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QuestionsForSome chapter 10 . 5/23
Are there any plans for an update in the near future?
followed you here from tv tropes, great story
jcampbellohten chapter 10 . 5/9
Actually, Gamabunta uses the term "jinchuuriki" in Naruto's fight with Gaara. They dubbed it as "spiritualist medium" for that fight but went with jinchuuriki after the timeskip, presumably because it comes up much more often at that point. All of the bullsh!t surrounding Tobi and Madara is pretty bad, though, yeah.
HurricaneShippu chapter 3 . 4/12
Fuck that was a lot of NaruHina fan service. I can't believe you made Naruto give Hinata his headband. Iruka is pretty much the first person to have given Naruto the time of day, he sees him like an older brother. It's bullshit that you've given the graduation headband to Hinata. This is why I hate Hinata as a character, she's never anything more than a leech. You should have had Team 8 track her down, why? Because they are literally a tracking unit, Kiba would be familiar with her scent. Because it would serve to bring her team closer together. No satisfactory explanation was given as to why Team 8 didn't bring her back. Becoming immensely frustrated at your no pairing statement becoming more and more bullshit. If this is Naruto-centric, then what character development occurs for him in this chapter? None. I hope this pair fest turns around soon.
HurricaneShippu chapter 2 . 4/12
Man, why is Sakura referring to Keiji as Keiji-kun so soon, when she doesn't do the same with Naruto?
Oh right, you're preparing him to be paired with Sakura. And why has Hinata run away? Obviously you're going to use this as an opportunity to develop Naruto and Hinata as a pairing. Very frustrating. You're being a little more subtle about it than most authors, but it's still painfully obvious shoehorning. But hey, I could be jumping to conclusions...
Aradjha chapter 9 . 3/28
Wow. What a chapter. Somewhat Incredulously, An exhausted Kakashi is able to not only survive but put up a quick fight against Orochimaru, and defeats him with pure luck, three uses of ninjutsu, two sharingan genjutsu, and a suprise attack by a genin. It was well written and believable, but damn. An off day for Orochimaru. One-tailed Naruto put up a good fight too. Good job reading. I'm not looking forward to catching up as it seems it's been several months since the last update. I hope your still writing this series!
Aradjha chapter 6 . 3/26
Nice Zabuza reference. Oh my, I just realized that with Naruto gone, and Sasuke dead, Gaara and the Sand will absolutely wreck Konoha. Oh my. Well done sir. I can't wait. Did Gaara die? I have to see! (Also, what happened to Rock Lee?)
Aradjha chapter 2 . 3/24
Well, as far as OC goes, I approve of the "crippling overspecialization" which, apart from Naruto and Sasuke, is a common theme for the Konoha genin and even some villains. Kisame wrecking as appropriate was cool, but most of all in that segment, I was glad to see that Keiji's survival was totally justified. It was a good read.

As far as shipping is concerned, I am more concerned that you needed to mention that you wouldn't ship Iruka and Kakashi, rather than not saying anything. Though I don't read much fanfic - in any case I approve of the direction so far, I think it's interesting to see "what happens if Sasuke dies" and I hope you can tie it into the original plot in such a way that it makes sense, takes into account the actions of other actors in the original series, and neither merges to become the original series again, nor breaks apart from it completely. I will keep reading. Good luck!
Seta88 chapter 11 . 11/1/2016
The chapter was a good one, at first where Tenten sacrificed herself for Hinata I thought it would become some dumb romance for Naruto/Hinata. You had a good chance there to show Tenten's thoughts about the whole thing, but it became better as I read on. That this would be a Hinata/Naruto story was certain in the moment you wrote that Hinata survived. I'm one of this Naruto/Hinata haters like you said in your AN and the romance you wrote between them to this point is one of the things were I'm asking myself why I still read on, as it's gets on my nervs. Then I read everything else and as long as you don't focus from now on only on the romance, I think I will read on. You said romance wasn't a main part of the story... that is something I can't confirm as beyond the romance we don't see anything of Hinata before this chapter really. Why I don't like the pair is simple and one of the points is that everytime you read a fanfiction that has the pairing, 95 percent focus only on the pair and let Hinata, outside of the pair fall by the wayside, strength wise. Hinata is not incompetent as a shinobi and I hate it when she get's portrayed in such a way.
Beyond the whole Naruto/Hinata pairing the story is a great read.
Seta88 chapter 10 . 11/1/2016
The fight was great, the difference between this and canon is one of the parts that I like.
Now I know you posted the chapter month ago, but still that's what I think about it.
To your longer AN, I can only say yes the first part was great the later one for the first 50 eps was still great, but after that it turned from good to worse.
I never watched "Naruto: The Last" from what I heard it is shit. The pairing of Naruto/Hinata died for me in the series when Naruto ignored Hinata's confession and still sought after Sakura one chapter before the end. I was years before a fan of it, then less and less, but it finally died at that point. Before that point I could have accepted the pairing, if only in the manga and anime. And after I read this little post manga series, where Sarada searched for Sasuke, I can accept it even less. The only end pairing I can even accept, is the Shikamaru/Temari pairing every other one is with out base and Kishimoto failed at it.
Don't bother with the Boruto manga it's making everything in Naruto rather pointless.
Seta88 chapter 9 . 10/31/2016
The chapter was good the only part I didn't really like was Hinata, even if she did it because she wanted to help Naruto and in the end it helped she was there for the battle, she spit on his sacrifice. She was the target of Orochimaru not Naruto, Naruto stayed behind to buy her and the rest time to escape. Throught her staying back she spit on his sacrifice and if Kakashi didn't show up when he did, she would have been captured again and would have made everything Naruto did to save her void. That is why I don't like her staying back.
Seta88 chapter 6 . 10/29/2016
That was by far the most exciting chapter in your story at the moment and I'm only at halfpoint of the current chapter list.
My favourite scene was the copy from Naruto of Zabuza, first time I ever read that in roughly 1000 storys. Don't know what to think about the deal with the devil/Kyuubi. The plan from Sakura and Keiji, how Keiji skillfully used his shurinken, the emotions of everyone, it was simply great.
Seta88 chapter 3 . 10/29/2016
Normaly I comment only at the end of the current chapter, but this was quite nice, how you solved Hinata's confident issues.
When Naruto said that solving her confident issues was easy I believed you would pull a Gurren Lagann moment. The ending with the talk about the forehead protector and how Naruto understood it was quite funny.
theshyguy34 chapter 11 . 10/27/2016
I won't lie the naruhina thing is annoying but only because it's in every other story I read and I have to specifically look for fanfic that arent naruhina if I want a believe able romance based storyline. your story is really good even though I was hoping there wouldn't be pairings at all. even so, the entire plot so far has been really good and is well written I don't think I've spotted many if any grammatical errors
theshyguy34 chapter 10 . 10/26/2016
damn... this chapter was pretty epic of I do say so myself
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