Reviews for The Tedium of Time
muumi2three chapter 7 . 10/13
"Meddlesome Scottish harridan" - perfect capture of Severus Snape's parlance.

And then - what ON EARTH is that cauldron made of? 1535 degrees Celsius would melt, if not vaporize, any of the cauldron materials mentioned in canon, would it not? and require some pretty hardcore shielding spells to protect the brewers as well.

The drama is excellent.
clausumcormeum chapter 25 . 10/11
I love this alliance. Absolutely adore when the Malfoys and Minerva are involved. Plus, with a good Harry, Neville, and Ginny. Love, love, love.
anon chapter 8 . 8/15
This is so lame I can't even finish it.
hippononymous chapter 5 . 8/14
You really need a better beta-reader.
anon chapter 3 . 8/14
It wouldn't be a bad idea to enlist the services of a second beta-reader or maybe even a different one as there were several mistakes in this chapter.
dixie326 chapter 22 . 8/6
So I had never been a fan of the SS/HG pairing. Then I read a story synopsis that sounded interesting and read it even though it had this pairing. After I read it I decided it wasn't too bad and read a couple of the marriage law fics with an SS/HG pairing. I liked one of the author's writing style and went to her profile to see her stories and her favorites. She only had a few favorites, one of which was this story. I just wanted to say that while those first couple of stories lessened my dislike of this pairing, THIS story has made me a fan of it. The writing is incredible, the characters leap off the page (none of the main characters are two-dimensional...they have actual layers to them), and the plot is fantastic. I'm dreading the story coming to a close and yet can't wait to check your profile to see if you have written anything else (I would check now but I'm trying to hone my self control when it comes to reading, lol).
robituputup chapter 35 . 7/14
Fantastic! Thank you for the great reading!
Nic4355 chapter 26 . 5/20
I've read almost the whole story and I've realized that this story has parts from other stories, and I mean copy and paste plagiarizing. I find that very disgusting if you are going to use other people's work then at least give them credit for the work that is theirs.
Guest chapter 35 . 5/15
Lovely story! I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing!
elizabethrose1974 chapter 35 . 5/10
wow! just finished this! thank you so much!
Guest chapter 27 . 3/14
I was reading through the reviews and the one from the Guest in December 2013 about this chapter being the one they stopped at because it was too oversexed?




MAN what a prude. If they thought that was oversexed they are so damn naive and innocent it's almost cute if it wasn't so hilarious.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/14
Wasn't McGonagall the one supporting and encouraging something between Severus and Hermione from the start? Why is she now cock blocking after all this time when Hermione is like three NEWT exams from no longer being a student? Conflict is a necessity for a great story, but conflict without continuity is just frustrating. It's honestly ruining the story for me right now, it would be so much better without it. There is more than enough conflict and drama without the addition of this bit that is so clearly out of the character of Minerva that you developed from the beginning.
Guest chapter 35 . 3/14
Your stories are great, and you are a fantastic writer so it really puzzles me that you couldn't come up with more original material for both this and Healing Hermione. It screams pure
Laziness to me that you used so many of the same scenes and storyline between the two. I also saw a lot of similarities go Scale of Balance. No wonder I get your fanfics mixed up all the time.
KourtneyKhaos chapter 35 . 2/13
Great story!
lilikaco chapter 19 . 2/12
Omg one more week
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