Reviews for When Lightning Strikes Twice
LeYenrz chapter 1 . 1/26/2013
like all of your stories this one was a great one :D

i luv it so much when u write rokushi.

when i read stories like this, for some strange reason i feel lightheaded. not the bad type of lightheaded but the 'wow this is some kind of mixture of reality and fantasy' kind of lightheaded.

the part when Xion fell into Roxas' arms like that was cute. and i loved it when Roxy started stroking her hair! GENIUS.

one question: in that moment was she in his arms like when she died? or was she leaning onto his chest in a 'spooning' position (please i do NOT mean the s*x term. i just mean the hugging term...if you know what i mean). why am i asking weird question? cuz i wanna draw that :3
Amulet Misty chapter 1 . 1/25/2013
Awww, man this was just too too sweet and I just...ahhh I really like how you had Roxas and Xion representing thunder and lightning! Admittedly I haven't read many RokuShi fics myself, but I'm pretty neutral towards RokuShi.

But /of course/ I do absolutely adore them as friends. Roxas, Axel and Xion - their friendship ripped my heaart out. Playing days made me go '...oh...oh thanks Squeenix...thanks ;-;' -punches squeenix at the same time-'.

I really love how you wrote Roxas and Xion, it wouldn't make sense for them /not/ to worry about what would happen to them. Even though at this point (I'm assuming) Roxas still doesn't really know what's going on, Xion already does and she's got a big choice resting on her shoulders. But Roxas tries to make things a bit more interesting with his Keyblade, which is so like him because after all the action he's been doing, it'd be a bit dull with no danger x3

My favourite line though was - "World That Never Was to Xion" - That is just a line full of pure, pure genius. GENIUS. I'm putting that in my book of absolutely genius lines. Okay, fine, there's no such book in existent except for in my head.

In any case I'm really touched that you wrote me a birthday fic :'D I really appreciate it and gahh -tackles you in a hug-. Yep. I ain't lettin' you go for a long time, yo.


- Dina