Reviews for Infinite Stratos: Operation BLAZE
bj chapter 10 . 8/19
i'd love to see more of these
Luckenhaft chapter 50 . 8/17
Time to tie up loose ends in Tamriel. Let's list them off.

Vampires that want to kill the sun.

Evil dragon priest who wants to take down the deadric prince he is the champion of. Then he will probably try to take over Tamriel and the rest of Nirn.

Molag Bal, Hermaeus Mora, and Mehrunes Dagon need to get eaten by one of the less psychotic evil Deadric Princes. Molag Bal, and Mehrunes Dagon because they've both tried to pull Nirn into Oblivion, and Hermaeus Mora for being a schemer of questionable evil.

Plus there is the Eye of Magnus, The Aldmeri Dominion who might want to unmake reality and build it anew as they want to, maybe...

I a
kyuubi chapter 50 . 8/9
need more getting to damn good with this drama and i'm loving it
TheBleakGamer chapter 50 . 8/6
Oh shit. Oh god that bomb drop. Fuck now I can't wait for the next chapter!
eugenio4079 chapter 50 . 8/5
Happy Birthday
Hayane234 chapter 50 . 8/5
seriously i have to give you major props for this story that has only taken 2 days for me to catch up on and i can't wait to read more, i would never had expected that these stories would fit together the way that they did. also on that note are suggestions for other series to be worked into the story as i was curious about it?
Hell is reborn chapter 50 . 8/5
Happy birthday mate
JMK2 chapter 50 . 8/5
Wonder what will happen next. Also wondering if you will have Seth return to the Dead Space universe for the events of Dead Space 3
Reaver Artorias chapter 50 . 8/5
Thank you for this chapter. It reminded me of a few arcs I have forgotten about (been following since chapter 30 or so). Looking forward to more.
DovahCreed519 chapter 50 . 8/5
I kinda binge read this in 2 or 3 days, and I rather enjoyed it. Although I was skeptical at first about Akikaze, I got over it and my appreciation of this story grew. I hope this story continues to expand at it's current rate, if not faster.
jeff5scroggins chapter 50 . 8/4
happy birth day and this is a request i hope you get it
can u add halo arc later in the story bc it would be awesome to see it imagine master chief fighting along with Seth by the way great story
P90isthewaytobe chapter 50 . 8/4
Beautiful, I couldn't describe it any other way.
This chapter was perfect, and I couldn't stop laughing.
The chapter helps to recall all the events that have transpired thus far and adds a little humor as well.
This is by far my favorite chapter in this entire story.
It was just too perfect.
MrSoandSo chapter 50 . 8/4
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one! And great chapter keep up the good work.
Telron chapter 50 . 8/4
HOLY SHIT great update and interesting developments too
Altoris chapter 49 . 8/4
where are the other chapters? This is getting good don't stop!
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