Reviews for Stubborn Confessions
yogurtjelly chapter 5 . 4/18/2016
What a sudden change in the story flow! In a good way. Ughh stupid Kise! I wonder if Aominr realized that he said he loves a guy, which in this case refers to Kagami hehehe
AriesDanger24 chapter 5 . 3/20/2016
...Please...I love this now and am obsessed with the story and the writing style! You write the really smexy scenes amazingly~! This is great! I hope you plan on continuing this...and KISE YOU DUMBASS! *pardon my language* okay Love the story! thank you for writing~! Wish you luck~

Haintrex chapter 5 . 10/31/2015
Damn i feel so bad for Aomine. Now i really wwanna know what happens next, if you find the time you should totally update!
Kyuubisilver chapter 5 . 10/4/2015
I love the story and have read the "a bet is a bet" too :) I really hope you get your writer's block solved, which I know is hard since I have the same for about half a year now.

I won't say "please write more" since I will let you decide on your own if or when you wanna update 3
sakurayuri89 chapter 5 . 5/30/2015
Please update soon. I loved it! Wow, a great fic!
AidenM chapter 5 . 11/28/2014
EEEK! OMG I cant tell if I hate you for this cliffy or love you more for the whole story! Please oh please give me more!
LDK chapter 5 . 11/25/2014
Oh wow, what a sudden turn of events! Just when things were looking good for Aomine too... Can't wait to see what Kagami has to say about all of this! And I certainly hope Aomine will be alright! Thanks for writing this story, I love reading it (and it's prequel), and I absolutely can't wait for more! Hope you update soon, thank for writing this story!
Yukino Daiki chapter 5 . 11/13/2014
Nooooooooo! Aomineeeeee! I really hate when Aomine has a lousy father. I hope Taiga can comfort him in a psychological –and physical– way xD

Anyways, i love this Aomine *-* I figured he would do something like that, slipping away as he could. Azarya-sama, please, continue this awesome fic, but at your own pace, it's better don't get overwhelmed. I continue the translation too, as you know (I owe you some reviews, sorry for this -_-). Can't wait for more!

Hoping you are well, ja-neeee ;)
MochiUs chapter 5 . 11/6/2014
Oh no! Poor Aomine! Take your time :) writer's block can be such a drag. Want to hear a joke?
What does a waffle taste like?
... Waffle (w-awful)
Keep up the good work!
damons-hot-as-hell chapter 5 . 10/30/2014
ooooooooooooooo i sooo cant wait for more
Fantita chapter 5 . 10/30/2014
Sheesh poor Aomine! What is he going to do now? Maybe going to Kagami? But ugh Kiseeee! And Aomine's dad reacted very badly :'(
I hope things get better for Aomine!
BMO8 chapter 5 . 10/30/2014
Wah! Gimme moar! XD can't wait for the next chapter :))
Yukino Daiki chapter 4 . 5/20/2014
OMG, pleaseeee, I can't wait to read the next chapter, it's the best AoKaga. Ever.

I love them so much... I love the way you write about them :3
fangirlhaven chapter 4 . 5/18/2014
So that's it? Pregnant silence and nothing more, eh?
fangirlhaven chapter 3 . 5/18/2014
Things just got interesting.
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