Reviews for Only Hope
LadyKate1 chapter 1 . 1/30/2013
You've done a really great job here of capturing Marian's divided feelings and identities. This is very close to how I see Marian's feelings about Robin, Guy, and herself in late Season 2 - a very perceptive take on the characters. And I really like the troubling foreshadowing at the end.

The only thing I would do differently would be to write it in the third person, rather than the first. The reason is that I'm not sure Marian would so openly admit any of this to herself (or to an imaginary audience). In the third person, it would be less of an actual monologue in her head than a description of how she feels. Of course it's your story and your decision, but for me it would read better that way.
sylvi10 chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
This is such an interesting little piece! I like the way you compare the two separate identities of Marian that Robin and Guy each choose to believe in with the two separate identities she has created for herself. Nice!

I also find this line really intriguing: “We pretend like the dreams we had before weren't destroyed when he left, like someday our fairy tale will become reality.” It hints at one of the things missing for Robin and Marian in their romance—an honest plan for how they are going to be together in the future, once the sheriff has been defeated and the king has returned. They can’t just start over from where things were before Robin left for the Crusades, but they haven’t had a chance to explore a normal relationship as these new people they’ve become during the intervening years. There is definitely an element of pretend in there as they wait until they can figure it all out.

You’ve touched on so many things with this short story. Thanks for sharing!
lena axe chapter 1 . 1/26/2013
Beautiful work, well written, well observed.
I believe Marian was torn between Robin and Guy, and that if Guy were not the sheriff's henchman, or if he were at least a good man, things would be still more complicated for her. The attraction she felt for Guy was obvious, as well as her pride for Robin's virtues. And the observation you make about how they both saw her is terrific. Robin knew her, but she was not what he really wanted her to be; and though he loved her, I guess he did not accept her how she actually was. And Guy, well, he did not know her, he did not understand her, but his feelings for her were so deep that he accepted her, her beauty and her goodness, her flaws and even her betrayals. As for Marian... Wearing a mask in order to survive must be really hard. The problem is when you can't take it off anymore, and that was the impression I had when I saw her last episodes (that you depict in this phrase: "And truthfully, I cannot tell any longer which I really am."). This actually is the beauty of her character, in my opinion. She is the heroine, a modern woman who acts rather than resign to the submissive role of women of her time, she is good and righteous; a noble woman in the best sense of the word - but she is far from perfect. She lies, she betrays, and she is deeply affected for a bad man. Of course, in the end, she chooses the right path and declares her love for the good hero, but still...
Sorry, I digress.
And, since you asked for critics, here it go. You end your first paragraph asking "Which was the mask?" I found it a little odd, and a little bit repetitious. Perhaps you'd consider using "wich one was the lie?", because you were using the words "pretend" and "believe".
Keep the good work, you are talented!
SheepEnchanter chapter 1 . 1/26/2013
Very, very awesome - I'm surprised no one else has reviewed. Really interesting observations that I believe to be totally accurate of Marian. Sweet as!