Reviews for Moments of Madness
Fell4 chapter 1 . 3/16/2014
Body snatchers meets Zsasz? Weird, but I love it? I'm a little confused to what I am feeling actually. Feeling confused, but pleased.
a2zmom chapter 1 . 8/25/2013
I have to admit I haven't read the actual comics in a long time so I have no idea who these characters are. But that is completely unnescessary to be be wowed by this unsettling and creepy story.

Great build up as we slowly figure out the method and madness of both characters and fully understand why each would be drawn to the other. And love the ending; they have achieved a unity that most will never know. True love at its most frightening.
Crow's Talon chapter 1 . 5/31/2013
This is one of the most brilliant and most chilling stories I have ever read on this site. First off, the descriptions and characterization were both true to the characters and added to them at the same time. It gave me a new respect for Jane Doe as a villain, and established her very well as an unsettling character in her own right. As for Zsasz, he is terrifying, true to character, and extremely well-written and described. I also enjoyed his meetings with Jane Doe, as she is a character with so much potential and who is extremely disturbing when used properly, as you have done. I also loved the sense of atmosphere in the intricate, unsettling description of the house, including all the little touches like the Psycho poster.

The dialogue between Jane and Zsasz kept to both characters and was extraordinarily well-done, in particular the tense conversation between the two where Jane pulls off her face and startles Victor. I have never seen Jane Doe used in a fanfic before, and you did an excellent job with her, keeping true to her character while maintaining suspense and tension as the two supervillains size each other up. You get into the head of Victor Zsasz, showing his very scary mindset while balancing him with the equally disturbing Jane.

The end was possibly my favorite part, in particular the conflicting tensions and emotions in the scene. The sparse use of dialogue only added to the feel of the ending, and the interaction between Zsasz and Jane kept to their canon personalities. I especially liked how neither character is named by the narrative apart from clues in descriptions and dialogue. The final few sentences were terse but very well written and nightmarish. You nailed Victor Zsasz and Jane Doe completely in those final few paragraphs. And I am a sucker for open "The Lady and the Tiger"-style endings. It fit the characters and was chillingly written, leaving things open to the imagination.

This was an excellent story - terrifying, true-to-character, and with extremely skilled use of characters who are less-well-known in the Batman comics. Very, very well done.
Night of the Living Monkey chapter 1 . 2/15/2013
You are:

1) the only person who could think of this pairing
2) the only person who could pull it off
3) terrifyingly good at getting in Zsasz's head
4) All around perfect

Damn, I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should begin with the thing that impresses me most: the way you capture Zsasz. The way you portray his thoughts, not so much as simple but as concise, sharp, clinical, and completely devoid of humanity, is some of the eeriest crap I've ever read. I mean, there are plenty of published authors who write serial killers and human monsters, and they don't come close to what you've done here. There's an almost robotic vibe from Zsasz, where he just notes but doesn't feel anything, that is skin-crawling. So most excellent.

Also, Jane Doe, wow. I don't know if I've ever even read a fic with her before, but the things you do with her. Something to behold, man, just something to behold.

And, you know, it's just all around creepy as f*ck, pardon my language, but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate word that isn't four letters.

Lastly, holy ambiguous ending, Batman! I'm reminded of the ending of "No Country for Old Men." Did he kill her? Did he not?

Either way, I loved it.

Totally the best fic to read on Valentines Day.
BiteMeTechie chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
What a fantastic use for Jane Doe! I'm not terribly fond of the character, given that she's something of a self admitted cipher, but pairing her with Zsasz was a stroke of absolute genius. Brilliant. You gave her ten times more dimension here than even the canon stories featuring her that I've read, and for that I salute you because she's not an easy character to make work but you pulled it off with panache. Not only that, but this has a gritty, noir-ish and darkly romantic edge to it that reminds me of the greatest detective pulps, which fits in pretty beautifully with Batman's universe. I cannot praise these aspects of the story enough.

I'm especially happy about the ending which is totally open to interpretation. Love that to itty bitty bits and pieces. The prose is also fantastically lean and punchy, which I greatly admire.

Basically, this is really awesome, you're good and you should feel good. Go you! :D
The Illegible chapter 1 . 1/25/2013

XD Seriously, this is very well written. Dig the short, clipped sentence structure a lot and the dynamic was really interesting to watch unfold. You also use repetition well-like, the house in the last bit is kickass, and the reflection of her breathing vs. his breathing (also last section) works in an awesome way too. There are probably loads of other examples, which will take a reread, which I'll most likely do because dude. :D So perfect.