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Matty G91 chapter 54 . 1/8
Would it be alright with you if you made Seth/Ichika/Dominus turn the tables when the Black Knights betray Zero by countering Schneizel's evidence by stating to the traitors that "If you truly are under Zero's Geass... how could you possibly betray him?". But before that have him intercept Kanon and his squad from reaching the Kururugi Shrine as the Force showed him: Shirley's death at Rolo's hands, Lelouch and Suzaku's meeting, the Black Knights betraying Zero with Schneizel's evidence, Lelouch confronting his father and mother, Lelouch becoming the new emperor and his war against the world, and finally the Zero Requiem.
Raventus Dracoria chapter 54 . 1/3
You could always add C.C to his group, and instead of giving him geass you could give him a contractor code so he can give others the power of geass so they can get an extra battle advantage, because let's face it giving seth force powers is basically giving him access to most geass abilities as it is a form of metal power
P90isthewaytobe chapter 54 . 12/30/2015
This update, while unexpected, was great.
War historian chapter 54 . 12/30/2015
Don't do it. He's already TOO DAMN OP.
meirmamuka chapter 54 . 12/29/2015
No geass for Seth. Thats all. And for an addition to harem, for me it would be either Shirley or CC (after confirming that Lelouch stolen VV code form his father, as original japanese ending suggest). Kallen is deep in love with Lelouch as its shown betray on ikagura (as one theory suggest) sow we don't want to separate lovers aren't we? I assume that Seth wouldn't mess with Mily and Nina with her fobia? nah.
BTW, give me moar of this fic!
shin5700 chapter 54 . 12/29/2015
Nope to the Geass. First of all, Seth already has a whole bunch of abilities that are kickass and he also has things like mind control, super hearing, super strength and so on. He doesn't need something from the Geass world. Also, I find that the longer he is in the Geass world and the more he understands about Geass, the less eager he will be into getting the ocular ability. After all, he already has a whole bunch of abilities that has negative side effects, Seth wouldn't want an ability that has a definite ability on ones sanity especially since his sanity could be but into question considering his past actions. Considering that most of the characters of Code Geass that possess Geass aren't exactly mentally sound such as Mao, Lelouch, Rolo, Charles, Marianne, you sort of see a trend that the Geass makes people more and more crazy as time goes by which sort says a hell no way for Seth.
revan193 chapter 54 . 12/29/2015
Personally, I think if Seth must gain a Geass, it should be from C.C. V.V would rather betray him at the first chance he get and could be compared to Palpatine with his insane plan with the Sword of Akasha and the Geass directorate.

Also, I hope the Black knights will not betray their leader and that Lelouch will get the happy ending he rightfully deserves.
sleipnir34 chapter 54 . 12/29/2015
seth having a geass thats difficult he already has so many powers that what he gets could easily overlap with he could already do, telepathy goes innovator powers, he has magic and similar obediance power among others as a sith perhaps a geass to create multiple bodies (clones) i don't think he can do that yet, so each clone could control a seperate power or machine of his at a time. also do you think you could make the sword of ragnarok ( the c's world killing thing) the relic he has to find?
O chapter 53 . 12/28/2015
Nice chapter! But I have got a question? When are you going to update Guilty Cloud...I've been waiting FOREVER!
P90isthewaytobe chapter 53 . 12/21/2015
Plant girls and Code Geass? This will be very interesting.
War historian chapter 53 . 12/21/2015
I have a few questions. A) Are you still planning on a HALO arc? If so B) Could that be the next arc after the Code Geass arc?
meirmamuka chapter 53 . 12/21/2015
YEY Code Geass arc. And now its getting more and more interesting, as Seth is OP atm even for geass users (i wouldnt be suprised if BLAZE/FLAME could protect him even from Rolo/Lelouch geass:D)
Telron chapter 53 . 12/20/2015
good chapter and the geass arc is going to be very interesting specially when seth meets zero for the first time
Guest chapter 52 . 12/9/2015
okay I love this story and I can't wait for the next chapter more people should strive to do multiverse crossovers like you and keep writing them all the others I have found have been abandoned so don't you dare abandon this cya
meirmamuka chapter 52 . 12/5/2015
Please keep it up! For now its probably 2nd crossover FF and if you would tag it as so i would skip over it sow THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR NOT DOING SO! Only by that "little error" i got entertaining as hell story. I just hope that at some point at least houki and charl will get into harem (with both older sisters as possibility, as Seth isnt 100% brother of either of them) Keep it up and post next chapter! GOOD LUCK WITH IT!
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