Reviews for Infinite Stratos: Operation BLAZE
HeavensDownfall chapter 47 . 3/23
Damn, Seth, you ain't loyal at all. Also, good chapter, Great chapter!
HeavensDownfall chapter 22 . 3/22
I really need to slow down how much of this i read at one time otherwise my d*ck might fall off from using it too much because of how good this story is
HeavensDownfall chapter 20 . 3/22
I'm starting to think Seth is anemic due to how much he faints but it could just be me...
HeavensDownfall chapter 13 . 3/22
It is at this point in time where i come upon a realization that this plot is so thick and the action is so high and everything else is so over the top, that the pants i'm wearing right now went from green to white if you know what i'm saying
HeavensDownfall chapter 11 . 3/22
Yo dude we heard you like plot, so we put plot in your plot, while mixing the plot with plot and then putting that plot into this plot to make new plot. also we put in a side of plot
HeavensDownfall chapter 1 . 3/21
Oh god this is the first chapter and there are 56?! oh man looks like i'm staying up late tonight!
xghosthunter115 chapter 56 . 3/2
Amazing keep up the good work
otakucritic chapter 25 . 3/2
you know I fucking hate Tabane I know is the creator of i.s. but she is a fucking bitch
P90isthewaytobe chapter 56 . 3/1
Well, this looks like it'll end well (not for those damned rebels though)
As always, we wait patiently for the next chapter.
Kyuubi chapter 55 . 2/25
Please I need morrrrrrreeeeee
killjoytommy chapter 55 . 2/1
Amazing chapter, looking forwards to the next one. Good luck. :)
sleipnir34 chapter 55 . 1/25
i think if you do have the events of canon play out with the betrayal and lelouch becoming emperor, you could have lelouch fake his death getting a code so he can safely go with seth, c.c and kallen would also be able to join since they don't have any responsibilities after the demon emperor's death. nunnally would be possible as you can have odyseus take over as emperor and nunnally can easily get her legs healed
OshiroNai chapter 55 . 1/25
This story is getting convoluted as fuck, man. I like it, and at the same time, hate it. But hey, Ichika/Seth/Dominus/SuperHusbando-kun/Wtfm8Imnotgay/Whatever isn't dense as the bloody earth anymore and has an even bigger harem than before. Poor IS girls, so left behind.
I'd like to request a trip to Lordran, interesting to see a cyberpunk Dark Souls. I wanna see him bring back Quelaag and Priscilla :3
If you don't know much about Dark Souls, then it's fine.
i cri evertim
Reishin Amara chapter 55 . 1/25
check out code geass Renya of the Darkness...they have such a thing as a 'CURSE' in code geass...the result of someone FAILING to make a contract with CC. (Basically their body rejects geass.)

if anything its an epic arm...
War historian chapter 55 . 1/24
Hey. Keep up the good work. May I recommend for the HALO arc that there be a major fleet of space dreadnoughts that are like the Infinity. The Freedom, Independence, Liberty, Justice, and America. Also a super space drwadnought warship class that's 4x bigger than the Freedoms, the Ohio class, Ohio, Michigan and Alabama.
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