Reviews for Into the Fray - Kayle vs Morgana
dreddnot chapter 1 . 3/28/2013
loving it so far Olaf is best champ my friend plays Morgana alot with me and they are unstoppable
grate story need to update theirs no Olaf love in fanfics
cant be bothered chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
absolutely awesome story morgana is my favourite champ and so you doing a story about her made my day, keep it up.

p.s. Morgana owns kayle on LoL
MiriaJiyuu chapter 1 . 1/25/2013
Well you definitely got my interest, I'll give you that. I haven't really seen a fic about this in a long time, if ever.

As for what you asked for;
Editing - Is fine as is, there's no glaring problems with it, in fact there are hardly any, one of the better written fics I've seen in fact.

Premise - With Kayle and Morgana's lores you'll probably have to basically come up with all the detail on your own. Their lores offer very little insight into the 'world' they came from or much about it at all, in fact as you noticed, it's not even named. Good luck on that one but I'll definitely be interested in how you decide to flesh it out, if you do of course.

Flow - Is fine, the chapter moved quick enough to hold my interest while still giving me the details to understand what was going on and didn't really jump around all that much... although the part where Kayle actually appeared was a little weird, but if you were going for surprising me with her appearance it worked.