anyway, I think you could use a sort of beta like me, so I'll send you all the corrections and suggestions during the week (very busy week so for now ill be silent for a while). And when you correct them, girl, we're going to poke your fic into people's faces until they read it. And when they read it, they'll love it like we do aksjldkjasdkj there's just no other way, it's addictive! *u*

ps. omg i wasnt supposed to be writing this review today and it wasnt supposed to be this long XDDDDD Lets see if theres a word limit on ffnet XDDD
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