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Nikki.P2 chapter 17 . 8/3/2014
Why do you compeletely skip Dom's POV for the rest of his story?! We barely get to see evidence of Dom's emotions at losing Letty and heir unborn child! A few paragraphs of regret and thats it!

Compared with the chapter after chapter saga of Letty's suffering it is nothing...

I was really really hoping to see Dom actually getting the phone call from Mia that Letty was dead, reading his heart rending pain... Reading how day after day he regretted leaving her, woke up at night having nightmares about her dying alone without him *all because HE Left her!*. Where is the unending grief? The daily regret about leaving her and her ending up dead...?! Where is the sense that he lost his whole world when she died?! (You make it clear that HE is her whole world-how about a little symmetry I. Having him love her just as much and just as desperately?!) Anger at the man who killed her is fine but it cannot substitute for true grief at her loss. Once Felix is dead, I hope for realizes that his doesn't fix the hole in his heart.

Unless you show us DOM's side, it just seems like he had little difficulty getting over her death...

When/if you redo this one (as you mentioned somewhere) it would be awesome to have some sense that Letty's death left a hole in Dom's heart-instead of just watching him get revenge and then move on with Elena...

Please! A true romance and passionate love sorry for the ages shouldn't be about a woman who is madly, passionately and irretrievably in love with a man, and a man who sort of loves her too when it is convenient for him to... :-)
Nikki.P2 chapter 2 . 8/3/2014
Why is Letty so nervous about Dom leaving her? So insecure? I thought they have been good for the past few years. Why this recurrent pattern of her begging him not to leave and him reassuring her he isn't? Is this foreshadowing of things to come?!

Still it is nice to see Dom being tender and gentle with Letty. Sad that she is SO completely forgiving of him. She doesn't even vent one frustration that he didn't listen to her when she said they shouldn't do the heist. And she even APOLOGIZES to HIM?! Is she kidding?! What is Letty's damage here that she feels she should apologize to Dom...?

It's great that she accepts partial blame for this but to let Dom completely off the hook (after only a few days-and after JUST learning that Jesse died) just doesn't seem likely. where is her anger at him for not listening to her, for not treating her like an equal partner with an equal say in what they do? Where is her lashing out at him (unfairly) for Jessie's death? Letty is just so mature and forgiving that it's kind of too much to believe. She seems to have zero resentment towards Dom. Odd.
Nikki.P2 chapter 1 . 8/3/2014
I wish we had more time to see Dom and Letty actually together before very thing went to shit again! More dotty loving before all the angst and suffering started up again. :-) The first story ended right before the first movie. I can't remember how long Dom and the team had been hijacking trucks but it doesn't seem like the kind of thing they did for years...or does it?

Maybe I have the timeline wrong? Because I thought in the movie that Dom had been out of jail for years before the first movie...

Finally! An "I love you" from Dom! And it only took Letty almost getting killed... :-)

The "words scared her and I had vowed never to hurt her again."? Why would those words scare her if they are in a decent relationship? Why does she sound so desperate that Dom not leave her. I thought their relationship was good now...right?

If he vowed not to hurt her again, and they have moved on from the cheating, why would she be scared of him saying I love you? Did he say it to her before he cheated so she remembers it again when he says the words? Or some other reason?

Still, fantastic chapter! Loves when Dom is gentle and protective (and realizes that he's messed up-his arrogance is his fatal flaw).
Love how you write Dom seeing Letty all bruised and hurt (both at the beginning of the chapter and here near the end:
"I walked into the room and turned the side table lamp on letting the light wash over the room. The sight that met me was shocking. Never had I seen Letty so banged up and looking so physically fragile. It pained me to see her in such a state as I carefully sat on the bed not wanting to hurt her by jolting the bed."

Leon in particular also great! Taking care of Letty, ripping into Dom for leading the team into their destruction.

It is so heartbreaking to keep reading knowing that Dom is going to keep messing up though! First he gets out of prison and says that he's never going back there (both for himself and for his sister) and then what seems to be several months to a year later (based on the timeline of the cheating incident) he is purposely choosing to get himself and the whole team involved in dangerous and illegal activities! It's amazing just how many people in this country manage to NOT break the law in order to get by in life. :-) it's hard to believe that six able bodied adults (Dom, Mia, Letty, Vince, Leon, and Jesse) couldn't support one household and the garage. But ok, despite vowing that he will protect his family and not to to jail, Dom gets them involved in truck heists-WITH JOHHNY TRAN or all people. I can't believe that after the events if the prior story that he would work with Johnny!

But now that everything has gone to hell , I love seeing a sad , regretful and maturing Dom! Too bad his arrogance will kick in again later and he again will not have learned his lesson about what is important in life: family and friends! He's going to continue doing illegal activities (putting them all in danger). In fact it is exactly those actions that make it "unsafe" for Letty to be with him and make Dom abandon her in the DR!

It's ok for Dom to have a fatal flaw of arrogance. He's basically the main protagonist. But usually when the hero has a fatal flaw it is HIM who suffers-not just everyone around him. Eventually your like to see him learn from his mistakes (not just say he is sorry but to act differently).

I look forward to reading this story more!
Leon's drunk words to Dom should stay with him forever:""You should have saved him. We should have been out looking for him instead of pulling that fucking job. Now we've lost Vince and Jesse…. Letty probably won't make it through the night but hey that's okay. You only ever think about yourself." He spat and I stopped breathing at his confession about Letty. My eyes flickered to the hall before back to Leon.

But Letty was SO fast to forgive Dom, to reassuring him that nothing was his fault. BUT IT WAS! He led the team into anger when both Vince and Letty told him they shouldn't. This is something Dom needs to experience. Letty can be sympathetic without completely acting like she's not also angry. Dom literally didn't listen to her and look where they are now!

"It's okay; it's not your fault. No one blames you..." She cried softly and I smiled sadly.
"Yes they do. We shouldn't have done it without Jess… I'm sorry I didn't listen. Now Vince is in hospital fighting for his life facing jail… Jess is gone… You got hurt… Leon hates me… we're on the run…Mia is all by herself." I whispered and she gave me a sad smile in return.

Some of the best insight from Dom ever! Keep it coming!

Again it is clear the for Letty the whole world revolves around Dom! From her state te begging him not to leave her and that she will tack him down (and he underlying fears) to her immediately relief at him being back and immediate forgiveness of any hard feelings she might be having to their having sex right away (while she is so injured- not a good idea-but she is so needy for Dom that she can't think straight). It's great that Dom wants to be distracted from the mess they are in, but since HE is the cause of the mess, he should eventually have to face it!

Such angst! Love it! :-)
Rosie329 chapter 50 . 10/5/2013
Finally Dom arrived! OMG... Ok on to BB! Thanks so much Jess! You are awesome!
Rosie329 chapter 49 . 10/5/2013
Poor Letty! Is Dom finally going to find out she is alive... He needs to find her and make every single person that hurt her pay! Sorry venting I'm just pained with Lettys pain :(

Love the story! And tech emotional rollacoaster I'm on with it! Thanks Jess
Rosie329 chapter 44 . 10/5/2013
I can only imagine what Dom would do that fucking bastard of Demetri and everyone who has hurt Letty... Ahhhhhh I can picture it in my head! I hate Demetri...
Rosie329 chapter 43 . 10/5/2013
Wow Letty has been through so much... I hate seeing her suffering... When Dom comes back n they reunite he has LOTS to make up! Dottyness :)
Rosie329 chapter 42 . 10/5/2013
Pained... :(
Rosie329 chapter 40 . 10/4/2013
Shocked yes! Hurt so much more! Poor Letty she has been through so much... You have an amazing talent with writing! I live each and every moment of this story...!im hurting so much right ow for Letty... I need some happy moments! I miss dotty!
Rosie329 chapter 36 . 10/4/2013
I'm scared... Hope all goes well,.. As much as I love how Leon is with Letty and Ava... I just can't stomach there closeness... I miss Dotty! :(
Rosie329 chapter 32 . 10/4/2013
Ouch pain inmy heart and soul... And she could not get rid of Doms face! Ahhhh love! I need Dottyness!
Rosie329 chapter 22 . 10/3/2013
Awe I loved it.. Brought memories of my baby boy being born! I too was actually in labor for three days but it was all worth it! Loved it :)
Rosie329 chapter 18 . 10/3/2013
Poor Letty... So much has happened and her broken heart...,I'm feeling the pain,... I love this story... All sorts of emotions!

I want Dotty!
Rosie329 chapter 10 . 10/2/2013
Hey.,,, this is breaking my heart... : (

I love this story! All sorts of emotions!

Rosie329 chapter 6 . 9/30/2013
I absolutely love the idea of Letty pregnant! Awe a Dotty baby! Love love love it! I get the shock and them on the run and all.. A baby is always a blessing! I need more Dotty!

Awesome writer...
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